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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1804: How could it be you Read Novel

Chapter 1804: How could it be you – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1804: How could it be you

Yang Kai could tell at a glance that this person who was covered in darkness was just a Void King Realm powerhouse he had previously had!

This guy seemed to care about himself before entering the Lost Lands, and Ni Guang also said that this person is very dangerous and it is best not to provoke him easily.

Yang Kai didn’t expect to encounter the opponent here unexpectedly, and the opponent also used means to trap his prey, and the shady that envelops the startling beast is obviously the opponent’s secret treasure.

It’s just that this secret treasure is full of evil atmosphere. At first glance, it is the kind of secret treasure that requires the sacrifice of a large number of lives. It can be seen that the owner of the secret treasure must not be a kind person. There are probably countless people who died in his hands.

Yang Kai frowned.

The current situation is not a good thing for him. Even though he is not too afraid of this guy with his background, the Jingkong Beast is now in the envelope of the opponent’s secret treasure.

He worked so hard to hit the Jingkong Beast into serious injuries, but now it is cheaper for others, which Yang Kai cannot tolerate.

But if he rushes into the shady scene and snatches the inner alchemy of the startling beast, I am afraid it is not appropriate.

He is not afraid of the opponent, and he is confident that he can really use his hands to escape under the opponent’s eyelids. It does not mean that he can shake the opponent’s secret treasure. If he really rushes into the shady scene with blood, Yang Kai estimated that his fate was not much better than Jingkong Beast.

What should I do?

How can we ask for the inner alchemy of the startling beast without irritating the opponent? Yang happily thought hard, but there was still no suitable answer.

“Hehehehe” Just as Yang Kai was thinking about it, the strong Void King Realm wrapped in the shadows once again gave out intriguing laughter, as if he was in a good mood. Soon, he He opened his mouth and said: “Yang Xiaozi, Yanfu is not shallow, there are beautiful friends in this kind of place, I really envy the old man.”

said, Yang Kai’s expression changed.

The other party called out his surname as soon as he opened his mouth. Obviously he recognized him, but Yang Kai didn’t remember at all, when he had an encounter with such a powerful Void King Realm.

The number of Void King Realm powerhouses he encountered was not too many. He had an impression of every one of them.

Yang Kai stared at each other calmly, and asked tentatively: ’Senior recognizes me?”

“Of course the old man recognizes you. Hey, what? Forgot?” The Void King Realm expert said in a teasing tone.

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Yang Kai looked at him, and didn’t feel any malice from the other party. He groaned slightly, then clasped his fist and said: “Forgive me for my clumsy eyes, I can’t remember the predecessor. Since the predecessor recognizes the brat, you might as well show you how you really are.”

“It is only natural that you don’t recognize the old man. After all, the old man’s aura has changed a bit compared to that of the past!” The other party didn’t seem to be impatient at all. Who is it?”

said like this, the black air that had been enveloping him, like the low tide sea water, quickly dissipated.

The next moment, the face of the other party was printed in Yang Kai’s eyes.

“Huh?” Yang Kai was taken aback, staring at him in a daze, and said in amazement: ’Senior Ghost Ancestor, how could it be you?”

When the black air dissipated, he immediately Just recognize who the other party is.

This Void King Realm powerhouse is the first Void King Realm he encountered when he entered the Star Territory at the beginning of the year-the man who was trapped in the Hanging Continent for two thousand years and claimed to be the ancestor of the ghost!

The ancestor of the ghost was inadvertently swallowed by the void vortex, and fell to the floating continent. As a result, he stayed there for two thousand years. After two thousand years, he was promoted from the realm of the Holy King to the Void King. Circumstances, the achievement of a legend.

However, for two thousand years in the suspension of the mainland, he was alone, until Yang Kai and others were also in trouble.

At that time, the ancestor of the ghost had been studying the space magic circle, trying to use the space magic circle to send out the floating continent. Unfortunately, he failed. Finally, relying on Yang Kai’s attainments in space power, he escaped from there.

A total of seven people escaped at the time. In addition to Guizu and Yang Kai, there were also three masters and apprentices Yue Xi, as well as Shen Tu, a son of Iou President of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, and another woman.

The past is like smoke, but that was after all the first important thing Yang Kai experienced after he first entered the Star Territory. How could he forget it?

The ghost ancestor was the first virtual king he encountered, and his memory of the ghost ancestor was still fresh.

It’s just that Yang Kai couldn’t imagine that he would meet each other in such a place.

Although the ghost ancestor acted cruelly and had a violent personality, he was also considered to be grudges and grudges. Back then, he accepted Yang Kai’s life-saving grace, and after leaving the Hanging Continent, he kept Yang Kai free, even Give him a piece of Star Emperor Order as a thank you gift!

Without that piece of Star Emperor Order, Yang Kai would not have been able to kill Luo Hai at Chilan Star.

