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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1817: Stimulated to go crazy Read Novel

Chapter 1817: Stimulated to go crazy – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1817: Stimulated to go crazy

His father is the owner of Purple Star, one of the most powerful people in the entire star field. He stomped his foot, and the entire star field was shaking three times. He actually followed one of them. The young man who provoked and insulted him was subdued? Zi Donglai could hardly believe his ears, and secretly felt that this world was simply crazy.

’Shut up first!” Zilong glanced at him faintly, extremely majestic, and when he touched his eyes, Zi Donglai immediately did not dare to speak again.

“Is this an apology?” Yang Kai grinned.

Zilong frowned and said faintly: “You say yes, that’s it.”

“Well, since it’s an apology, then I will accept it reluctantly.”


Zi Donglai almost vomited blood in anger!

Let the owner of Zixing take the initiative to apologize. Not only did this kid not know how to be grateful, but he also said that he was reluctant to do so? Doesn’t he know what an honor this is? This bastard is unforgivable!

“But what do you want to do?” Yang Kai ignored Zi Donglai’s gaze, but looked at Zilong with a smile and asked deeply.

To apologize for this kind of thing, it will be over with a click of the mouth, and there is no loss at all, so Yang Kai did not take Zilong’s words to his heart, but the attitude of the other party made him secretly wary.

He didn’t believe that Zilong couldn’t see the demon he had planted for Zidonglai just now. He didn’t believe that Zilong was really so generous, and he would not care about his previous provocations and insults.

The owner of this purple star, the city mansion is really terrible!

“I don’t want to do anything to you, but I want to ask you if you are interested in joining us in Purple Star?” Zilong looked at Yang Kai with a solemn expression and asked, and sent out an invitation.

“Join Purple Star?” Yang Kai chuckled.

“Yes, although your cultivation level is not in the Void King Realm, but based on your performance just now, this seat can give you the status of an elder Ke Qing!”

“Elder Ke Qing!” Zi Donglai couldn’t help it anymore and couldn’t help but whisper.

The elder Ke Qing of Zixing is not the elder Ke Qing of some sect family. This represents a kind of strength and a kind of identity!

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Now there are only seven elders of the Zixing Keqing, and each of them is the strongest of the virtual king realm, and the elders of the Zixing Keqing have always been in the virtual king realm. They have never appeared before they can be The precedent of elder Ke Qing.

But now, the owner of Zixing is personally inviting a martial artist of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm to join Zixing, and promises such an identity.

Speaking of this kind of thing, I’m afraid the entire star field will shake.

“Elder Ke Qing,” Yang Kai chuckled. He didn’t mean to move at all. He shook his head and said: “No, I’ve always been idle and don’t like being restrained, so this elder Ke Qing is not appropriate.”

Is this a fool? Zidong looked at Yang Kai like an idiot, didn’t he know how much weight the words Elder Ke Qing represent? It was so simple and refused without thinking?

Zi Donglai groans deep in his heart.

“Elder Ke Qing is not restricted by my Zixing, all freedom, the little friend seems to have misunderstood my proposal” Zilong explained patiently.

Before finishing speaking, Yang Kai interrupted: “No need to explain, what Elder Ke Qing is, I know in my heart, but I don’t want to join any forces.”

Zilong He narrowed his eyes and said with a faint smile on his face: “My little friend, don’t think about it anymore?”

“You are very long-winded.” Yang Kai looked at him contemptuously, without giving any face. he.

Zilong’s face immediately sank.

“Haha, boy, you were right to refuse!” Xu Wei gloated on the sidelines, “Don’t believe his rhetoric, if you really agree to him, you will be in trouble in the future. But your temper really has an appetite for the old man. Would you like to consider joining the abandoned lair? Now that you offend this guy, it will be difficult to mix in the star field in the future, but I am not afraid of their purple stars when I abandon the lair. The old man is the security, and it is completely okay for you to join. With your kid’s ability and character, presumably A piece of heaven and earth will soon emerge in the lair!”

“You are also very long-winded! “Yang Kai turned to look at Xu Wei and sneered: “Two old foxes, do you think I don’t know what the hell you are making?” Want to delay time, right?”

As soon as this statement came out, Xu Wei and Zilong’s expressions changed slightly, obviously because Yang Kai said they were in their minds.

Although Xu Wei and Zilong didn’t deal with each other, yes Enemy, but seeing Yang Kai approaching the water tower, the two naturally felt a sense of crisis. Both of them were very scheming, and there was no need to discuss them. They all knew what to do to delay the time and wait for the Qi Yao light to retreat.

After Yang Kai said it was broken, Zilong’s face suddenly became difficult to look, and he said coldly: “Boy, it’s not a good thing to be too smart. Don’t think that you can escape the palm of this seat by being proficient in a little space power. You just return to the virtual mirror and don’t understand the horror of the virtual king realm. And this seat, even in the virtual king realm, is a very strong existence. If you want to rely on your own spatial power, you are quite wrong. This seat now gives you a chance to pick the flower of enlightenment and give it to this seat, and this seat will not die around you!”

