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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1808: Hua Mozhi Read Novel

Chapter 1808: Hua Mozhi – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1808: Hua Mozhi

“Well. It can’t be wrong, this is definitely the sacred fruit of Brahma!” Yang Kai grinned, “In the world, there are all kinds of spiritual flowers and plants, and their names usually carry holy characters. Or Taoism, all are treasures. When they grow up, they attract the power of the law between heaven and earth. The growth is extremely difficult. If the conditions are not met, they will be exhausted and die! But once they are mature, they have their own A magical power of law, whether it is directly swallowing or refining the pill, has a great effect on the strong of the Void King Realm! Seniors, we are not bad luck!”

“Hey hey you kid to the spirit I know a lot about medicine.” Guizu was in a good mood and looked at Yang Kai unexpectedly.

“I know a thing or two.” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Well, there are exactly four, as agreed just now, you and I each take half!” As the ghost ancestor said, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the Brahma sacred fruit close to him.

“Wait!” Yang Kai hurriedly stopped.

“What?” Guizu looked at him suspiciously.

“Senior, if you collect the Brahma Holy Fruit like this, there is no major problem, but if you don’t store it properly, the efficacy of the medicine will lapse seriously.” Yang Kai reminded.

“Well? How to save it?” Guizu asked humbly. He knew that some exotic flowers and weeds need to be preserved in a special way so that the efficacy of the medicine would not pass away. The sacred fruit of Brahma is of great value. The lapse of the efficacy of the medicine is an unimaginable loss. Listening to Yang Kai’s tone, he obviously knows how to preserve it. Of course, Guizu must ask clearly.

“It’s simple, just pack it in a metallic box.” Yang Kai explained with a smile, ’Senior, look at the place where the sacred fruit of Brahma grows, it is filled with a strong metallic atmosphere. If I didn’t Guessed wrong, there should be a mineral vein under this fruit tree, and the Brahma holy fruit tree grows by relying on the mineral vein. According to its growth habit, the right medicine can be prescribed.”

’So that’s it!” Ghost Zu Nod lightly.

Among the five elements, Jin Kemu, it is understandable to use a metallic box to contain the sacred Brahma fruit, but this fruit tree actually grows on a mineral vein, which is a bit weird.

Naturally, the ancestor of the ghost will not delve into this, he directly took out a dark red metal box from his space ring, looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Is this thing okay?”

“Hey, the box made by Mingjin, the predecessor actually has such a good thing. Of course, there is no problem. Putting the sacred fruit of Brahma in it, even after a thousand years, the efficacy of the medicine will not pass away!” Yang Kai nodded.

“That’s good, the old man is not welcome.”The ghost ancestor laughed loudly, and first picked two of the Brahma sacred fruits, carefully put them in his own gold box, and kept them properly.

Yang Kai also took the remaining two Brahma sacred fruits Take it off, but he doesn’t have a treasure like a golden box, but as an alchemist, he naturally has many containers for holding medicinal materials for a long time, and there is no shortage of metal.

After halving the four Brahma sacred fruits, the two enthusiastically acted again, avoiding the cracks in the surrounding space, while looking for the ancient elixir scattered in this medicine valley.

This medicine valley It’s huge, no one knows the geometry of the area, anyway, after Yang Kai and Guizu rushed in, they never saw anyone else, and didn’t know where they went.

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And, It is also extremely convenient to find elixir in such a place, because the elixir here is full of age, so they are constantly exuding the fragrance of the medicine. Just follow the source of the fragrance, and you will surely get something.

Half an hour later, the two used this feature again and found a palm-sized Ganoderma lucidum.

The Ganoderma lucidum grows in a crack in the rock, and it is extremely difficult to find. The two of them are afraid they will miss it.

“Hua Mozhi! “Now, without Yang Kai’s reminder, Guizu himself recognized the name of this elixir, and couldn’t help but be moved, “This is actually Huamozhi! Hehehe, the old man’s luck is really good.”

“Congratulations to the predecessors, this magic molybdenum seems to be two thousand years old. If it is used to refine the Suppression Demon Pill, it is estimated that the strongest of the Void King Realm will break their heads. “Yang Kai smiled and clasped his fist.

The ghost ancestor glanced at Yang Kai and said, “Well, this thing is of great use to the old man. The old man takes it first. If there is anything to discover later, No matter what it is, you get an extra, Yang Xiaozi, is it okay?”

“Naturally, no problem. “Yang Kai replied boldly.

The main function of Huamozhi is to dissolve the inner demons. When a warrior is practicing or breaking through promotion, occasional inner demons will appear. These inner demons are the negative shadows hidden in everyone’s heart.

Lu sees bullying and weak. Under the timidity, without drawing a knife to help, this kind of thing may become a demon.

Being bullied and failed to avenge or hate, this kind of thing may become a demon.

My beloved woman is dead, and her heart is depressed. This kind of thing may also become a heart demon.

The heart demon is a general term that contains all the shortcomings and many in the heart of a warrior. negative emotion.

