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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1815: What’s your name Read Novel

Chapter 1815: What’s your name – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1815: What’s your name

When the three parties were deadlocked, Yang Kai suddenly gave a sly smile.

Zilong frowned, turned his eyes, and asked a little displeased: “What are you laughing at, kid?”

Yang Kai just gave him a cold look and didn’t do anything. sound.

Zilong’s eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

A mere reversing mirror dare to ignore himself, simply not knowing how high the sky is and how thick the ground is.

Although he was annoyed in his heart, he could still endure it. On the contrary, Zi Donglai beside him yelled at Yang Kai with a blank expression: “Boy, haven’t you heard my father ask you?” Are you deaf?”

Yang Kai glanced at him, pretended to take out his ears, and then reached out to Zilong and Zidonglai to play the non-existent earwax, and sneered: “I have to answer when he asks? What is he? What are you?”

Yang Kai paid for himself and Zilong and Zidonglai to have no grievances, but Zilong just now If it weren’t for his own strength, he would have suffered an accident.

The opponent is a two-level virtual king, even if you attack yourself, even if it is a big bully, it is still a sneak attack!

Yang Xintou was annoyed, and Zi Donglai was so domineering and arrogant at this moment, which made him look down upon.

So Yang Kai is not at all polite to the father and son.

Hearing his remarks, Zilong’s murderous intent was even better. Zi Donglai was also angrily smiling: “Okay, there is a kind! This young master hasn’t met such a kind guy for a long time, you Wait for this young master, after half an hour, this young master will personally take your life!”

“Zidong is coming, right?” Yang Kai squinted at him with a disdainful expression.” I don’t know if you have heard a word.”

“What?” Zi Donglai looked at Yang Kai sneer.

“Dogs that can bite people don’t bark. People who yell like you are generally not good at biting people!” Yang Kai smiled.

“You scold me?” Zi Donglai’s face suddenly became cold and stern, and his tone was low and cold.

“What about scolding you!” Yang Kai laughed, with a crazy appearance, winked at him for a long time, and continued to provoke him with his arms and legs: “Come hit me, come hit me, there’s a kind of Come and kill me, idiot!”

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Zi Donglai’s lungs are almost exploding.

I think he, as the young master of Purple Star, has a lofty status, and his own cultivation level is not bad. No matter where he goes, he is praised and supported by the stars. See who is not pleasing to the eye. The order was given, and that person would never live to see the sun the next day.

Have he ever been so provocative but powerless?

In normal times, he had already rushed to teach Yang Kai a meal, but in this ghost place, in the medicine valley covered by the Seven Lights, no matter how much he wanted to humiliate Yang Kai, no matter what. It’s just thinking about it.

He didn’t have the ability to rush through the seven light beams to Yang Kai.

He has never encountered such a choking thing before, and he only feels extremely upset, and he wants to rush to give Yang Kai a blow.

Zi Donglai looked at Yang Kai with vicious eyes, spraying hatred anger.

“Fool!” Yang Kai snorted coldly, spitting in the direction of him and Zilong, with a look of disdain.

“You wait, half an hour later, I will let you know what the consequences are to provoke this young master.” Zilong let out a vicious word.

“Are you just screaming?” Yang Kai looked at him disdainfully.

Zi Donglai looked angry, and seemed to want to say something, but Zilong glared at him and said lightly: “Why waste your tongue with him? After half a time, he is dead. Dead man, what do you say so much for?”

Zi Donglai felt a sudden in his heart, realizing that his father was a little dissatisfied with his performance, and quickly nodded and said yes, although he was no longer with Yang Kai. Wasting saliva, his expression became even more sullen when looking at him, obviously in his heart how to concoct Yang Kai after half an hour, a shame.

“Hahahaha!” On the side, Xu Wei laughed loudly, and while laughing, he slapped his hands: “Interesting, interesting, really interesting, boy, you are really funny, the old man discovered that the old man suddenly treated you I am very interested.”

He has been standing not far away and watching with cold eyes, watching Yang Kai unscrupulously offend Zilong and Zidonglai. He looks reckless, and his heart is refreshing at the same time. I feel that Yang Kai’s mind is a little abnormal.

Don’t he know that after the Seven Luminaries retreat, he will definitely die? And judging from his curses and provocations just now, Zilong would definitely not kill him simply, he would definitely be tortured.

This kid is simply uncomfortable for himself. If he can swallow his anger and take the initiative to evacuate when the Seven Lights of Light recedes, he may be able to save his life, but now it is

Xu Wei looked at Yang Kai as if looking at a dead person.

“What kind of kid, are you interested in joining hands with the old man?” Xu Wei smiled and suggested.

“Cooperate with you?” Yang Kai looked at Xu Wei, curled his lips and said: “I’m not interested, I haven’t forgotten how you treated me before.”