So after learning that the other party turned out to be a ghost ancestor, Yang Kai’s vigilance immediately relaxed, grinning at the ghost ancestor and smiling, with an unexpected and happy look.

“Isn’t it the old man!” Guizu’s mood is not bad either, he hehe weird laughs constantly, he looks at Yang Kai up and down, slightly nodded, and said in amazement: “But you kid is amazing. You have actually cultivated to the third level of Void Return! The old man remembers you back then, but only enters the Holy Land, right?”

“Enters the second level of the Holy Realm!” Yang Kai replied grinningly. ’Senior Guizu has a good memory.”

Guizu nodded: “It looks like your opportunity in these years is not small! Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve such an achievement.”

“Thanks to senior “The blessing of you.” Yang Kai replied, “How is the senior’s experience these years?”

“How can it be? That’s it, it’s not comparable to your young people, kind and loving.” Guizu joked. While talking, he glanced at Xue Yue, who was sleeping behind Yang Kai, with profound meaning.

Yang Kai smiled: “This is an accident.”

After thinking about it, Yang Kai suddenly said: “By the way, senior, do you have to avenge your grievances?”

Back then, the ancestor of the ghost once said that what he had to do after leaving the floating continent was revenge. Before he fell to the floating continent, he seemed to have been framed by others. The opponent was very powerful, and his power at the time was completely powerless. But after he was promoted to the Void King Realm, he vowed to be ashamed.

Now that the year has passed, I don’t know if his wish has been fulfilled.

The ghost ancestor’s expression was carefree, and he was silent for a long time before he shook his head and said: “The old man’s hatred can not be repaid so easily, why? Your kid wants to help the old man?”

’Senior joked.” Yang Kai waved his hand quickly, “The kid is low-powered, how can I help Senior, don’t drag Senior’s hind legs when the time comes, and become a cumbersome, then it is absolutely impossible to redeem it.”

He didn’t dare to agree casually. Although he had a little friendship with the ghost ancestor before, he would naturally not rush to make things happen.

“Hey, just kidding, don’t be so serious.” Guizu smiled happily, “but you don’t have to be scornful. You can seriously wound this startling beast, what is your strength, The old man still knows a little bit in his heart.”

Yang Kai touched his nose, but didn’t catch any stubbornness.

The time between the two talks, the horrible beast has been tortured, countless ghost-like human faces biting on it, swallowing its flesh and blood essence, and making its body constantly shriveled. Going on, but no matter how it collides, it still can’t get rid of the shady package, and all resistance is in vain.

At this time, the screams of Jingkong Beast had gradually become unquestionable, and the extent of its struggle had become smaller and smaller.

After a while, the Jingkong Beast finally stopped moving. There were only those countless ghostly human faces in the place, howling and shuttle in the dark, looking terrifying.

Guizu stretched out his hand, and the shady scene immediately spun around, turned into a black flag, and flew back to his hand.

Seeing this black banner, Yang Kai suddenly realized!

This black banner-like secret treasure, he used to the ghost ancestor when he was on the Hanging Continent, but at that time, how could this secret treasure have such power? It can be seen that the ghost ancestors did not know how to refine this secret treasure sacrifice in these years, which greatly enhanced its power.

The black banner flew back, and the black screen that covered the sky and the ground disappeared. Only the shriveled body of the Jingkong beast was left in place. When the wind blew, the fur on the Jingkong beast turned into powder. Reveal the internal bones.

And its bones seem to have become fragile, and under the action of external forces, they have become dust.

In the dust pile, only one round, about the size of a fist, exuding an inexplicable luster remained.

Yang Kai’s eyes were bright, staring fiercely at the thing.

Guizu chuckled, stretched out his hand, and flicked, and the thing flew towards Yang Kai: “If you want, just talk to the old man, what’s the embarrassment?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help himself, took the thing and looked at it in the palm of his hand for a while, confirming that it was the inner alchemy of the Jingkong Beast, and it was undamaged, and the energy contained in the inner alchemy did not leak and flow. He smiled and said, “Thank you, senior!”

“This is your thing!” Guizu didn’t care, “The old man also knows that you are proficient in the power of space, so you will naturally leave this inner alchemy. It, presumably you will have a deeper knowledge in space power?”

Yang Kai didn’t hide it, nodded and said: “Well, my purpose of coming in this time is the inner alchemy of the shocking beast, which is now considered to be I got what I wanted.”

“You brave guy, you dare to enter this kind of ghost place.” Guizu looked at Yang Kai with a little sigh, ’Since you got what you wanted, I don’t know. Can you help the old man get what you want?”

“What can I do for you? If the kid can do it, it must be defined.” Yang Kai carefully collected the Jingkong Beast inner alchemy. Looking at the ghost ancestor with a solemn face.

Although Guizu does not seem to be a good thing, to be honest, he feels good to Yang Kai, especially after this meeting, Guizu seems very approachable and amiable, so Yang Kai also I just voted for it.

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Chapter 1804: How could it be you – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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