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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1810: Does your sect recruit people? Read Novel

Chapter 1810: Does your sect recruit people? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1810: Does your sect recruit people?

“Little Senior Sister, she is indeed a Void King Grade Alchemist.” Yang Kai nodded and admitted.

“Yang Kai!” Guizu suddenly took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice, “Which cultivation star is your sect? Is your sect still recruiting people? Do you need to cultivate? High-level elders or something, well, Ke Qing can also be successful, no matter how bad it is, you can put a name on it.”

The ghost ancestor can’t calm down.

Although he has been alone and at ease, he is the only one who knows his sorrow and sorrow.

For example, if he wants to refine any spirit pill, there is no one he can ask for. For another example, if he wants to retreat and practice secret techniques, no one will guard him, even what he needs for cultivation. You have to go out to find the materials yourself.

All sorts of trivial matters, wasting a lot of his time.

But the big powers of the Void King Realm are different. They have a high status and status. If there is anything, they only need an order to come down. There will be countless disciples rushing to complete it for them. All that needs to be done in the Void King Realm is to practice peacefully.

So sometimes, the ghost ancestors still admire those powerful virtual kings.

It’s just that if he is really allowed to join a power, he will definitely not be happy, after all, he is not willing to be restrained by others, and does not want to tie himself to any power.

But if it was the sect where Yang Kai was located, it would be completely different!

This sect has three virtual king-level alchemy masters who are in charge! This alone has a fatal attraction to ghost ancestors.

Furthermore, he saw Yang Kai pleasingly, and his relationship with Yang Kai was fairly good, so he had no sense of rejection of the sect where Yang Kai was located.

Seeing the ghost ancestors can’t wait, just like they don’t recommend themselves, Yang Kaixin is happy.

He also didn’t expect that the ghost ancestor would suddenly give birth to the thought of taking refuge in the High Heavenzong, but it was reasonable to think about it again.

As he and Xia Ningchang Xuwang-level alchemy grandmaster, it is not too difficult to win over a powerful Xuwang realm to join the High Heaven Sect. It’s just that Yang Kai isn’t too keen on this kind of thing. A strong Void King Realm, there is no Ling Xiaozong now, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be in the future.

Ye Xiyun is already in the quasi-virtual king realm, and she will definitely be promoted to the virtual king realm in the future, the only difference is the opportunity.

But if Guizu wants to join, it is not unacceptable. After getting along for this period of time, Yang Kai also saw that the ghost ancestor was not as evil and vicious as it seemed on the surface.

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His breath is ghostly, just because of the cultivation method.

With his thoughts fluttering in his heart, Yang Kai grinned: “The kid’s sect is called High Heavenzong. On the dark star, the kid is not talented. It is the high-level master.”

He simply analyzed the situation of the high-level school. Talked to Guizu.

When I heard that the High Heaven Sect was actually founded by Yang Kai himself, the ghost ancestor couldn’t help but admire him greatly, and then learned that there was no Void King Realm in the High Heaven Sect, and there was even only one in the entire Dark Star. After being promoted to the first level of the Void King, the ancestor of the ghost was overjoyed.

He thought he had several powers of the virtual king-level alchemy masters, and they would certainly not be weak. There might be many powerful ones in the virtual king realm. If that were the case, his joining would only be the icing on the cake, but now you can see Come, if he really joins, he can directly become the top powerhouse of High Heavenzong and even Under Dark Star!

The status and status are completely different from what he had previously expected, that is the supreme existence!

So the ghost ancestor looked more enthusiastic, and couldn’t wait to ask: “Yang Kai, look at the old man. The old man has been lonely and lonely in his life. He has nowhere to stay since he came out of the floating continent, the old man thought. How about going to your High Heaven Sect? The old man doesn’t have any requirements, so he can enjoy the care of a virtual king-level alchemist and help the old man refine a few spirit pills. The old man is satisfied, hehe”

He is very direct and candid.

Yang Kai laughed: “A person like the senior wants to join the High Heaven Sect, but the kid can’t ask for it. How can he refuse?”

“Then it’s settled?” Guizu’s eyes lit up. Although he knew that Yang Kai probably wouldn’t refuse him, when he heard Yang Kai’s promise, Guizu was still in a good mood.

In this way, he can also approach the water tower with the Xuwang-level alchemist. As long as he finds the medicinal materials in the future, he is not afraid that no one will help him refine it! Isn’t it easy to improve your strength?

The ghost ancestor can already imagine the future. He must be able to rise to the peak of the three-layer virtual king in his lifetime and stand at the top of the entire star field.

“It’s settled!” Yang Kai nodded happily, “But this elder Keqing is afraid that he does not fit the identity of the predecessor, so he should be the elder too.”

Zhen, staring at Yang Kai deeply, unable to calm down for a long time.

