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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1833: The mouse son can make holes Read Novel

Chapter 1833: The mouse son can make holes – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1833: The mouse son can make holes

Star Territory, Yang Kai flees with all his strength.

Although the sacred bird was repelled by the law of heaven and earth and had to retreat temporarily, Yang Kai knew that his crisis had not been resolved.

Because a dazzling purple light on the back is quickly chasing.

The purple dragon!

Almost no need to think about it, Yang Kai knew who the owner of the purple light was. With such a conspicuous color, there could be others besides the purple dragon who had cultivated the Purple Qi Long River Jue?

Since Zilong came after him, Xu Wei must be there.

With his current strength, if it were in his heyday, he might be able to be brazen at the first level of the Void King, but against a strong person like Zilong, he was completely powerless.

What’s more, when he was chased by the sacred bird, he frequently mobilized the space power and consumed too much. His body was pierced by the sacred bird’s feather and was traumatized. At this moment, Yang Kai only wanted to run farther. The better, how dare you slow down?

But even if he is burdened with the power of space, after a long run and exhaustion, he can’t bear it at this moment.

Mobilize the power of space, and can only move more than a dozen miles at a time. Such a distance is nothing for a two-layer virtual king. Even if you are not proficient in the power of space, use purple The strength of the dragon can run such a long distance in the blink of an eye.

In desperation, Yang Kai could only sacrifice the Star Shuttle. He sat cross-legged on the Star Shuttle, while he was flying the Star Shuttle while urging his own wind and thunder wings.

Behind the masterpiece of the sound of wind and thunder, the transparent two-color wings appear, the wind energy on the left half is lingering, and the thunder force on the right is violent, making his speed soar.

Looking back, and observing silently for a moment, he was sure that his current speed was almost the same as the speed of Zilong’s pursuit, and Yang Kai was relieved.

As long as he can gain time, he has a chance to recover.

However, where to escape now is a crucial question.

The attraction of the immortal tree is too great. He is sure that Zilong will never give up anyway, so he must choose a clear goal, a safe goal!

In the star field, only the cultivation star and the gloom star where Tongxuan Continent is the most familiar, but these two places are too far away from him, it would take a year or two to fly over. And these two places are not safe.

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If the purple dragon is really led to one of them, it will only be a disaster. Whether it is the Tongxuan Continent or the Gloom Star, there is no strong person who can resist the purple dragon.

Tongxuan Continent is not good, nor is Gloom Star, so where should I go?

Yang Kai was a little at a loss for a while.

He has been in the star field for so many years, only to find that his contact surface is too monotonous. At this moment when his life is threatened, he has nowhere to go.

Thinking like this, he immersed his consciousness into the sea of ​​knowledge, transformed into a spirit body, and looked up.

I know the sky above the sea, the stars are shining, and there is a little light.

That is the star map that was refined into the sea of ​​knowledge by Yang Kai, and the star map that encompasses the entire star field!

Yang Kai’s spiritual mind quickly wandered through the star chart, looking for a place to take refuge.

Every time he looked at a place, he slowly shook his head, his face darkened.

For a while, he couldn’t find a good place.

Waily, he saw a certain place, his eyes lit up, and he whispered: “Yes, you can go to that place, it’s so stupid.”

He secretly blamed himself Anxious and forgetting things, I even forgot that place. If I can escape into that place, what if Zilong is a two-tier virtual king? Don’t talk about him, even if the old monsters who are out of this world come, they don’t want to get themselves out of there.

There is a safe haven!

Furthermore, you can also take the opportunity to consolidate your harvest this time in this place, and by the way, see if you can take the opportunity to be promoted to the virtual king state.

The difference between him and the Void King Realm now is only his perception of the power of the Heavenly Dao in the realm. In addition, both the physical body and the divine consciousness are stronger than the ordinary Void King Realm.

So as long as he can be promoted to the Void King Realm, he doesn’t need to fear Zilong anymore.

“It’s decided, go there!” Yang Kai yelled, the spirit body dispersed, his mind escaped from the sea of ​​consciousness, and returned to the body.

The next moment, he opened his eyes, his eyes flickered, he turned his head and glanced at the purple dragon who was chasing behind him, sneered constantly: “Catch it, I will call you someday. Unable to regret it, huh!”

As soon as the holy yuan urged, the speed of the star shuttle suddenly increased.

“This bastard!” Thousands of miles away, Zi Donglai yelled, “What secret technique did he use to make it so fast?”

Zilong is also gloomy. Face, the mood is very bad.

Originally, he thought that there was no interference from the sacred bird, and it was absolutely easy to capture Yang Kai with his strength, but he did not think of chasing Yang Kai in the star field, the distance above There is no sign of getting closer.

In terms of speed, this kid can match himself!

“What the young master said is that this kid must have used some secret technique for overdrawing, so he can be so fast, but the young master can rest assured that when his secret technique fails, he will definitely slow down. With Master Zilong’s ability, he can certainly be easily captured.” Xu Wei saw Zi Donglai’s anger and hurriedly said to appease.

