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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1824: Immortal Tree and Immortal Liquid Read Novel

Chapter 1824: Immortal Tree and Immortal Liquid – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1824: Immortal Tree and Immortal Liquid

Uh, the undead jelly mentioned above is a description error, it should be “immortal liquid”. In Xiao Mo’s setting, the three great waters are the soul washing water, the life jelly and the immortal liquid. I confuses the undead original liquid with the Life Qiongye Ji when I wrote it. The name of the following text has been revised. I hope that it did not affect everyone’s reading. I apologize.

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“Haha, it’s still not as good as Brother Zi.” Ni Guangda laughed, but just a random sweep, he understood the current situation, and immediately said: “While there are not many people, You and me, hurry up. The three drops of undead liquid must be taken first. You and I take one drop and the other drop.”

Before Ni Guang said, a voice came from afar: “Oh? It turns out that this is the original liquid of immortality, so this is the rumored tree of immortality? Hehehehe, it seems that the old man is really lucky, and the other drop of immortal liquid belongs to the old man!”

When the words fell, a cloud of black air rushed in quickly, and the black air was so dark that it seemed that even the light could be swallowed. In the black air, the figure of the ghost ancestor was vaguely visible.

Ni Guang and Zilong changed their faces at the same time, and they both turned to look at Guizu.

The ghost ancestor stood still, and then glanced at Ni Guang and Zilong, and asked with a chuckle: “You two should have no opinion?”

Zilong and Zilong Ni Guang glanced at each other, his eyes met for a moment, and there seemed to be some communication. Soon, Zilong nodded: “With your cultivation level enough to be on the same level as this seat and Mr. Ni, this third drop of immortal liquid is left to Come and pick it up.”

“That’s what I mean.” Ni Guang nodded and agreed.

“In that case, let’s do it.” Guizu smiled.

Although he has made Ni Guang and Zilong both agree with him with his extraordinary strength, he is still at a loss as to how to obtain the undead liquid, so he is not in a hurry to be the first one, but is ready to go first. Observe the actions of Zilong and Ni Guang carefully before making plans.

At this moment, so many Void Kings came to the empty flat land. Zilong seemed to be afraid of long nights and dreams, so he immediately started to do it.

As soon as he raised his hand, something glowing with bronze light, like a giant python suddenly appeared. As his Saint Yuan poured in, the two eyes on the head of the thing suddenly appeared. The earth burst into light, as if the whole had come alive.

“Puppet?” The ghost ancestor narrowed his eyes, and immediately understood that Zilong was prepared for a long time. The puppet is not a flesh and blood body, and should not be afraid of the terrifying power of the Qi Yao Baoguang, so let the puppet go deep into Qi Yao. Baoguang went to take the immortal liquid, which was the best and safest method.

But is it really that easy? Guizu was suspicious, still calm on the surface, he turned his gaze to Ni Guang again.

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Ni Guang also released a puppet, but it was not a giant python puppet, but a human-shaped puppet. The puppet did not know which master’s hand, refined it. It is so vivid that it might be regarded as a real person at first glance. Only by carefully distinguishing can you notice that this puppet is lifeless.

As soon as two puppets with different shapes appeared, they all rushed towards the place where the old tree was, under the urging of Ni Guang and Zilong.

The giant python zigzags forward on the ground, while the humanoid puppet rushes.

In a short while, both puppets rushed into the seven light beams. At this moment, their speed dropped sharply, as if they were trapped in a mire, struggling.

Not only that, there was a clicking sound from the two puppets, as if a huge force suppressed them and made their joints inconvenient to move.

Ni Guang and Zilong’s faces became extremely solemn at the same time.

Although they were all prepared and brought the best puppets to help out, they still underestimated the terrifying power of the Seven Luminaries. Puppets who are not flesh and blood are not afraid of the erosion and erosion of the Seven Luminaries. Ignore the damage of defense, but the ubiquitous pressure is not something that a puppet can easily resist.

If you continue like this, I’m afraid it won’t be long before your puppet will be crushed by the Seven Lights of Light.

As soon as I thought of this, Zilong did not dare to neglect, and frequently urged his mind to control the giant python puppet to move forward.

In an instant, the python’s speed increased a lot, and it took a lot of effort, and the python puppet finally came to the immortal tree.

At the same time, Ni Guang’s humanoid puppets also followed.

The eyes of the two burst into fiery expressions, and at the same time, their hearts moved, and they gave instructions to their respective puppets.

At the next moment, the giant python’s body hovered around, entwining the entire unold tree, and then applied fiercely, as if it wanted to uproot the unold tree!

And the humanoid puppet’s approach is more vivid and direct, holding the roots of the old tree with both hands, working hard!

The two big virtual kings and two-level realm powerhouses obviously all have the same plan.

As a result, the giant python puppet held the humanoid puppet tightly, and the humanoid puppet was unable to exert its full strength, only a dense clacking sound was heard from the two puppets.

The eyelids that Guizu looked at were beating, and his heart was slightly angry.

After all, in those three drops of immortal liquid, but there is one of his, Ni Guang and Zilong did not say hello to this matter of killing chickens and getting eggs, which really made the ghost ancestors unhappy.

