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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1806: 7 Yao Baoguang Read Novel

Chapter 1806: 7 Yao Baoguang – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1806: 7 Yao Baoguang

“Uncle Ni!” Xueyue called out in surprise from Yang Kai’s back.

In this kind of ghost place, there is nothing happier than seeing relatives. Although she is at ease when she stays with Yang Kai, whether Ni Guang is safe is still her concern. Seeing that Ni Guang was unscathed now, Xueyue naturally let go of her heart.

“What’s going on?” Ni Guang didn’t walk too close, but stood still ten feet away from Yang Kai and the others. While questioning, he vigilantly looked at the ghost ancestor.

He is afraid that Yang Kai and Xueyue will be captured by the ghost ancestor. If this is the case, his actions will definitely be restrained.

If he can have this idea, he doesn’t treat the gentleman’s belly with a careful heart. It is true that the ghost ancestor is a treacherous generation, and people with a little bit of common sense will think about it like this.

“Uncle Ni don’t need to worry, I just got a little hurt, it’s nothing serious.” Xueyue answered as she slipped off Yang Kai’s back.

Listening to her, Ni Guang’s face was slightly dark, and he looked at Yang Kai, then at Xueyue, and finally turned his gaze to the ghost ancestor, making sure that the other party did not do anything to Xueyue, and then he clasped his fists slightly. Said: “Dare to ask a friend?”

Anyway, the ghost ancestor came with Xueyue, and Ni Guang always wants to ask about the identity of the other party.

Guizu Jiejie let out a weird laugh, and the laugh was extremely harsh, “You don’t have to ask the old man’s name and origin, and the old man has no plans to join forces with you. Bring your younger generation, what should you do? What? No need to pay attention to the old man!”

He didn’t put Ni Guang in his eyes at all, his tone was wild and unpleasant.

Yang Kai touched his nose from the side.

Ni Guang’s face couldn’t help but sink slightly, and he snorted, his expression extremely unhappy.

He ranks high in the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, and is well-known in the entire star field. Seeing him with a lower strength than him, everyone respects and is good, even if it is a person with the same level of cultivation. Except for a few people such as Zilong, no one dared to be so rude to him. Guizu’s words obviously made him a little unhappy.

So he immediately lost the interest in chatting with the other party, and said to Xueyue coldly, “Let’s go!”

Xueyue opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but In the end, he couldn’t say it, he just glanced at Yang Kai and said: “You have to be careful!”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded: “You too!”

In this situation, he is It’s impossible to stay with Xueyue anymore, Xueyue must be with Ni Guang, and he has to act with Guizu.

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“Yang Kai, are you not here?” Luo Lan asked in surprise as if he had seen something.

Yang Kai shook his head, pondered for a moment, and said: “I have something to do with this senior, Senior Luo, I am afraid that the previous agreement with you will be invalidated. If there is a chance in the future, the kid will compensate. Yours.”

“That’s it.” Luo Lan smiled: “It’s okay, this time I was not fully prepared, but it was a drag on you. Now that you have noble help, I wish Good luck!”

She was very talkative, and she didn’t mean to blame Yang Kai for temporarily changing his mind and not acting with her.

“Boy, looking for the skin with the tiger, it is destined to have nothing to end, so I’ve figured it out clearly.” Ni Guang gave Yang Kai a cold look, and secretly awakened.

“Thank you seniors for your care, kid understands!” Yang Kai clasped his fist.

Guizu continued to laugh strangely on the sidelines, and it became more and more that he was not a good thing.

Ni Guang and Luo Lan took Xueyue towards the place where they were originally. On the way, Ni Guang naturally asked about the situation after separation. Xueyue didn’t say much, only told It took Ni Guang and Yang Kai a lot of effort to get rid of the phantom sky butterfly, and then they met the ghost ancestor.

As for what happened in the rift in the void, Xueyue did not dare to speak out.

“This person is called Guizu?” Ni Guang frowned, “Why have I never heard of such a person in the star field? Elder Luo, have you ever heard of this person?”

“I never heard of my concubine.” Luo Lan shook his head.

“It’s weird, how can a strong two-layer virtual king be silent forever? Especially since this person has such a special breath.” Ni Guangru couldn’t understand why he had never heard of ghosts before. The name ancestor, this person is like jumping out of a stone, without warning, but it makes people surprised.

“Uncle Ni, what’s the situation here right now?” Xueyue asked in a timely manner, turning the subject away.

“The situation is not very optimistic.” Ni Guang glanced at somewhere ahead. “The bastard Kongfa followed the old man and the elder Luo all the way to this medicine valley. After he came here, he used secret techniques Called Xu Wei over. Zilong had the location of the medicine valley before, and the old man Meng Tongmeng did not know where he got the news, so he came here.”

