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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1816: I need to cooperate with you? Read Novel

Chapter 1816: I need to cooperate with you? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1816: I need to cooperate with you?

The smile on Zi Donglai’s face instantly stiffened, and his face was constantly twitching.

Even Zilong suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Yang Kai deeply.

It’s because he has a good temperament, and Yang Kai was also angered by Yang Kai. If it weren’t for the Seven Lights of Light and even the power of the soul, he would definitely use the soul skills to turn Yang Kai into a real idiot. Let him shut up completely.

But at the moment, even if he has any opinions on Yang Kai, he can only endure it, and cannot really do anything to Yang Kai.

He believed that Yang Kai had also seen this, so he was so unscrupulous.

“I, Zidonglai, swear that I will give you a taste of human torture in a while!” Zidonglai gritted his teeth and said in a very bitter tone.

He is really hot. He was humiliated by Yang Kai repeatedly in front of his father, and even implicated his father. How can he bear this kind of thing? Yang Kai must be asked to pay an extremely painful price to dissolve the hatred in his heart.

“I’m so scared.” Yang Kai looked at Zi Donglai coldly, “but boy, swear that this kind of thing is not just sent casually. If you fail to achieve it by then, you must Scourge!”

Zi Donglai glared at Yang Kai and said nothing.

He can see that he is not Yang Kai’s opponent at all in the lip service. After all, he has not had such experience before. After being provoked by Yang Kai several times, he has completely lost his mind, and his face is almost grim. distortion.

On the side, Zilong frowned.

Zi Donglai was blinded by anger. He might not be aware of the insidiousness of Yang Kai’s words just now, but he is a powerful Void King with rich experience. How can he not know the powerful relationship?

On the surface, Yang Kai’s words sounded no problem. They were just fighting Zi Donglai in a pointless argument.

But if you think about it carefully, it is extremely vicious.

Because if Zi Donglai fails to do what he says in his oath, then Yang Kai’s existence will definitely become his demon!

Zi Donglai is now in the three-level state of returning to the Void, and then breaking through is the big stage of the Void King Realm. This level is extremely critical and extremely important. If the heart demon is in trouble when Zi Donglai breaks, It will cause huge interference to him, or maybe it will be a failure to break through, and the end of the soul is scattered.

So when Zilong heard Yang Kai say this, he realized how bad Yang Kai was.

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This kid is not a person with abnormal brains at all, but why he has to challenge his limits again and again when he is so lonely and lonely. Not only does he offend himself, even Xu Wei also keeps on it. Offended, what on earth does he want to do?

Does he have so much confidence that he can escape under the noses of himself and Xu Wei?

It’s that Zilong’s cultivation level is extremely high and knowledgeable. At this moment, I don’t know what Yang Kai is thinking.

From the current situation, this kid is absolutely impossible to stay. As long as he survives, he will become the demon that interferes with Zi Donglai’s promotion, so he must die!

Zilong secretly made up his mind. Once the Seven Lights of Light retreat, he will do his best to abolish Yang Kai, and then let Zidong complete his vow. After Yang Kai is abolished, he Then go to snatch the enlightenment flower with Xu Wei.

He is confident that with his own strength, it is not difficult to do this step.

“Boy!” Xu Wei yelled again, with an impatient tone: “The old man asks you one last thing, do you want to cooperate with the old man?”

“Get out!” Yang Turning his head to look in the direction of Xu Wei, with a disdainful expression on his face, “Which green onion are you, I need to cooperate with you?”

“Good good!” Xu Wei was also very angry by Yang Kai. Looked cold and stern: “Then the old man will see how you will die!”

Yang Kai is bound to die. There is no doubt about this. Xu Wei believes that he does not need to take action at all, and Zilong will not. Letting Yang Kai go, so he didn’t bother to win over Yang Kai anymore, ready to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.

“Don’t worry about it!” Yang Kai chuckled, stood still and stretched his body, twisted his neck, and shook his shoulders. A crackling sound came out, seeming to be talking to himself, again It seems to be telling Zilong and Xu Wei: “It’s almost done, Xiaoye won’t waste saliva with you.”

He put on a look like he was ready to do something special.

The other three people were taken aback for a while, not knowing what Yang Kai wanted to do.

But the next moment, the eyes of the three of them were instantly rounded, staring at Yang Kai’s movements in a daze, all of them showed surprises.

On the other side, Yang Kai actually took a step forward with indifferent expression, and then, he took another step, and then took another step forward.

Two steps Going down, he has come to the edge of the safe space provided by the space cracks behind him. As long as one inch further forward, he will rush into the Seven Luminaries, and the situation is extremely dangerous.

“What? I know I must die, and I want to commit suicide?” Zi Donglai sneered.

