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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1799: You bastard Read Novel

Chapter 1799: You bastard – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1799: You bastard

Xueyue’s unreasonable appearance made Yang Kai furious.

Staring at her coldly for a moment, Yang Kai suddenly gave a cold snort, took a step towards her position, a fierce light sprayed in his eyes, and Xueyue’s face changed slightly with horror.

At the next moment, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and embraced Xueyue’s soft body in his arms. Under her stunned but horrified gaze, Yang Kai leaned over and kissed her thin and tender pair. lip.

“You bastard!” Xueyue exclaimed in a hurry, and stretched out her hands to push Yang Kai, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t push away even a single bit. The stalwart body that was close to her was Like a towering mountain, standing still.

The surrounding fantasy butterflies flapped their wings and made a buzzing sound. The colorful scene of butterfly shadows flying around surrounded the two.

The blood beast fought to kill the enemy, the green dragon uttered a roar of dragons.

For a long time, his lips split.

Yang Kai pushed Xueyue away and looked at her obliquely, looking like she was abandoned.

Xueyue’s cheeks are red, and the slender and white neck is full of crimson, and her body seems to be limp. After leaving Yang Kai’s arms, she staggers slightly, but at this moment she is looking left and right, her eyes drifting. No longer the aggressive posture before.

’Satisfied, right?” Yang Kai hummed.

“You” Xueyue flushed and opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.

“Damn, it’s endless!” Yang Kai yelled angrily, “I don’t know when to come and entangle these with me.”

Xueyue said suddenly. Her face was aggrieved, her eyes flushed, and she wanted to cry, but soon she adjusted her emotions, took a deep breath, and gritted her teeth and said, “What if I don’t know what to say? Anyway, I got what I wanted.”

“Is this what you want?” Yang Kai looked at her sarcastically.

“What about it?” Xueyue pursed her red lips. “This world knows that I am a woman. Apart from my father and several chamber elders, you are the only one. I don’t want to be here. I didn’t realize what it was like to be a woman before I died!”

“So you thought you were dead.” Yang Kai was surprised, wondering why this woman was so crazy.

“Yeah, what did you say, dying under the peony flower, and being romantic, how about making you romantic?” Xueyue giggled, like a fairy, “at least,” If I really die here, I would die as a woman, which is considered a wish.”

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’Sure enough, it’s unreasonable.” Yang Kai shook his head slightly.

Xueyue twisted her neck and hummed softly: “Whatever you say.”

After speaking, Xueyue seemed to relax a lot, and her whole person became more energetic, even her face was filled with dazzling brilliance.

’Say okay first, you forced me to do this today, and I won’t be responsible. “Yang Kai put up a finger and shook it in front of Xueyue, in a posture that he had eaten and wiped it out and denied it afterwards.

“Who wants you to be responsible?” Xueyue pouted, “I know you have women, and there are more than one, but as the saying goes, a wife is worse than a concubine, and a concubine is worse than stealing.”

“You know a lot. Yang Kai laughed, then sighed suddenly, looked at Xueyue solemnly, and said in a low voice, “It’s not easy for you.”

Xueyue pursed her lips: “Just know.”

While speaking, she actively leaned towards Yang Kai and stretched out her jade hand towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai held her hand in the palm of her hand and said with a smile: “What? Are you going to go to Huangquan with me?”

“Anyway, it’s already like this. If you have any other way, you can use it quickly. Otherwise, your women may be widowed, and I won’t have the strength to fight again. “Xueyue’s face doesn’t matter, she seems to be mentally prepared for death.

Yang Kai nodded, and put his hand around Xueyue’s waist.

Seeing him with a deep sense of depth. Xueyue couldn’t help but brighten up the look of the test.

She is really ready to die here, but looking at Yang Kai’s posture, there is obviously more energy left. She can’t help showing brilliant eyes, secretly looking forward to what Yang Kai has no cards to use.

Yang Kai gave a low laugh, and when he was about to use the power of space to tear the space and take Xueyue away, he suddenly remembered something.

The action couldn’t help but the next moment, he took the thing out.

It was a bracelet-like secret treasure, but the texture was simple and old at first glance, and the bracelet seemed to be engraved with a dense and countless number of ornate runes.

Staring at this bracelet, Yang Kai looked at the phantom sky butterfly surrounding him again, and his heart moved, urging Sheng Yuan to pour into the bracelet.

In the next instant, the bracelet emits a faint light, and the rune on it seems to move for an instant, and a mysterious force fluctuates leisurely!

An incredible scene happened. When this level of power fluctuations swept away, those fantasy butterflies who had been besieging blood beasts and fearing death seemed to have encountered a nemesis, fluttering their wings one after another. Fell from the air.

