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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1829: The Feather of Divine Bird Read Novel

Chapter 1829: The Feather of Divine Bird – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1829: The Feather of Divine Bird

In front of the divine bird, the power of the void was ups and downs, and the collapsed and contracted space cracks conveyed shocking power fluctuations. After a short time, the space of the cracks that existed in the lost land was condensed into A group.

However, it did not completely disappear, but formed a huge rotating vortex in front of the sacred bird. This vortex appeared translucent, like a mirror.

Through the mirror, you can vaguely see the opposite scene.

On the opposite side, there is a figure who is turning her head and looking around, seeming a little dazed. Who is that figure if it is not Yang Kai?

The sacred bird naturally saw clearly. It barely hesitated, wailed in its mouth, flashed its wings, plunged into the vortex in front of it, and then its figure appeared. On the other side of the mirror.

When the sacred bird left the lost land, the monstrous coercion instantly disappeared.

The powerful Void Kings who had fled before, also appeared one after another, gathered not far in front of the whirlpool, staring at the situation on the other side with weird expressions.

Over there, Yang Kai is being chased by the sacred bird, fleeing frantically, gradually drifting away.

And the space where he and the sacred bird are located looks so familiar.

“Is the star field on the opposite side?” Ni Guang raised his brows, recognizing that the area was where he and others had entered the Lost Land before.

“Why is there such a thing?” Guizu was also at a loss, and couldn’t figure it out anyway.

Not far away, Zilong’s expression changed, as if thinking about something, but soon, he made a decision, secretly said to Zidong, and then wrapped Zidong with Saint Yuan Come, rush towards the whirlpool.

Xu Wei was restrained by others and had to keep up.

When the three of them rushed into the whirlpool and appeared at the other end, they immediately followed Yang Kai’s direction and left. Looking at this posture, they obviously didn’t want to let it go. In Yang Kai’s hands, as long as he can catch up with Yang Kai, there is a chance to snatch the Immortal Tree from him.

“Uncle Ni, let’s go too.” Xueyue said in a hurry.

Ni Guang nodded: “Look at this, going out of this vortex is indeed a star field, and there is no danger. There is not much benefit here, so let’s go!”

As he spoke, he turned his head and looked at Guizu: “This friend, what do you plan to”

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Guizu snorted coldly: “This sect lord is being pursued, so the old man can never stand idly by!”

p0>”Okay, then Ni is with you.”

The two reached a consensus, and rushed towards the whirlpool.

The remaining Kongfa thought for a while, and hurriedly followed.

Sincerely According to Ni Guang, there is not much benefit here, and there will be no great gains if you stay here. It may also provoke the dangerous existence of this place. Instead, chase it out. Maybe if you are lucky, you can still grab some benefits from Yang Kai.

In a short while, everyone disappeared cleanly.

After another moment, a figure appeared sneakily on the spot, turning his head four times with a frightened face. Hope, it is Meng Tong who left here early.

I don’t know where he is hiding, and he will only show up until the peace here.


A sound of breaking through the sky came from far and near.

“Is anyone else here? “Meng Tong was stunned for a moment and looked in the direction of the sound source. After a while, a beautiful figure appeared in his field of vision.

After seeing the person’s appearance, Meng Tongchong He smiled slightly and said hello.

“Huh, is it Brother Meng? The visitor recognized Meng Tong and yelled with joy.

“Elder Luo! “Meng Tong greeted him. He knew the person who came here. It was Luo Lan from the Sword League. Although they weren’t familiar with each other, they had a lot of fate. Meng Tong is like this, he has no hatred with other virtual king realm powerhouses, and he will not make too deep friendships. He has always been alone.

“What happened here? My concubine was in the distance just now, and it seemed that I saw the trace of the sacred bird.” Luo Lan asked curiously. When the sacred bird left the nest, she also saw it, but at that time She was too far away from this place, when she arrived here, everything had settled, so what was happening here, she was at a loss.

“It’s a long story.” Meng Tong smiled bitterly, “But now there is a chance to leave this place. Should Elder Luo leave this place first?”

Luo Lan was startled. Looking at the vortex thoughtfully, he lightly opened his lips and said, “Leave through this vortex?”

“Yes. They are all gone, maybe only you and I are left in the lost land. Meng is also planning to leave.” Meng Tong nodded.

“Are you all gone?” Luo Lan was surprised, thought for a while, nodded and said: “In that case, let the concubine leave with you.”

“That’s great. “Meng Tong smiled slightly, and after speaking, he took the lead and rushed towards the whirlpool.

After he and Luo Lan leave the Lost Lands and return to the Star Territory, they will have time to briefly tell Luo Lan what happened before.

Luo Lan was shocked when he learned that the old tree had finally fallen into Yang Kai’s hands!

After all, there were so many strong people on the scene at the time, and there were also three powerful existences at the two-tier level of the Void King, but in the end it was Yang Kai, the Void Returning Mirror, which I have to say is really ironic and accidental.

Luo Lan couldn’t help feeling that Yang Kai’s luck was so good.

