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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1818: Why don’t you call you grandpa Read Novel

Chapter 1818: Why don’t you call you grandpa – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1818: Why don’t you call you grandpa

Zilong really couldn’t stand Yang Kai, a villain like Yang Kai, who was so ambitious, so he closed his eyes decisively and didn’t watch the scenes that disturbed his mind.

But Yang Kai didn’t mean to stop there.

His voice continued to flow into Zilong’s ears: “Hey, why is this enlightenment flower not as big as the first one? The petals are too shabby, one by one. The appearance of Crooked Jujube with malnutrition is definitely not very effective, nothing more. Put it away, it’s better than nothing.”

Zilong’s body shook slightly, and the Saint Yuan almost ran away.

On the other side, Xu Wei’s forehead was also covered with blue veins, which was obviously irritated by Yang Kai.

However, he did not close his eyes like Zilong, but stared at Yang Kai’s movements, praying that Yang Kai could leave some soup for him to drink after eating a large piece of meat.

After looking for a while, he found that something was wrong.

This kid is too vicious. When collecting the enlightenment flower, he pulled out the roots together, leaving nothing behind.

Xu Wei sighed deeply in his heart, knowing the five enlightenment flowers, I’m afraid that he has no part of him, took a hard breath, and learned the appearance of a purple dragon, and closed it. Eyes, not seeing is clear.

“Wow!” Yang Kai yelled, as if he had discovered a new world, his voice was full of surprise and excitement.

Xu Wei, who just closed his eyes, opened his eyelids incessantly, widened his eyes and looked towards Yang Kai, wanting to see what was going on with him.

Even Zilong couldn’t hold back this one, squinting his eyes and looking forward. Putting the three enlightenment flowers in the jade box, he continued to mutter to himself: “It’s a good risk, it’s a risk. I took the wrong box and almost wasted the efficacy of the medicine.”

Xu Wei opened his mouth as if thinking What he said, but in the end he didn’t say it, just a cold face, and his gaze aside.

Next, the fourth one, the fifth one.

Yang Kai is like an unseen bun from the countryside. Every time he collects, he shouts and points. Enlightenment flowers comment on the head and feet, a long list of words. As he spoke, Xu Wei and Zilong’s moods were up and down.

The voices of those words are like a stick, constantly poking their hearts, not to mention how uncomfortable it is.

When Yang Kai collected all the five enlightenment flowers and preserved them, Xu Wei and Zilong couldn’t help but breathe out a breath, inexplicably feeling that they were finally relieved.

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At this moment, it seems that the world has become a lot brighter.

“Good harvest!” Yang Kai patted his space ring, smiling.

Xu Wei said with a smile: “You can take these things away.”

Although he knows that Yang Kai is proficient in the power of space, he can even teleport hundreds of meters away. But after all, Yang Kai is just a Void Returning Mirror Warrior. He and Zilong are both in the Void King Realm. There is a huge difference in strength. He will not let Yang Kai leave easily. He believes that Zilong will definitely not.

When the Seven Lights of Light dissipated, it was when he and Zilong attacked Yang Kai!

Only by then, can the enlightenment flower truly belong to whom can it be truly determined.

At the moment, this kid is just taking care of it, not really owning it.

“Can I take it away, just wait and see.” Yang Kai replied indifferently, not at all worried about the upcoming crisis. Soon, he set up a pergola and made a long journey. Looking around, he looked around, fixed his gaze in a certain direction, and said loudly: “Hey, these few heart orchids are also good, but I can’t let it go.”

I don’t know what’s going on in this area. I won’t say that there are many cracks in the space, and it has also spawned a treasure of genius that is more than enlightenment flower.

When the three parties were deadlocked. Everyone has already discovered this. In addition to the enlightenment flower, there are several Wenxinlan and one Tianyingcao.

Wenxinlan can be used to hone the martial artist’s mental state cultivation. Rarely, Tianyingcao is one of the main medicines for refining the Void King Pill. The Void King Pill is a spirit pill that can increase the chance of success when the Void Returning Mirror is promoted and breakthrough. It is also extremely valuable.

Among the three treasures of genius, the enlightenment flower is undoubtedly the most valuable, so everyone’s attention was focused on the enlightenment flower before, and did not pay too much attention to the existence of Xinlan and Tianyingcao.

Now that the Enlightenment Flower has entered Yang Kai’s bag, he will naturally shift the target.

Fortunately, the few heart orchids, like the Enlightenment Flower, have grown behind a certain spatial crack. Was not covered by the Seven Lights of Light, instead it was the only Sky Ying Grass, which was covered by the Seven Lights of Light at the moment.

So when Yang Kai said that, Xu Wei couldn’t help but tremble. Click.

It’s over, now Wen Xinlan can’t escape the kid’s poison! Xu Wei’s face went dark.

The fact is indeed the case. After Yang Kai finished speaking, he urged the power of space and went directly to the place where a few heart orchids grew.

