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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1807: The Holy Fruit of Brahma Read Novel

Chapter 1807: The Holy Fruit of Brahma – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1807: The Holy Fruit of Brahma

Faced with Ni Guang’s sudden attack, Xueyue stood there and did not move. She believed that Ni Guang would not harm herself. Uncle Ni must have his own reason for doing so.

With a squeak, the strong wind flew out of Xueyue’s head, but before the attack, a ray of black air flew from Xueyue’s hair, and a slight one in mid-air Circling, like an arrow from the string, flee towards the location of the ghost ancestor.

This black energy escaped so fast that even Ni Guang couldn’t stop it.

He can see clearly that this black air is like a human shape, with a twisted face, like a ghost. It has been hidden in Xueyue’s hair just now, because it is both black, and the aura is hidden. Even he didn’t notice it for the first time.

By the time he realized it was too late.

The wisp of black air quickly escaped in front of the ghost ancestor. Amidst the strange laughter of the ghost ancestor, he opened his mouth and swallowed the black qi into his abdomen.

“Your Excellency did this, don’t you think it’s too shameless?” Ni Guangyao looked at the ghost ancestor and shouted coldly.

“Hehehe” Guizu still smiled weirdly, “I don’t need others to comment!”

Ni Guang’s face was gloomy, he stared at Guizu for a long time before shaking his hand. Said: “Now I don’t care about you, I will ask for advice another day!”

Although he doesn’t tell the ghost ancestor to move a little on Xueyue, he is obviously not fighting with the ghost ancestor at this time. Timing, when there was a conflict here, the Zilong not far away had already looked over with interest, looking like he was fighting with the ghost ancestor.

Ni Guang would naturally not be what he wanted. What’s more, with his eyesight, it can be seen that the hands and feet that Guizu moved on Xueyue did not harm her, just to eavesdrop on information.

After finishing speaking, he turned to Medicine Valley with a cold face.

“Little Yang, did you hear what they said just now?” On the other side, Guizu asked Yang Kai in a low voice.

“I heard it.” Yang Kai looked surprised, ’Senior, when did you leave that thing on Xueyue?”

Xueyue has been carried by him, he Didn’t find when Guizu moved his hands and feet at all.

“Just when the old man gave you the shocking beast inner alchemy.” Guizu smiled triumphantly, “What? The old man did this and made you dissatisfied with the old man?”

“This won’t be “Yang Kai chuckled,” It just feels that you, Senior, are looking forward.”

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The ghost ancestor laughed: “Don’t come and slap the old man’s flattery, but the old man is alone, always keep an eye on everything! Well, since you heard what they said just now, then the old man will count on you.”

“I try my best! “Yang Kai nodded, and didn’t say too much.

Outside the medicine valley, there was a moment of silence, and all the powerful in the virtual king realm were waiting quietly, such as Zilong, Ni Guang, knowing what to do next How to act, such as Kongfa, Xu Wei and Meng Tong, may not understand this place, but they are somehow powerful in the Void King Realm. They both have extraordinary observation and analysis capabilities, even if they don’t know how to enter the valley safely for a while. After Ni Guang and Zilong acted, they could also see the clues.

That Xu Wei looked at Yang Kai from time to time, wondering if Yang Kai and Xueyue really were. How did he survive the encirclement of so many phantom sky butterflies? At that time, he used two people to delay the phantom sky butterflies and took the opportunity to escape. He thought that these two juniors would definitely die.

I never thought about it. For a few days, I saw them appear unscathed in front of him.

Xu Wei can only attribute their survival to the ghost ancestor who came with them, thinking it was the ghost ancestor who came to save them.

Time passes.

About an hour later, a strange sound suddenly came from somewhere deep in the huge valley in front of you. The sound was like the sound of inhalation when something was sleeping.

The sound is rolling, like thunder, like a drum, dull, and shocking the soul.

Almost all of the Void King Realm, the moment they heard this voice, their expressions condensed.

Ni Guang, Luo Lan, Zilong and others were even more energetic, and the Saint Yuan in the body secretly urged them to move.

At the next moment, the abnormal change protrudes.

In the valley where there were no surprises, there was a violent wind in the flat ground. The gust of wind came from the outside and blew towards the depths of the valley. At the same time, the inhalation became more apparent.

With the sound of inhalation, the Qi Yao Guangguang that has been covering the valley seems to have received some traction, and they recede into the depths of the valley like a tide. In the blink of an eye, the scenery outside the valley is exposed. In the eyes of everyone.


At this moment, Ni Guangluolan and Zilong three powerful virtual king realms moved, all of them are like arrows from the string, chasing the ebb-like Qi Yao Baoguang rushed into the valley in an instant!

Seeing that they were moving, Kong Fa Xu Wei and Meng Tong, who had been watching, were still holding back. They used their body techniques, turned into streamers, and shot in different directions.

The ghost ancestor also laughed, offering a banner of ten thousand souls, and wrapped Yang Kai and rushed forward.

