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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1803: Encounter Read Novel

Chapter 1803: Encounter – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1803: Encounter

The blade of space collided with the void roar of the sky starter.

The sound of booming booming was endless, and the power of the violent space burst out, and the space suddenly collapsed ten feet in front of Yang Kai. That piece of space, like a shattered wall, turned into fragments in a very short time, and the chaotic power fluctuated out, splashing into the void.

In the collapsed space, the huge body of Jingkong Beast came out strangely, and opened his mouth to bite towards Yang Kai.

When Yang Kai was distracted, it actually bullied him directly.

Yang Kai seemed to have anticipated this a long time ago, so he didn’t appear flustered at all, he made a slight mistake under his feet, and his whole body was enveloped in the power of space, gradually turning into a phantom.

The Jingkong Beast bite into nothing!

At the next moment, Yang Kai had appeared above the Jingkong beast’s body like a ghost, full of a punch from the whole body, and slammed it towards its head.


The fist burst out, and the Jingkong beast was beaten to pieces.

But Yang Kai didn’t have the slightest sense of joy that he should have after he succeeded. Instead, he frowned and hurried away from the spot. The moment he moved, the sky that should have been shattered was shocked. The beast appeared behind him again, and opened his mouth again.

The Jingkong Beast that was smashed by Yang Kai before is also its ghost!

One person, one beast, the speed is reaching a limit, and the action of using the power of space is enough to interfere with the enemy’s vision.

The figure flashed by, Yang Kai appeared outside Baizhang, and the Jingkong Beast also stopped, suspended in the void, accurately found Yang Kai’s location, and looked at him.

The brief confrontation and the first trial made everyone realize that the opponent is not a soft persimmon that can be kneaded at will.

“In that case,” Yang Kai murmured, grinning and smiling: “Then don’t blame me for being inhumane!”

While speaking, he waved.

At the next moment, the stone puppet is small, and the two super powers of Qi Ling Liuyan are on the stage!

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The stone puppet is carrying the shaking Tianzhu, leaning against the small and exquisite body, his eyes are rolling around, seemingly not knowing where it is, and as soon as Liu Yanyou appears, he asks Yang Kai: “What does the master have? Command?”

“Kill it!” Yang Kai pointed his finger at the Jingkong Beast a hundred meters away.

Liuyan’s beautiful eyes looked at Jingkong Beast, his expression became solemn, and he said solemnly: “It seems to be very powerful.”

Yang Kai laughed: “If it’s not great, I can deal with it by myself. How can I call you all out?” Well, it is proficient in space power, so you have to cooperate with me.”

“That’s what the master ordered! Liuyan nodded, Qianqianyu’s hand suddenly burned with a ball of flame, the flame showed a purple-red color, and there was a vague electric arc flashing inside, and a violent force came out.

“Then do it.” Right. “Yang Kai grinned, shaking his figure, and rushed to the Jingkong Beast again, and cooperated with his two big help, there is no need to say anything, because whether it is a stone puppet or a tool spirit, there is a mindset between Yang Kai In response, they can clearly understand Yang Kai’s thoughts and make the most perfect cooperation.

As soon as Yang Kaiyou acts, the flow of inflammation has turned into a ball of flames, and immediately rushed behind Yang Kai. In the past.

And the stone puppet suddenly turned into a stone giant, dragging the ten-foot-long Sky Shaking Pillar, walking step by step in the void, slowly approaching the past there, it doesn’t look like It doesn’t look slow.

The Jingkong Beast is undoubtedly possessed of not low intelligence, so when it saw that Yang Kai suddenly had two more helpers, its two small eyes couldn’t help but reveal. There was a surprised and anthropomorphic look.

Seeing Yang Kai and Liuyan rushing up again, it jumped on the spot and jumped forward. The void in front of it seemed to become a lake. When it rushed over there After one side, completely hide its body.

Yang Kai’s eyes were bright, and he felt the changes in the surrounding space. The next moment, he gave an instruction to the stone puppet who was coming here without hesitation.

The stone puppet did not hesitate at all, and roared like the sky, waved the shaking pillar in his hand, and blasted towards his left side.

Hundreds of thousands of catties weighing the sky-shaking pillar, coupled with the stone puppet’s violent violent force, this rod can be smashed, even the space can be smashed, and the stone puppet attacks At the moment of the explosion, the head of Jingkong Beast just emerged from the position where Shaking Tianzhu was sweeping.

It looks like the Jingkong Beast voluntarily leaned forward to let the stone puppet attack.

The Jingkong Beast was obviously planning to attack the stone puppet first, but he didn’t want his tricks to be easily recognized by Yang Kai, and instead was used.

With such a hasty attack at such a short distance now, even if the Jingkong Beast is proficient in space power, it cannot avoid it.

If this blow can hit it, even if the shocking beast’s strength is comparable to the Void King Realm, it will definitely be broken into pieces – the stone puppet’s full blow is no joke.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, secretly looking forward to the scene of splashing flesh and blood.

What can make him stunned is that the Jingkong Beast twisted its body forcibly in the face of this mortal blow, and from its body, a strong fluctuation of spatial power was ups and downs, transformed into a void The whirlpool blocked the stone puppet’s attack.

