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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1819: Talking like farting Read Novel

Chapter 1819: Talking like farting – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1819: Talking like farting

“In that case, wait for you to call Grandpa!” Yang Kai laughed loudly. As he spoke, his figure shook, and he had come to the space closest to the sky Ying grass. Behind the crack.

This crack is less than twenty feet away from the location where Tianyingcao is.

After Yang Kai stood firm, Xu Wei, Zilong, father and son looked at him together, and they all followed Yang Kai’s movements with a look of good looks.

No one thinks that Yang Kai can succeed.

Standing on the spot for a while pondering, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and ejected a golden bloodshot.

He has never tried how terrifying the power of the Seven Luminous Lights is. He only heard Ni Guang say that this thing is dangerous, so he doesn’t know whether his golden blood is useful.

The golden light flashed, and under the careful control of Yang Kai, the golden blood threaded into the seven light beams little by little.

But the next moment, Yang Kai’s face changed slightly.

Because when the front end of the golden bloodshot touched the Qi Yao Guangyou, there was a sneer sound. Under the influence of the Qi Yao Baoguang, the front end of the golden blood thread was directly corroded clean.

This is not over yet, the corrosive force followed the golden bloodshot, all the way towards Yang Kai, very fast.

Yang Kai was taken aback, and quickly took off his hands and threw the golden bloodshot out. Before it fell to the ground, the whole golden bloodshot was corroded and completely disappeared.

Yang Kai couldn’t help showing a look of horror.

The terrifying power of Seven Luminous Lights is indeed well-deserved.

The golden blood thread was condensed from his own golden blood. Since condensing it to the present, no one has been damaged, but now, under the corrosion of the seven light beams, it collapsed in an instant.

Qi Yao Baoguang ignores any defenses. It not only has the ability to corrode flesh and blood, but also has the power to annihilate the soul. The characteristics of the golden blood thread are exactly restrained by it.

According to this situation, as long as it is a living thing with flesh and blood, once it is contaminated with the Seven Lights, the consequences will be very serious.

On the other side, Xu Wei and Zilong who Yang Kai moved were also secretly surprised.

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They also saw the power of the Seven Luminaries for the first time. The two Void Kings paid for themselves. If they accidentally got these precious lights, they would not be able to eat them.

But soon, Xu Wei sneered loudly: “Boy, you don’t seem to be capable, this is over? You continue.”

Yang Kai glanced at him and sneered.

The reason why he popped up the golden bloodshot just now was mainly to test whether the power of Qi Yao Baoguang was as rumored. Now that the results have been obtained, naturally he will not continue to test.

How to gather that celestial grass, he also had a belly case long ago. In any case, Tianyingcao is very valuable, and Yang Kai didn’t want to let it go, let alone Xu Wei and Zilong getting the Tianyingcao.

Ignoring Xu Wei’s ridicule, he directly sat down cross-legged.

Immediately, he stretched out his hand, and a stone man with golden light and stupefied appearance suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai.

The second stone puppet!

The second stone puppet is Yang Kai’s dharmakaya. When this stone puppet was born in the High Heaven Sect, he was born with a lack of spiritual intelligence. Although he survived, he did not have his own mind and could not act on his own. It is the idiot of the stone puppet clan, so Yang Kai used it as his own law body.

Because when it was born, Yang Kai injected a lot of golden blood into it, so it looked golden, a little different from the other stone puppet.

For a long time, this Dharmakaya hasn’t had much effect. When fighting with the enemy, Yang Kai had enough support from Firebird Flowing Flame and Xiaoxiao. The Dharmakaya’s existence has always been hidden by him.

But now is a good time to take advantage.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to let Xiaoxiao out, after all, Xiaoxiao was a big help for him. If something accident happened in the Seven Lights, the loss would be great.

The stone puppet race is not a flesh and blood body, and should not be afraid of the Seven Lights of Light, and it is born with a lack of intelligence, and is not afraid of the power of the Seven Lights of Light to annihilate the souls. The only thing to worry about is Yang Kai. The wisp of his own distraction.

If the Dharma body stone puppet wants to act, Yang Kai must pour into the Dharma body the distraction cultivated in the sea of ​​consciousness, so that Yang Kai can control it to act.

I don’t know if Qi Yao Guangguang will penetrate through the body of the Dharmakaya, causing damage to his distraction.

But this kind of thing has to be tried to know, Yang Kai made up his mind and reached out his hand to point to the head of Dharma body.

The distraction that had been warming up in the sea of ​​consciousness was immediately poured into the law body, and the dull eyes of the law body instantly became agile.

And Yang Kai himself, at this moment, he also feels that he is divided into two. He not only has his own vision and perception, but also the vision and perception of the Dharmakaya. The Dharmakaya is also at this moment, with his deity. Give birth to a feeling of blood connection, and it is wonderful.

Controlling the Dharmakaya, stood still and moved his hands and feet slightly, adapting to the heavy body.

“What’s this?” On the other side, Zi Donglai was surprised, staring blankly at the golden stone puppet, confused.

He has never seen such a strange existence. The stone man does not look like a dead puppet, but rather seems to have his own life, which is very peculiar.

