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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1802: Sky Startled Beast Read Novel

Chapter 1802: Sky Startled Beast – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1802: Sky Startled Beast

But now is not the best time to experience these. At this moment, Yang Kai seems to have a treasure house of rich storage and keys, and even the whole person is already standing in the treasure house.

But he has no time to check and deal with his treasures!

Concentrating his mind, he turned his head and looked at the position of Xueyue.

He has not forgotten that in such a place, there is another person who is worrying about his worries, constantly calling his name, and seeing himself as a support.

But when he saw it, Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning, because there was no one in that direction, and Xueyue was nowhere to be seen.

Looking around, there is no sign of Xueyue in the place where God’s mind reaches.

Where did it go? Yang Kai frowned secretly. He didn’t think that Xueyue abandoned herself when she saw the opportunity. Although Xueyue didn’t have much contact with her and she didn’t know much about it, she was not that kind of thing from this brief time-to-heart relationship. people.

And in this rift in the void, no matter how strong she is, she, who has never practiced space power, is like a headless fly. Even if she spends tens of thousands of years, don’t even want to leave here.

So it is impossible for her to find a way out on her own.

Is there any danger? Yang Kaiyi suddenly thought of a possibility, but in this void and crack, what is the danger? Although this is a place of emptiness and chaos outside the Lost Land, the two of them have not encountered any dangers along the way.

Standing in the same place to meditate for a while, Yang Kai began to take action, no matter what, he had to find Xueyue before talking.

He took a step forward and stepped out. The person is already a hundred miles away, his expression is calm, and every step coincides with the beauty of space.

In the past, Yang Kai needed to use tearing space to move hundreds of thousands of miles at a time. Later, as his attainments in space power improved, although he could teleport short distances, It’s only a dozen or twenty miles away, this kind of distance is really nothing.

But at this moment, he can easily take a hundred miles in one step, and this is far from his limit.

While he is moving, he confirms his perception after swallowing the power of the spiral, and he is more and more diligent in his understanding of the power of space.

According to his thoughts, even if Xueyue left, she couldn’t run too far. After all, she couldn’t do it even if she wanted to run far in such a ghostly place.

Therefore, he is centering on the place where he was before, and he is searching for the surrounding area.

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Sure enough, after about half of the incense, Yang Kai discovered Xueyue’s figure!

It’s just that, at this moment, she is very embarrassed, running hurriedly in the empty void, her long hair looks a little messy, and the corners of her mouth are overflowing with red blood.

Behind her, chasing a strange monster that is seven or eight feet long and looks like a sea lion. The body of the monster is fat and bloated, with a wide tail, and its body is squirming, not tight. Slowly following Xueyue’s back, from time to time she made a piercing long hum.

When he saw this monster beast, Yang Kai’s eyes shrank, and his face appeared astonished.

Because he clearly felt the same source of power fluctuations as himself from this monster beast-the power of space!

Every movement of this monster beast, every movement of its body, implies the beauty of space. It seems to allow its body to slide along the trajectory of space, so although its actions seem awkward She could still easily follow behind Xueyue, who was fleeing desperately.

In other words, it didn’t want to kill Xueyue immediately, but with a cat and mouse mentality, it was teasing Xueyue for the pleasure of chasing her.

When Yang Kai saw Xueyue, this monster beast opened its mouth like a catfish, and ejected a burst of energy visible to the naked eye from its mouth.

The energy is like a sharp blade, cutting the space with ease, and hitting directly behind Xueyue.

Perceiving the terrifying power behind, Xueyuehua’s complexion changed, and she opened her mouth and bit her tongue. Her accompanying demon spirit-Hachi’s phantom immediately appeared on top of her head, and Hachi’s whole body was covered. With thick dark hair, bright eyes and a single horn on the forehead, it looks like Kong Wu is powerful. As soon as it appears, it screams and rushes toward the rear recklessly.

Hachi is a companion demon spirit that is comparable to Xueyue’s own combat power, and the general Void Returning Third Stage is not its opponent at all.

But that attack easily cut Hachi’s shadow in half.

In the screaming and miserable howling, Hachi’s phantom disappeared.

And Xueyue, who was the host, was also severely injured. She opened her mouth again and spit out a mouthful of blood, her body faltering, and even the speed of her escape slowed down.

Xueyue didn’t dare to look back, her beautiful eyes were dim.

At this moment, a figure fell from the sky and took her into his arms.

Xueyue raised her head with difficulty, and immediately saw Yang Kai’s resolute face, even in the dark, she felt that this face exudes endless light, as if she was on the dim road ahead. Light up a beacon.

“You finally came!” Xueyue squeezed out a smile and said pantingly.

