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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1792: Not old tree Read Novel

Chapter 1792: Not old tree – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1792: Not old tree

“Hey” this person stopped for a while, and suddenly seemed to have found something. He looked towards the gully in the ground, and looked into the divine mind. After a while, he laughed: “There is such a thing, although I don’t know what you are, but it is useful to the old man, no matter what, I will accept you first.”

said this, he actually jumped directly into the underground gully.

As soon as he fell down, from the cracks in all directions, countless small black shadows sprang out, leaping towards him with teeth and claws.

This person was not afraid, but he roared with excitement: “Haha, good come, good come.”

While speaking, he suddenly offered a black flag, on the flag for an instant The sound of howling ghosts and wolves was heard, and the sharpness of the voice concealed the tone of the dark shadows underground, and above the black flag, there were many struggling human faces, twisting their faces and screaming.

This person pinched the seal with his hand, poured the holy yuan into the black flag, and said softly: “Go!”

The next moment, the black flag turned into a dark curtain. Shrouded below, all the little black shadows that rushed over, as if they had encountered a nemesis, were swallowed by the black flags.

And as the process of swallowing, the aura exuded by this black flag became stronger and stronger, and the color became darker and darker.

It seems to swallow everything, even light.

The horrible swallowing of the black flags obviously made these black shadows panic. Soon, they began to merge and grow bigger, just like when Yang Kai and others fled, trying to unite against the black flags.

Seeing this scene, the powerful Void King Realm who was wrapped in black energy was not surprised, but exhilarated, and murmured: “I still have this ability. The Ten Thousand Soul Banners here are going to make a lot of it, hahahaha!”

He laughed, stretched out his hand, and the shady curtain falling downward suddenly twisted and squirmed, and then, unexpectedly Transformed into a huge and terrifying human face, that face was terrifying and terrifying, with countless pairs of eyes on the face, and each eye reflected a dazzling divine light, and the divine light contained incredible power.

Besides, there was a big mouth of blood on this person’s face, and from that big mouth came a violent and curious roar.

The big mouth opened, and the crack was bigger than the entire human face, and it bit at the human-shaped shadow that gathered below.

The huge black shadow fused into countless small black shadows will naturally not wait to die. Its two dark whip-like hands flick and slap in an attempt to block the attack of the Ten Thousand Soul Banner.

In an instant, there was a mess of flying sand and rocks in the gully.

But it is still in vain.

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The Ten Thousand Soul Banner was not afraid of the huge black shadow’s attack at all, and rushed down, biting the huge black shadow in his mouth, and immediately raised his head, as if a bird swallowed the huge shadow. Sombra swallowed it.

Vaguely, a scream came from inside the face.

The terrifying face of the ten thousand soul flags showed a satisfied look at this moment, and the countless pairs of eyes on that face were shining with excitement.

“Hiccups” it burped very vividly.

The moment the huge black shadow was swallowed, the remaining fish that slipped through the net fled into the surrounding ground cracks, and never dared to show up again. They seemed to have noticed this ten thousand soul flag. They are simply their nemesis, they can’t resist it at all!

Upon seeing this, the Void King Realm powerhouse who was all wrapped in black energy stretched out his hand somewhat unconsciously, and the Ten Thousand Soul Banner reappeared and flew back to his hand.

On the surface, the Ten Thousand Soul Banner hasn’t changed much compared to before, but the level of evil it exudes is obviously greater.

“Hehehehe” This Void King Realm powerhouse issued a penetrating smile in his throat, playing with his secret treasure, and nodding repeatedly: “It’s not bad, I just came in to have such a gain, it is worthy of a lost place. I am looking forward to it!”

He was just as mentally abnormal, talking crazy for a while, then laughed and put away the ten thousand souls banner, wrapped in a cloud of black air. Rushing out of the underground gully, accurately chased in the direction where Yang Kai and others had left.

In the Lost Lands, Cui Hong, the elder of the Sword League, was desperately urging his own secret treasure to fight a bloody battle with a monster that was more than ten feet long and shaped like a winged snake.

His luck was not very good. He had just entered the Lost Lands shortly before he broke into the territory of this monster beast, and when he was discovered, he naturally fought with it.

The most dangerous thing in the Lost Land is the invisible and invisible space cracks. These space cracks are scattered irregularly, invisible to the naked eye, and not perceivable by divine consciousness, even if it is encountered by the Void King, You have to peel off the skin without dying

The second most dangerous thing is the monster living here.

The monster beasts here have inherited the bloodline of the ancient alien species. Affected by the laws of the world, each one cannot be strong. Even the monster beasts of the same level are stronger than those in the star field. Three points.

The one that Cui Hong encountered was a genuine Tier 10 monster. From the looks of it, it was obviously inherited from the bloodline of the Flying Feather Pterodactyl. It was just the passage of time and the world. The change of the law and the change of tidal power have made it no longer have the ancestors’ glory, otherwise Cui Hong will become a dead body if it meets.

