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Chapter 1814: Deadlock – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1814: Deadlock

When Zilong and Zidong spoke, Yang Kai had already judged the location of the elixir based on the richness of the surrounding medicinal fragrance.

After all, I have stayed in this medicine valley for a long time and collected a lot of medicinal materials, and Yang Kai himself is an alchemist, so he still has experience in this area.

Good luck, the unknown elixir is closest to my side, and the area in front of me doesn’t know what’s going on, it’s filled with a lot of space cracks. As a result, Zilong and Xu Wei want to get closer. The elixir is bound to be delayed by these spatial cracks, but on the contrary, he is unlikely to be affected.

Thinking about this, Yang Kai speeded up again.

Suddenly, Yang Kai sniffed his nose, and a look of surprise appeared on his face: “More than one kind?”

At this moment, he smelled a different medicinal fragrance. The scents of mixed together make people smell a little messy, and they are indistinguishable.

Yang Kaihuo raised his head and saw just a hundred meters away, on a small hillside, there were five small lavender flowers blooming in the wind. The flowers were about the size of a palm and had nine petals, a kind of inexplicable. The charm of love flows endlessly on the flowers.

Behind these flowers, a huge spatial crack lay in the sky, looking like an open beast mouth, wanting to swallow these five strange flowers.

“This is” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, and the next moment he recognized what it was, “Enlightenment Flower!”

This is the enlightenment that Guizu mentioned before. flower!

The ghost ancestors had previously passed through the Medicine Valley occasionally and collected a few Taoist Enlightenment Flowers in the periphery of the Medicine Valley. He realized the preciousness of the Medicine Valley, but because of heavy scruples, he could not go too deep. Even so, he was very satisfied with his own gains, because something like Enlightenment Flower could help the martial artist to perceive the martial arts of heaven and improve his own realm, which is especially remarkable for the strong of the virtual king realm.

When practicing, holding a petal of the enlightenment flower in your mouth can definitely play an unexpected and miraculous effect.

While the enlightenment flower has different effects depending on the age, the newly born enlightenment flower will only bloom for 300 years. When the flower blooms, there are only three petals, and every 100 years thereafter, one more petal will be added. Until nine pieces are the most.

Nine is the ultimate number! The enlightenment flower with nine petals is at least 900 years old.

As the medicine age increases, the number of petals will not increase, but the color of the enlightenment flower will gradually change, from the initial white to bright red, blood red, and then to purple.

Each transformation will take a lot of time, which is much harder than the growth of petals.

The five enlightenment flowers in front of me are already lavender. In other words, the medicine age of these enlightenment flowers is at least three thousand years!

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This kind of thing, it is not too scary to promote the power of the Void King Realm. If any Void King Realm powerhouse collects these five Taoist Enlightenment flowers, you will no longer even need the elixir next to it when you practice. As long as it contains a petal at the critical moment, it will surely be able to ensure the steady improvement of its realm.

So as soon as Yang Kaiyou discovered these five Taoist flowers, he realized their great value.

The genius treasures I collected before, and only the two Brahma sacred fruits, can be worthy of comparison with the value of the enlightenment flower, and the others are not good enough!

Yang Xin’s head was hot, and when he made the wrong steps, he was about to rush to the enlightened flower and snatch it.

But just as he moved, his whole body suddenly tightened, and the whole body was cold for no reason. At the same time, in the corner of his eye, he glanced at a purple light from the left side like a sword from the left. Struck.

There is an indescribable mood in this purple light, which is extremely terrifying.

That is definitely not an attack that can be played by the Void Returning Mirror. It is definitely a Void King Realm who performs such a trick, and in the Void King Realm, this person’s strength is definitely not low.

The purple dragon!

Yang Kai immediately knew who had attacked him!

He heard Xueyue say that the practice practiced by Zilong and Zidonglai is called Ziqi Changhejue. This practice is a famous existence in the entire star field and is the family biography of Zilong. The cultivation method, Zilong can break through to the realm of the two-level virtual king in his lifetime, is entirely because of this cultivation method.

To practice this exercise, you must get up early every day to absorb the purple qi that is generated between the heavens and the earth when the sun is rising, and practice to the extreme. The purple qi can turn the rivers into the ocean and easily destroy millions of miles. Ground.

Under normal circumstances, a strong man like Zilong will be self-reliant on his identity. Even if he has blood and deep feuds with Yang Kai, it is impossible to sneak attack on such a junior. If Zilong wants to kill Yang Kai, he will be fair and honest. The strength to crush.

He is fully capable of this.

But the situation is a little different right now. Zilong has undoubtedly discovered five enlightenment flowers, knowing that they are precious and rare. It is the key to his promotion and breakthrough in the third level of the Void King. How can Zilong be pedantic Nothing?

Yang Kai is obviously the closest to Enlightenment Flower, followed by him and Zidong. Then Xu Wei is still five hundred meters away.

If you don’t delay Yang Kai’s speed and let Yang Kai rush to the Enlightenment Flower, then he will be thrown into the mouse.

