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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1809: Shocked Ghost Ancestor Read Novel

Chapter 1809: Shocked Ghost Ancestor – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1809: Shocked Ghost Ancestor

“By the way, kid Yang.” While waiting for the seven light beams to return, the ghost ancestor suddenly asked: “The old man sees that you seem to have studied a lot of elixir and miraculous medicine, do you know how to alchemy?”

Although the two have only harvested the Brahma Sacred Fruit and Hua Mozhi so far, Yang Kai can always tell the spirit pills that these two medicinal materials can refine in the first time, and he also knows the preservation methods. It’s very detailed, and it’s said that it’s eloquent, it’s easy for Guizu to think of something.

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, without denying it.

“Oh?” Guizu looked at Yang Kai in surprise, “In this short period of thirty or forty years, your ability to grow from the Holy Land to the Void Returning Stage is enough to surprise the old man. There is still time to study alchemy? You are not afraid of learning and not being refined?”

Yang Kai chuckled, and replied: “My original intention of studying alchemy is also to assist in training. I have never pursued martial arts. I gave up.”

“That’s right.” The ghost looked at him approvingly, “Although the alchemy method is unpredictable, it is still worse than the Wuzhi Dao. Well, the cultivators of my generation should take the pursuit of martial arts as their important task, and the others can only be used as assistants.”

He looked like he was polite and good-natured, and Yang Kai naturally nodded and said yes.

“Well, but having said that, if you can achieve something in these three fields, it would be great.” Guizu was satisfied with Yang Kai’s attitude, smiled and asked curiously. Said: “Tell the old man, what kind of pill can you refine now?”

Listening to his question, Yang Kai thought about it for a moment, and then solemnly said: ’Since it’s the senior asking, The kid won’t hide it, um, the kid is now a virtual king-level alchemist and can make a virtual king-level spirit pill!”

As soon as the voice fell, the body of the ghost ancestor was shocked. Staring at Yang Kai in the same place, did not speak for a long time.

’Senior?” Yang Kai laughed dryly, the reaction of the ghost ancestor was in his expectation, after all, how many virtual king-level alchemists in the entire star field? Which of those alchemy masters is not famous in the world, and which one is not gray-haired, such as Yang Kai’s age, it is simply impossible to become a virtual alchemy master.

The ghost ancestor was silent for a long time, then took a deep breath, and said with a trembling voice: “Are you kidding me?”

He thought Yang Kai was playing with him. Just staring at Yang Kai, he wanted to observe the changes in his expression, but he didn’t see any trace of joking on Yang Kai’s face. He immediately realized that Yang Kai’s words might be true.

“No!” Yang Kai shook his head.

“Are you really a virtual king-level alchemist?” Guizu exclaimed. After speaking, he immediately turned his head and looked around, as if he was afraid that his voice would be heard.

“How can a kid be joking about this kind of thing, um, although there are only a few Void King level spirit pills I refined, I have always refined them. According to the level of alchemists in the star field, The kid should be considered a virtual king-level alchemist.”

Guizu took a breath and looked at Yang Kai like a monster.

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How old is Yang Kai? It doesn’t matter if he has such a high level of cultivation, he has also reached the level of a virtual king in the field of alchemy! How did he do it? Even if you have been awake all these years, I am afraid that it will not be possible to achieve it, right? Unless he can transform dozens of clones to practice together, it is possible to achieve such a feat.

Ten thousand ghost ancestors can’t figure it out!

“There are few people who know that I am a virtual king-level alchemist, except for the woman next to me, there is only senior you, so you also ask senior to keep it secret for me.” Yang Kai smiled and said.

He used to conceal his identity as an alchemist because of his lack of strength, for fear of being missed.

But now, as his strength improves, the exposure of the alchemist identity will not only cause him trouble, it may also bring huge benefits and help. So Yang Kai didn’t plan to hide it anymore.

Hearing this, the ghost ancestor exhaled, and his voice solemnly said: “The old man knows great, so naturally he won’t go to preach it everywhere. What’s more, the old man doesn’t know anyone, so how can he do such boring things? But boy, why do you tell the truth to the old man? You are not afraid that the old man has any dissatisfaction with you? You have to know how attractive a virtual king-level alchemist is to people like us, if you can catch someone like this The alchemist specializes in refining spiritual pills for himself, so it is natural to improve his strength.”

“Hehe, senior is not this kind of person.” Yang Kai touched his nose, “If you don’t worry about senior, I I can’t tell the truth. Besides, offending a virtual king-level alchemist and befriending a virtual king-level alchemist, which one is better or worse, presumably seniors knows very well, even if you capture me, you still have me I am willing to help you refine the pill, in case there is any poison hidden in the spirit pill I refined.”

As he said, Yang Kai winked at the ghost ancestor.

He chose to tell the truth to the ghost ancestors, and it was also after some consideration, not for a while.

