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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1825: Scramble Read Novel

Chapter 1825: Scramble – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1825: Scramble

Although Xu Wei’s sneak attack caught Xueyue a bit by surprise, her reaction was extremely fast. The moment she noticed something was wrong, she activated her own potential field, relieved part of the pressure, and at the same time she was shining. Crazy flash, a secret treasure like a jade was sacrificed by her, turned into a light curtain, covering her whole body.

The pressure brought by the light curtain body, the field field, is greatly reduced in an instant.

The Jade Ruyi in her hand is obviously a powerful artifact that can offset the power of the Void King Realm Field, just like the Minghai Domain Mirror worn by the Young Master Gu Jianxin of the Sword League.

Such a secret treasure is impossible for ordinary people to own. It is not easy to refine such a secret treasure, and the materials consumed are extremely expensive, and ordinary martial artists simply cannot afford it.

However, people like her and Gu Jianxin will inevitably carry one or two pieces on their bodies in case of emergency.

After all, people like them are only Void Mirror, and Void Mirror wants to contend with the Void King Realm. The biggest difficulty is the suppression of the potential field by the domain field. As long as this difficulty is overcome, the Void Mirror wants In fact, there is also a chance to survive under the Void King Realm.

For them, this kind of secret treasure is a life-saving secret treasure.

As soon as Yu Ruyi came out, Xueyue’s pressure was greatly reduced, and her short body slowly straightened, turned her head, and glanced coldly behind her to see who the attacker was.

“Xu Wei!” Xueyue yelled, with an unexpected look on her face. She didn’t even understand what kind of wind Xu Wei was doing, and unexpectedly attacked herself at this time.

After all, this will not do him any good, but it will offend the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce.

Is Xu Wei’s head caught by the door?

“Three young masters, you are offended!” Although Xu Wei was unwilling in his heart, he had to be forced by Zidong’s lust to continue to bite the bullet against Xueyue. The field was unable to completely suppress Xueyue, he With a wave of his hand, he sacrificed a secret treasure that looked like a dagger. He poured the Saint Yuan into it, and the dagger instantly trembled.

“Go!” Xu Wei flicked it, and the dagger turned into a stream of light, attacking Xueyue like an arrow from a string.

Xueyuehua’s complexion changed. Faced with a blow from the Void King Realm, she didn’t dare to resist it. She twisted her body quickly and walked away from the spot. At the same time, the secret treasure of Kushiro came out again, turning into two. Two turns into four, four turns into eight

In an instant, the sky is full of phantoms of hand-made secret treasures, making it hard to tell which one is true and which one is fake.

Those countless hand rings linger on Xueyue’s side, forming an airtight protective net.

Ding jingle bells

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A series of crisp noises rang out, the shadow of the hand shining touched with the light of the dagger, and the shadows were beaten and dissipated, and the power of the dagger was slowly consumed.

“Xu Wei, you are looking for death!” Ni Guang also found the movement here, and couldn’t help but furious and let out a deep cry.

Xu Wei gritted his teeth and said nothing. He was bitter and could not tell. His mouth was full of bitterness and he had eaten Coptis chinensis.

He knew that after this incident, he was completely in trouble.

“Mr. Ni, the previous proposal of this seat is still valid, you may wish to think about it again.” Zilong’s voice came out, not hurriedly, as if he had a chance to win.

Others don’t know why Xu Wei attacked Xueyue with a hot head, but Zilong knew it was his son’s idea. Now, only his son can let Xu Wei take action.

Zilong is very satisfied with Zidonglai’s decision.

Ni Guangmian sank like water, while controlling the humanoid puppet and the purple dragon to fight for the ageless tree, while darkening the situation on Xueyue’s side, soon, he bit and shouted: “The old man can’t get it. Don’t even think about it!”

“What do you want to do?” Zilong’s expression changed.

Ni Guang answered him with practical actions. At the moment when Ni Guang’s words fell, a dazzling light burst out of the humanoid puppet, and his limbs opened and closed, fiercely facing the giant puppet. Attacked.

There was a bumping sound, and sparks splashed from the python puppet being beaten.

“Ni Guang!” Zilong roared, his face was extremely hideous, his puppet was under great pressure in the seven light beams, and the damage was not small. Now he is one of Ni Guang’s humanoid puppets. After the fierce attack, the damage was even greater, and his limbs were a little unsound.

“Hahahaha!” Ni Guangda smiled, taking advantage of the moment when the giant python puppet was repelled, the humanoid puppet that controlled him grasped a leaf pregnant with immortal liquid, and then slammed it fiercely, Pulled the leaf down.

The next moment, the humanoid puppet rushed out without looking back.

However, during the assault, the puppet’s body heard the twitching sound of a broken bellows, and pieces of parts fell down.

This puppet has obviously reached its limit!

Its speed is getting slower and slower, it seems that it may crash at any time.

At the same time, Zilong’s giant python puppet is not much better. After being attacked by Ni Guang’s humanoid puppet, its limbs are also obscure, unable to move well, and the parts on its body are also Began to shatter.

