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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1800: The Real Ethereal Crystal Read Novel

Chapter 1800: The Real Ethereal Crystal – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1800: The Real Ethereal Crystal

There was chaos and nothingness all around, as if falling towards the endless abyss, Xueyue couldn’t help squeezing Yang Kai’s hand tightly, and the whole person clinging to him, seeking that sense of security.

She has never had such a bizarre experience. The space crack is regarded as a terrible existence like a scourge by the strong of the Void King Realm, but this time, she took the initiative to rush in.

She didn’t know what Yang Kai’s backing was, but she could only choose to believe in wishful thinking, believing that this man who had insulted herself in a rude manner just now would not put herself in a real danger.

Yang Kai really didn’t let her down. In the dark, dark cracks here, he didn’t mean to be afraid at all. Instead, he patted his hands.

Aware of Yang Kai’s comfort, Xueyue’s mood immediately relaxed a lot.

“What shall we do now?” Xueyue asked.

She turned around to see the entrance she had come in before, but she couldn’t see it anymore. Void cracks are unpredictable, space is dislocated, and entering from a certain point, it may appear tens of thousands of miles or even millions of miles away in an instant. At this moment, it is naturally impossible to find a loop.

“Don’t worry.” Yang Kai’s tone was rare and gentle, and he laughed: “Leave it to me here.”

Xueyue nodded lightly, Yang Kai’s words seemed to have a reassuring magical power, which relaxed her body and mind.

“What a strong spatial force fluctuates here. Sure enough, it was a little extraordinary, and it seemed that he should have come in long ago. “Yang Kai-Kai looked around with divine thoughts, seemingly annoyed.

He looked at him with a solemn expression, running the power of space, feeling the magic around him, and realizing the unique power in this void. It’s sweet.

This kind of experience is of great benefit to his cultivating space power, and he certainly doesn’t want to miss it.

After a while, his eyes turned to a position and he said: “Follow I come.”

Speaking like this, she pulled Xueyue and galloped in that direction.

In the rift in the void, everything is nothing, and some are just chaos. The world opened up has no living creatures, no spiritual energy, and a more complete existence than the Death Star.

Xueyue can’t feel anything at all, except for the big hand that Yang Kai held her. She held it very hard, lest she and Yang Kai separated.

In this ghost place, even the passage of time seems to have become extremely long, but when Xueyue stabilizes her mind, Not only does not reject this place, but enjoys such a journey very much.

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Having a man holding her hand and cutting through thorns in dangerous places, the man bears all the dangers in front, and he follows behind with peace of mind. This experience is simply a luxury for her.

As the Third Young Master Xueyue, as the future successor of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, under normal circumstances, she is the one who charges and overcomes all obstacles! She needs to establish prestige in front of her subordinates, she needs to have a firm position in the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, and she also has to disguise her gender, her voice and acting style, and she lives more tired than many people.

But here, she can put everything aside and simply enjoy the feeling of being taken care of.

Yang Kai just said that it was not easy for her, maybe she just said casually without thinking deeply, but this sentence hit the deepest and softest place in Xueyue’s heart, making her almost fall. Tears.

At this moment, her heart is warm, and she just hopes that this time will continue.

At this time, if she still couldn’t see that Yang Kai was proficient in space power, then Xueyue would not be the young master of the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce.

She didn’t break it. The smart woman knew when to speak and when to remain silent.

I don’t know how long it took, Xueyue was still immersed in the atmosphere that made her warm, but somewhere there, a little light suddenly appeared, the light was faint, and it looked very distant. It looked far away, like a few stars in the star field, dotted with this nihil world.

“Haha!” Yang Kai laughed, and he seemed to be extremely happy: ’Sure enough, there are ethereal crystals here, Luo Lan didn’t lie to me!”

Xueyue was startled. Suddenly realized: “That’s an ethereal crystal? You entered this place, just looking for an ethereal crystal?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, speeding up.

Some stars seem to be far away, but in fact, it took Yang Kai less than half a stick of incense to get close.

The light is faint, it’s just better than nothing, but in the rift in the void, it is already the only light source.

Looking closer, each of these ethereal crystals has the size of a fist, and each of them presents a hexagonal shape. The whole body is crystal clear, and in the crystals, there are also dense Cracks, there are obvious spatial force fluctuations flowing from those cracks.

“It’s not the same as what I got before.” Yang Kai was extremely surprised, and he didn’t rush to take these ethereal crystals, but looked at it with interest. The few ethereal crystals in front of him were indeed very different from the ones he had obtained before. Whether it was the shape or the fluctuations in the internal power, especially the existence of the fine cracks, the previous ethereal crystals had never been possessed.

“Naturally it won’t be the same.” Xueyue glanced at him as if she knew something.