Shaking the Tianzhu smashed the void vortex to pieces, and Yu Wei swept over the Jingkong Beast, accompanied by splashes of blood, the Jingkong Beast was swept thousands of feet away by a huge force!

The place where its head and neck are connected is bloody and bloody, and Bai Sensen’s bones are faintly visible.

But it survived after all, and the injuries it suffered were not too serious!

“I knew it wasn’t that easy!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and drank, and with a wave of his hand, Sheng Yuan broke out, wrapped in flow inflammation, shuttled through the void, and instantly came to the wounded Jingkong Beast.

In the next moment, the master and servant frantically launched an attack on the Jingkong Beast.

Hundreds of golden blood threads were poured into space power by Yang Kai and turned into a net of heaven and earth, which completely sealed off the vast space and cut off the path of the sky-screaming beast’s attempt to escape. He himself madly urged the space blade. Lasing at the startling beast.

And the attack of the flow flame is much simpler, the flames of thunder power are mixed with each other, like falling flowers clustered around the startling beast, and every flower of thunder and fire contains a terrifying The power of the Jingkong beast was slightly contaminated, and its body surface was burnt for a while, and a more detailed lightning arc wandered around the Jingkong beast, affecting its movements.

For a time, the Jingkong Beast was beaten only for evasion, and had no power to fight back, so it could only roar constantly.

Ding Ding Ding Ding

The stone puppet was wrapped in cold air to kill, and with the restraint of Yang Kai and Liuyan, he raised the Shaking Tianzhu high, and slammed it at the Jingkong Beast again.

A stick came out, and the eyes of Jingkong Beast showed a light of fright.

It is not too afraid of Yang Kai and Liuyan’s methods, but it is extremely afraid of the simplest force attack on the stone puppet. This is the violent power that is enough to “one force to drop ten guilds”, even Its space transfer mystery cannot be resolved.

The startling beast roared, furiously resisted, and continuously spit out the Void Roar Secret Art in his mouth, forming a dense attack, attacking the master and servant of Yang Kai. At the same time, its body surface, once again appeared a layer of space transfer The barrier abruptly withstood a stick of the stone puppet.

There was a sound of broken bones, and the shocking aura of the Sky-Stunned beast suddenly languished for a moment.

In a short period of time, it has encountered too many attacks and has been seriously injured. Facing the wolf-like master and servant of Yang Kai, it deeply knows that it cannot be the enemy at all. If it does not escape, I’m afraid I’m going to die here.

It started desperately urging space forces and disturbing the surrounding void.

Hundreds of golden bloodshots scattered around by Yang Kai were affected, and they could no longer stabilize and appeared flaws.

Flowing Yan also screamed again and again, and the surface was filled with thunder and fire. Beware of the counterattack of the Jingkong Beast.

Taking this opportunity, the Jingkong Beast jumped out and fled several tens of meters in an instant, getting rid of the encirclement of Yang Kai’s master and servant.

“Want to run!” Yang Kai snorted coldly. When he was about to chase, he saw the Jingkong Beast repeat its old tricks, plunged into the void in front of him, and disappeared.

Yang Kai frowned and felt, pushing the space power to the limit, but could not detect the breath of the startling beast from nearby. Soon, he suddenly said: “Escaped!”

The Jingkong Beast has obviously escaped from the void crack, so he can’t perceive the other party’s existence here.

He did not hesitate, and immediately retracted the stone puppet and Liuyan, and when he made the wrong steps, he came to the place where the startling beast had disappeared.

A crack appeared leisurely!

Yang Kai got in directly.

The next moment, he returned to the lost place.

Yang Kai immediately began to look for the traces of the Jingkong Beast. This weird ancient monster can drift in the void, so if it doesn’t keep up in time, it will easily get rid of it.

The roar of the startling beast came from the ear, and there was a panic in the voice, as if it was being tortured by something.

Yang Kai frowned and looked at the voice, his face changed slightly when he was in front of his eyes.

Not far in front of that, a cloud of shady covering the sky and the ground shrouded a huge space. In that shady, there are countless human faces struggling and floating, twisting and changing, and those faces are just like The ghost, and the place covered by the dark curtain, is also like a place where the ghosts gather, exuding a cold and evil atmosphere.

Through the shady curtain, Yang Kai can vaguely see the huge figure of the Jingkong Beast, but at this moment it is surrounded by countless ghost-like things, and all the faces are sucked on it, biting Live its flesh and blood.

Visibly with the naked eye, the Jingkong Beast’s body began to shrivel, as if the essence of flesh and blood had been sucked up by those ghosts. No matter how hard the Jingkong Beast struggled, it couldn’t get rid of the shady package.

It is clearly dead!

“Hehehehe” a strange laugh suddenly came from nearby.

Yang Kai’s expression can’t help but sink, secretly urging Sheng Yuan to look at the place where the sound came from.

Over there, a figure shrouded in darkness is standing quietly. In the darkness, there seems to be a pair of chilling eyes, looking at Yang Kai.

“It’s you!” Yang started to drink, his expression becoming solemn.

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