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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1813: Fighting for the Elixir Read Novel

Chapter 1813: Fighting for the Elixir – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1813: Fighting for the Elixir

Yang Kai searched for the ethereal crystal in the void, while secretly calculating the passage of time.

Thinking that the time was almost up, he stopped.

In less than half an hour, he had some gains, but it was not that much. He only found five ethereal crystals that were bred in the rift in the void.

At this moment, he stayed somewhere in the void, looking forward, his face thoughtful.

When he acted in the Void Fissure, he noticed that in this fissure, there are many places where the spatial power fluctuates very unstable, and the ups and downs show strange power fluctuations.

If he guessed correctly, these unstable places are exactly where the countless spatial cracks in the Lost Lands connect to the void.

In other words, going out of these unstable places is equivalent to going out of a crack in space.

In order to verify his ideas, Yang Kai directly stepped forward.

The next moment, he left the Void Fissure and returned to the Lost Lands again.

Looking around, there is no Seven Luminous Lights around, and behind him, there is a space crack visible to the naked eye, lying in the sky.

It was clear that I just walked out of this crack.

Looking at the space crack behind, Yang Kai nodded secretly. It seemed that his guess was not wrong. In the void and crack space, all unstable positions existed in the Lost Lands. The cracks are connected.

I just don’t know if this place is not Medicine Valley.

Yang Kai carefully looked at the surrounding environment. After a while, after seeing the surrounding scenery, he looked happy and said to himself: “Good luck.

It is obviously from Medicine Valley. Range, because there are various medicine aromas in the air, and, not far from him, there is a low fruit tree with three pale yellow fruits hanging on it.

It’s a location that hasn’t been searched yet!

It’s not surprising to think about it. The area of ​​Medicine Valley is huge, and there are not many people entering here. Coupled with the interference of Qi Yao Baoguang, let everyone search The time has been greatly shortened, so there must be a lot of geniuses and treasures in the medicine valley at this moment.

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Yang Kai came to the low fruit tree in the wrong footsteps, squatted down and looked carefully for a moment. He raised his brows and grinned and smiled.

He has recognized what kind of spiritual fruit this is.

It was the rumored longevity fruit!

This thing is nothing to cultivation. Useful, but it can prolong life, and the effect is excellent.

Although the life span of martial artists is getting longer and longer with the improvement of their strengths, if there are no accidents in the virtual king realm, it is not difficult to live for three to four thousand years or even longer, but the life span of a person is always If there is a limit, when it comes to the end, the physical body will also wither, the energy of blood and blood will dissipate, and then it will enter the cycle of reincarnation.

Generally at this time, these powerful people will start looking for a panacea to increase their life expectancy, hoping that they can live longer, make breakthroughs, and live longer.

But the general panacea is of no use to these powerful people, and only the virtual king-level panacea can have an effect on them. And in the star field, how many virtual king-level spirit pills can increase life span? How many people can refine?

The panacea that can increase the lifespan of the strong in the Void King Realm is simply rare.

The longevity fruit in front of you can be refined into a longevity pill. A single spiritual pill can increase your lifespan by at least one hundred years! Although a person can only take three capsules at most to have no effect, and the effect is getting smaller and smaller, if you take all three capsules, it will not be a problem to increase your life span by two hundred years.

Two hundred years have been enough for those strong in the Void King Realm to do a lot of things.

If they make a breakthrough in these two hundred years, their life span will be greatly increased.

It can be said that if something like Longevity Pill is refined and sold to the right people, it will definitely be a sky-high price!

There is only one fate, who would dare not cherish it?

Even if the lifespan is far from the end of the Void King Realm, who doesn’t want to prepare one for emergencies? This is a panacea that can be passed down from generation to generation like a family heirloom.

While thinking about the various information about the longevity fruit and the longevity pill, Yang Xinzhong carefully collected the three fruits with joy to ensure that their collection methods would not cause any medicinal effects to elapse. And then carefully sealed them with a wooden box and threw them into the space ring.

After harvesting, Yang Kai was in a good mood and continued to explore around.

No one has come here. In the next time, Yang Kai has made some gains and made a lot of money.

After half an hour passed, when the Seven Lights of Light came again, he found a space crack nearby and escaped into it, searching for the ethereal crystal in the void.

Assuming that the time is almost up, he returned from the void to Medicine Valley.

Repeated so many times.

His time is really not wasted at all. Not only can he harvest elixir in the medicine valley, but he can also collect ethereal crystals from the void in the cracks. The two phases alternate, His gains are greater than anyone else.

Sure enough, it’s convenient to be with others, but to be convenient with yourself! Yang Kai secretly sighed, if he hadn’t cared about Luo Lan’s reputation at the time, he would not choose to enter the space crack to escape.

If he didn’t choose this way, he wouldn’t find such a way to use time efficiently.

It was an unintentional move that made his efforts a huge return.