However, the Divine Bird obviously did not give up, but chased Yang Kai from the Lost Lands to the Star Territory. At this moment, Yang Kai’s situation must be extremely dangerous.

“Well, that’s how it happened.” After Meng Tong finished speaking, he said nothing.

Luo Lan looked into the distance with some worry, and he didn’t know whether Yang Kai could escape the disaster. Yang Kai had a good impression on her, and she was the person Gu Jianxin wanted to make. Naturally, she didn’t want Yang Kai to be surprised.

But now, the direction of the situation cannot be controlled by her, and Luo Lan feels powerless about this.

“Elder Luo, Meng is going to leave here, and there will be a period of time!” Meng Tong is a careful person. Although not old trees are also very attractive to him, he does not think that extreme luck is enough. Heaven, so he didn’t intend to mix the muddy water behind, after coming out of the Lost Land, he would return to his cave mansion to retreat.

His gains from this trip are not small. Going back to retreat for a while, if he is lucky enough, even if he can’t be promoted, he can increase his strength a lot.

“Thank you, Brother Meng, for your confusion, Brother Meng has a good journey!” Luo Lan nodded gently.

“Farewell!” Meng Tong arched his hand slightly, then turned and left.

After Meng Tong left, Luo Lan couldn’t help sighing, and didn’t intend to pursue anything. Instead, he recognized the direction on the spot and returned to the location of Green Jupiter.

At the same time, Yang Kai is running wildly in the star field!

Behind, Qiyao Peacock chased him like a whirlwind, making him feel depressed.

He didn’t know how strong the Divine Bird was and what realm it was equivalent to, but judging from the situation in which this evil animal chased him all the way, its strength was definitely not below the third-tier realm of the Void King.

Because even if I used the space secret technique and moved quickly, I still couldn’t get rid of its chase.

The wide wings flashed lightly, and in a flash it was a distance of tens of hundreds of miles.

Yang Kai almost vomited blood.

The sacred bird seems to have the hatred of killing his father and the hate of taking his wife, biting behind him, the distance between the two is sometimes enlarged and sometimes reduced, and there is no sign of being able to get rid of it.

What made Yang Xinxian even more frightened was that the divine bird would spit out the Seven Luminous Light from time to time. At this time, he had to concentrate on avoiding it, and he didn’t dare to let Baoguang contaminate himself.

This kind of fleeing in the star field, there is a strong enemy behind it, which is somewhat familiar.

When Yang Kai fled from Cuiwei Xing, Luo Hai chased him in this way. After chasing him for more than half a year in the star field, Luo Hai completely lost his trace until Yang Kai went to Chilan Star and hid in the Profound Realm Pearl.

And now, the sacred bird is doing the same thing again, its strength is much stronger than that of Luo Hai.

If it hadn’t been for Yang Kai’s experience in space power during this period of time, he would definitely be in a disaster.

The space power is mobilized time and time again, avoiding the seven light beams again and again, the situation looks extremely dangerous.

And after countless assaults to no avail, the sacred bird seemed to be completely offended.

It no longer simply spit out precious light to attack Yang Kai, splitting out many feathers gathered from its body by pure energy, and attacking Yang Kai overwhelmingly.

There are many treasures, but these attacks are extremely difficult to prevent.

Yang Kai suffered a great deal.

The more than twenty blood beasts that were finally condensed in the Lost Lands, several of them were also damaged, so that he avoided danger.

Each blood beast represents a golden bloodshot. If the blood beast is damaged, it means that the golden bloodshot is destroyed.

Yang Kai’s heart is dripping blood.

An undetectable “shoo” sound came from behind. Yang Kai’s expression changed. When he was about to avoid, he was shocked to find that this time the attack of the god bird was a little different. Faster and more ferocious than ever.

He didn’t dare to be negligent, and turned around in a hurry, dashing his hands in front of him.

The space in front of him was influenced by space power, and a circular space crack suddenly appeared.

As soon as the crack took shape, a ray of light burst into the air.

With a clatter, from the throbbing of the soul, the circular crack made by Yang Kai was directly broken, and a fierce attack penetrated the crack and hit Yang Kai’s chest.

The pain hit, Yang Kai only felt that his body was about to be shaken apart, something poured in from his chest, shot out from behind, and brought up a piece of golden blood.

He was hit hard by this, and his expression suddenly languished.

Under the huge inertia, his body is also like a rag sack, flying towards the rear.

While busy, Yang Kai looked down. After seeing his injury clearly, a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Something penetrated my chest, but fortunately, it didn’t hurt the position of the heart. Instead, it rubbed the edge of my right chest and hit it.

Such injuries are not fatal, but they are enough for Yang Kai to drink a pot.

“Chichi” made the voice of his dead souls sound. Yang Kai looked up, only to see the Qi Yao peacock who was chasing after him, with real feathers floating around.

That is the feather of a bird, each of which is the essence of its energy and spirit, and it will not be used easily.

From this, it can be seen how strong the determination of Shenqi to kill Yang Kai is.

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