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Chapter 1791: Unexpected – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1791: Unexpected

As soon as the huge black shadow took shape, he waved his two long arms and drew it from below, like two black long whips, the offensive is fierce, like an electric thunder. Run.

Feeling the terrifying power contained in these two attacks, Luo Lan’s complexion changed after being broken, and he bit the tip of his tongue without hesitation, spit out a mouthful of blood, and the handleless long sword was glorious and generous and turned into The shocking giant sword slashed down fiercely downward.

In the silent collision, the two arms of Sombra were blocked for a moment, and Luo Lan’s secret treasure long sword was actually shot out.

The attacks that the black shadows after fusion can issue are countless times stronger than those little black shadows!

The secret treasure of the soul is driven by the power of the gods. Although the power is unpredictable, if it is damaged, it will also have an impact on the soul, so when the long sword is knocked into the sky, Luo Lan’s face turned pale, and a bloody mist was sprayed out of her mouth.

Using her powerful cultivation base of the Void King Realm, she was wounded by a single move.

At this moment, everyone clearly realized the power of these weird shadows.

Fortunately, the four of them had already rushed out of the ground and flew high into the sky. They did not dare to turn their heads or stay, and continued to fly upward.

And in the depths of the ravine, there was also a terrifying roar at this moment. Two huge black arms protruded from the ground, opened their ten fingers, turned into huge claws, and grabbed them at the four.

But the distance seems to be a little short. The two giant palms grabbed a gap when they were more than ten feet away from Luo Lan at the end.

At the next moment, the two giant palms slowly retracted, and the howling sound that had been filling everyone’s ears gradually subsided, and the whole world returned to calm again.

The leader Ni Guang slowed down and finally stayed in the air, looking down thoughtfully.

“These things don’t seem to be chased out.” Yang Kai also discovered the problem.

“It looks like this.” Ni Guang nodded, agreeing with Yang Kai’s point of view, “However, it is still better not to be taken lightly. It is better to leave here first.”

The other three nodded quickly, Followed Ni Guang and continued to fly towards the distance.

Fifteen minutes later, the four of them settled in a safe place again. Although the neighborhood was still deserted, there was no such criss-cross gully. After confirming that there was really no danger in the surroundings, the four The man stopped and took a break.

Although the crisis we experienced before has been resolved, until this moment, everyone still has some lingering fears.

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Because the attack encountered this time is simply overwhelming. After all, before entering the underground gully, everyone has surveyed the surroundings. Even with the two powerful Void Kings sitting in town, they still couldn’t avoid being attacked. The doom of the attack is really incredible.

“Elder Luo, how is your injury?” Ni Guang looked at Luo Lan, who was pale, and asked.

“It’s okay, it’s just that the soul is a little turbulent.” Luo Lan frowned and sensed, and then answered.

“That’s good.” Ni Guang also breathed a sigh of relief. He thought that with his Void King’s two-level cultivation base, even if it didn’t go smoothly in this lost land, it would be impossible to encounter anything. It’s a fatal threat, but after such an experience, he doesn’t dare to think so.

If Yang Kai hadn’t helped him escape just now, he didn’t know how long he would sink into the illusion. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to wake up until his body wilted, and his soul would be destroyed by then.

“Uncle Ni, what are those things?” Xueyue asked with some lingering fear. The various things she had experienced in the illusion before were just like what happened in reality, even after being awakened by Yang Kai, She still failed to adapt to the real world in a short time.

“I don’t know. I have never heard of such things in Lost Land. Has Elder Luo ever heard of it?” Ni Guang shook his head and looked at Luo Lan and asked.

“The concubine doesn’t know much about the Lost Lands, and I have never heard of such weird things.”

“It seems to be someone who encountered these things before, and did not Can survive, so the information about them has not been revealed.”Ni Guang thoughtfully,” But fortunately, judging from the previous situation, although they are very concealed, even the old man cannot detect their existence, but they can only survive in the dark underground, as long as we no longer enter Underground, there should be no more encounters. And we haven’t been delayed too much. In that illusion, the old man seems to have spent many years, but judging from our current state, we only waste one or two hours at most. The methods of these things are really true. terrible!”

Listening to him, the other three nodded slightly.

“Elder Luo, you should heal your injuries first. Let’s leave when you are almost done. “Ni Guang looked at Luo Lan again.

“Then you have to work, and I will try to be as fast as possible. “Luo Lan was grateful.

She didn’t have much friendship with Ni Guang. At this time, Ni Guang was willing to wait for her. Naturally, she was grateful. This also verified Ni Guang’s character from the side. A person who can cooperate.

Ni Guang is stronger than her, and Luo Lan can’t ask for cooperation with such a person.