Time passed, Yang Kai didn’t know how long he had been in Medicine Valley. He went back and forth between Void Fissure and Medicine Valley, and once again collected more than two hundred ethereal crystals and as many as magical medicines. Nearly one hundred copies.

Such a harvest is terrifying.

Be aware that both the ethereal crystals and the value of the medicinal materials are extremely huge. Moreover, Yang Kai is also sure that other people’s gains are definitely not as much as his own.

But since he separated from Luo Lan, he hasn’t met anyone else, which makes him very strange.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai walked towards his left hand following the strange fragrance of medicine. Suddenly, his expression moved and his brows frowned.

His spirit sensed the presence of other people nearby, and there were more than one, but three people.

Two of them are together. Of the two, one is the two-level virtual king and the other is the three-level virtual return! The third person is a single one.

Yang Kai and these three people are now in a triangular shape, and they are all approaching in the same direction. Obviously, everyone is attracted by the fragrance of medicine.

Because there are not many people entering the Valley of Medicine, Yang Kai immediately judged who the other three were.

The party of the two is very easy to confirm, because among the Void Returning Three-layer Realm martial artist, apart from themselves, only Zi Donglai and Xueyue have such cultivation bases, but the breath of the other party is not It was the breath of Xueyue, so Zidong had come naturally.

The one who came with Zidong is undoubtedly Zilong, Zilong, the owner of Zixing! The father and son must be inseparable in Medicine Valley.

That single Void King Realm powerhouse, Yang Kai can also infer his identity from his breath-Xu Wei!

It is the elder who used the phantom sky butterfly to overshadow himself in the abandoned lair.

Yang Kai can discover them through his own spiritual exploration, and of course it is impossible for them to discover Yang Kai’s existence.

So in the instant they found out about each other, Zilong and Zidong’s speed increased a lot. Undoubtedly, they wanted to rush to the source of the fragrance of medicine before Yang Kai and Xu Wei. Grab the unknown genius treasure!

Zilong did this out of confidence in his own strength.

On the two levels of the Void King, in the entire Medicine Valley, only Guizu and Ni Guangkan are the enemies. The others are really not in the eyes of Zilong, especially the younger Yang Kai, he Consciously a finger can crush Yang Kai to death.

On the other side, after hesitating for a while, Xu Wei also speeded up and rushed forward.

Faced with the temptation of the genius treasure, he is not ready to retreat, even if the opponent is the Zilong. What’s more, as the elder who abandoned the lair, he doesn’t need to buy Zilong’s account. Everyone This is the enemy, so I am not afraid to offend it again.

As the speed on both sides increased, Yang Kai also moved.

Three people and horses, a total of four people, all approach the middle position at a very fast speed.

“Huh, I don’t know how to live or die!” Zilong thought that with his own strength, it was enough to deter Yang Kai and Xu Wei and make them turn around and flee, but he didn’t want these two guys to evade. Instead, they wanted to. Compete with yourself for the elixir.

This irritated him greatly and felt that he was underestimated and his face was somewhat damaged.

Never mind Xu Wei. Although his strength is not as good as his own, he is in the Void King Realm anyway. If he wants to take him, it takes a lot of hands and feet. In this kind of place, Zilong doesn’t want to go with Xu Wei. waste time.

But what kind of thing is the kid who returns to the three-level realm? Even if he was vying with himself for attention, didn’t he know how the dead word was written?

“Father, do you want me to get him?” Zi Donglai asked with a cold light in his eyes.

He had already seen Yang Kai upset.

As the young master of Zixing, able to enter here is entirely because Zilong brought him here. Xueyue is a young Toshihiko who can be compared with him, and is naturally qualified to set foot here.

But which green onion does Yang Kai count? Zi Donglai had never seen Yang Kai before, and had never heard of his name.

This fellow unexpectedly came to this precious place like himself and Xueyue.

He felt that the quality of this place was lowered a lot because of Yang Kai’s entry!

Entering the same place with an unknown idiot is an insult to him! Only by killing it can this humiliation be washed away.

So when he noticed the existence of Yang Kai, Zi Donglai was a little eager to try, and wanted to use his own strength to tell Yang Kai that the huge gap between these geniuses and him was nothing. Anyone can enter the Lost Lands. If you dare to enter, you have to pay the price!

“The clown jumping on the beam, why bother with him!” Zilong snorted coldly, “If he dares to appear in front of you, it won’t be too late for you to do it again.”

“Yes! “Zi Donglai nodded when he heard the words, and said with a sneer: “I’m afraid he doesn’t have the guts.”

As soon as these words came out, Zi Donglai was stunned again, because in his perception, instead of retreating from the danger hidden in front of him, Yang Kai’s speed was getting faster and faster.

“Interesting, there are real people who live and die in this world! “Zi Donglai Yinyin smiled, staring in the direction of Yang Kai, as if wishing for Yang Kai to appear earlier.

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