’Something happened.” Yang Kai nodded, and while talking, he urged Sheng Yuan to investigate in Xueyue’s body. His brows wrinkled slightly. He found that Xueyue’s situation was not too great. Ideal, I don’t know how long she has been entangled with this monster beast. The Saint Yuan in her body is almost dry, and her meridians and physical body are also damaged. If she comes a little later, Xueyue will not be killed by that monster. It may be exhausted.

“How did you provoke it?” Yang Kai asked, looking at the monster beast floating in the void.

“It appeared on its own.” Xueyue leaned in Yang Kai’s arms and replied softly, “I have been waiting for you there for several days, and you have nothing to do. This monster is not Knowing when I appeared nearby, I seemed to be attracted by you, and rushed towards you. I was afraid that you would be disturbed, so I just”

“so I took it away?” Yang Kai looked down. she was.

Xueyue hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Yang Kai sighed softly, his heart was warm.

“What’s the matter with your body?” Xueyue suddenly exclaimed again, and looked at Yang Kai’s abnormality in a panic expression. The looming flesh and blood and black lines made Xueyue think that Yang Kai had something wrong. Suddenly, he became afraid of the accident.

’Some powers are out of control, there is no big problem, as long as I fully integrate those powers.”Yang Kai explained, patted Xueyue’s back and said, “Don’t worry, it’s this thing that should be solved now.”

While speaking, he looked at the weird monster in front of him with a solemn expression.

Xueyue’s face changed slightly, and she whispered: “Be careful, it’s very powerful, and its strength is definitely not low.” A strong person in the Void King realm, and also proficient in space power, if I guess right, it should be”

“”Yang Kai grinned, “I know.”

The main purpose of his trip with Luo Lan into this lost land was to startle the beast.

But what he didn’t expect was that he would be in this situation. I found the traces of the Jingkong Beast.

Being able to wander in the void and proficient in the power of space, what else can be besides the Jingkong Beast? So even if Yang Kai had never seen such a monster, It can also be judged instantly.

“It’s good if you know. Xueyue let go, and then she arched in Yang Kai’s arms comfortably, put a comfortable posture, and whispered softly: “It’s up to you next, I’ll give you my life.”

Speaking like this, she actually ran a certain secret technique directly and fell asleep.

She had run out of oil, so she had to heal her wounds immediately. The secret technique she used can only be carried out in a state of deep sleep.

“Believe me so?” Yang Kai smiled slightly, feeling full of responsibility, and muttered to himself: “Then I won’t let you down too much.”

Then, he turned Xueyue on his back, picked her up, and urged Saint Yuan to condense into the appearance of a rope, tightly binding Xueyue’s body to himself, moving his hands and feet, and confirming himself. After not throwing Xueyue out no matter what she moved, it was a good time to look at the startling beast.

Since Yang Kai appeared, Jingkong Beast has been quiet.

It’s just that on its fat head, two small eyes shined with appalling light, staring at Yang Kai, as if to it, Yang Kai was a delicious meal, let It is about to move.

The Jingkong Beast is naturally proficient in the power of space. Yang Kai has just swallowed and absorbed the space spiral, and his understanding of the power of space has increased to a new level, and the space power contained in his body is also somewhat uncontrollable. The breath that came out naturally made Jingkong Beast extremely happy.

Looking at each other, Yang Kai’s eyes were aggressive, and the eye of Jingkong Beast did not flinch.

Amidst this boundless rift in the void, one person and one beast felt the opponent’s fighting spirit.

“Come on.”For a long time, Yang Kai waved at Jingkong Beast, “I want your inner alchemy, you want my physical body, then let’s see the truth under our hands: Let’s see who can get what we want and who does it.” Others do wedding dresses!”

I don’t know if Jingkong Beast understood Yang Kai’s words, or if it was simply provoked by his provocative actions. The next moment, Jingkong Beast let out a loud roar. With a mouth open, a cloud of dark energy attacked Yang Kai like a cannonball out of the chamber.

The speed of these energy attacks is incredible. After all, it was released by the startling beast, which is full of space. The use of force instantly flattened the distance limit and bombarded Yang Kai.

This was a powerful attack that threatened the Void King Realm!

Yang Kai had bright eyes and faced him. Such an attack, instead of retreating, is rather high-spirited, with a knuckle-flick of fingers.

Secret technique, the blade of space!


A crescent shape The space blade of Yang Kai shot out, and greeted the empty roar of the startling beast with precision.

The space blade was the only space mystery that Yang Kai could comprehend to attack, and it has always been him. One of the killer’s tricks, never going to be disadvantaged, has repeatedly made military exploits for him.

And after swallowing and fusing the space spiral, the power of this secret technique has increased several times more than before!

Although the size of the space blade he ejected has not changed, it can be controlled more accurately, and its lethality has also increased dramatically.

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