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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1820: I will follow you Read Novel

Chapter 1820: I will follow you – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1820: I will follow you

“Yes, boy, obediently take out all the things you just collected, throw it on the ground, then kneel down and knock your head a few times to admit your mistakes. The old man promises to wait for the light to dissipate. If you don’t do it to you, I will kill you!” Xu Wei also yelled from the side.

This time, the two powerful Void King Realm had no face to the extreme, so they hated Yang Kai deeply, but they were fortunate that Qi Yao Baoguang was about to return soon, and endured Yang Kai for a full half an hour. When it finally came time for him to pay the price, both of them were extremely happy.

Once the seven light beams recede, what about Yang Kai’s mastery of space power?

As soon as the domain power of the two virtual king realm powerhouses came out, it was difficult for them to fly!

As long as you capture Yang Kai, you can not only relieve the hatred in your heart, the enlightenment flowers, Wenxinlan and Tianyingcao collected by Yang Kai before, all have to be owned by him.

They secretly look forward to that moment.

“Do you think you are taking me?” Yang Kai looked at Zilong with disdain, and then at Xu Wei. To their surprise, there was no panic on his face. On the contrary, it was an expression of victory, and it seemed that there was no fear at all.

Zilong frowned, wondering if Yang Kai was bluffing or really relying on it.

“What the hell are you thinking, boy? The old man advises you, obediently cooperate with the old man, so you still have a chance to survive.” Xu Wei shouted in a deep voice.

“It’s ridiculous, how can there be an ignorant guy like you in the world.” Yang Kai laughed, and suddenly said with a sense of interest: “Forget it, I don’t want to play with you anymore, this Seven Luminous Light I should retreat in a while, I’ll take a step first, you guys wait slowly!”

As he said, Yang Kai waved his hand gently.

“Go one step first?” Zilong frowned deeper, and a conjecture that frightened him suddenly emerged in his heart. Could it be that this kid

hasn’t finished his thoughts yet. The eyeballs suddenly rounded, staring at Yang Kai’s movements in shock, an unbelievable expression appeared on his face, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

He saw Yang Kai turn around, stepped into the crack in the space, then disappeared and disappeared.

This kid got into a crack in space!

Zilong took a breath!

On the other side, Xu Wei also opened his mouth wide. It seemed that he wanted to say something, but he could not say anything. The shocked expression on his face was no better than Zilong.

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“He, he, he” Zi Donglai was already a little incoherent, pointing to the direction of Yang Kai’s disappearance, he didn’t say a complete word for a long time.

“Elder Xu!” After a long time, Zilong took a deep breath, and his face was gloomy and authentic: “It seems that we all underestimated his attainments in space power.”

Xu Wei nodded and said with a serious expression: “Yes, I dare to break into the cracks in the space unscrupulously. I dare not say that this kid’s attainments in space power is nothing new, I’m afraid he is unprecedented.”

“Elder Xu, needless to say, you must know how terrifying a warrior who is proficient in space power is. He is now in the third stage of the Void Return. If he finds a chance to be promoted to the Void King, in the future”

> “He has no future, the old man will look for a chance to kill him here!” Xu Wei’s face was filled with sullen expression.

Zilong nodded with satisfaction: “In this case, let us leave aside the grievances between you and me, and I will try our best to find his trace, and we must cut the grass and roots in this lost land.”

Both of them are aware of the horror of Yang Kai’s future, and are frightened. They dare not let Yang Kai continue to grow, and are determined to end up with Yang Kai’s life in the Lost Lands.

They negotiated in a few words and formed an alliance for the time being.

At this moment, Zi Donglai, who had not been able to calm his mind, suddenly exclaimed, pointing at Xu Wei’s back and shouting: “He, he”

Zilong was startled. Turning his head to look towards Xu Wei, the next moment, his pupils couldn’t help shrinking, and he shouted: “Danger!”

On hearing the shout, Xu Wei reacted. He didn’t wait for him to look back. There was a voice that made him familiar and hated to his bones: “Hahahaha, grandson, grandpa is here to teach you!”

It’s Yang Kai!

Xu Wei’s face changed drastically, and he never thought that Yang Kai would actually be able to walk out of the crack in the space behind him and launch a sneak attack on him.

A scorching force hits from behind, and at the same time a strong wind hits ears.

While Xu Wei yelled badly, he ferociously urged his own Saint Yuan, turning it into a thick layer of protection on his back, and at the same time turned hurriedly, trying to face Yang Kai.

His movements are fast, but Yang Kai is faster.

His Saint Yuan had just started to move, Xu Wei felt that his back was hit by a fist. There was a terrifying force in that fist, and his fist burst out, almost smashing him. The bodyguard Saint Yuan is scattered.

Fortunately, his cultivation level is one level higher than Yang Kai, otherwise this punch alone would be enough to make him lose his combat effectiveness.

This is the case, and this punch is not easy to bear. Xu Wei only felt the blood tumbling in his chest, his face turned pale, and his body staggered forward involuntarily.