Although he has not joined any forces, he also knows the difference between Elder Keqing and Elder Taishang. Elder Ke Qing, although he was also worshipped by the sect, he just put on a false name and had no rights at all.

The Supreme Elder is different. The Supreme Elder has real power. Strictly speaking, the power is still great. It is only under the suzerain, and even in some forces, the Supreme Elder is even more supreme. The existence of sect can easily mobilize materials from the sect, disciples, what they say is an absolute order, and disciples must complete their journey through water and fire.

However, being the elder Keqing also has the benefits of elder Keqing. When the sect encounters a danger that cannot be resolved, elder Keqing can choose to help or not according to his own situation. The degree of freedom is high, while the elder is too high It is to advance and retreat together with the sect, and live and die together.

Taishang elders are generally those with the highest sect level and the highest qualifications, who are qualified to serve.

Guizu did not expect that Yang Kai directly gave him the name of the Supreme Elder. Although the risk he had to bear became greater, the benefits and treatment he received were better than that. Up.

“Boy Yang, you treat the old man with courtesy, the old man must be sincere, um, what the old man says is empty talk now, please wait and see, this super elder old man will be your disciple Xinyue is convinced!” Guizu said solemnly.

His a lot of people are also a little bit enthusiastic about Yang Kai, and they show great ambitions.

’Senior is serious, since the kid let you be the super elder, naturally he won’t doubt you.” Yang Kai laughed.

“You still call me senior?” Guizu asked with a smile.

“The boy has seen the elder Taishang!” Yang Kai hurriedly clasped his fists and gave a serious look.

“The lord is polite!” Guizu also replied, “In the future, the old man will be a member of the High Heavenzong, and please take care of the lord. If you have an order, don’t be polite!”

Then, the two of them looked at each other and laughed loudly, as if they had done something shameful together just now.

“Well, after this trip to the Lost Lands is over, the old man will come back with you. Look at the sect.” Guizu said with a look of yearning. He was very curious about what kind of sect it was that could actually cultivate a character like Yang Kai, and since he chose to join the High Heaven Sect, he naturally wanted to go and see it. Sect, what is going on there quietly.

“This is simple, I will be with you then, and this news should indeed be sent back to the sect.” Yang Kai nodded.

While speaking, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed, and he said: “Elder Tai, I suddenly thought of something.”


“We should act separately. In this way, the range of searches will be greatly increased, and the good things we can find will be doubled. What do you think?”

Yang Kai didn’t make such a suggestion before. The main reason is that although he and Guizu have a good relationship, they are not a family. If you really make such a suggestion, it will not be very good, for fear of misunderstanding Guizu.

But now it’s different. Now that the ghost ancestor is also a member of the High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai has no problem at all.

The ghost ancestor thought for a while and said: “If you separate, the search range will indeed be Greatly increase, and our gains will also increase, but there are too many spatial cracks here. Although the old man can find it in most cases, some are hidden too deep and the old man can’t see it. Without you by his side, the old man has no confidence.”

Similar to the situation just now, the seven light beams struck. If Yang Kai had not found a place to escape, the ghost ancestors would have been swallowed by the seven light beams, and the consequences would be disastrous.

“Hey, I Since this is the proposal, there must be a sure way to let the elder Taishang discover those space cracks. “Yang Kai smiled triumphantly, full of confidence.

“Oh? Is there any way you can make the old man discover those cracks? “Guizu asked in surprise.

Yang Kai grinned, “I can leave a space mark on you, so that you can perceive those hidden cracks.”

“Can you do it?”

“It should work, let’s try it. “Yang Kai didn’t have much confidence. Before doing this, he couldn’t do this kind of thing, but after swallowing and fusing the space spiral, his understanding of space power reached a new height, so this Some suggestions may come true.

“If you can do it, then this is undoubtedly a good way. “The ghost ancestor nodded.

With the consent of the ghost ancestor, Yang Kai took a deep breath and urged his own space power, and immediately stretched out a finger, the space power on the fingertip was ups and downs. A spiral force began to gather and form.

The next moment, Yang Kai gently tapped towards the chest of the ghost ancestor.

The spiral force suddenly broke out, turning into a mark, remaining in On the ghost ancestor.

“Well, this is the power of space? “Guizu whispered in amazement. Even if he is a strong two-layer Void King, he can’t help but be shocked by the strange space power at this moment. Through the mark on his chest, he can clearly feel the fluctuation of the space power. This wave of volatility is not spreading around all the time, and immediately feeds back information about the surrounding situation.

There are a few places where the feedback information is different. Guizu looked at those places and suddenly discovered that those places were all locations with spatial cracks!

And one of them is the hidden crack between him and Yang Kai! Before, he couldn’t find it anyhow, he could only infer one or two from the shape outlined by the seven light beams, but now, he can perceive it clearly.

It’s as if a certain special perception of his has been turned on.

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Chapter 1810: Does your sect recruit people? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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