But soon, the ghost ancestor laughed strangely, because he found that there was no cooperation between the two puppets, but they restrained each other’s movements. Under the madness of the puppet, there was no damage, and it was still as new.

“Mr. Ni, let your puppet quit first.” Zilong suddenly yelled, “I promise, if you can get an old tree, you will get a share!”

While talking, Zilong continued to spur the power of the giant python puppet.

Ni Guang sneered: “Brother Zi, what if you let your puppet quit first? The old man can also guarantee that if you can get the old tree, you will get a share!”

Two Everyone looked at each other and saw the distrust in each other’s eyes. At the same time, they gave a cold snort, and didn’t pay attention to each other again.

The situation was suddenly deadlocked.

At this time, Kongfa from the spine of the galaxy also rushed over. When he saw the situation in front of him at first, Kongfa couldn’t help but froze for a while, and didn’t figure out what was going on for a while, waiting to see After Xu Wei, Kong Fa looked happy and wanted to join Xu Wei.

After all, these two guys are raccoon dogs in the same group, and they like to mess around the most.

But just as he moved, Xu Wei shook his head at him without a trace.

Kong Fa stopped his figure immediately, looked at Xu Wei thoughtfully, and then at Zi Donglai beside him, his expression dignified.

He also discovered that Xu Wei had lost an arm, and now he didn’t know what was going on, he was standing with the people of Zixing.

Before he understood the situation, he didn’t dare to make any rash actions. Instead, he observed it from left to right. The next moment, he came to Meng Tong’s side, clasped his fists and said, “Brother Meng, dare to ask here. What’s the situation?”

Meng Tong glanced at him, but didn’t hide anything, and simply explained the current situation.

Meng Tong has always been alone, so he has no hatred with Star River Ridge. On the contrary, he sometimes goes to the abandoned lair and Star River Ridge two places, because in these two places, he I can often find the training materials I need, and I have had several connections with Kong Fa.

So in the face of Kong Fa’s inquiry, Meng Tong didn’t hide it much.

“It was actually an immortal tree and immortal liquid?” Kong Fa’s body was shocked, his face was enthusiastic, his eyes turned toward the center of the field, his eyes were spinning, seeming to be moving something crooked.

“Brother Kong, don’t worry, there are three strong two-level virtual kings here. If they act rashly, the consequences will be serious.” Meng Tong reminded him with a smile.

Hearing this, Kong Fa reduced the enthusiasm on his face, and nodded slightly: “Brother Meng said that, but looking at the situation now, it seems that no one of them can easily succeed.”

“This is the opportunity.” Meng Tong whispered, “Wait, wait until the moment things turn for the better, maybe we can do something better.”

Kong Fa was deeply impressed, and immediately stopped. Words, but observe intently.

On the other side, Zi Donglai looked at Ni Guang, who was in a stalemate with his father in the fight for the unaging tree, with a sullen expression. He felt that if it had not been for Ni Guang’s interference, his father would have already bought the unaging tree. Because of Ni Guang from the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce, his father was helpless, and he was really horrible.

Suddenly, he saw Xueyue standing alone not far away. He couldn’t help but brighten up and thought of a good idea.

“Xu Wei.” With a movement of his mind, he gave Xu Wei a voice and shouted.

“What is the Young Master’s order?” Xu Wei shuddered all over, as if a little frightened, and quickly replied.

“Have you seen Xueyue?”

“Of course the old slave saw it.”

“Well, go, kill him!” Zi Donglai faintly Ordered.

“What?” Xu Wei’s face changed wildly, “Kill him? Young master, he is”

He is the future successor of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, even if it is Xu Wei’s fate The disciples did not dare to attack Xueyue easily, otherwise, even if he hid in the abandoned lair, President Io would try his best to get him out, so that he might be better off dead!

“What? Do you dare to listen to what the young master said?” Zi Donglai’s face sank.

“The old slave dare not, the young master calms down!” Xu Wei quickly admitted his mistake, his face extremely pale.

“It’s okay if you don’t dare.” Zi Donglai snorted, thought about it, and then said: “Actually, I don’t want you to kill him. After all, with his background, you don’t necessarily You can do it! Just go up and do it.”

Xu Wei heard this and suddenly realized: “The young master meant to interfere with Ni Guang’s state of mind by attacking Xueyue? So that he can’t fight for the old tree with all his strength?”

“Just know it.” Zi Donglai nodded slightly.

“I understand.”Xu Wei felt relieved, as long as he didn’t really want to kill Xueyue by himself, it would be easy to handle, and he slapped a flattery as he spoke: “The young master is really wise!”

“Alright, go ahead. “Zi Donglai urged impatiently.

Xu Wei nodded without a trace, and turned his gaze to Xueyue. Without saying a word, the realm of the Void King Realm burst out instantly, and Chao stood there. The watching Xueyue shrouded in the past.

How did Xueyue think that someone would sneak attack on him in such a place at this time, and he was still a Void King Realm, caught off guard by Xu Wei’s domain. Yan Yanshishi couldn’t help but snorted, and his body was half short.

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Chapter 1824: Immortal Tree and Immortal Liquid – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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