He couldn’t think of other possibilities. Although this was unlikely, it was the closest guess he could get to the truth.

Yang Kai looked up at him, and didn’t pay attention to what he meant, just stepped forward again and stepped forward!

“Haha!” Zi Donglai laughed loudly. It seemed that he didn’t need to do it himself to get out of his heart.

But his laughter just started and stopped abruptly.

In his field of vision, Yang Kai suddenly disappeared, as if he had never appeared before!

At that moment, Yang Kai’s body surged with a wonderful energy fluctuation.

“Where did you go?” Zi Donglai was stunned, but the next moment, from the corner of his eye, he saw a figure suddenly appeared on the other side.

Zi Donglai looked around and couldn’t help exclaiming.

The figure that appeared suddenly, but who was Yang Kai who hadn’t just disappeared under his nose? At this moment, Yang Kai has come to another safe zone, and this safe zone is the place where the five enlightened flowers grow!

Behind the hillside where these five Enlightenment Flowers grow, there is a spatial crack. It is the shelter of this crack that prevents them from being covered by the Seven Lights.

When Yang Kai appeared, he happened to be standing next to the Enlightenment Flower.

The face of Zidonglai was blank, looking at Yang Kai, and then at where he was before. I couldn’t figure out what kind of earth-shattering secret technique Yang Kai had used in the end. Instantly surpassed the barrier of space and appeared in a place a hundred meters away.

Beside him, Zilong’s eyes narrowed, as if he had seen something terrifying, his eyes shone with astonishing light.

’Space power!” Xu Wei yelled, pointing to Yang Kai’s direction, and shouting with a gong-like voice: “Boy, are you proficient in space power? How can you be proficient in space power?”

Xu Wei’s expression is like a ghost in the day, unpredictable and extremely wonderful.

’Space power?” Zi Donglai was taken aback, but soon he realized what Xu Wei was talking about.

For a while, he looked at Yang Kai’s gaze, full of incredibility and jealousy.

The power of space is an extremely partial power. It is difficult to get started, and it is even more difficult to master. In the entire star field, there are hundreds of thousands of warriors, how much space power is there in them? This number will never exceed 1,000 people.

Among these thousand people, how many people can cultivate space power to a high level?

Zi Donglai didn’t know, but he knew that such a person was definitely rarer than the virtual king-level alchemist.

Their Zixing also has martial artists who cultivate space power, but it is impossible for Yang Kai to teleport hundreds of meters away, ignoring space barriers. That is true teleportation, not because the speed is too fast. And let the illusion that cannot be captured.

The few warriors of Zixing who cultivate space power only know how to repair the space magic circle roughly, and they can’t even use their space power to do other things.

Even so, the status of those people in the purple star is extremely high, and the treatment is even higher than ordinary worship.

Those few people can be regarded as the gems of the purple star!

But right now, compared with what Yang Kai did, those people are simply different!

If Yang Kai’s attainments in space power are a master, then those people are just apprentices who have just entered martial arts, even with the eyes of Zi Dong, they can see them completely. There is no comparison.

What kind of chance does this little-known kid have, and why can he cultivate space power, and has even reached such a hot state? Zi Donglai looked at Yang Kai’s gaze almost as fire-breathing, the flames of jealousy were burning, and his heart was extremely unbalanced.

I am the young master of Zixing, in a privileged situation, why didn’t I get a good start in space power?

If you can master this kind of power, it is definitely better than practicing any powerful exercises!

Zi Donglai clenched his fists, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

’So that’s it!” Zilong took a deep breath, and there was no expression on his face that he was holding the winning ticket before, but it was extremely solemn, “It turns out that you rely on this, no wonder you dared to speak so badly before.”

Yang Kai smiled and did not deny it.

Not many people know that he is proficient in space power, and he has been concealing it, but at this moment, facing the attraction of the five enlightened flowers, he has to expose it.

The enlightenment flowers are extremely rare, especially the five lavender flowers in front of me, which are very old. If you miss this time, it will be difficult to find enlightenment flowers in the future.

The two evils have the least power. This is Yang Kai’s choice.

“Boy, you seem to be called Yang Kai?” Zilong’s temperament is undoubtedly much better than that of his son. After knowing that Yang Kai is proficient in the power of space, although he was shocked, he quickly stabilized. Mind, asked.

Although he didn’t live with Yang Kai very much, he had vaguely heard Xueyue’s address to Yang Kai before, so he remembered his name.

’So what?” Yang Kai sneered at Zilong.

Zilong laughed, not at all angry at his attitude, but kindly said: “Before this seat attacked you, it was my fault!”

A sincere look on his face.

“Father” Zi Donglai looked at Zilong in astonishment, with an incredible expression on his face.

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Chapter 1816: I need to cooperate with you? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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