Although the aura from this stone body is not strong, it is something he has never seen before, so he wants to ask his father.

He thought that based on his father’s experience and knowledge, he would definitely know one or two, but he knew that Zilong was silent for a long time before he whispered: “I don’t know what this is for my father.”

Zi Donglai was shocked.

There are still existences in the star field that the father doesn’t know about? He couldn’t help looking towards Xu Wei, but soon he discovered that the elder who abandoned the lair seemed ignorant of the peculiar creature. He frowned and watched with a blank look on his face.

He didn’t even know!

Where did this guy named Yang Kai find this thing, so that the two virtual king realm could not tell the history, and Zi Donglai was shocked.

But the next moment, Zi Donglai burst into his heart, and subconsciously whispered: “He wouldn’t want this thing”

Although he can’t recognize the stone puppet, he can also look at it. The stone puppet is not a body of flesh and blood. It should be no problem for such a thing to enter the Seven Lights of Light. In this case, can Yang Kai really collect the remaining Sky Ying Grass?

Realizing this, Zi Donglai’s face sank, and when he remembered what he said just now from the menopause, his mood was suddenly not so good.

Xu Wei also feels bad.

Zi Donglai only said that he wanted to self-menopausal, but he said he wanted to call Grandpa Yang Kai, if he really asked Yang Kai to start Tianyingcao

Damn, why isn’t Qi Yao Baoguang yet? Go back! Xu Wei cursed constantly in his heart, wishing to cast a secret technique to disperse the Qi Yao Baoguang, and then attacked Yang.

As the three of them were watching, Yang Kai had already taken a step forward and entered the Seven Lights of Light.

As soon as you stepped into the range covered by that precious light, Yang Kai felt his whole body sink, as if a tens of thousands of catties were pressing on him–this seven light precious light actually possessed the power of the Void King Realm. Yes, where the light is covered, the space is so thick that it is extremely difficult to move forward.

Fortunately, after a short observation, Yang Kai found that the strand of distraction he was pinning in the body of the law did not show any damage, and the seven light beams were all isolated from the body of the law and could not penetrate the body.

This discovery made Yang Xin happy. It seems that his guess is correct. Qi Yao Baoguang ignores the characteristics of defense and is aimed at flesh and blood, not the existence of flesh and blood, and will not be restrained.

Speaking of which, if you find any genius treasures later, if it is not easy to collect them yourself, you can completely let the Law Bodies move.

Thinking of this in his mind, Yang Kai continued to control the Dharmakaya to advance forward.

His distraction has inherited his will and understanding of the realm of cultivation, so although the law body itself is not powerful, it can also use space power.

A wave of spatial secret technique lingered around the law body, which greatly reduced the pressure of the law body, and the speed suddenly became a lot faster.

The distance of twenty feet, as the Dharmakaya advances step by step, it is drawn closer at a very fast speed.

Xu Wei’s face is as dark as the bottom of a pot.

He can see that the remaining Tianying Grass will also be unable to escape Yang Kai’s clutches. This is not the key to the problem, the key is what he said just now.

Of course, it is impossible for him to really call Yang Kai, a younger grandfather. If he shouts this out, he won’t have to show his face in the future. He will go back to the abandoned lair and hide for a lifetime, and never see anyone.

If you don’t fulfill it, you will inevitably be ridiculed by Yang Kai. This kid’s poisonous tongue is so powerful that Xu Wei has learned it.

He secretly has a headache and his face is ugly.

With only a dozen breaths of effort before and after, the Dharmakaya has arrived in front of the Tianying Grass. Although the palms of the stone puppet race are large and thick, under the control of Yang Kai, the Dharmakaya is still very perfect. The grass was collected, then turned around, and step by step returned to where Yang Kai himself was.

When the law body returned, Yang Kai took the Tianyingcao, took out the box that had been prepared a long time ago, put it in a sealed place, and then took back the distraction and law body with a smile.

Soon, he turned his head and looked at Xu Wei.

Xu Wei’s gaze dodges.

“Why, I won’t admit it if I lose?” Yang Kai sneered, “Didn’t someone just call my grandpa?”

Xu Wei suddenly felt a little bit Annoyed into anger, he stared at Yang Kai with a stern face, as if he dared to jerky and fought.

He made up his mind to play tricks, and Yang Kai couldn’t do anything to him anyway.

Yang Kai sneered and looked at Zi Donglai again: “Didn’t anyone say that you want to self-menopausal?”

Zi Donglai said angrily: “What are you, dare to let This young master is from menopause?”

Yang Kai smiled: ’So you all talk like farting.”

Zilong snorted coldly: “Boy, I would advise you to be a human being. Stay on the sidelines and meet each other in the future, why do you want to do everything?”

“Stay on the sidelines?” Yang Kai sneered, “Isn’t it necessary for you rubbish?”

“Boy Pay attention to your words, don’t forget, the Seven Luminous Lights will retreat in a while, what will you end up then, what might you imagine?” Zilong squinted at Yang Kai, his eyes were stunned. Cold light.

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Chapter 1819: Talking like farting – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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