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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1832: What kind of a riddle? Read Novel

Chapter 1832: What kind of a riddle? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1832: What kind of a riddle?

“This sacred bird” Xu Wei looked confused. He didn’t know what happened to the sacred bird at this moment, and why it fled like a bereaved dog.

“It seems like a breakthrough.” Zilong thoughtfully.

It is not that he is not knowledgeable enough, it is actually related to the power of the laws of heaven and earth, and he is not allowed to enter.

“Look over there!” Zi Donglai seemed to have discovered the new world, and screamed in a certain direction: “It’s that kid, definitely that kid! He’s not dead yet!”

Thousands of miles away, a dazzling light flickered. Although it was too far away, Zi Donglai did not see Yang Kai’s face clearly, but he also inferred that it was definitely Yang Kai.

After all, at this kind of time, in this kind of place, who else besides Yang Kai?

“It’s just right that I didn’t die!” Zilong’s eyes flashed brightly, “It’s really God’s help.”

He was worried that Yang Kai would be killed by the sacred bird and the old tree would be snatched back. Now that he learned that Yang Kai was safe and sound, his mood was suddenly shaken.

As long as the old tree is still in Yang Kai’s hands, then he still has a chance!

At the moment, he didn’t hesitate anymore, Sheng Yuan wrapped Zidong around and hurriedly chased in the direction of Yang Kai.

Not far behind the three people of Zilong, Ni Guangguizu and others also encountered the sacred bird who rushed back. The Qi Yao Baoguang spit out from the sacred bird was tossed for a while.

“Shen Bird returns to the nest that Yang Kaihe” Xue Yue waited to stabilize her body, her face couldn’t help turning pale, thinking of a possibility that was almost unacceptable to her, her body was a little shaky.

A woman is not the same as a man. Many years ago, above the Death Star, Yang Kai touched her all over her body. Although she hated him deeply at the time, she was the first one after all. Touching a man who violated her body has occupied a very special place in her heart. Later, she was eroded by Xuan Yin Kui Shui, and her life was hanging by a thread. It was Yang Kai who saved her life by refining the spirit pill.

She wooed Yang Kai and wanted to keep this man by her side, but was rejected by him, and Xueyue was sad.

So over the years, Xueyue has been nostalgic for Yang Kai and never forgets.

But she has her pride, she has her style of acting, she can’t stalk Yang Kai like an ordinary woman, say anything shameful, as the next successor of the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce, What she needs to consider most is the prosperity of the Chamber of Commerce. As for her own happiness and desire, it is nothing more than spectacle.

In the imperial garden, I met Yang Kai for the second time. Xueyue was extremely happy. I wanted to have a good talk with Yang Kai, but when I saw Yang Kai and Shan Qingluo’s enchanting girl, I was very affectionate. Miyi, Xueyue was so angry.

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The reunion did not end with the best ending.

This matter has made Xueyue regret for a long time, and also blamed herself for a long time, secretly determined that if there is a chance to see Yang Kai again next time, she must speak clearly to him.

But she also knows that the star field is so vast that it is almost impossible for two unconnected people to meet again.

What made her even more unexpected was that another reunion would really come.

Outside the entrance to the Lost Land, Xueyue couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Yang Kai rushing over.

She is not a little girl who is easy to be confused. She has always sneered at fate, but this time, she was a little convinced.

In the lost land, under the crisis of life and death, Xueyue finally put aside everything and forced Yang Kai to express his stance and fulfilled his wish with a hard-line approach that was almost shameless.

As she said, her requirements are not high, as long as there is such a man in this world who can treat her in the same way as a woman and let her feel everything that a woman should have, she will be satisfied Up.

But now this person may be dead!

Xueyue could hardly accept it, she was stupid in place like thunder, her pretty face was pale and bloodless.

“Boy Yang is not dead!” Guizu had a deep gaze, staring forward, “Zilong chased him out, and he must have found the trail of Boy Yang. Let’s also catch up with him. Move quickly. Take his The strength cannot resist Zilong. If Zilong is allowed to take the first step, it will be irreversible!”

Listening to what he said, Xueyue’s body was shaken, and she quickly looked at Ni Guang with a light voice. Trembled: “Uncle Ni!”

Ni Guang was silent, Shengyuan enveloped Xueyue, and went hand in hand with the ghost ancestor.

After flying for a while, Ni Guang suddenly said: ’Sir, this kid Yang Kai would be a good friend, but you shouldn’t take him too seriously. You have to know what you have on your shoulders. Mission.”

He obviously also saw a problem. Whether it was Xueyue’s performance in the Lost Lands or his current eagerness, he realized that Yang Kai was in Xueyue’s mind. Weight.

Xueyue’s face became stiff when she heard the words, and she nodded insignificantly: “I know, Uncle Ni.”

The ghost and ancestor laughed: “The sons and daughters are in love, the men are happy Female love is justified, what does this have to do with the mission on her body? Hehehe, you guys in the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce are too despised.”

Ni Guang’s face changed drastically, and he turned his head in amazement to look at the ghost ancestor.

“What are you looking at? The old man knows that this little girl is a daughter! I believe you also know. “Guizu snorted coldly, “What kind of a riddle?”