Looking at the situation, it was as if the power of these phantom butterflies was restrained.

“What is this?” Xueyue looked at Yang Kai’s bracelet in surprise.

Yang Kai didn’t speak, and continued to urge Sheng Yuan to pour in.

Another wave of power went up and down, and more phantom butterflies fell down. In a short period of time, the impenetrable phantom butterflies that surrounded the two of them lost half of their ability to move. Those of you also flew far away in horror.

“This thing can still be used like this.” Yang Kai also looked surprised.

“What the hell is this?” Xueyue asked again, looking at the bracelet in amazement. Under divine exploration, she couldn’t see what kind of secret the bracelet was.

’Slave insect bracelet!” Yang Kai replied casually, ’Someone told me that it has a restraining effect on some strange insects. I just thought of it and tried it, but I didn’t expect it to return. It’s really effective.”

The slave insect bracelet is the emperor’s treasure, a secret treasure refined by the insect emperor. Numerous kinds of ferocious strange insects are sealed inside. After Yang Kai killed the insect emperor, the slave insect The bracelet became his trophy, but because of his insufficient cultivation level, he did not dare to refining easily, and kept it in the space ring.

Yang Yan told him that this slave insect bracelet is a powerful treasure that the insect emperor relies on to become famous, and its breath can naturally restrain the strange insects. From the current situation, the fantasy sky The butterfly was undoubtedly restrained by the slave insect bracelet.

Although Yang Kai has never refined the slave insect bracelets, he only slightly urged the holy yuan to stimulate some slave insect bracelets’ powers, and also made this phantom sky butterfly lose its ability to move!

The power of the emperor can be seen.

But Yang Kai couldn’t exert its power after all, so the phantom sky butterflies did not die. They just instinctively feared the breath of the slave insect bracelet, and lost their ability to move or the desire to attack.

There was a thick layer of phantom sky butterflies on the ground. They struggled, but they were still unable to fly. More phantom sky butterflies also fled to the distance, but they did not disperse. The surrounding space is blocked.

Yang Kai laughed, waved his hand to retract his heavily worn blood beast army, and at the same time put away the dragon bone sword, held the slave insect bracelet high, and continuously poured the holy yuan into it, carrying Xueyue strode forward.

Where he passes, the phantom butterflies retreat incessantly, always keeping a certain distance with him. Once the distance is shortened, the phantom butterflies will definitely fall down, and will not wait until he goes far away. Fly up again, continue to chase.

Xueyue was surprised to see that, although she was ready to die before, if she could live, no one would die easily, especially since she had just talked to Yang Kai. It is the time to be full of hope for the future.

Having advanced for hundreds of miles like this, there is no worries, but the phantom sky butterfly has never been dispersed, and it is scattered behind Yang Kai and Xueyue.

“These annoying things.” Yang Kai frowned, realizing the difficulty of these ancient fierce beasts.

“Why don’t you kill them all?” Xueyue suggested. Anyway, there is a slave insect bracelet suppressed. The Phantom Sky Butterfly now poses no threat to her and Yang Kai. All it takes is time.

“It’s too troublesome.” Yang Kai shook his head and looked around. After a short while, his eyes lit up, and he pointed there and said: “Go there!”

Zhu Xueyue flew over there.

“Hey, what do you want to do?” Xueyue was shocked, because in the void ahead, there was a space crack like a beast’s mouth. The space crack was visible to the naked eye. With a frightening atmosphere.

The direction Yang Kai was advancing was actually straight towards the crack, without the slightest intention of avoiding it.

“Why? Just now, I wanted to go to Huangquan with me with a look of tenderness and affection. I am afraid now?” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile, “If you are afraid, it is still too late to leave.”

Xueyue bit her red lips and said, “Who is afraid?” Don’t test my mind!”

Speaking like this, he urged Sheng Yuan in a rage, dragging Yang Kai towards the space crack and rushing over.

Yang Kai remained unmoved and let her do.

The two approached the crack at a very fast speed. When they were close at hand, Yang Kai clearly felt Xueyue’s tension. After all, there was a huge spatial crack in front of him. No one would break into it. Knowing what will happen, no one knows if there is still a way back from the void.

At the moment when she was about to rush into the crack, Xueyue turned her head and looked at Yang Kai, as if she was doing the last Inquiry.

After failing to get Yang Kai’s denial, she gritted her teeth and took the initiative to drag Yang Kai into the crack.

In the void, the light flashed, and the two disappeared.

The phantom sky butterfly trailing behind did not stop chasing until this time. After turning around for a few times, it was confirmed that there was no prey before it evacuated in a swarm.

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Chapter 1799: You bastard – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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