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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1795: Blood Beast Army Read Novel

Chapter 1795: Blood Beast Army – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1795: Blood Beast Army

Because of these various reasons, the original version of the Golden Blood Thread Secret Art, the magic blood thread Secret Art, is difficult to exert its power in the Demon Blood Cult. In particular, the many ways of change require a huge amount. No one in the Demon Blood Cult can meet this requirement.

It can be said that the warrior who created this secret technique only put forward a beautiful idea, but could not really perfect it.

Yang Kai is different, this secret technique is simply tailor-made for him! In a sense, as long as the amount of gold blood in Yang Kai’s body is large enough, he can use the Golden Blood Secret Technique to an extent that the pioneers can’t even estimate.

As for the Blood Beast Secret Art, he has only condensed two of them so far. It was on the Demon Star Emperor Chen that he condensed after killing the two Lei Yan flying lizards of Evil Eye Kuang Shao Tian. The Lei Yan flying lizard is only a ninth-order monster, and for the current Yang Kai, it can’t do much. Role, so every time he fights, he never uses it.

Only when the number of blood beasts reaches a certain level, can they form extremely considerable damage.

One or two blood beasts transformed by Tier 9 monsters will certainly not pose a threat to the Void King Realm, but if there are dozens of them, hundreds of them are afraid that the Void King Realm will also temporarily avoid the edge.

Tier 9 monsters are hard to find, and Yang Kai has never paid too much attention to the matter of condensing blood beasts, but in this lost place, he feels that this is a relatively easy thing to achieve. This is simply a paradise for high-level monster beasts, and all of them are pregnant with ancient blood. It is really the best place to condense blood beasts.

So he didn’t avoid suspicion, and directly used the golden blood to condense the blood beast.

Anyway, this is not his biggest killer, even if it is exposed, it doesn’t matter.

Seeing that Yang Kai has taken care of it, Ni Guang nodded again without saying much. He took out the secret treasure that could detect the cracks in the space and led the way first.

In the Lost Land, there are many crises, but the opportunities are extremely rich.

There are many extinct spiritual flowers and weeds here, as well as countless ancient monsters that have long been wiped out in the long river of history. They are still thriving under the nourishment of the special laws of heaven and earth in the Lost Lands.

A group of four people. Although there are two Void Return Third Stages that have lowered the average combat power of the team, in general, the strength of Yang Kai’s four is beyond doubt.

Occasionally, there were harvests when I went along the road to the medicine valley.

As Yang Kai expected, you can encounter all kinds of high-level monsters here. Although I can’t say that Tier 9 monsters are everywhere, Yang Kai hasn’t seen Tier 8 since entering. below.

Even a group of four encountered two Tier 10 monsters. These two Tier 10 monsters exuded extremely powerful auras. One of them was so jealous that Ni Guang could only stay away. Avoid it and dare not provoke it easily, but the other one fell badly and was killed by four people.

As long as the monster beasts that were killed, the valuable things on their bodies, such as inner alchemy, gallbladder, claws, and teeth, were all taken away by Ni Guang and Xueyue. After all, the body of the ninth-tier tenth-tier monster The materials are already very valuable, and there is no reason to let it go. Luo Lan also allocated some monster beast body materials as trophies.

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But Yang Kai had nothing to ask for, just constantly devouring the flesh and blood essence of the monster beasts with golden blood to condense his own blood beasts and expand the lineup of blood beasts.

In just a few days before and after, Yang Kai’s army of blood beasts has grown to the level of more than a dozen. Among these dozens of blood beasts, even the one that was killed by four people was combined. Tier Ten Monster Beast-Steel Flame Ghost Spider!

This monster beast has extremely powerful body defenses, surrounded by a pale white spirit flame, enough to burn all things, and the Void Mirror Warrior will be dead. If Ni Guang hadn’t taken it, the other three would probably be alone. Can’t kill it yet.

This can be said to be Yang Kai’s greatest blood beast.

In addition to the steel flame ghost spider, various ancient monsters with different bloodlines, such as Zhu Gen bird, star king tortoise, eight-eyed magic toad, thunderbolt and purple sky leopard, have been brought under Yang Kai’s command.

It can be said that on the surface, Yang Kai has gained nothing, but fundamentally, he has made more than anyone else.

Because what he gets is an increase in his own strength, and what other people get is nothing but a foreign object. It takes another process to transform a foreign object into strength.

After getting together for a few days, Ni Guang and Luo Lan also started to be shocked.

Because they discovered that Yang Kai’s golden blood thread seemed to be inexhaustible, Ni Guang didn’t care when Yang Kai handled the corpse of the first tail-crowned snake. Too many, just a blood beast condensed with golden blood threads, he really didn’t care about it.

But now the blood beasts Yang Kai has collected are enough to make him move.

When dozens of blood beasts like that were released, even he would have a headache for a while.

And looking at this posture, this is far from Yang Kai’s limit.

It is hard for Ni Guang to imagine what it would be like if Yang Kai had gathered enough of this strange blood beast to reach a certain number.