Hengluo Chamber of Commerce dared to let Ni Guang take Xueyue out to practice with confidence. Obviously, he is a trustworthy person. Moreover, Ni Guang has the cultivation level of the Void King, and he is absolutely qualified to contact the Chamber of Commerce Top secret.

So Guizu is not afraid to say anything.

In fact, as Guizu expected, the entire Hengruo Chamber of Commerce knows that Xueyue is a daughter. Individuals, and among these people, Ni Guang is included.

Ni Guang and Iou have known each other since they were young. They have contributed to the development of Hengruo Chamber of Commerce over the years. Having made a huge contribution, it can be said that Ni Guang is in the Chamber of Commerce, second only to Io and the few elders who do not care about the world.

“How did you know about this kind of thing? “Ni Guangda pales in shock.

“What’s so strange.”Guizu sneered,” the old man not only knows that Xiao Nizi is a daughter, but the old man also sees that her physique is not so general. Although I don’t know what it is, I want to come here to hide her true gender. Um, Let the old man guess that the physique that needs to be concealed by concealing gender, besides the rumored Miaolu Divine Body, there is also the Dragon Marrow Phoenix Body. Seeing Xiao Nizi’s appearance is not too charming, so it should not be Miaolu Divine Body, she Dressed up as a man is actually full of heroism, so it seems that it is actually a dragon marrow phoenix body? Tsk this kind of physique is rare in thousands of years.”

Ni Guang was really horrified this time. He stared at the ghost ancestor with gloomy eyes. He never expected this old guy’s eyes to be so vicious. Based on speculation, Xueyue’s true physique was calculated.

Xueyue was also shocked and looked at the ghost ancestor in surprise.

She believed that this kind of thing was definitely not true. Yang Kai told Guizu that Yang Kai would not be bored to such an extent.

“You” Ni Guang opened his mouth.

“Relax! “Gui Zu stretched out a hand with a smile, patted Ni Guang on the shoulder, and his actions were very affectionate.

Ni Guang was a little wary at first, but he noticed that Gui Zu was not malicious, and he did not react too strongly. Let him pat his shoulder.

“The old man will not do anything to Xiao Nizi. After all, the girl is the woman of the suzerain. If we count this, we are also a family. However, the suzerain is really blessed, another day. The two only need yin and yang to reconcile, and he is afraid that his strength will increase again.” The ghost ancestor continued to laugh strangely.

’Senior!” Xueyue was so ashamed that she blushed, and gave Guizu angrily, blaming him for being unreserved and disrespectful.

Ni Guang’s head was muddy, and he was tossed by the ghost ancestor with no temper, so he could only cast his eyes on Xueyue.

Xueyue lowered her head, not daring to say anything.

“Hey!” Ni Guang sighed deeply, “Yue’er, don’t let your father know beforehand. I’m afraid he will get angry. You are the one I saw when I was a child. Ni Shu has no children and no daughters. You are my daughter. I will find a chance to talk to your father about this, and see what he means.”

“Thank you, Uncle Ni!” Xueyue bit her red lips and whispered.

“Don’t thank me first. You know what your father’s temper is like. This is difficult.” Ni Guangshen sighed deeply, and suddenly glared at the ghost ancestor: “You old bastard too. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed, and say such things in front of a junior.”

“Hey!” The ghost ancestor smiled and didn’t care at all.

“But” Ni Guang looked at him, staring deeply at the ghost ancestor, “You just called that kid the sect master. So, you and him belong to the same sect? What sect of yours, why? I’ve never heard of you before?”

In Ni Guang, I think that with such a powerful cultivation realm as the ancestor of the ghost, the sect in which he is located must not be an unknown existence. It should be a famous name.

But he had never heard of the ghost ancestor before, and had never seen him.

“The old man and Yang Xiaozi are indeed the same sect, but it was in the Lost Lands that the old man decided to join. The old man has never seen the sect.”

Ni Guang looked at the ghost ancestor like a fool, and said in amazement: “Did you decide to join? Is there anything about that kid’s sect that attracts a character like you?”

Can win over a virtual king with two levels A strong realm, there must be a strong attraction to it, otherwise, how can a virtual king two-layer realm agree to join? Ni Guang was very curious, what exactly is there in Yang Kai’s sect that can attract ghost ancestors.

“Hey!” Guizu smiled without saying a word, looking mysterious.

Hmph, if the old man told you that there are three virtual king-level alchemists in the sect, wouldn’t it be scaring you to death? I don’t want to show off this kind of thing casually.

“That’s it.”Ni Guang waved his hand with some interest, “Don’t tell me, but since you are always in charge, that kid’s sect should not be far behind, and I don’t think that kid’s qualifications and conduct are bad, Yue’er’s. The vision is not bad, but there are some qualifications to match Yue’er.”

Xueyue smiled sweetly. Hearing Ni Guang complimenting Yang Kai seemed to be happier than hearing him complimenting herself.

Ni Guang looked at her expression in his eyes and sighed in his heart. Yue’er is such a wise person, how can such a thing happen to be the same as an ordinary woman?

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Chapter 1832: What kind of a riddle? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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