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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1794: Tail-Crowned Snake Read Novel

Chapter 1794: Tail-Crowned Snake – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1794: Tail-Crowned Snake

Luo Lan acted carefully and swiftly. She didn’t dare to stay there for a long time without being able to detect how dangerous the place was.

While Luo Lan wrapped the body of the Void King Realm powerhouse and retreated back, Ni Guang also stretched out his hand to grab the cockscomb-like spirit flower.

But at this moment, the abnormal change protrudes.

Somewhere behind Ni Guang, a piece of the originally plain ground actually bulged out. Then, a flat triangular snake head protruded from the bulging ground and faced Ni Guang. At his neck, he attacked like lightning.

The whole process was so fast that people were dizzying, and there was no sign of the slightest sign. When the snake head drilled from the ground hit Ni Guang, Xueyue faded and exclaimed, “Be careful, Uncle Ni.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the snake head bit Ni Guang’s neck in one bite.

Xueyue’s face changed suddenly!

Seeing this scene, where did she still not know how the Void King Realm died? Obviously, just like Ni Guang, at the moment when his attention was attracted by the cockscomb-like spirit flower, the snake-like monster beast that was hidden behind him waiting for an opportunity was attacked and lethal.

She didn’t know if Ni Guang could cope with it. After all, judging from the current situation, Ni Guang was also recruited.

But Ni Guang is Ni Guang after all, not to mention his advanced cultivation, and knowing that there is danger here, how can he be unprepared? So when he was preparing to collect the spirit flower, he was secretly vigilant to prevent accidents, especially paying attention to protecting the back of his neck. This sneak attack was doomed to return without success.

There was a crisp sound of “ding”, and a halo-like energy circle suddenly appeared around Ni Guang’s neck. Under this blow, Ni Guang’s whole person seemed to be hit by a strong force. During the attack, it flew forward suddenly.

He gave a low yell in his mouth, and while he was in the air, he forcibly twisted his body, waved his palm and patted behind him, and at the same time he did not forget to grab the spirit flower with his other hand.

The backhand blow of the Void King’s two-layer realm is definitely not to be underestimated. The fierce strength slammed the head of the snake that struck again, making it impossible to attack.

But when Ni Guang grasped the spirit flower, his expression suddenly changed: “This is”

He felt a different touch from the spirit flower, that is absolutely It’s not the feeling of collecting a miraculous medicine, but it’s like grabbing something cold and slippery-it’s like grabbing a living thing.

He let go decisively!

At this moment, the spiritual flower that exudes a fragrance suddenly changed. It suddenly protruded from the ground, and the whole flower emitted a green light, piercing towards the palm of Ni Guang’s hand.

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In an instant, there was Ni Guang’s cold snort and the hissing sound of spirit snake spitting out of the place where it was convenient for flying sand and rocks.

After a short while, Ni Guang jumped out of the ring and stood volley in the sky, his expression extremely solemn.

Yang Kai and others looked surprised, too.

The dust gradually dispersed, and it was not until this time that they understood what the trap was all about.

In the place where the cockscomb-like spirit flower was, there is no other spirit flower at this moment. There is only one khaki-colored demon snake that is about three feet long and as thick as a baby’s arm. Snake core.

There is no discernible aura on this monster snake. If you don’t look at it with the naked eye, you can’t find its existence at all. It seems like it’s not a living thing, and on its tail, a cockscomb is born. Like sarcoma.

The spirit flower that everyone saw before was surprisingly an illusion caused by hiding its body underground and leaving its tail on the ground.

Anyone who attempts to encroach on the ’Spirit Flower” is bound to be attacked by it.

“Tail crowned snake?” Ni Guang’s eyes lit up and called out the name of the monster.

He is also very knowledgeable. He is a high-ranking member of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce and has access to many ancient classics. Otherwise, it would be impossible for this kind of weird monster that only survived a long time ago.

“Tail crowned snake?” Luo Lan frowned and looked at Ni Guang with a little admiration: “I have never heard of the concubine body. There are so many extinct existences in this lost land.”

No one knows what the dark shadows encountered under that underground gully are. They only think they are similar to the ghosts, but they are completely different. The other three people who appeared at this moment are even more even more. Never heard of it.

The Lost Land unfolds for them, like a strange world that has never been touched before.

Ni Guang smiled: “Don’t worry, although the tail-crown snake is dangerous, it is not strong in itself. Its powerful point is to hide and sneak attacks. Since the sneak attack fails, you can only be an old man. The prey.”

Speaking like this, he rushed straight towards the crown snake.

He didn’t see any powerful killer moves, but he just lied close to the tail-crown snake, his hands were like claws, and he fought with the tail-crown snake.

Yang Kai observed silently, and found that this monster is only about the ninth rank. Such a level naturally cannot produce any waves in front of Ni Guang. Even with the blood of ancient times, it can’t be more than ten breaths of effort. The tail-crowned snake that was ejected from the ground and wanted to bite Ni Guang was caught by him. Soon, Ni Guang shook like a long whip, and the holy yuan poured fiercely into the snake’s body.