He finally started to face Yang Kai!

Along the way, he occasionally communicated with Xueyue using spiritual thoughts, wanting to find out about Yang Kai’s details, and asked if he could be drawn into the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce.

Xueyue didn’t know much about Yang Kai’s intelligence, so she couldn’t give any definite answers for a while, but she also had the idea of ​​inviting Yang Kai to join.

A few days later, Yang Kai has more than 20 blood beasts. The blood beast army has begun to take shape. Now when you encounter monsters, there is no need for Ni Guang and others to take action. Yang Kai’s After the army of blood beasts is dispatched, they will soon be able to beat the enemy to death, which makes his income present a kind of snowball effect.

On this day, Ni Guang, who led the way in front of him, suddenly stopped, frowned and surveyed the surroundings, and his spiritual thoughts expanded.

“What’s wrong with Uncle Ni?” Xueyue looked around, but found no signs of danger, she couldn’t help asking in confusion.

’Someone is here.” Ni Guang’s eyes suddenly flashed, looking in a certain direction, and said in a deep voice: “It’s very fast.”

After hearing this, everyone else couldn’t help His face changed, and he followed his gaze.

Soon, Yang Kai and Luo Lan also noticed the movement there. At a very distant location, there was indeed the breath of creatures approaching quickly, and from the other’s breath fluctuations, it was obviously empty. There is not even one person in the king’s realm, but two!

After a short while, two streamers appeared in everyone’s eyes.

I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. The direction these two people came from was exactly where Yang Kai and others stopped.

After a short while, the distance between the two sides quickly narrowed.

At this time, Ni Guang also recognized the identities of the two, and his expression was cold: “Huh, it’s these two guys!”

“It’s them!” Luo Lan couldn’t help changing her color a little, and looked very afraid of the coming.

Yang Kai also frowned secretly. Before coming in, Xueyue had introduced him to the powerful Void Kings who were present at that time, so at this moment he also recognized the origins of the two.

The two people, one is a half-old man, and the other is a middle-aged man, but neither of them is a good person.

The old man’s name was Kong Fa, and he was an elder on the ridge of the galaxy.

The ridge of the galaxy is also considered a big power in the star field, but it is as notorious as the other power-Abandoned Lair! Most of the people gathered in these two forces are people who do no evil, and there are also many warriors who have committed evil and chaos in the major cultivation stars, desperate and seeking refuge.

The thing they like to do most is to wander in the star field, and when they encounter a single battleship, they go to robbery.

They are real stellar bandits! Whether it is the Sword League, the Purple Star or the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, these two forces have not lost their losses during these countless years. Many warships that have sailed have disappeared for no reason, and the whereabouts of the warriors and materials accompanying them are all unknown.

Although there is not much evidence to show that these two forces did it, everyone understands that those who dare to act unscrupulously like this are most likely to be this group of lawless people.

The ridge of the galaxy and the people who abandon the lair are people who are abhorred and abandoned by the entire star field.

It is nothing to just rob battleships. These two forces will even occasionally dispatch a group of personnel to some cultivation stars that do not have the power of the Void King Realm to search for cultivation materials and warriors, and bring them back. His own rudder was enslaved and wantonly abused.

It can be said that the spine of the galaxy and the abandoned lair are the two major cancers of the entire star field!

But because their power is not weak, they cannot be eradicated at all.

Before that, Xueyue reminded Yang Kai that this method of pores from the ridge of the galaxy is not a good thing. If you encounter it alone in the future, you must be careful.

Because this man looks kind, but in fact he is extremely cruel.

The middle-aged man who came with Kong Fa is another big tumor from the Star Territory-Xu Wei, who was born in the abandoned lair, is also an elder-level figure in the abandoned lair.

Rumor has it that he used to be a warrior from Zixing, but I don’t know why he betrayed and fell into an abandoned lair.

Before he rebelled, he slaughtered everyone in his division, and he didn’t leave any armor.

This incident shocked the entire Zixing, and Zixing had also sent strong people to chase and intercept him, but Xu Wei forcibly broke a blood path with his exquisite cultivation skills and escaped into the abandoned lair.

This incident caused Zixing’s face to fall sharply.

Many years later, he has a firm foothold in the abandoned lair, and he holds the position of elder!

These two guys are similar in smell, and they don’t know how they got together, let alone why they flew in the direction of Ni Guang.

After recognizing the two, Ni Guang not only did not panic, but sneered again and again: “Also, the old man is not easy to do things outside, but now you find your own way, the old man will do you all! Luo! Elder, please entangle one person later, the old man will kill one first, and then come to join you.”

“Give it to me!” Luo Lan’s face was cold, “My sword league and these two people are also there. Enmity, since I encountered it here, naturally there is no reason to let it go.”

“You two should stay far away. Just take care to protect yourself!” Ni Guang commanded Yang Kai and Xueyue again.

Yang Kai and Xueyue nodded at the same time, and they were ready to evacuate from here.

The four Void King Realm is about to break out into a battle. After all, it was an earth-shattering battle, and Yang Kai was not interested in being involved.

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