“Young man, speak Accumulate some morals.” Xu Wei’s face became cold, and Yang Kai actually called himself Xiaoye in front of him, which is simply cursing himself.

“Do you need someone like you?” Yang Kai sneered.

Seeing that Yang Kai and Xu Wei actually had a friction, Zi Donglai suddenly smiled. At this moment, he also felt that Yang Kai’s brain was a little abnormal. Among the three parties present, he was the lowest in strength. He didn’t know that he would just keep a low profile, but he was still so arrogant and arrogant. After offending one party, he went to offend the other party. This is simply the rhythm of seeking a dead end.

How does a person who has no eyesight cultivate to the third stage of returning to the Void?

“Elder Xu, this kid seems to look down on you a little bit.” Zi Donglai sneered while provoking discord.

Xu Wei frowned and ignored Zi Donglai. After all, the existence of Zilong really made him extremely jealous, and he didn’t want to follow Zi Donglai’s words so as not to fall into his trap.

Furthermore, if you want to obtain the enlightenment flower later, your own strength is definitely not enough. Although Yang Kai seems to have an abnormal brain, he has resolved the attack of Zilong just now. The strength is not bad, maybe he can use his power to delay the speed of the purple dragon, as long as there is such a moment of opportunity, he can get the enlightenment flower, and then immediately flee away.

He can’t beat Zilong, but there shouldn’t be any problem with running away.

“Fine, the old man doesn’t care about you in general.” Xu Wei waved his hand seemingly, and continued to look at Yang Kai: “Actually, the old man didn’t have much grudges with you before, just some misunderstandings before.”

“Misunderstanding?” Yang Kai chuckled slightly: “Then this misunderstanding is a bit big.”

Xu Wei frowned and said sincerely, “Boy, in this place, It’s normal that people don’t kill themselves for their own sake. The old man’s previous practice is really wrong. If you want to pursue it, the old man can compensate you.”

He mentioned it lightly, and didn’t say exactly what to compensate, and then continued: “But let’s not mention this matter for the time being. The old man wants to cooperate with you now. What do you think?”

“How to cooperate? “Yang Kai asked at will while dissolving the medicinal effects in his body.

“Simple, you and I will join forces later and have a few tricks with this purple star master. You should know the preciousness of Tao flowers. If you and I don’t join forces, no one will ever want to get the Enlightenment Flower, it will only be for the others in vain. “Xu Wei looked serious and serious.

Yang Kai raised his brows, and didn’t answer immediately. He seemed to be thinking.

On the other side, Zilong was shining in his eyes. Shan, looking at Xu Wei faintly, said: “Xu Wei, you are presumptuous, you think that by joining hands with this kid, you can snatch the enlightenment flower from this seat!”

Xu Wei laughed: “If you can take it, you have to try to find out. The five flowers of enlightenment are right in front of you. Xu doesn’t want to miss it in vain. This can make Xu fight for his life. Strive for something!”

“In that case, I will wait and see if you and this kid can achieve what you want. “Zilong’s expression was indifferent, and after speaking, he closed his eyes, as if he was not shaken by foreign objects.

“Boy, have you considered it clearly?” Xu Wei urged Yang Kai, “You can look around, there are many spiritual flowers and strange plants here, in addition to the enlightenment flower, there is also a Tianying grass. Do you know what Tianyingcao does? This is something that can refine the Void King Pill. If you can get it, you will be more confident about being promoted to the Void King Realm in the future. There are also a few questioning heart orchids over there, Asking Xinlan is a good thing for tempering your mood. You can achieve this at a young age, and your mood must be unstable. Asking Xinlan is a rare treasure for you. If you succeed later, the old lady will only ask for a flower of enlightenment. All the other things you get are yours, the old man said so, is it sincere enough?”

“It’s really sincere!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Then you agree?” Xu Wei smiled.

Yang Kai shook his head.

Xu Wei’s face sank, and he shouted angrily: “You kid, are you kidding me?”

Yang Kai laughed, “Old man, you are really stupid when you are a young master? Now, you are driven by ghosts and obsessive minds? Are you getting more IQ? You have lived as a dog for a long time. I haven’t seen a person like you as an idiot!”

said, Yang Kai shook his head and sighed, looking distressed.

After being scolded by him in person, Xu Wei’s face was already gloomy to the extreme, and his eyes breathed fire, as if it were the same as that of Zi Donglai. I wish I would rush over and beat Yang Kai to relieve his heart. Hate!

Now it’s Zidong’s turn to come and laugh loudly: “Elder Xu, this kid just doesn’t know how to live or die. You’d better not waste your saliva with him.”

“What is your name? Huh?” Yang Kai turned his head to look at him again, his poisonous tongue kept spraying venom: “Can you close your mouth and be a dog that can bite? I choked you to death when I was born. It seems that your father is not much better to give birth to such a stupid son.”

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Chapter 1815: What’s your name – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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