He has completely torn apart Yang Kai.

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai laughed, “How amazing is the Void King Realm? I have killed more than one Void King Realm.”

“Rampant!” Zidong Came to the side and poked his mouth sharply.

Even a genius like him who can cross the ranks of combat can not pose any threat to a Void King Realm at the peak of the Void Returning Mirror. On the contrary, it is easy for others to kill him.

There is an unbridgeable sky between the Void Returning Mirror and the Void King Realm!

So he subconsciously thought Yang Kai was talking nonsense.

But he didn’t know that Yang Kai really killed more than one Void King Realm, and also killed a Void King Two-layer Realm. Even though it was with the power of the Star Emperor Order, it was also an experience.

If Zidong came to know, he would definitely be ashamed.

“Forget it, I’m too lazy to care about you.” Yang Kai turned around in a somewhat distracted manner. Although he had been grinding his mouth with Xu Wei, Zilong and the others, he had been calculating Qi Yao’s light receding time.

There is also a stick of incense, plenty of time!

“Wow, so fragrant medicinal gas!” Yang Kai exclaimed exaggeratedly, and then took a deep breath of the fragrance from the five enlightenment flowers in front of him, his face was intoxicated, dying. “Well, I am ashamed of the Taohua, the Taoist rhyme contained in it is really extraordinary. I feel that my bottleneck is a little loose. How can this be good?” Very embarrassed.

He was bluffing over there, and he was a good seller when he got a bargain, but Zi Donglai’s eyes were all red when he heard it.

Just taking a sip of the aroma of the medicine did the bottleneck loosen?

Like his cultivation realm, Yang Kai is at the top of the Void Returning Three Stages, only a few chances can be promoted to the Void King Realm, and now Yang Kai has undoubtedly seized this opportunity.

He just came to Zidong, and could only hide away from a hundred meters away, staring blankly but unable to do anything.

This kind of thing caused Zi Donglai to suffer physically and mentally, and he couldn’t wait to rush forward to replace him with his body, his fists were clenched, and there was a clicking sound.

“No way, no way, promotion in this horrible place is tantamount to seeking a dead end, so quickly suppress the floating air machine and make a breakthrough when it is safe in the future!” Yang Kai shouted again.

Zi Donglai is really about to vomit blood.

The opportunity he couldn’t ask for was placed in front of Yang Kai, but he was forced to suppress it. Is there anything in the world that is more shocking than this?

Zi Donglai felt that this time meeting Yang Kai in the Lost Lands was simply the biggest nightmare of his life! He has been hit by Yang Kai and his body is exhausted.

“Boy, are you enough!” Seeing that his son’s expression was not right, Zilong couldn’t help yelling at Yang Kai.

“Hehe” Yang Kai glanced at him with a squint, then rubbed his hands. He looked like a sex ghost meeting a naked beauty, and his saliva was about to drain. The image was so unsightly, he stretched out his hand. He grabbed a flower of enlightenment in front of him.

With just a slight tug, Yang Kai directly pulled out the Enlightenment Flower by its roots, with no loss of roots.

Actually speaking, collecting this kind of genius treasure must be cut off from somewhere in the stem. In this way, you can get the most benefit, and you won’t be able to cut the grass and remove the roots. It leaves a glimmer of life, and in a few thousand years, it may bloom again.

Alchemists do this when they gather medicinal materials.

But Yang Kai felt that even if he left a glimmer of life for the Wu Daohua, he would only make Zilong and Xu Wei cheaper in the end, so he directly refused to give these two old foxes any opportunity to take advantage.

“Hey, this is the legendary enlightenment flower. It is not bad. It has nine petals and is still lavender. It seems to be at least three thousand years old. Now it has developed. It will be promoted later. Wang Jing, I am not afraid that there will be no good things when I practice. Even if I don’t use it, I can take it out and change something. I believe many people will like it.” Yang Kai said as he took out one from his space ring. Jade box, open the jade box, and carefully put the enlightenment flower into the jade box.

His movements were slow, and the whole process was clearly seen by Zilong and Xu Wei.

Inexplicably, the two virtual king realm powerhouses felt their hearts dripping blood.

This bastard is definitely on purpose!

Xu Wei and Zilong had such a thought in their hearts at the same time, and they hated Yang Kai more and more in their hearts.

This kind of thing is like a hungry person who hasn’t eaten or drink for a few days. Suddenly there is a table of delicious mountain and seafood in front of him. Not only can they not eat these delicacies, they have to endure sitting. The people at the table ate and evaluated the torture.

Yang Kai is undoubtedly sitting at the table and eating husseeds, and talking about this delicious and that delicious guy.

“Second plant, hehe” Yang Kai said, again Pick an enlightenment flower and put it in your jade box.

The action is exactly the same as before, and it’s horribly slow!

Zilong took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

He didn’t want to look anymore, he simply couldn’t see it.

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