“How to say?” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

“This kind of ethereal crystal is the pure ethereal crystal, the real ethereal crystal, it is bred by space power, and the ethereal crystals outside are just companion creatures of various mineral veins. Contains a lot of impurities, although it can be regarded as a kind of ethereal crystal, but compared with this, I don’t know where the grade is worse.” Xueyue reached out and took a piece of ethereal crystal, the whole process was extremely easy, this ethereal crystal The crystal seems to be discarded here by someone at will. There is no difficulty in taking it away. He pointed to the fine crack inside and said: “Look at this, its power is enough to affect the space. If you use the secret technique to remove this ethereal crystal If it is detonated, it will be enough to cause a large area of ​​space to collapse, and no matter who is involved in it, there will probably be nothing good to eat.”

“The ethereal crystal can still be used like this?” Yang Kai suddenly became interested, Looked at Xueyue thoughtfully, “Do you have this kind of secret technique in your business?”

“It should be.” Xueyue nodded, “I have heard of it before, but I I haven’t been exposed to that kind of secret technique.”

While she was talking, she handed the ethereal crystal to Yang Kai, and continued: “Moreover, the space ring refined from this ethereal crystal will form an extremely huge space inside, more than normal. The space ring is much better, but it is estimated that no refiner dares to refine the space ring with this kind of thing, that is simply joking about his own life.”

While speaking, the only four ethereal crystals that exist here have been collected by Yang Kai.

He silently sensed it and discovered the space contained within these ethereal crystals. The power is beyond imagination. If he can make up 20 yuan, it will be enough for him to arrange a super space magic circle, and the transmission distance will be farther than those arranged before.

“This kind of There is no way to put the ethereal crystal into the space ring, what are you going to do? “Xueyue asked what was in Yang Kai’s hand.

Without her reminding, Yang Kai also discovered this problem.

He just tried to put the ethereal crystal into the space ring. However, it was still unable to succeed. The power contained in the ethereal crystal had a violent conflict with the space ring and was not accepted at all.

After thinking for a while, Yang Kai communicated with the Profound Realm Orb with his mind.

At the next moment, the ethereal crystal was thrown into the profound world pearl!

Yang Kai couldn’t help but heaved a sigh of relief. It seems that the Profound Realm Orb is still a very high-end existence. After all, it is an emperor. It has its own world and its own laws of heaven and earth. There is nothing to accommodate the ethereal crystal. problem.

Xueyue was surprised for a moment, and chuckled: “It looks like you have a lot of secrets in your body.”

“Are you more interested in me?” Yang Kai enraptured.

“Come on!” Xueyue groaned at him.

“I have a lot of secrets, and I will tell you when I can tell you in the future.” Yang Kai’s expression became serious, and he said solemnly.

Xueyue slowly shook her head: “I don’t need to know this, I just want to have someone who can treat me the same way as a woman, that’s enough.”

heard With her words from the bottom of his heart, Yang Kai looked at her for a while, smiled slightly, took Xueyue’s hand again, and flew forward.

An hour later, in this void crack, a few more stars were imprinted in front of the two of them.

Repeated this way, a few days later, the ethereal crystal that Yang Kai had acquired was already There were nearly a hundred pieces, and the void cracks here seemed to be the best hotbed for the birth of ethereal crystals, where the rich spatial power was condensed and crystallized.

Xueyue has been silently following Yang Kai, helping him to collect the ethereal crystal, without any complaints.

The dangers outside the Lost Land seem to have become extremely remote to the two of them, and the world they entered has nothing to do with others.

On this day, Yang Kai was leading Xueyue to continue searching for the ethereal crystal. Xueyue suddenly yelled, “Yang Kai, look over there!”

“What?” Yang Kai stopped. Turned his head and looked in the direction that Xueyue signaled. With just one glance, he shook his expression and whispered: ’So much?”

In that direction, it was like a moonless night, starry. Countless bright or dark rays of light bloom in the void, like bright lights in the night, guiding the direction.

After staying here for several days, Yang Kai naturally knew that any little light represented a piece of ethereal crystal bred from this place, and it represented great wealth.

Hundreds of dollars had been harvested before, and he was already very satisfied, but when he saw the scene there, he realized that his extravagance was too low.

There are more than a hundred dense little lights over there?

The scale is at least a few hundred to a thousand!

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. He stretched out his hand and dragged Xueyue into his arms, put her arms around her, and kissed her hard on the face.

The rude treatment made Xueyue look confused, bit her red lips and wiped her cheeks, and groaned: “You vulgar man!”

Yang Kai didn’t answer. Has led her to rush over there like a whirlwind.

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Chapter 1800: The Real Ethereal Crystal – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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