His cultivation is high and profound. Among all the Void King Realm powerhouses, only Ni Guang and Zilong can match him, so his speed is extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he rushed forward for ten miles. Ground.

In the valley, there are many cracks in the space that are not counted, large and small, and scattered everywhere. These cracks are like scars between the sky and the earth, and they are eternally dotted there.

And more space cracks are hidden, some can be detected by divine minds, some are without a trace.

Ni Guang and Zilong both carry secret treasures that can detect space cracks. At this moment, both of them rely on the secret treasures in their hands, pushing forward, constantly changing directions, and avoiding the location of the space cracks.

The other Void King Realm who hadn’t prepared well in advance released their divine minds to the greatest extent to avoid danger.

Within ten breaths of effort before and after, everyone decided on speed. Although they rushed into the valley at almost the same time, Ni Guang and Zilong were undoubtedly far ahead.

The more exaggerated is the ghost ancestor.

With Yang Kai showing the way for him, he doesn’t need to worry about the threat of space cracks, just follow the direction of Yang Kai’s guidance and head forward, so it only took him a short time to surpass Ni Guang. With Zilong, the two of them disappeared.

“This bastard!” Zilong looked at the figure of the ghost ancestor in the distance, and couldn’t help cursing.

The Lost Land, I don’t know how many years it will take to open once. The spiritual herbs contained in it are all ancient species that have long been extinct. Every time this medicine valley can produce a large number of rare medicinal materials, it can be said, Whoever has the advantage in speed will get better results.

He thought that his biggest competitor this time was Ni Guang, but he didn’t want to kill the variable of a ghost ancestor on the way, and he was caught off guard.

“Is this idiot going to die?” Zi Donglai, who was following Zilong, also looked forward with a look of stunned expression, “I rushed so quickly, once he touched the hidden crack in the space, it would be As a Void King, he can’t eat and walk around.”

“Don’t worry about him!” Zilong snorted coldly, “He wants to die, so let him go.”

“Yes!” Zidong thought about it, and it was the same reason. If you rush quickly, you won’t necessarily get a good harvest in this medicine valley, maybe you will die quickly.

My heart is now balanced.

On the other side, Ni Guang, who was almost keeping pace with the Zilong, shook his head and sighed, and said, “Xueyue, that kid is too bad for you. The guy named Guizu doesn’t know that there is something here. How dangerous, so rashly, how can it end?”

“It shouldn’t be. Xueyue shook her head. She knew what Yang Kai and Guizu relied on, but she didn’t explain much.

Only Luo Lan sighed gently.

If Yang Kai is present at this time, the situation must be much better. Unfortunately, Yang Kai is not with her.

“It’s almost there. “After the spirit was released, and there were no figures within a radius of tens of miles, the ghost ancestor suddenly slowed down, allowing himself and Yang Kai to be revealed.

“Huh? There is a fragrance of medicine! “Yang Kai suddenly sniffed his nose, and said with a shock of energy.

“Hey, it seems that you have just come in and you have gained something. “The ancestor of the ghost gave a low smile, then his expression was solemn, and he said: “Young man, the old man will tell you first, let’s add the things we find in this medicine valley, and the old man will not take advantage of you. what do you think?”

“Just as the predecessors said. “Yang Kai nodded happily.

In such a place, although the ghost ancestor must rely heavily on Yang Kai’s spatial power, it does not mean that the ghost ancestor cannot act without Yang Kai, but If he is alone, the speed may be much slower.

So the proposal of splitting the gains in half, for the ghost ancestor, seems to have suffered a bit, and Yang Kai will of course not object.

“Over there!” Yang Kai confirmed the source of the fragrance of the medicine, and suddenly pointed in one direction.

At the end of the speech, he rushed over there directly, and Guizu followed closely behind.

After more than a dozen breaths, the two came to the front of a fruit tree about half a person tall. The branches and leaves on the fruit tree were not dense, even a little sparse, with only a few scattered conical leaves. The branches of the fruit trees also seem weak.

And on the branches of this fruit tree, there are neatly hanging four purple sauce, only the size of a baby’s fist. The fruit flashes with light, and the skin is crystal clear, as if you can see the sweet flesh inside. At first glance, people move their index fingers.

An inexplicable breath lingers around the four fruits, seeming to be emanating from them.

The ghost ancestor was wrapped in black energy, but his eyes shot out like a substantive gaze, piercing and energetic.

He can see the extraordinary features of these four fruits at a glance, this is definitely a spiritual fruit that has great use in improving his strength!

“The Holy Fruit of Brahma!” Yang Kai has been observing, and at the same time, he has been in harmony with the knowledge of the various magical medicines in his mind. After a while, he finally confirmed what the fruit is in front of him. Something, I can’t help but let out a low voice.

“This is the Holy Fruit of Brahma?” The ghost ancestor raised his brows and asked in surprise, “The kind of spiritual fruit that can refine the Great Brahma Pill?”

He had obviously heard of it too. The sacred fruit of Brahma also knows what kind of spiritual pill it can refine.

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