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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1797: Want to go? Read Novel

Chapter 1797: Want to go? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1797: Want to go?

Void King-class secret treasure, extremely powerful attack, Xueyue is not an ordinary warrior, her own strength is quite good, the attack from her can not kill all the phantom sky butterflies, which can be seen The horror of the defense of these zergs.

At the same time Xueyue made his move, Yang Kai also made his move.

With a movement of divine thought, more than twenty golden blood threads that exuded golden and red light fell out, and in a wave of distortions and illusions, they turned into blood beasts.

Thunder flame flying lizard, tail-crowned snake, steel flame ghost spider, Zhu Gen bird, star king tortoise, eight-eyed magic toad, thunder and purple sky leopard, there are many different kinds of blood beasts. They scattered one after another, surrounding Yang Kai and Xueyue, forming a strong protective circle. Immediately, under the control of Yang Kai’s divine mind, they used their own methods to attack the surrounding fantasy butterflies.

The blood beasts inherited most of the abilities of these monsters during their lifetimes. Although they need to be controlled and seem a little dull, they are undoubtedly an excellent helper at this time.

Once more than twenty blood beasts of different sizes were dispatched, they immediately formed a solid defense, and the pressure on Yang Kai and Xueyue was greatly reduced.

The buzzing phantom sky butterfly makes the sound of inciting wings endless, and they are not afraid of life and death. They seem to have no fear of death, and some are just instinct to kill living creatures.

The blood beast, which exudes strong blood fluctuations, has become the best target for attracting the Phantom Sky Butterfly.

Yang Kai and Xueyue were in the middle position, and they were safe for a while.

Seeing this, Xueyue couldn’t help but feel a little energetic, and quickly let go, constantly controlling her own secret treasure to kill the phantom sky butterfly.

Yang Kai was not idle either, the remaining dozens of golden bloodshots ejected, staggered and cut in the void, cutting the phantom sky butterfly one after another in half.

However, as time went on, he found that the situation had not improved. The four imaginary king realm powerhouses were still fighting on their own, surrounded by countless phantom butterflies, and phantoms piled up on the ground. Kongdie’s corpse has been covered with a thick layer.

His brow furrowed.

The situation in front of him made him realize that it is impossible to kill these phantom butterflies. If we continue to fight like this, everyone is afraid that they will be exhausted, and then they can only let it go. These phantom air butterflies have been slaughtered.

And his more than 20 blood beasts, many of them are damaged, although they are all transformed from golden bloodshot, they are not living creatures, but under the constant wear and tear of the phantom sky butterfly, the blood beasts The qi and blood radiated from it fluctuated increasingly weaker.

“Xueyue, we have to leave here.” Yang Kai whispered beside Xueyue.

“But Uncle Ni” Xueyue looked towards Ni Guang hesitantly, but he couldn’t see Ni Guang at all. The place where he was, was wrapped in colorful colors and could only be vaguely noticed. The violent energy fluctuations coming there.

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“Mr. Ni’s cultivation is through the sky, you don’t need to worry about him, as long as we can escape, he should be fine.” Yang Kai said relievedly.

“Then are you sure to escape from here?” Xueyue turned her head and asked.

Yang Kai said in a deep voice: “If you are sure, you have to try to find out. It’s better than sitting here and waiting.”

Listening to him, Xueyue nodded and gritted his teeth. : “Okay, I’ll be with you!”

She had received Ni Guang’s instructions beforehand, and she had a foreboding that this would happen now, so she didn’t hesitate too much.

“Then you follow.” Yang Kai looked solemn, his thoughts moved, causing the more than 20 blood beasts to burst out in one direction, and in an instant, surrounded the illusion of the two. The butterfly was opened with a gap.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai let out a low voice, shaking his figure, pulling Xueyue’s arm and rushing out of the gap.

At the next moment, more than twenty blood beasts were also twisted in a while, turning into golden and red golden blood threads, and they were taken back into his body.

Suddenly lost the target of the attack, those phantom sky butterflies seemed to be stunned for a while, but soon, they waved their wings and chased in the direction where Yang Kai and Xueyue fled.

At this time, Yang Kai didn’t care too much, enveloped in the power of the whole body, rushing forward at an extremely impressive speed.

Using space power, his speed suddenly increased, and Xueyue was stunned for a while, because until this moment, she didn’t understand what a real wind speed is.

But soon, Yang Kai frowned, because he found that his spatial power was greatly restricted in this lost land.

This ghost place is full of space cracks, and the space power is inherently unstable. In addition to the interference caused by the space when the fantasy butterfly flashes its wings, it is a little obscure for him to use the power of space. It’s not like an arm.

This discovery made him look dark, and what made him even more angry was that after he escaped from the encirclement, a person came after him from behind.

That person is the elder Xu Wei who abandoned the lair!

Xu Wei is also stretched and exhausted at the moment, and is followed by countless phantom sky butterflies, but regardless of whether he asks, he desperately pursues in the direction where Yang Kai and Xueyue are fleeing, even if he is attacked, he does not have to fight back. Meaning, just avoiding in embarrassment.