It is extremely harmful. Usually, the heart demon will not have much influence on the warrior. However, as the strength of the warrior increases, the degree of harm of the heart demon will become stronger and stronger, especially in the breakthrough and promotion. At that time, the power of the heart demon will be infinitely magnified. Once it cannot be suppressed, it may fail to break through. At the slightest level, the state will fall, and at the worst, it will be lost and lost!

Therefore, high-level warriors generally make perfect preparations when they break through and promote. One of them is to prevent the demons from dissolving the demons. The easiest way is to take some spirit pills.

The Suppressing Pill made from Huamozhi is the best panacea for suppressing the inner demons! Even if it is not refined into a pill, there is a piece of magic magic in the mouth, it will have a miraculous effect when breaking through and promoting.

The ghost ancestor is now in the two-level virtual king. If he wants to be promoted to the three-level virtual king, it will be difficult. Moreover, judging from the life experience of the ghost ancestor, he has not yet reported his great vengeance, and he has cultivated The power of his heart demon of sorcery is definitely not small, in the world, only Hua Mozhi can suppress the power of the heart demon in his heart.

That’s why he proposed this way.

Yang Kai certainly wouldn’t refuse.

Guizu treats Huamozhi as a treasure, but Yang Kai doesn’t care much.

In the Hall of Ascending Dragon of the High Heavenzong, there is a treasure of Wannianxiang, which is also used to dissolve the inner demon, and its effect is more powerful than the calming magic pill. In other words, Huamozhi is useless to Yang Kai.

“This old man of favor has taken note of it.” Guizu said solemnly, and then collected that Hua Mozhi. When collecting it, he also consulted Yang Kai’s opinion and asked it about the needs of it. You don’t need to use any special means to save it, and only after knowing that it is not needed, do you let it go.

While the ghost ancestor collected the Huamozhi, Yang Kai, who had been standing next to him, suddenly changed his face and whispered, ’Senior, have you heard anything?”>

The ghost ancestor was startled and listened to the sound.

After a while, he and Yang Kai’s expressions changed drastically, and they shouted in a low voice: “No, Qi Yao Baoguang!”


There is an exhalation The sound of from somewhere far away, accompanied by this strange movement, the medicine valley vibrated slightly, and looking at it, in the direction of the sound source, the colorful rays of light covered the whole medicine valley like the tide, just like it was just now. Return the same.

“Where is the space crack?” Guizu immediately looked at Yang Kai and asked nervously.

There were countless space cracks nearby, but none of them were seen at this moment. In desperation, the ghost ancestor could only pin his hopes on Yang Kai.

The Seven Lights of Light is the breath brought by the peacock when the sacred bird Qi Lights swallows. It can corrode the souls, corrode the flesh and blood, and ignore any defenses. Even the ghost ancestors have no confidence to resist the light of the Seven Lights.

The only way to avoid it is to rely on the spatial cracks that exist here!

“Here!” Yang Kai didn’t see how flustered, he seemed to wave to the ghost ancestor with confidence, and at the same time quickly shot towards the sky somewhere.

The ghost ancestor shook his body and turned into a black light, following closely behind.

After a while, the two stood still somewhere in the void.

“Is there really a space crack here?” The ghost ancestor watched from side to side, watching the Qi Yao Baoguang that diffused from the depths of the Medicine Valley getting closer and closer, and he was about to cover this place soon, and he couldn’t help but feel a little panic.

“Naturally, there are.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, ’Senior, don’t be nervous, the kid won’t joke about his life, well, this space crack is quite big, it’s so long!”

Yang Kai said, and gestured.

Seeing that what he said was true, Guizu only felt a little relieved.

At this moment, the Seven Luminaries have swept over!

Despite getting Yang Kai’s assurance, he watched the terrifying Baoguang cover his place, and Guizu still broke out in a cold sweat.

Since he was promoted to the Void King Realm, it has been a long time since he was so frightened.

No sound and no interest

The seven light beams spread across the place where the two of them were, and at a very fast speed, filled the entire medicine valley.

In the place where Yang Kai and Guizu are located, there is a narrow area about five feet long. It is not filled with Qi Yao light. The terrifying light is in front of this narrow area, as if rushing into it. A bottomless abyss was lost, and a safe place was left behind.

The ancestor of the ghost took a long breath, finally relieved.

Yang Kai is right. There is indeed a space crack here. He could not find it even if he was close at hand before, but now, Qi Yao Baoguang outlines the existence of the crack, regardless of shape or size. They are exactly the same as Yang Kai’s previous gestures.

Looking at Yang Kai beside him, Guizu’s gaze was slightly complicated.

He has studied the power of space, and he knows how difficult it is to cultivate. He has spent two thousand years in the floating continent, and he can’t even get started, but Yang Kai is able to do so in this field. Astonishing accomplishments, the two sides are compared, and Guizu feels that his aptitude is simply unsightly.

And when he saw Yang Kai that year, he only entered the first holy realm, and now he is already in the third stage of returning to the void. This cultivation speed is so fast, I am afraid that few people in the entire star field can interact with him. It’s comparable.

This kid must be the most dazzling new star in the future star field, this is what Guizu thought in his heart.

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