“Meng Tong?” Xueyue frowned, looking in one direction, and suddenly saw a small old man over there, squinting his eyes and looking around, looking like a thief, and it looks quite funny.

But this person is a real virtual king realm powerhouse. Although there is only one realm, it is the pinnacle of one realm!

It is rumored that Meng Tong has been promoted to the Void King Realm for a thousand years, but he has never had the opportunity to break through to the second level. If he can get a chance, breaking through the promotion is just a blink of an eye!

Meng Tong’s origin is very mysterious, no one knows where he came from. And this person is not attached to any forces. He has been cultivating alone all the time.

It is extremely difficult for a warrior who has no school or school to cultivate to a high level. Because no one teaches them, everything has to rely on themselves to explore the way forward. It is very likely to be on the road of cultivation. On the wrong side, it fell short of success.

Leave aside, there is no resource behind the martial artist who has no discipline and no sect. They also have to find what they need for cultivation, which will waste a lot of time.

So this kind of martial artist generally won’t have too high achievements, and being able to cultivate to the Void Mirror is already a great performance.

And Meng Tong is a virtual king! It can be seen that his luck and chance in this life are quite good, and with his perseverance and understanding, he can achieve today’s achievements.

So although Meng Tong’s cultivation is not the top in the star field, his reputation is quite high.

Because the warriors who have no discipline and no school regard him as the goal of struggle and the object of worship, and the base of such warriors is very large.

In the purple star, the sword alliance, and the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, all the major forces have extended an olive branch to Meng Tong. If they want to recruit him, Xu Yizhong has the status of an elder. It is a pity that Meng So far, Tong has not promised any family, he has been alone, and even his disciples have not accepted it.

In a sense, he is another legend in the star field.

He does not engage in evil with any forces, nor does he walk too close to any forces, and he lives incomparably nourished.

Sometimes, Ni Guang admires Meng Tong’s life and yearns for it. But if he really wants him to abandon everything and live like Meng Tong, he probably won’t be happy.

This time among the warriors who entered the Lost Lands, Meng Tong was also on the list, and he also came to the treasure house of the Lost Lands. No matter how he came here, it is obvious that his luck is not good. Vulgar.

Counting Meng Tong and the newly arrived ghost ancestor, there are as many as seven of the strongest virtual king realm present!

This number at least occupies 60 to 70% of the warriors who entered the Lost Land. If you count the people who died in the Lost Land, then the Void King Realm powerhouse who came to Medicine Valley may occupy the same place. Eighty percent of the total number of people alive!

“The elixir in the periphery of Medicine Valley has been divided up. Ni Guang gestured to the huge valley terrain ahead.

“Has it been divided?” “Xueyue was stunned, “How is the harvest?”

Ni Guang smiled slightly: “It’s not bad. Although there are not many, they are all treasures.”

While the two were talking, Luo Lan also touched his own space ring, as if he had gained a lot.

“The rest of the elixir is hidden inside, but we Can’t enter it temporarily! “Ni Guang continued.

Xueyue stared at the huge valley ahead and saw that the valley was enveloped by a dazzling colorful light, which filled the entire valley like flowing water. It made the huge medicine valley in front of me look like it was covered by colorful tides.

And from the solid light, Xueyue felt a deadly threat.

“Qiyao” Baoguang? Xueyue’s face sank, and she called out the name of the colorful light.

In her status, she obviously knew something about the medicine valley.

“Yes!” Ni Guang nodded lightly, “This is the divine bird-the Qi Yao Baoguang born when the Qi Yao Peacock spit out. This kind of thing ignores any defenses, no matter it is the secret technique. It’s still divine consciousness, it doesn’t have any effect on it. Once shrouded in it, no matter how high the cultivation level is, it will not take long to die. It is extremely terrifying!”

“Then how can we get in? “Luo Lan asked with some worry. Although she followed Ni Guang to this place a long time ago and has gained a little, she still doesn’t know anything about it.

It was the first time she heard of Qiyao Peacock, and it was the first time she heard of Qiyao Baoguang. This kind of Baoguang, which even Ni Guang felt weak, she knew was powerless to resolve.

“Wait!” Ni Guang said solemnly, “This precious light is diffused when the sacred bird breathes out. When it is sucked back by itself, we can enter. In the medicine valley, there are many cracks in the space. Although there are dangers everywhere, those space cracks are also the best natural barriers. When it breathes out again, we only need to find a space crack and hide behind the space crack, relying on the existence of the space crack. Can avoid”

Luo Lan showed a sudden realization after hearing what he said.

As he was explaining, Ni Guang frowned suddenly and looked at Xueyue gravely.

“What’s wrong?” Xueyue gave a stunned expression.

Ni Guang didn’t speak, but instead looked at a certain part of her hair intently. After a while, he suddenly snorted, gritted his teeth and shouted: “Despicable!”

While speaking, finger A pure energy popped out and struck Xueyue.

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