Guizu stared at Yang Kai deeply, and for a long time, he suddenly burst into laughter: “Hahaha! The old man is deeply honored. I didn’t expect it, the old man almost looked down upon him. Nowadays, he is not only successful in his cultivation, but he is also a virtual king-level alchemist! If this kind of thing is said, the old man’s face will also be honored.”

“The predecessor is absurd.” Yang Kai said modestly.

“In this way, the Great Brahma Pill and Demon Pill you mentioned before can be refined?” Guizu asked nervously, feeling agitated.

The Great Brahma Pill can help him cultivate and improve his cultivation. The Demon Suppression Pill can suppress the inner demons, and it is of great use to him. His original plan was to go out to find the few remaining Void Kings in the star field. Grade alchemist, ask them to help refining.

But this will undoubtedly cost a huge price, and maybe it will take many years to have a chance. After all, which of the alchemy masters is not full of schedule? It’s not that you can ask them to take this material and bring a reward. It depends on the other party’s schedule.

The ghost ancestor, who has no way and no way, is unfamiliar with this kind of thing, but he knows some common sense. In his capacity, he may have to agree to some harsh conditions, such as helping a certain person. An alchemy master killed someone, took a risk or something, before he could invite others to take action.

In short, the price that those masters would have to pay, even those in the Void King Realm might not necessarily bear it.

But now, there is a Void King Alchemist in front of him, and he has a lot of friendship with him.

The ghost ancestor is almost pleased to call out!

He secretly rejoiced in his heart, fortunate that he did not kill Yang Kai that year. Fortunately, he was grateful for Yang Kai’s life-saving grace and forged friendship with him. Fortunately, this time in the Lost Lands, right Yang Kai took care of everything!

He felt that friendship with Yang Kai was the wisest decision he had ever made in his life.

“Both the Great Brahma Pill and the Suppressing Demon Pill are Void King level spirit pills. It is not easy to refine them, but as long as you gather other ingredients, you should be able to give it a try.” Yang Kai carefully After thinking about it, he nodded and replied.

“What is the success rate?” Guizu asked hurriedly.

“60% is the least.”

“60%!” Ghost ancestor took a deep breath, and then realized that he had underestimated Yang Kai, the virtual king-level spirit pill refining It was extremely difficult, and the failure rate was surprisingly high. Even the few remaining masters did not dare to boast of guaranteeing a 60% success rate.

Yang Kai is not the kind of person who is aimless, and the ghost ancestor can also see this. This kid has a stable temperament, and naturally will not easily say things that are unsure. He said 60%, then absolutely There are sixty percent.

“But” Yang Kai suddenly laughed.

“It’s nothing.” Guizu’s heart burst.

’Senior, if you want to refine the Great Brahma Pill and the Suppressing Demon Pill, the kid can recommend another person. She is much more exquisite in alchemy than the kid. If she makes the refining, The success rate will be even higher.”

The “his” ghost ancestor’s inhaling voice remembered, and looked at Yang Kai incredulously: “Do you know other virtual king-level alchemists? That’s right, Alchemy in your body should be taught by someone, is it your master?”

While the ghost ancestor spoke, his eyes flashed like a real light.

Yang Kai’s master, that is definitely a virtual king-level alchemist, and definitely more powerful than Yang Kai. This kind of person definitely wants to make friends. As long as you can get along with this kind of person, you will have to ask him to make a spiritual pill in the future. Are you afraid that you won’t benefit yourself?

The ghost ancestor has secretly made up his mind. After this trip to the Lost Lands is over, he must visit his master with Yang Kai.

How many virtual king-level powerhouses want to know such an alchemy grandmaster but have nowhere to go. They did not expect that they would have the opportunity to meet two! Guizu’s heart is almost full of joy.

“No.”Yang Kai shook his head, “The person I’m talking about is my senior sister!”

What he was referring to was naturally Xia Ning Chang!

Although Xia Ning Chang was brought out of Tongxuan Continent, she was not as good as Yang Kai in alchemy, but It has been so many years, in the High Heaven Sect, there are countless medicinal materials practicing, and the true explanation of the alchemy has been taught to Xia Ningshang. With the special physique of the little sister and the ability to comprehend alchemy, Yang Kai is fully confident To be sure, her alchemy skills have definitely surpassed her.

“Your senior sister is also a virtual king-level alchemist? “The ghost ancestor is shocked.

Guy, the three masters and apprentices of this family are actually three alchemy masters. To what extent is this going against the sky!

The ghost ancestor almost I dare not imagine what kind of sect this is, and it can have three virtual king-level alchemists in charge! With such an expert, don’t the disciples of this sect lack spirit pills at all?

If this kind of news is spread, the ghost ancestor is sure that the entire star field is afraid that huge waves will be set off, such as the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, Zixing, and the Sword Alliance must send people to win over Yang Kai. Zongmen.

After all, even these three powers do not all have a virtual king-level alchemy master! Among the three, only the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce and Zixing have one person each, and the Sword League does not have one at all.

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