So when he discovered the figure of Enlightenment Flower and Yang Kai, Zilong didn’t even think about it, and directly made a move. Although this was a random attack by a powerful person in the Void King’s two-layer realm, it was also worth it It is said to be extremely horrible, and it is definitely not something that ordinary mirrors can dissolve.

After one move, Zilong’s speed increased sharply, without even looking at Yang Kai. In his eyes, there were only five lavender flowers with a hot light in his eyes.

As for whether Yang Kai is dead or alive, that’s not what he needs to care about.

It’s just an ant, why should he care?

On the other side, Yang Kai yelled and flicked his ten fingers, as fast as a gust of wind. With the sound of scoffing and scoffing, hundreds of golden blood threads shot out. These gold blood threads were intertwined and intertwined in an instant. Weaved the appearance of a shield and stood in front of Yang Kai.

This is not over yet, Yang Kai has a solemn expression, circling the whole body through the shield turned into golden blood, and blasting dozens of punches forward.

Bumping bumping

The holy element is agitated, and violent power splashes into the void.

The light of the golden bloodline shield suddenly dimmed for a moment, and it was directly broken up and turned into golden bloodshot again, but the purple light remained unabated, still attacking Yang Kai.

The punching force and the purple light touched together, colliding and blending with each other.

Yang Kai snorted, his body flew backwards involuntarily, and his face paled in mid-air.

Although he didn’t suffer much trauma, he suffered a little loss this time! Staring at Zilong, who was quickly approaching towards Enlightenment Flower, a look of astonishment appeared on Yang Kai’s face.

It’s not that he hasn’t fought against a person in the two-level virtual king. At the beginning, Luo Hai was the cultivation realm of the two-level virtual king.

But Zilong gave him the feeling that it was much stronger than Luo Hai.

This person has definitely reached the pinnacle of the two-layer virtual king! Perhaps as long as there is some chance, he can break through to the third level.

The owner of the Purple Star, a well-deserved name!

“Huh?” Zilong also gave a startled suspicion. While rushing towards the Enlightenment Flower, he turned his head and glanced at the location of Yang Kai, with a surprised look on his face.

He didn’t expect Yang Kai to stop his attack. Although he looked embarrassed, and it was only his subsequent blow, not full play, but a virtual mirror can achieve this level. It’s amazing enough.

This kid is a little weird!

Zilong pays his own expense. The blow he made just now was to let Zidong come to resolve it. At the very least, it was a serious injury ending. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s face was pale, and there was nothing else.

Is he better than his son? When is there such a young man in the star field? This person was brought up by an old monster who never came out of this world?

In an instant, many thoughts turned in Zilong’s mind, and the expression looking at Yang Kai became more solemn.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement of exhalation from the depths of the medicine valley.

“Father!” Zi Donglai, who was following Zilong, changed his expression and exclaimed in a low voice, with a panic in his voice.

Qi Yao Baoguang, is coming!

Judging from the various experiences I have experienced before, the speed at which the Seven Luminous Light covers the Valley of Medicine is extremely terrifying. If you don’t find a place to escape in time, you will definitely be covered by the Light.

So Zidonglai couldn’t help but panic.

At this time, Zilong was less than a hundred feet away from the Enlightenment Flower, and closer than Yang Kai to the Enlightenment Flower, and the fruits of victory were at your fingertips.

But at such a distance, it made him difficult. A look of struggling and hesitation flashed across his face. In the end, he did not dare to greedy merits. He gritted his teeth, grabbed Zi Donglai with his backhand, and looked for someone close. There are space cracks, relying on hiding behind the cracks.

Not far away, Xu Wei, who had been rushing over here, stopped quickly, and also hid behind a crack in space.

The same is true for Yang Kai!

Fortunately, there are so many space cracks in this area. Otherwise, the three of them can only risk rushing towards the enlightenment flower and hide beside the space crack behind the enlightenment flower.

For a time, the three of them were still there, and the distance between them and the Enlightenment Flower was almost the same, still presenting the triangle shape before, sandwiching the Enlightenment Flower in the middle.

Silently and silently, the seven light beams struck and filled the whole medicine valley.

The whole world seemed to be quiet at this moment, only the faint sound of breathing came out.

Yang Kai took a deep breath, glanced coldly over the place where Xu Wei and Zilong were, sat down cross-legged, and threw a healing spirit pill in his mouth.

Although he blocked the purple dragon’s attack just now, his own Saint Yuan was violent, and he had to stabilize first.

Fortunately, it is not a big problem. Yang Kai has only been running for a few weeks, and there is no serious problem. The rest can only be solved by the effect of the medicine.

Zilong’s face has been extremely gloomy, his eyes are fiery staring at the five enlightenment flowers, motionless, but the purple dragon standing behind him, has been looking at Yang Kai with contempt and disdain, the corner of his mouth Sneered.

And that Xu Wei, looking around, seems to be making a horrible idea.

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