In the long body of the tail-crowned snake, there was a crackling sound, and then its straight body lay down softly and directly became a corpse.

Ni Guang stretched out his hand and pointed his finger at the belly of the snake. He picked out an oval longan-sized green snake gall, opened his mouth and swallowed it, smashed his mouth, and let out a cheerful laugh.

I don’t know what magical effect the tail-crown snake’s gall has. Anyway, Ni Guang looks happy, which is probably of great benefit to him.

After doing all this, Ni Guang left the corpse of the tail-crown snake to the side and said lightly: “This kind of monster has no inner alchemy. The most valuable thing on its body is the snake gall. If the warriors of the ancient times took it for a long time, it is said to be able to avoid poisoning. It is a pity that only one is better than nothing.”

As he said, he walked back and came to the corpse Luo Lan picked up. In front of him, he looked down and sighed: “Hey, it is Tong Lei!”

He obviously refers to the name of the corpse in front of him.

“Mr. Ni knows him?” Luo Lan asked.

Ni Guangwei nodded slightly: “There was a fate. He had a deal with the old man back then, but it was also a matter of many years ago. I did not expect that he would be killed in a ninth rank. In the mouth of the monster beast, in such a place, it is really not to be careless.”

Put it outside, how can a powerful Void King Realm die under the attack of a Tier 9 Monster Beast? The Tier 9 Monster Beast is just equivalent to a Void Returning Mirror Warrior. As soon as the Void King Realm comes out, Tier 9 monsters can’t even get close, but in this lost place, Tier 9 monsters can’t normally look at them.

“Xueyue, take the ring off. “Ni Guang faintly ordered.

Xueyue replied, bending down to take the space of the powerful Void King Realm named Tong Lei, and did not check what was inside, so she accepted it. Get up.

Yang Kai and Luo Lan didn’t say anything.

Yang Kai is low-powered and has no effort in this matter. Naturally, he is not qualified to distribute the spoils. As for Luo Lan, Ni Guang greeted her before. Even if Luo Lan followed him, he would not guarantee that Luo Lan would gain anything, so Luo Lan could not accuse him of what he did now.

“Let’s go. Next, you must be cautious and don’t approach anything that feels strange. “Ni Guang exhorted, he must prepare to leave.

“A few people, wait a minute. “Yang Kai suddenly seemed to be thinking of something. As he said, he stretched out his hand and ejected a golden bloodshot, and shot at the corpse of the tail-crowned snake on the ground.

The three of them stopped in place, strangely. In this scene, I don’t know what Yang Kai is going to do.

I saw the golden bloodshot immediately submerged into the tail-crown snake’s body, and then, there was a squirming movement from the inside, and the body of the tail-crown snake seemed to be sucked dry by something. The flesh and blood quickly withered, leaving only a snake skin.

After a short while, the golden blood shining with golden and red light returned to Yang Kai’s hand.

Ni Guang thoughtfully looked at the golden bloodshot in Yang Kai’s hand, and said in surprise: “Boy, are you a secret technique or a secret treasure?”

He felt it from the golden bloodshot The different weird fluctuations, the golden blood thread looks like a secret treasure, but it exudes its strong energy and blood, and it is like a living thing, which looks extremely strange.

“It exists between the secret technique and the secret treasure.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and explained casually.

The golden thread is the essence condensed from his own golden blood. Strictly speaking, it is a secret technique, but it also possesses the performance of a secret treasure, and it can be recycled and used repeatedly, so it is really not good. definition.

“Weird!” Ni Guang slowly shook his head. He has lived for so many years and has never seen such a strange secret technique. However, the world is so big that there are no surprises. He didn’t go into it. After all, such a Although the golden blood thread looks mighty, it does no harm to him. After thinking about it, he asked again: “This thing can swallow the essence of the tail-crown snake. What changes may happen?”

“Yes.”Yang Kai grinned, his mind moved, and the golden blood thread wrapped around his hand suddenly distorted and transformed into a tail-crown snake.

The tail-crown snake made of golden blood threads, and The one that everyone saw before is exactly the same. The only difference is the color. The living tail-crown snake is khaki, while the one in Yang Kai’s hand is gold and red.

Mimicking? “Ni Guang’s eyes lit up, “Could it be that your secret technique is now equivalent to a tail-crown snake?”

“Almost. “Yang Kai nodded, didn’t show off any more, but put away the golden bloodshot.

All he did belong to the golden bloodshot’s way of change-the category of blood beasts!

The golden blood can swallow the essence of the monster beast, transforming into the appearance of the monster beast before it is alive, possessing the various abilities of the monster beast, this is the blood beast, it is an extremely powerful secret technique.

The warrior who created the Golden Blood Secret Art is a genius, but unfortunately neither he himself nor the warriors of the Demon Blood Sect can carry forward this Secret Art because they cannot condense too much blood in the body. Just Even the beautiful female leader of the Demon Blood Sect at the time tried his best to make up for it with the technique of collecting yang and replenishing yin, and spent his life energy only condensing two demon blood threads in his body.

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Chapter 1794: Tail-Crowned Snake – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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