However, it may also be related to her behavior just now. Ni Guang’s attitude towards her is obviously much more pleasant than at the beginning.

Luo Lan didn’t arrive either, and he took Yang Kai into this lost place. He originally wanted to count on Yang Kai’s attainments in space power. But because of this, he got help from Ni Guang. Without Yang Kai, it would be impossible for Ni Guang to invite her to act together.

Next, Luo Lan took the spirit pill and began to make up for the trauma of his soul.

Yang Kai’s eyes were cast into the void not far away.

He felt that somewhere in the void over there, there was a weak wave of spatial power, and he could even infer from the traces of the energy wave that there was a hidden space at that location. crack!

It seems that Luo Lan is right. This Lost Land is really a terrible place, and there are indeed some spatial cracks invisible to the naked eye.

But if someone rushes through it rashly, it will definitely be cut in half by the crack in this space, and won’t be stunned.

“What are you looking at.” Xueyue suddenly leaned over and asked softly.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Since just now, Yang Kai has discovered that Xueyue’s attitude towards him seems to have changed slightly. Before, Xueyue’s eyes were extremely tangled, a bit of love and hatred.

But now, her gaze is very gentle. Even when she was escaping just now, Xueyue was holding on to Yang Kai’s arm tightly, looking at ease.

“I didn’t see anything.”Yang Kai shook his head, “What’s the matter with you?” What illusion did you experience just now? With your xinxing, it shouldn’t be affected so deeply, right?”

He asked casually, but when he didn’t expect it, Xueyue’s face turned red, as if thinking of something embarrassing, and hummed: “What’s up with you!”

Yang Kai was so speechless that he couldn’t help but sneered: “Forget it, I just leave it alone, it’s definitely not a good thing.”

Xueyue gritted his teeth and stared at him. Yang Kai was immediately uncomfortable by her gaze. He looked around and wanted to divert Xueyue’s attention.

At this time, he was very uncomfortable. He noticed that Ni Guang actually took out a map of animal skins, frowned and stared, as if he was investigating something, and from time to time he released divine thoughts to compare with the surrounding terrain.

There was nothing on the map. Most of the clear things are intersecting lines, and there are also several locations that have been marked with different marks.

“Does your chamber of commerce have a map here? “Yang Kai’s expression was startled.

Xueyue smiled: “What’s so strange about this. It’s not the first time that people from our Chamber of Commerce have come to this place. There are maps of one or two places. No fuss, but the Lost Land is too big for us to grasp all the maps here. What Uncle Ni has on hand is only a small part of it.”

“That’s how it is.”Yang Kai nodded, ’So, do you have a clear destination for your trip?”

“Well, we are going to a medicine valley, where there are many elixir that never existed in the star field. Legend has it that the elixir there is beyond the level of the virtual king, and some can bring back the dead. Some can rejuvenate and prolong life, and some can even increase the strength of a person.”

Yang Kai looked at her with a strange expression.

“What’s wrong? “Xueyue said suspiciously.

“You are really not defensive at all, it’s not like you. “Yang Kai laughed. Although everyone is in a cooperative relationship with each other now, what Xueyue reveals is undoubtedly very important information.

She is not the kind of woman with big breasts, otherwise, It is impossible to become the Young Master of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce.

She told herself this for no reason, which really surprised Yang Kai.

When he said this, Xueyue was also taken aback. Seemed to have realized something, and immediately turned aside his gaze and sneered: “What if I tell you, with Uncle Ni, can you still grab food?”

These words are a little bit trying to cover up, and Yang Kai can’t ask any more.

However, after such a comparison, Yang Kai realized that Luo Lan’s actions this time were a bit too reckless. Ni Guang dared to enter this place because of his tyranny and preparation, but Luo Lan, obviously It was a passionate head, thinking that with Yang Kai, she would be able to rampage here at will. She didn’t understand the Lost Lands too much.

At the underground gully where Yang Kai and others stayed before, one hour after they left, a figure fell from the sky and landed nearby.

His whole body was wrapped in a black air, exuding a scent of evil and violence, this person was the strong man in the Void King Realm that Yang Kai had been through before.

After this person fell, he turned his head and looked around, took a deep breath, and made a strange laughter in his mouth: “Very well, I am here as expected, and it seems that I haven’t left for too long. Little Yang, I didn’t expect you to grow to this level after you haven’t seen it for so many years. It’s really unexpected.”

If Yang Kai heard this, he would definitely change his color in amazement, because he didn’t even know Who is this Void King Realm powerhouse, but from his words, it is not difficult to infer that this person obviously knows himself and is very caring about himself.

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Chapter 1791: Unexpected – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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