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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1811: Meeting Luo Lan Again Read Novel

Chapter 1811: Meeting Luo Lan Again – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1811: Meeting Luo Lan Again

“Is it useful?” Yang Kai asked, although he felt that his thoughts should be right, he used the ups and downs of space to sense the existence of cracks, but after all, it was a secret technique imposed on others. He was not sure about it either.

“It’s useful, it’s so useful!” Guizu nodded his head, “I can feel all the cracks now. There are three hidden cracks around here, right?”

“Not bad! “Yang Kai nodded and smiled and said: “It seems that this idea is not wrong.”

“Well, now the old man’s problem has been solved, but are you sure you have no problem alone?” Guizu worried again. Asked groundly, most of the people who entered this place were experts in the Void King Realm. Although Xueyue and Zi Donglai were in the mirror of returning to the Void, they must have followed Ni Guang and Zilong. If Yang Kai was alone, There is definitely a risk to act here, if you encounter a strong person, he is bound to be attacked.

This makes Guizu a little uneasy.

“No problem.” Yang Kai grinned, “Too great elder, don’t forget what power I am proficient in. There are so many cracks in the space here. It is simply a place tailored to me. Someone who doesn’t have eyesight, can’t I still run if I can’t beat it.”

Listening to what he said, the ancestor of the ghost also took it seriously, nodded and said: “Well, if this is the case, then we will act separately, but still not careless. In this way, I will leave something on you. As long as you and I are still within a thousand miles, you urge it, I can perceive your position, and I will rush to you in the first time.”

As the ghost ancestor said, he waved out his own banner, then reached into the banner and grabbed it suddenly.

The next moment, a ferocious roar The ghost of the ghost was caught by the ghost ancestor.

The ghost looked terrifying, and it had clear facial features, and exuded an extremely powerful aura. The aura was not weaker than one. A warrior of the three-tier return to the Void.

“This is a sub-soul in the old man’s ten thousand soul flags, and the old man’s mind communicates with him. I will leave it to you for the time being! “The ghost ancestor stretched out his hand and patted the soul on Yang Kai’s shoulder.

The next moment, Yang Kai felt a hint of coldness coming from the position of his shoulder, but he did not treat himself It didn’t have much effect.

After feeling it silently, and after confirming that the soul was indeed in his body, Yang Kai nodded slightly to indicate that everything was in order.

Next, naturally waited. The seven light beams receded, and the two people were so easy to move.

When the beams covered the valley, everyone was unable to move, and could only hide by the existence of space cracks.

Yang Kai secretly calculated the time.

Finally, at a certain moment, the shocking air of inhalation came from the depths of the valley. Along with the slight vibration of the valley of medicine, the seven light beams covering the valley of medicine receded into the depths like a tide.

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’Sect Master is careful.” Guizu exhorted.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded, and immediately drove away from Guizu in two directions.

After separating from Guizu, Yang Kai’s speed has become much faster. Although he was safe when he moved with Guizu before, he needs to remind Guizu to change direction at all times, so there is a slight delay. But if you are alone, you don’t have to think about it at all.

In the Valley of Medicine, the fragrance of medicine is everywhere. It is actually very simple to find those genius treasures. Following the source of the fragrance of medicine, you can always gain something.

The only thing that needs to be scrupulous is the existence of space cracks, as well as the diffusion of Qi Yao’s precious light.

However, Yang Kai estimated that Qi Yao Baoguang, who had just returned, would not strike again for a while, so he was relieved to act boldly.

After a stick of incense, he squatted happily under the roots of a towering tree, and put a ginseng-like elixir into the bag in front of him.

The elixir is not much different from ordinary ginseng. The only difference is that it is full of fluorescence, which looks like a starry ornament that has shrunk countless times.

“Red Star Ginseng, this is really a good place.” Yang Kai sighed. Now all the elixir he has acquired are treasures of the virtual king level, and they are all good things that have long since disappeared. If it is used to refine the Void King Grade Spirit Pill, it will surely make the Void King Realm powerhouse jealous.

His realm is now about to break through and be promoted. In the future, he will need some elixir to cultivate.

This trip to the Lost Lands just provided him with such a rare opportunity to gather medicinal materials. Of course, he spared no effort.

After half a stick of incense, Yang Kai was already somewhere three hundred miles away. He frowned and looked at a spiritual grass in front of him and the scattered soil around him, and cursed that he had come too late. Up.

The elixir that grows in this place has been taken first.

The only spiritual grass that was left behind was just grown, and it was not enough for the year, so even if it was collected, it would be useless.

It seems that the warrior who came here before did not do the kind of killing chickens and eggs. This man took away the mature elixir and left this seedling, which is considered to be a legacy for future generations. It’s a chance.

Just don’t know who this person is, Yang Kai slowly shook his head without thinking too much, and continued to search around the fragrance of medicine.