After all, it is a Tier 10 Monster Beast. Looking at the stars, Tier 10 Monster Beast is equivalent to a powerful Void King Realm, and it is a rare existence.

Fortunately, it seems that this monster beast has only been promoted. As the elder of the Sword League, Cui Hong’s armor and secret treasures are not low grades. During the battle with this winged snake, he fell down. There was no downside, instead, relying on various secret techniques, he gradually gained the upper hand.

This winged snake is more than ten feet long, with a pair of bat wings-like structure on its back. The long snake core in its mouth is very flexible. It swings around Cui Hong and shoots like a steel whip from time to time. The same snake core bombarded Cui Hong, causing him to be shaken and staggered.

After a full two or three hours of fierce battle, Cui Hong struggled to be injured and killed the winged snake with one blow.

He stood there panting heavily, his whole body was stained red with blood, and he cursed something indignantly in his mouth. After a long rest, he had the strength to collect the winged snake’s body into the space ring.

At this moment, he doesn’t have the time to take care of the corpse carefully, he can only wait to leave the lost land and then deal with it slowly. The corpse of a Tier 10 monster is almost unimaginable, especially Tier 10. The inner core of the monster beast has a huge attraction to any Void King Realm.

When the martial artist reaches the level of the Void King Realm, it is extremely difficult to promote, because this is already the limit of the Star Territory martial artist. They want to keep going, in addition to long-term meditation and practice, they have a sense of heavenly martial arts. In addition, they can only collect those extremely rare panacea that can match their cultivation strength.

A Void King Realm, perhaps a hundred years or a thousand years, cannot break through its own shackles. This is a very common thing.

Because of this, in the entire star field, the top powerhouses of the Void King’s three-layer realm are rare, and all of them are old monsters that are not born. Because there is nothing in this world to make them interested.

He rested on the spot for a while, Cui Hong immediately left this place of right and wrong. He was afraid that the smell of blood here would attract other monsters. With his current state, it is really impossible to support a battle like just now.

In another place, Zilong, the master of the sword alliance, took Zidonglai to walk like flying in the Lost Lands. He seemed to have a very clear goal. He passed by without stopping at all.

And their luck is quite good, they have not encountered any danger since entering here, so they can walk here with peace of mind.

“Father, in this lost place, are there really old trees?” Zi Donglai followed Zilong and suddenly asked.

Hearing the three words “Bu Lao Shu”, Zilong’s originally calm eyes suddenly burst into dazzling divine light, and his purple hair rose automatically without any wind. He kept his feet and nodded slightly: “This point. Although I am not sure about my father, I am 80% sure. After all, it is the message left by your grand uncle. That old tree does exist here. Two thousand years ago, your grand uncle came here and saw the legendary root. A very similar immortal tree, but failed to succeed. Instead, he was severely injured by the monster guarding the immortal tree. He had to retreat and finally died in depression.”

Zi Donglai’s expression changed slightly. Whispered: “The boy remembers that Grand Uncle should be at the two-level cultivation base of the Void King. He was also seriously injured by the guardian monster? What kind of monster is it?”

“The ancient gods Peacock!” Zilong took a deep breath.

’Sacred bird!” Zi Donglai couldn’t help changing his color in shock.

As long as the monsters linked to the ancient two characters are easy to provoke, because they all have the means to destroy the world, and they have a cruel personality, if such a monster can break through Entering the star field, I am afraid that it will destroy countless cultivation stars, and it will definitely become a disaster for the star field.

Zilong said in a deep voice at this time: “Among the stars, the names of the three great divine waters are widely circulated, one is the essence of life, the other is the divine water for washing souls, and the other is the original liquid of immortality! Among the sacred waters, the soul-washing sacred water will occasionally appear, but the number is not large. It may appear once in hundreds of years or thousands of years. However, the essence of life and the original liquid of immortality are long extinct things, at least to live for the father. For so many years, I have never heard that anyone has succeeded in these two things. The three divine waters each have special effects, which are the treasures that martial artists dream of. The soul washing divine water can wash the divine soul and make the divine soul more condensed and vigorous. The supreme treasure, the life jelly can enhance the martial artist’s physique and the power of blood and blood. One drop can reincarnate, cleanse the menstruation and cut the marrow, and make the physical strength extremely powerful. But compared with the immortal liquid, these two things are inferior. A lot.”

“Father, what does this immortal liquid have to do with the immortal tree?” Zi Donglai was curious.

“Oh, it certainly matters.”As the overlord of the party, Zilong is self-reliant, but when facing his own son, he is amiable. After all, Zi Donglai has never lived up to his expectations. He is the successor he has high hopes for.

“Also ask my father to teach! “Zi Dong came and said solemnly, putting on an humbly teachable appearance.

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Chapter 1792: Not old tree – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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