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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1827: Power of Law Read Novel

Chapter 1827: Power of Law – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1827: Power of Law

The battle between Zilong and Ni Guang started instantly.

Xu Wei and Kong Fa looked at the terrifying scene in the sky with trembling eyes, and felt their own powerlessness deeply.

As the Void King Realm, they all have eyes above the top, but after all, they only have one realm. Now that they see the majestic power of the two realm powerhouses, they immediately understand their relationship The gap between each other.

Ni Guang and Zilong are both so powerful, what about the ghost ancestors of the same level as them?

The two have a close relationship and look at the ghost ancestor.

The ghost ancestor did not intend to attack them, but guarded Yang Kai’s side, not moving. He also knew the priorities. Now it is natural to protect Yang Kai’s safety. How can he take care of Xu Wei and Kong? law? As long as these two people don’t move, Guizu will not trouble them.

But Guizu did not expect that Xu Wei’s life and death are not under his control, but Zi Donglai is holding it in his hands.

Seeing that his father and Ni Guang had already joined forces, Zi Donglai was naturally unwilling to let his father fight alone, and immediately sent a message to Xu Wei, asking him to go to meet the ghost ancestors.

Xu Wei’s face was extremely ugly, and Zi Donglai was scolded bloody in his heart.

I was forced to be controlled by Zi Donglai because of his soul imprint, but he did not dare to resist at all. He could only hit his old friend with his idea. He rolled his eyes, calmed his mood, and whispered to him. Kong Fa spoke through the voice: “Brother Kong, the opportunity is here.”

Kong Fa frowned: “Brother Xu, shouldn’t you say that the opportunity is to attack that kid now?”

“That’s what I think.”

“You don’t want to die? The old guy next to the kid seems to be annoying, you and I are not necessarily his opponents together “Kong Fa was taken aback.

“Brother Kong, beg for wealth and danger! Since you and I have reached the Void King Realm, have you ever been promoted and broken through? Do you want to stay on the first level for the rest of your life? How much is the treasure of the old tree? People can’t see it if they want to see it. If you miss this time, Xu will definitely not feel at ease. No matter what you think, Xu will have to fight for it. What if he loses his life?” Xu Wei said earnestly Mobilized, trying to pull Kongfa into the water, otherwise he alone would not dare to touch the mold of the ghost ancestor.

Kong Fa’s expression could not help being solemn, as if he was thinking.

When Xu Wei saw a scene, he hurriedly hit the railroad while it was hot: “You and I don’t have to fight the old guy. Now Ni Guang is entangled by the purple dragon, only you and I need to be separated. With that old guy’s attention, another person can take the opportunity to attack the boy. As long as he can catch the boy, he will surely make the old guy throw a rat.”

“That said, but” Kong Fa still has something to do with it. timid.

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“Brother Kong, Xu is willing to pester the old guy, you take the opportunity to deal with that kid.” Xu Wei didn’t care much, and immediately swept dangerous things.

Kong Fa’s body was shaken, he looked at Xu Wei in amazement, and said with some emotion: “Brother Xu,”

In his impression, Xu Wei is not such a willing person. So Xu Wei’s proposal surprised him.

Xu Wei laughed: “I just hope that if Brother Kong succeeds, don’t forget Xu’s hard work!”

“Naturally not!” Kong Fa was finally moved by Xu Wei, Said solemnly: “If you say that, Brother Xu, if Kong Mou doesn’t agree, it’s too unrighteous. You’ve done it! If Kong Mou can really get it right, you and I will add five to you if you are not old!” p77>

“Okay!” Xu Wei was overjoyed, thinking to himself that he had finally dragged his old friend into the water, and he didn’t waste his tongue.

After the two negotiated, they stopped delaying time, and instead ran the Sage Yuan together, looking at Yang Kai maliciously.

“Hehehe” Guizuguai smiled, “Finally can’t hold back anymore? It just so happens that the old man is too boring to be so, so you two boys will play with the old man.”

The ghost ancestor said, the huge ghost head that had been suspended in the air suddenly roared, opened his big black mouth, and bit at Kong Fa and Xu Wei.

The two of them were taken aback, and quickly dispersed. While trying to avoid them, they sacrificed secret treasures and secret arts to hit the ghost head.

The ghost ancestor did not rush, pointed his hand, and the ghost head was immediately divided into two, making the two of the attacks failed, while the divided ghost head was twisted and transformed into two again. The appearance of the ghost head, chasing the two separately.

Both Xu Wei and Kong Fa’s expressions sank, only then did they realize that they looked down on Guizu too much. It is not easy to get rid of just by the chase of this ghost, let alone go close to Yang Kai to attack him.

For a time, the place where the sacred birds lived, the scene was very lively, and fierce battles were staged in the sky and underground.

Under the guardianship of Xueyue and Guizu, Yang Kai controlled the Dharmakaya to advance into the Seven Lights without any worries.

After a short while, the Dharmakaya came to the immortal tree.