After the time passed and another stick of incense, Yang Kai finally gained something. Although the elixir collected is not inferior to the Holy Fruit of Brahma and the Magic Mozhi, they are all valuable but not marketable. Good stuff.

“Time should be coming soon, right?” Yang Kai muttered to himself.

According to his previous estimation, every time the sacred bird Qiyao Peacock breathes and breathes, the interval between each breath is about half an hour. If this calculation is true, then Qiyao Baoguang will soon be Covered the valley again.

I just don’t know if my guess is correct, this has yet to be verified.

For the sake of caution, Yang Kai didn’t dare to be too unscrupulous, but kept searching while paying attention to the location of the cracks in the space.

At this moment, he turned his head to look in one direction with feeling. At this moment, he noticed that thirty miles away, a breath of life was quickly approaching his side, and he felt it carefully. This breath is quite familiar, and he suddenly said strangely: “Hey, why is it her!”

Thinking like this in his heart, Yang Kai didn’t mean to avoid it, but greeted him in the direction.

After a while, he finally saw a figure not far in front.

Yang Kai yelled out: ’Senior Luo!”

Luo Lan had also discovered Yang Kai’s traces a long time ago, so she walked straight toward this side, after all, she wanted to investigate The spatial cracks that existed all around, the divine mind was released all the time.

Luo Lan pursed her lips and smiled, speeding up a lot.

“Wait!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted.

Luo Lan stopped immediately and said in shock: “What’s the matter? Is there a space crack in front of me?”

Yang Kai nodded: “Yes, you go five steps forward, I’m about to touch it.”

Luo Lan’s pretty face turned pale, and he couldn’t help feeling a little lingering. He looked at the void somewhere: “It’s here, right?”

“Well, you from both sides It’s okay if you walk around.” Yang Kai instructed.

Luo Lan moved cautiously. He went around for a long time and came to Yang Kai. He said, “Thank you, if you hadn’t reminded me just now, I’m afraid I would have changed my mind. Attention.”

“A trivial matter, why don’t seniors hang their teeth.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

“By the way, why are you here alone?” Luo Lan looked at Yang Kai and asked curiously. She had clearly seen Yang Kai entered the Medicine Valley with Guizu, but now, Guizu But disappeared.

“This is what I want to ask.”Yang Kai chuckled, “I have separated from the predecessors of Guizu, so that everyone has something to gain, but Senior Luo, why didn’t you go with Mr. Ni?”

“It’s the same. “Luo Lan said with a smile, “Following him, I can’t get anything good, so I might as well take a risk.” Although I have gained some gains, it seems that the reason why I haven’t gotten into trouble is that I was lucky.”

If it hadn’t been for Yang Kai reminded just now, she would definitely hit the space crack head-on, and the consequences would be disastrous.

When I remembered that she might have passed by countless space cracks, she could not find, Luo Lan broke out in a cold sweat.

While the two talked, there was another exhalation from the depths of the medicine valley. Yang Kai and Luo Lan, who had already experienced the same thing, didn’t know where to pick it up. What should I do next?

The time was right, Yang Kai thought secretly, and it seemed that his previous inference was correct. Every time the bird breathes, the interval is about half an hour.

While he was meditating, Luo Lan turned his head and looked around, trying to find a place to hide. There were no cracks that could be found with the naked eye as far as he could. In desperation, he could only look at Yang. Open.

She doesn’t show panic, after all, there is a hidden space crack here that can be borrowed to avoid the Seven Lights, but she can’t find it.

’Senior, come here!” Yang Kai was also unambiguous, and quickly waved to Luo Lan. He first stood behind the space crack, but the next moment, Yang Kai’s expression became weird: ” Uh”

“What’s wrong?” Luo Lan was standing in front of Yang Kai, and when he saw that his expression was wrong, he asked quickly.

“This crack” Yang Kai looked embarrassed, “it seems a little small.”

’Small?” Luo Lan was startled, and quickly realized what Yang Kai wanted to say.

The space crack is small, so there is not much room for two people to hide. If a man and a woman are huddled together, there may be some inevitable physical contact.

Thinking of this, Luo Lan’s expression is also a little awkward.

Although she is many times older than Yang Kai, she is still a woman, and her appearance is just like a woman in her thirties.

“It’s okay, just hide for a while anyway.” Luo Lan calmed his mind, said, and drew in front of Yang Kai. For a time, the distance between each other was less than a foot, and she looked around. Pointing to Yang Kai’s side and said, “Can I stand here?”

Yang Kai shook his head.

Luo Lan gave a dry smile, realizing that the crack in this space might be really small.

At this moment, the Seven Luminaries swiftly struck again, covering the entire medicine valley.

In the blink of an eye, he rushed behind Yang Kai, swept through the crack in the space, and pushed forward like an angry horse galloping forward.

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Chapter 1811: Meeting Luo Lan Again – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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