“What does he want to do?” Xueyue faintly realized what was wrong.

Yang Kai snorted coldly: “It just wants us to back up and run away by ourselves!”

There is a saying, when being chased by invincible enemies, don’t seek to escape. If you pass the enemy, you just want to escape the companion!

Although Yang Kaixueyue is not Xu Wei’s companion, he obviously intends to chase after him. As long as he can use Yang Kai and Xueyue to delay the speed of Phantom Sky Butterfly, he will have a chance to get rid of these annoying things. Ancient fierce beast.

On the other side, even though Ni Guang discovered Xu Wei’s attempt, he was unable to stop him. He was even unable to move at the moment. He could only stare at Xu Wei’s back, screaming and roaring.

“Despicable and shameless!” After understanding Xu Wei’s intentions, Xueyue gritted her teeth and drank, her face filled with confusion.

Yang Kai sneered: “People don’t kill themselves for their own sake. He wants to calculate us, then see if he has this ability.”

He is not afraid, not because of Xu Wei. The practice was messed up.

In just a dozen breaths of effort, Yang Kai and Xueyue have rushed out for dozens of miles. From their field of vision, Ni Guang and others have long disappeared. There are only a large number of phantom butterflies and trailing behind. As for Xu Wei.

And Xu Wei was also pursued by more fantasy butterflies.

While running away, Yang Kai thought about the surrounding environment.

Soon, he found out and rushed towards a certain direction with Xueyue.

In that direction, there was a spatial crack that lay in the void, which was impossible to detect with the naked eye. Yang Kai believed that at this time, Xu Wei would not be able to detect it even if he released his spiritual thoughts.

As long as he follows his own pace, he may slam into the crack in the space, and he will have to peel off if he is not dead!

He deliberately took Xueyue across the space very close to the crack in order to interfere with Xu Wei’s judgment.

But what he never expected was that the countless phantom butterflies following him could discover the existence of the space crack, and they bypassed and flew by from both sides.

This scene was naturally printed in the eyes of Xu Wei behind.

Xu Wei can become a powerhouse in the Void King Realm. He has natural experience and rich experience. He is also cautious enough. Although he can’t detect the space cracks in the void, he can also infer from the dynamics of the phantom sky butterfly. There must be weird.

So he directly followed the position where the phantom sky butterfly flew, and avoided the space crack unharmed!

Yang Kai almost yelled at him. He didn’t expect Xu Wei to be saved by Huan Kongdie in this situation.

With the passage of time, both the Phantom Sky Butterfly and Xu Wei are getting closer and closer, and the situation seems to be surrounded again.

By this time, Xu Wei had relaxed a lot, because the fantasy butterfly, who had been chasing him and Kong Fa before, had been scattered into several groups, and there were not many chasing behind him at this moment.

With his means, if he fights hard, it is possible to kill all the phantom sky butterflies that are chasing him.

But in that case, he will inevitably lose strength and may even be injured. This is not what he hoped. In this lost place, he must always maintain the best condition to deal with possible dangers.

So he has been using the idea of ​​using Yang Kai and Xueyue.

The speed of the two young juniors surprised him a bit, but he was relieved when he thought of Xueyue’s identity. He thought that the speed of Yang Kai and Xueyue could be so fast, and it was all the credit of Xueyue, this young master of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce must have practiced some incredible secret technique.

But that’s it.

Looking at the two figures in front of him that were only a few miles away, Xu Wei’s eyes flashed with a look of gloomy bird.

Immediately, he secretly urged his own secret technique, pinching the mysterious seal jue in his hand.

At the next moment, Xu Wei suddenly appeared a layer of red light around his body, as if bleeding mist was sprayed from his pores. At the moment when the light flashed, Xu Wei’s speed suddenly increased to an incredible level. degree.

In a short distance of a few miles, he was pulled close in an instant, and then directly surpassed Yang Kai and Xueyue, and flew in front of them.

This is not over yet, Xu Wei also slapped a backhand, and the mighty Saint Yuan turned into an attack, attacking Yang Kai and Xueyue.

This palm is not murderous, because he didn’t mean to take the lives of two people at all. He just wanted the two to delay the phantom sky butterfly-the dead couldn’t delay.

“Damn it!” Xueyue yelled angrily, and she tossed her secret treasure forward to meet Xu Wei’s attack.

With a bang, energy erupted, and the light flashed from the violent power of the hand, and the ensuing strong impact also made Yang Kai and Xueyue slow down sharply and had to stabilize. Live shape.

“Haha!” Xu Wei laughed wildly, looked back at Yang Kai and Xueyue jokingly, and said: “Two boys, work hard to survive!”

He succeeded in a tricky trick. The appearance, arrogant and irresistible.

“Want to go?” Yang Kai looked cold, staring directly at Xu Wei’s eyes, his left eye suddenly turned golden, and immediately, a budding lotus pattern suddenly appeared in his pupils!

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Chapter 1797: Want to go? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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