Seeing this situation, Zilong immediately knew that there was no big thing to do, so he could only retreat and control the giant python puppet to bite a leaf pregnant with immortal liquid, bite it off, and then let the puppet return.

The two puppets one after the other brought back a leaf of an immortal tree, as well as a drop of immortal liquid.

Ni Guang and Zilong greeted them quickly, not daring to take it lightly.

If this time, the ghost ancestor suddenly robbed him, then all they did was just making wedding dresses for others.

On the other hand, Xueyue’s situation gradually became precarious. Ni Guang was unwilling to give up the immortal liquid and the leaves of the immortal tree, so he could only temporarily let Xueyue ask for more blessings.

He believed that with Xueyue’s background, Xu Wei would not be killed so easily.

Xueyue did not live up to his expectations. Powerful artifacts and various secret techniques have emerged one after another, and the companion demon Ling Hazhi has also been mobilized, but Xueyue and Xu Wei are still in a big state after all, so they are in a situation. Still worrying.

“The little thing, dare to bully the small with big, too much!” Guizu, who had been standing beside him silently, suddenly sneered and stretched out his hand and patted Xu Wei.

After that hand protruded, Xu Wei suddenly appeared on top of Xu Wei’s head, a big hand that covered the sky composed of black energy, and countless ghosts entangled and danced in his hand, making a terrible cry of horror.

The ghost ancestor suddenly made a move, causing Xu Wei’s soul to be in danger. He screamed, and he no longer dared to attack Xueyue. Instead, he hurriedly sacrificed his own protective secret treasure, and at the same time, operated the Saint Yuan, struggling towards the sky. one strike.

There was a loud bang, and the black giant hand trembled slightly after being beaten, but still patted down, directly covering Xu Wei.

The ground shook, and Xu Wei snorted. After the black giant hand dispersed, Xu Wei stood pale, with blood overflowing from the corners of his mouth.

In that blow, he was obviously injured.

The gap between the two levels of the virtual king and the first level can be seen!

After one blow, the ghost ancestor did not kill him. After all, although he is better than Xu Wei, it is not so easy to kill a Void King Realm. There are more important things waiting for him to deal with. How can he feel entangled with Xu Wei?

The reason why he shot is also entirely because of Yang Kai.

In his opinion, Xueyue is Yang Kai’s woman, and he is also the Supreme Elder of the High Heavenzong. How can he watch Xueyue being bullied by a Void King Realm? If you really sit back and watch like this, you won’t be able to explain it to Yang Kai.

“If you dare to do anything else, the old man will kill you!” Guizu gave Xu Wei a viciously threatening look.

Xu Wei suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

Xueyue panted, glanced at Guizu, and nodded gently at him to express his gratitude. On the contrary, Zidonglai, because of the interference of Guizu, made him extremely unhappy, and a trace of puzzlement flashed in his eyes And an angry look.

He didn’t understand why people like Guizu should help Xueyue.

After such a delay, Ni Guang and Zilong have separately started with the leaves of the immortal tree and the undead liquid. Both of them took out the preparations as quickly as possible. The vessel, put the treasure in it, sealed it, and stuffed it into the space ring, before exhaling.

No matter what, this time I can get a leaf of an immortal tree and a drop of immortal liquid. This trip has already been a great harvest. As for the immortal tree

The puppets of the two have all been destroyed. They can no longer go deep into the seven light beams and do whatever they want.

“Hey, Xiao Yang Kai is here!” Guizu suddenly looked in one direction with feeling.

Hearing what he said, Xueyue looked happy, followed his gaze, and she saw a flash of light flying over there quickly. Among the flash of light, there was something that made Xueyue extremely kind. Breath reveals.

A moment later, Yang Kai appeared, and was shocked to see so many people gathered here.

He hurriedly hurried, but he didn’t expect to be late.

He glanced at Xueyue, nodded without a trace, then rushed to the ghost ancestor, and asked in a low voice: “Elder Tai, am I coming late?”

“Well, it’s a bit late.” Guizu nodded, “But it doesn’t matter, the biggest baby is still here, they can’t take it away, hahahaha.”

Yang Kai immediately cast his eyes on the old tree when he heard the words, squinting his eyes carefully, and a shocked expression gradually appeared on his face.

He could feel this one that looked fragile. There is unimaginable vitality in the young saplings, and the milky white dew-like presence on one of the leaves is definitely an invaluable treasure.

“Isn’t the old tree, the undead liquid?” “Yang Kai whispered.

“Hey, do you recognize this thing?” “Guizu looked at him in astonishment.

If I hadn’t heard Ni Guang and Zilong just now, Guizu would not have recognized the old tree. Yang Kai didn’t expect Yang Kai to see it at a glance.

p0> “There is such a huge vitality thing, except for the old tree, I can’t think of anything else. “Yang Kai’s face was full of fiery color, “There are actually old trees here!” No wonder the sacred bird inhabits here.”

The immortal tree is the treasure of the world, in terms of value, it is much higher than the colorful Wenshen lotus of Yang Kai. After all, the sacred lotus only has the effect of nourishing and nourishing the soul, while the old tree can make it. The martial artist achieves the immortal body, which is lighter and heavier, at a glance.

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