He wasn’t worried that Zi Donglai was mad at himself, but now that people are under the eaves, if Zi Donglai has no place to vent his anger and send it to his head, wouldn’t he want to help Yang Kai? Top pot?

He won’t do such stupid things.

He just wants to be safe, and besides, he doesn’t dare to ask for anything more.

Zi Donglai glanced at him slantingly, seeing Xu Wei beating the drum in his heart, not knowing what the young master was thinking, so he could only accompany his face and laugh constantly.

“Are you sure what secret technique he used? Are you sure that his secret technique will fail?” Zi Donglai asked.

“Uh, this” Xu Wei was at a loss for words.

Damn it! Didn’t you just say that he used the secret technique? The old man just followed your words, and now you come to ask the old man again, you are a fucking pig!

Xu Wei kept slandering in his heart, very angry, but did not dare to show it on his face, so uncomfortable to death.

“Trash!” Zi Donglai cursed, turning his head to stop looking at him.

Xu Wei smiled shyly and said: “Yes, yes, old slave waste!”

The old man will never pick up your stubbornness again.

While the two talked, Zilong kept gazing deep in front of him.

His spirit is much stronger than Zi Donglai and Xu Wei, and his eyesight is also very strong, so even though he is thousands of miles away, he can see some of Yang Kai’s situation.

Yang Kai did use a secret technique, which is a secret technique that can give birth to wings behind his back.

Although Zilong has never practiced this kind of secret technique, he also knows that this kind of thing does not consume much to the martial artist. It is impossible to expect Yang Kai’s secret technique to fail and exhaustion.

He looked back again, frowning.

Unexpectedly, Ni Guang and the ghostly fellow also chased them, and they were also thousands of miles away from him.

There are many dreams in the night! If Yang Kai were to join the two behind him, then things would be troublesome.

As soon as I thought of this, Zilong suddenly opened his mouth and let out a breath slowly.

Along with this breath, a shuttle-shaped secret treasure suddenly appeared.

“This is” Zi Donglai seemed to have seen this thing for the first time, and his eyes gleamed involuntarily.

Xu Wei also frowned. Based on his experience, he couldn’t see what this thing was.

If Yang Kai were here, he would definitely be surprised.

Because this thing looks very similar to the small battleship of Ling Xiaozong.

In addition to refining a virtual king-class battleship, Yang Yan also equipped another small battleship on the battleship, which also showed a shuttle shape.

“Brokong Shuttle!” Zilong said faintly, “I, a senior of Zixing, obtained the refining method from the emperor tens of thousands of years ago, but the ability Only one ship was refined, and it has some flaws, but it should be more than enough to chase this kid, all come up!”

While speaking, Zilong waved his hand and opened the flying shuttle into the wind. In the blink of an eye it became a three-foot-long thing.

A hidden door appeared on the shuttle, and the three of them filed in.

Entering inside, Xu Wei and Zi Donglai both watched in wonder, and suddenly discovered that there are many arcane formations inscribed in the inside of the Shuttle Shuttle, and those formations are all inlaid. Many top grade holy crystals.

“Xu Wei, go to host this formation!” Zilong pointed to a place and commanded Xu Wei.

“I would also like to ask Master Zilong for your advice, how should the old slave do it”

“Sit on the formation and instill the holy yuan.” Zilong explained.

“The old slave understands.” Xu Wei flashed around and sat down cross-legged in the formation, but before he could pour the Saint Yuan into the formation, his expression changed and he became bored. Snorted.

Because at this moment, this formation is actively extracting his holy yuan, and the speed is extremely fast.

This changed his face greatly.

Instinctively wanted to jump out, but as soon as he came into contact with Zilong’s stern gaze, he shrank his head and sat back again.

The dragon gives birth to the dragon, the phoenix gives birth to the phoenix, and the mouse son will make holes.

The father and son really don’t have a good thing! Xu Wei’s heart was full of tormented scars. It was so terrible to see it.

No wonder Zilong said that this shuttle was flawed. It turned out to be used only by drawing the martial artist Shengyuan, and the power of this formation is normal The warrior couldn’t bear it at all, even in the Void King Realm like himself, I’m afraid it won’t last long for the Saint Yuan to dry up.

“You sit here in the east.” Zilong pointed to another formation and said to Zidong.

“Yes, father.” Zi Donglai did not hesitate at all, sitting on top of another formation.

And Zilong chose the third formation.

The three of them sat cross-legged in the Pokong Shuttle, with a wide array of formations. In an instant, the Pokong Shuttle hummed and rushed forward quickly.

The speed is definitely much faster than the speed of the purple dragon, it looks like a broken void, quite the essence of the name.

“Haha, boy, let’s see where you are going!” Zi Donglai laughed. He sat on the formation, and after running the Saint Yuan, he found that he was closely connected with the Po Kong Shuttle. At the same time, he could feel Yang Kai’s position clearly, and he couldn’t help being overjoyed. In this way, he could enjoy watching Yang Kai’s embarrassing posture as he fled.

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Chapter 1833: The mouse son can make holes – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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