Through the dharmakaya, Yang Kai can see this immortal tree clearly, and when he feels it up close, he can more and more realize how terrifying the vitality contained in the immortal tree is.

He had heard of the rumors of an immortal tree before, and he had also heard that an immortal tree had long been extinct in the long river of history, but he did not want to have one alive in this lost place.

This is the treasure that can make the immortal body! It’s something more valuable than Colorful Wen Shenlian, and it’s right in front of my eyes now!

Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel a little agitated, and calmed down for a while before he controlled the Law Bodies and wanted to uproot the old tree.

The two palms of the stone puppet Dharma body are held tightly at the roots of the old tree, and then lifted up with a slight force.

What surprised Yang Kai was that the immortal tree was not moving at all! This young sapling seemed to be rooted on the ground poured with steel.

He couldn’t help but increase his strength a little bit.

There is still no improvement.

Yang Kai didn’t believe in evil and added some strength again.

Three or five times like this, he couldn’t help being shocked.

Although the Dharma body stone puppet has not swallowed too many rare minerals and has not grown enough, it is not strong, but the special creature like the stone puppet is born a race of infinite power, and he controls the power of the Dharma body Under the action, even a hill can shake.

But this old tree can’t be pulled out!

However, what shocked Yang Kai even more was that under such a strong force, the old tree was not damaged at all!

If you change to a normal tree, I’m afraid it has already been broken by the law body.

In this way, the two puppets of Ni Guang and Zilong failed to obtain the old tree, not because they interfered with each other, but because the two puppets themselves were not strong enough.

At the time, even if they were working together, they didn’t want to get an old tree!

“Isn’t the power enough?” Yang Kai muttered to himself, his eyes flashed, the next moment, he stretched out his hand and waved, and the stone puppet appeared on the stage!

One stone puppet is not strong enough, two are always okay, right?

Moreover, Xiao Xiao has swallowed countless rare minerals, which is countless times stronger than the Law Body in terms of power.

As soon as Xiaoyou appeared, he received an order from Yang Kai, so it immediately rushed towards the unold tree, at an extremely fast speed.

In the next moment, it rushed into the Seven Luminaries!

Baoguang’s suppression struck in all directions, and a layer of indescribable, profound power fluctuations suddenly appeared from the small body, completely offsetting the suppression force.

The small body only paused slightly, and then walked unimpeded, walking in the seven luminaries, like walking on the ground.

“This is the power of the law?” Yang Kai was taken aback. Although his distraction was controlling the law body, he was not affected, so he still had a clear perception of the changes in Xiao Xiao’s body.

The power that surging out of the little body just now clearly brings a trace of the law of heaven and earth!

He is no stranger to this kind of breath. As the master of the dark star, he can experience the law of the dark star, and although the power of the law in Xiao Xiao’s body is extremely weak, it can be clearly seen as the real law. Power.

When did I realize this power? Yang Kai frowned. The creatures like stone puppets are not very intelligent, and it is impossible to rely on their own epiphany to comprehend. In this way, this power is formed by external forces.

When did this happen?

With a sudden change of mind, Yang Kai suddenly realized.

On that mine star, Xiao Xiao once swallowed the surviving star origin of the mine star, and then fell asleep for a while. At that time, Yang Kai thought Xiao Xiao would increase his strength after waking up.

But later facts proved that it hadn’t changed much, and Yang Kai was still a little disappointed at that time.

It seems that it is not that there is no change, but that it has not shown this change!

After devouring the remaining source of the mineral star, it clearly already possesses a trace of law power, and although this power is weak, it is more than enough to counter the Seven Luminaries.

The power of the law, that is an extremely profound power!

In Yang Kai’s absence, Xiao Xiao had already come to the side of the Dharma body, stood opposite the Dharma body, and immediately stretched out his hands and held the immortal tree.

At the next moment, a deep roar came from the little throat, and its two small eyes were rounded, and it looked like it had exerted its strength for feeding.


Underground, there was a vague sound of cracking something.

And the immortal tree, which has been motionless, was finally shaken by unmatched power at this moment. The weak and windy saplings were being pulled out at a subtle speed, and the ground suddenly cracked one after another. crack.

As the ageless tree was pulled out, the spiritual qi in the whole world was violently turbulent, which seemed to cause an incredible chain reaction.

“This is” Ghost Zu inadvertently obstructed Xu Wei and Kong Fa, while intently sensing the changes around him, his expression was solemn, he was shocked to discover that he was within a thousand miles of his divine consciousness. Inside, the anger contained in the heavens and the earth seemed to be moving around, madly gathering towards the immortal tree. In a short period of time, the anger in this medicine valley was greatly reduced.

With such an environment, I am afraid it will be difficult to grow any valuable geniuses here in the future.

“This immortal tree is closely connected with the vitality of Medicine Valley!” Guizu looked out of the famous hall, and his eyes flickered.

At this moment, there was a loud cry from the far horizon. The cry contained extremely angry emotions. Guizu looked up, his face suddenly changed.

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