Just like when he went to the Enlightenment Flower, he broke through the barrier of space and moved several tens of feet in an instant.

Zilong has been staring at Yang Kai, seeming to want some clues from his movements, but he soon finds helplessly that the space power is too mysterious, and he can’t see Yang at all. How does it move?

I only felt a strange wave enveloping Yang Kai, and he disappeared immediately. When he reappeared, the person had already arrived.

The power of space is so profound? Zilong frowned deeply, feeling weak in his heart.

But he also became more determined that he wanted to kill Yang Kai, not to mention that if this kid is alive, his son Zi Donglai will have a heart demon in his heart, so he said that this time he and Yang Kai will have a heart demon. The trouble is very unpleasant. If such a young man really grows up, it will be a huge harm to Zixing if he is promoted to the Void King Realm.

How terrifying is a Void King Realm who is proficient in space power? Zilong couldn’t imagine it.

This danger must be nipped in the bud!

“How are you guys.”

While Zilong was thinking, Yang Kai greeted him and Zi Donglai with a smile.

Wen Xinlan is only forty feet away from where they are, so Yang Kai and them are relatively close at the moment.

“Boy, you will be rampant, and this young master will definitely want you to look good later.” Zi Donglai glared at Yang Kai, gritted his teeth and snarled.

After being humiliated by Yang Kai so many times, he seems to have no memory at all. He only knows that he keeps talking cruelly, showing his powerlessness.

“Haha!” After Yang Kai responded with a deep laugh, he ignored Zidong’s arrival, but squatted down and carefully collected the few heart orchids.

What made Zilong and Xu Wei breathe out secretly at the same time, Yang Kai didn’t bluff any more this time, and remained silent during the entire collection process.

It seems that as time goes on, this kid is gradually feeling uneasy! The two secretly guessed.

In a short while, several Wenxin orchids were also properly preserved by Yang Kai and stored in the Space Ring.

“Haha, boy, are you okay with that celestial grass, right?” Xu Wei stood in the distance and laughed. He was irritated by Yang Kai just now, and now he has finally found a start to ridicule Yang. After opening it, he naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity pass. He looked at Yang Kai proudly, and said sarcastically, “You kid, aren’t you very capable? If you have the ability, you can also pluck the baby grass that day and show it to the old man!” p73>

Whether it is the Enlightenment Flower or the Wenxin Lan, the growth position is very good, and it has not been covered by the Seven Lights, so Yang Kai can easily collect it with his own space secret technique.

But Tianyingcao is different. It is now completely shrouded by the Seven Lights of Light. Even if Yang Kai has great abilities, he shouldn’t even want to collect this spiritual grass.

Xu Wei’s provocation like this is obviously disgusting Yang Kai, wanting to use his own way to treat his body.

Zilong smiled faintly, and then echoed: “Why should Elder Xu embarrass him? How can he do such a thing?”

“If he can do it, Ben The young master immediately started from the menopause!” Zi Donglai was even more arrogant.

Hearing what he said, Zilong couldn’t help frowning, and secretly felt that his stupid son was a little okay. It was okay to ridicule and provoke Yang Kai. It’s okay to speak out evil, nothing wrong, but it comes from menopause. It’s a bit too ignorant.

How can such things be said casually.

However, Zilong didn’t reprimand him, because in his opinion, it was indeed impossible for Yang Kai to collect Sky Ying Grass.

These three guys say something to you, as if they were eager to watch Yang Kai jokes.

Yang Kai stood on the spot, looked at Xu Wei, then at Zilong, father and son, and chuckled lightly: “It looks like, do you remember the pain or not? It seems that I am still too soft-hearted.”

When I was collecting and asking Xinlan, Yang Kai didn’t stimulate them anymore, mainly because I didn’t think it was very interesting. Some things could be irrelevant, and I felt boring after doing too much. I didn’t expect them now. Instead, it provokes himself.

If this is the case, wait for the price to be paid, Yang Kaixin snorted coldly.

“Boy don’t say anything, anyway, you can’t get the Tianying grass. If there is a seed, you can take everything here, don’t leave anything to the old man.” Xu Wei shouted.

“What if I can take it?” Yang Kai looked at him coldly.

Xu Wei was startled, and laughed loudly: ’Say crazy talk! You will show it to the old man.”

Yang Kai curled his lips, shook his head and said, “Old guy, I want to The little master went in there to collect Sky Ying grass, and it wouldn’t work without paying a price. Qi Yao Baoguang couldn’t rush into it casually, and I had to take a big risk.”

Xu Wei’s eyes were wide, and he shouted: “If you can really take it, why don’t the old man call you Grandpa!”

Yang Kai was stunned. He never expected Xu Wei to do this to such a degree in order to excite himself. It seems that this old guy has a lot of hatred for him. Lu.

Sniffing his nose, Yang Kai smiled and looked at Xu Wei: “This is what you said.”

“What did the old man say? “Xu Wei scratched his neck and had a tough attitude.

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Chapter 1818: Why don’t you call you grandpa – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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