And not far in front, is the Seven Luminaries that make everyone avoid like a snake!

“Not good!” Xu Wei exclaimed, and was startled in a cold sweat. Unexpectedly, he directly released his own virtual king realm field, while biting the tip of his tongue and spitting out blood and blood. The foot stomped hard on the ground.

In an instant, his feet plunged three feet below the ground, and the body rushing forward suddenly stopped.


There was a harsh sound, and Xu Wei’s face was desperate.

Although his reaction was not slow and everything he did was reasonable, he still could not completely stop his advancement. One arm was swept by Qi Yao Guang, and in an instant, his arm was There was a biting pain, and looking around, the flesh and blood on this arm was corroded at a very fast speed, exposing the white bones and meridians.

This is not over yet, Yang Kai, standing behind him, has already taken the second blow.

Feeling Yang Kai’s murderous intent, Xu Wei was furious and gritted his teeth and shouted: “Boy, don’t underestimate the old man!”

While speaking, his body burst out with a dazzling light. With the sound of scoffing, waves of terrifying energy shot out from his pores in all directions.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became solemn, realizing that this was Xu Wei’s desperate fight, and he could not be arrogant. He quickly retracted the attack, drew back, and at the same time sacrificed the golden blood thread, condensing the bleeding shield to block him in front of him.

Dangdangdang Dangdang heard a series of sounds, Yang Kai was struck by a violent force of Qi and blood.

He looked at Xu Wei who was close at hand, sneered slightly, did not continue to make a move, but jumped back and fell into the crack in the space behind Xu Wei.

At the moment when his figure was about to disappear, his cold words came into the ears of Zilong and Zidonglai: “I will hide in the cracks and follow all the way, everyone It must not be too lonely.”

Hearing this, Zi Donglai couldn’t help but fought a cold war. The soles of his feet were a little cramped. The next moment, he quickly turned around and faced the space behind him. Cracks, a pair of eyes widened, staring stubbornly.

As if afraid that Yang Kai would kill him again.

Yang Kai’s existence has completely become his nightmare!

“Ah” On the other side, Xu Wei’s screams screamed. In this moment, Qi Yao Baoguang’s terrifying corrosion has eroded half of his arm, and it is spreading rapidly toward his shoulder.

He gritted his teeth with a ferocious look, desperately urging the Holy Yuan, trying to resist the damage caused by Qi Yao Baoguang.

But no matter what he did, the discovery was nothing but futile.

Seeing that the situation is getting worse, Xu Wei is cruel and strokes his shoulder.

The remaining arm fell to the ground, and a stream of blood spurted from the shoulder.

The pain hit, Xu Wei’s face was pale as paper, and his figure staggered slightly. He hurriedly used his strength to organize the flow of blood, and at the same time took out a few spirit pills from his space ring and stuffed it into his mouth.

He didn’t even dare to sit cross-legged and refining. Instead, he turned around for the first time, just like Zi Donglai, watching the space cracks behind him vigilantly to prevent Yang Kai from killing the carbine again.

Although Yang Kai’s sneak attack failed to kill him, it abolished one of his arms, which is considered to be a fruitful result.

The atmosphere is extremely dignified. Whether it is Xu Wei or Zi Donglai, the atmosphere does not dare to take a breath, and their minds are extremely nervous.

Even Zilong dare not take it lightly to separate the spatial cracks behind the divine mind.

Time has never passed so slowly.

Waiting for the inhalation movement from the depths of the Medicine Valley, and when the Qi Yaobao light receded like a tide, Zi Donglai exhaled fiercely, as if he was amnesty, and escaped the space crack for the first time. Where you are, come to a relatively safe place.

Xu Wei is the same.

He had been bitten by a snake for ten years and was afraid of rope well. Seeing a crack in the space, it was like seeing an annoying guy jumping out of it and attacking himself.

But even if the Qi Yao’s precious light retreats, there is no need to worry about Yang Kai’s sneak attack for the time being, but Xu Wei’s crisis is still not resolved.

With a pale face, he stood on the spot, watching the purple dragon not far away vigilantly, Sheng Yuan secretly condensed, and assumed a posture ready to escape at any time.

Although he and Zilong have reached some kind of agreement just now to deal with Yang Kai together, he has not forgotten the hatred between Abandoned Lair and Zixing, nor has he forgotten the difference between their positions and the realm of cultivation.

If Zilong is to deal with him now, Xu Wei guesses that he might be more ill-fortuned.

In his heyday, he may be sure to escape his life under Zilong, but he is in a difficult situation now!

“Elder Xu, I advise you not to think about running away!” Zilong looked at him faintly. You can contend now.”

Xu Wei smiled miserably, cursing in his heart, and he could do whatever he was afraid of.

Zilong is obviously planning to get into trouble. He has no intention of letting him go. If he really runs away, Zilong will definitely take the shot.

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Chapter 1820: I will follow you – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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