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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1823: God Bird Leaving the Nest Read Novel

Chapter 1823: God Bird Leaving the Nest – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1823: God Bird Leaving the Nest

“What’s the situation?” Yang Kai exclaimed, standing still, looking at the horizon with trembling eyes.

There is the place where the sound is heard every time the Qiyao peacock breathes. It is the place where the sacred bird inhabits!

Yang Kai has always been curious about how strong this sacred bird Qiyao Peacock is, but he has not been able to understand.

However, judging from the power of the Seven Luminous Lights that it vomits, the Divine Bird is definitely not worse than the third level of the Void King! Perhaps even more terrifying than the three-layer realm of the virtual king.

He also thought about going to see what the sacred bird looks like, but he hasn’t been cruel. But at this moment, judging from the situation there, this sacred bird Qi Yao peacock seemed to have some changes.

Is there anyone who doesn’t have eyes that provoke it?

Yang Xinzhong thought so, secretly feeling sad for the person who provokes him, and provokes Qiyao Peacock, I am afraid that he will die without a burial place.

“Eh, that’s not right!” Yang Kai’s expression was startled again, because at this moment he discovered that although the movement there was obvious, there was no fluctuation in the battle. Obviously, no one had provoke Qi Yao. peacock. When the colorful rays of light covered the entire sky, a huge figure faintly flew from the ground and merged into the colorful rays of light. Then, the colorful rays of light slowly collected, fleeing away, and drifting away!

“Fly away?” Yang Kai frowned, and could only make such a guess.

The next moment, he looked ecstatic!

The Qiyao Peacock has always inhabited a certain place in the depths of the Medicine Valley. No matter where it is, there must be something to attract it to stay. In other words, there is definitely something precious in that place!

Now that the Qiyao Peacock has flown away, isn’t it a good opportunity to go there?

With this thought, Yang Kai couldn’t suppress it anyway. He wanted to go there to investigate. After standing still and struggling to think about it for a while, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and hurried towards Flew away over there.

At the same time, somewhere in the Medicine Valley, Zilong stood in place, his eyes bursting with fanaticism, staring at the disappearing colorful rays of the sky, and shouted: “The time has come, no I thought that this time my luck was so good that I just came in for more than ten days and encountered the sacred bird leaving the nest. Hahahaha, it is a godsend!”

Zilong has always been very calm, but now, he But his expression was very excited, as if something good had happened in a million years.

Xu Wei looked confused.

On the contrary, Zi Donglai immediately asked with great joy: “In this way, we can get the old tree?”

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“The old tree?” Xu Wei’s eyes widened instantly, astonished. Looking at Zidonglai, he said in surprise: “Young Master, did you just say that there are no old trees?”

He obviously also knows the existence of old trees. He knows what the old trees represent and what they mean, but He had only heard of it in the rumors, and even he thought that such things as old trees simply did not exist.

But just now, he actually heard the three words Bu Lao Shu from Zi Donglai’s mouth.

Combined with all kinds of things, Xu Wei immediately inferred that the place where the sacred bird inhabits, there is a treasure of the world like the immortal tree!

“What’s the matter with you?” Zi Donglai glanced at Xu Wei coldly. He was also in agitated mood just now and accidentally exposed some important information, but it doesn’t matter much, anyway, for a while. The three of them are going to pass, even if they don’t say it now, Xu Wei will be able to see the immortal tree by himself.

Xu Wei looked at him and didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

“I don’t know if I can get it for the time being, but this is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity!” Zilong took a deep breath, “Go, if I expected it to be good, others will also I rushed over there.”

“They are looking for death!” Zi Donglai snorted coldly.

The immortal tree, this kind of heaven-defying treasure, only the purple star is qualified to have it, and only myself and my father are qualified to refining. When the time comes, I will get the immortal tree and share it with my father. The immortal body, given time, cultivate to the pinnacle of martial arts and dominate the star field, how fast it should be?

The guys who dare to snatch the old tree with themselves are all damned!

On the other side, Ni Guang and Xueyue are also flying towards the place where the sacred bird inhabits.

“Uncle Ni, how long will the Qiyao Peacock come back?” Xueyue asked while following Ni Guang.

“I don’t know.” Ni Guang shook his head, “The bird will leave the nest for a while every once in a while. This time may be short or long, depending on its own mood. But this This is a rare opportunity. Even if we can’t get the dead tree, we still have to take away the undead syrup! Although the thing is not as precious as the dead tree, it is one of the three great waters. One drop can kill people with bones and bones. It is a real life-saving medicine!

“Zilong should also pass by, right?” Xueyue frowned.

“They will definitely not let this opportunity pass. We are prepared to obtain the Immortal Jelly. How could Zilong not be prepared at all, but when we get to the place, how to snatch it depends on their own ability. By the time you act carefully, I may not have much energy to look after you.”

“I know, you can rest assured, Uncle Ni. Xueyue nodded and looked ahead. I don’t know if that guy will be attracted by this movement. If he can rendezvous with him, it will increase his chances of winning.

The distance from Ni Guanghe Two thousand miles away on the left side of Xueyue, Guizu was wrapped in black air, staring at the direction from which the change came, and after a long silence, he said with a sense of interest: “Well, let’s go and check it out. Yang Xiaozi probably won’t miss this fun. Opportunity, it’s important to go there and meet him. The things that can be collected in this ghost place are really getting less and less.”

The three virtual kings and two-level realm powerhouses were attracted by this movement one after another, moving in one direction and one destination, and the other virtual kings at the first level were also not immune.

Although most people don’t know about the existence of immortal trees and immortal syrup, they have the same idea as Yang Kai. They all feel that there must be treasures in the habitat of sacred birds, and naturally they will not miss this rare opportunity.

For a time, the entire Medicinal Valley was attracted to the past, and they used various methods to rush forward.

In the center of Medicinal Valley, there was a huge flat land surrounded by a lot of empty space without trees. There are no weeds, only a one-foot-high, verdant young sapling, blowing in the wind.

This young sapling looks weak and windy, but its leaves and rhizomes contain unimaginable vitality. The vitality is so strong that it can be seen by the naked eye. A visible line is formed on the periphery of the young sapling. Halo.

Only seven leaves grew on the saplings, and on several of them, there was also a drop of dew-like thing. The dew was round and flawless, showing a creamy white color and exuding a charming fragrance.

There are only three drops of dew in total.

This is the rumored Immortal Jelly, a strange treasure that grows from the leaves of an immortal tree! It is definitely something that cannot be met. It is rumored that the immortal jelly is a treasure that can save the dead. As long as a person’s death does not take too long and the body damage is not too serious, just take a drop of immortal jelly, and you can do it again resurrection.

Among the three great divine waters, Immortal Jelly is the most valuable because it is a life-saving treasure.

A figure suddenly flew from a distance, and soon came to this empty flat ground. Judging from the speed of this person and the fluctuations of the holy origin emanating from his body, it was a virtual king. The strong.

Meng Tong!

The strong man in the Void King Realm who has no background and has been cultivating alone!

“No one!” Meng Tong glanced at him and found that he was the first to come here. He couldn’t help but ecstatic in his heart, and his small eyes rolled around, and he saw no The immortal tree in the distance.

“What is this?” Meng Tong stared at the old tree in amazement, but did not recognize it for a while.

Although he could not recognize the unold tree, he also saw the extraordinary place of this young sapling. Not only the young sapling, but also its leaves, the milky white dew-like things on the leaves are also All are treasures!

“God slaying, why did you leave the Seven Luminaries? It’s really an angry old man.” Meng Tong yelled, almost depressed to vomit blood.

The sacred bird has indeed left, and he was also the first to come here, but within a radius of ten meters from the old tree, there are seven light beams that wrap the old tree tightly.

Anyone who wants to obtain treasures has to break through the blockade of the Seven Luminaries.

Meng Tong didn’t dare to take the risk with his own body, and scratched his head in a hurry, but he didn’t have any good ideas.


The sound of strong wind came from not far away, and Meng Tong’s expression changed, realizing that someone had felt it afterwards, turned his head and looked around, and saw three gangs of light there Fei, after a short while, came to his side, and the light faded away, revealing the figures of Zilong father and son and Xu Wei.

Meng Tong frowned, and moved a little away from Zilong and the others without a trace. His eyes fell on Xu Wei’s broken arm, and his eyes couldn’t help shrinking, feeling grief.

He didn’t know what happened to Xu Wei, he lost an arm, and he didn’t know how Xu Wei would act with Zilong and his son, but he knew that he was alone and lonely. It was definitely not this. A few guys’ opponents.

The god-given opportunity was so missed, Meng Tong sighed heavily, disgusting the existence of Qi Yao Baoguang.

If it weren’t for the protection of Baoguang, he would have snatched the old tree away, and he would stand here in a daze.

“Good opportunity!” As soon as Zilongyou fell, his eyes were clear and he let out a low cry.

He didn’t expect that he came very quickly. There was only Meng Tong here, and seeing Meng Tong’s appearance, he obviously didn’t know what to do.

Since he was allowed to climb first, he naturally wouldn’t waste time, and he shook his figure right now, and wanted to approach the old tree.

“Brother Zi, you are not slow!” At this moment, a voice that made Zilong jealous, his figure could not help but pause, stopped, and looked up at the source of the sound. When I went, I soon saw Ni Guang flying over with Xueyue and landing not far from him.

“Mr. Ni, you are also very soon!” Zilong snorted softly, and his heart was extremely unhappy, just a little bit too close. If Ni Guang came here a while later, he would be able to obtain the treasure first.

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