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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1834: The Emperor’s Blood Pill Read Novel

Chapter 1834: The Emperor’s Blood Pill – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1834: The Emperor’s Blood Pill

Before in the Valley of Medicine, Zi Donglai was humiliated by Yang Kai three times and again, but there was a lot of Qi Yao Guangguang everywhere, so Zi Donglai’s rage had nowhere to vent.

The anger is just like good wine, it will be fermented over time

Zi Donglai can’t wait to drink Yang Kai’s blood and eat Yang Kai’s meat

At this moment Sitting in the Po Kong Shuttle, he was already imagining the wonderful scene of catching Yang Kai later and torturing him well. Thinking of the beauty, he couldn’t help laughing and looking crazy.

Xu Wei’s laughter came into Xu Wei’s ears, and he couldn’t help but shiver, and he didn’t know what good thing Zi Donglai, a fool thought of, made such a disgusting laugh, but he didn’t dare to ask more. Only sullen his head to pour the Saint Yuan into the formation under his body.

“What the hell?” Yang Kai, who had fled thousands of miles away, also noticed the anomaly behind him.

Although he didn’t see the Sakai Shuttle, it was obvious that the opponent’s purple light disappeared. Moreover, the distance between the opponent and himself was getting closer and closer!

With more than a dozen breaths of effort before and after, it has drawn a thousand miles closer!

According to this situation, wouldn’t it be overtaken as long as a stick of incense? Yang Kai was startled, his face suddenly hard to look.

For the present plan, all he can rely on is space power. However, space power is not inexhaustible. This power is the same as the Holy Origin Spiritual Consciousness. Time to recover.

At this moment, Yang Kai is recovering.

Seeing Zilong and others are chasing quickly, where does he have the leisure to wait slowly? After gritting his teeth, he took out an ethereal crystal from his space ring, held it in the palm of his hand, and drew energy frantically from it.

This ethereal crystal, which he found from the cracks in the space of the Lost Land, is the purest ethereal crystal, a product bred from the void, and is completely different from the derivatives on those mineral veins.

A stream of pure and mysterious power poured into Yang Kai’s body, making him instantly happy and joyous.

The spatial force that was originally dry in the body is replenished at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Compete with me and make you feel ashamed!” Yang Kai felt his own state, and felt that apart from the trauma on his chest, it would take some time to recover, everything else should be fine. Dading, the power of space lingered around him, his figure swayed slightly, and he was already hundreds of miles away.

Flicker again, and it’s hundreds of miles away.

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Now his comprehension of space power has reached a new high, and the distance he teleports is countless times stronger than before.

With the help of space power several times, the distance between the two parties has been enlarged again.

“What?” In Po Kongsuo, thinking about torturing Yang Kai, the refreshing Zi Donglai was taken aback and almost didn’t bite his tongue, because at this moment he was shocked to discover that he and Yang Kaizhi The distance between the two has actually been opened again.

“Can’t even Break Kong Shuo to keep up with his speed?” Zilong was shocked.

The method of refining the Sukong Shuttle was obtained from the emperor by one of the ancestors of Zixing. Although the refining level is not enough, although the refining is flawed, as long as it has something to do with the emperor, How can it go?

He always thought that Po Kong Shuttle is the fastest secret treasure in the entire star field. No one can compare anything with Po Kong Shuttle.

But now, the facts slapped him hard.

In front of Yang Kai who is proficient in space power, even if they use the power of the Shuttle Shuttle, they can only eat ashes from a distance.

No, maybe they can’t even eat ashes.

“This child must be killed as soon as possible, otherwise there will be endless troubles!” Zilong’s heart was shocked, and a deep jealousy appeared on his face.

The next moment, he yelled at Xu Wei: “Xu Wei, what are you still hesitating? Are you still trying to explode?”

Xu Wei’s mouth twitched, full of bitterness.

He was just sitting in the formation, and he was already tossed to death by the extraction force of the formation. He only felt that the holy yuan in his body was like a flood that bursts the bank, madly moving towards Elapsed.

At this moment, Zilong actually told him to explode with all his strength. Isn’t this killing people?

“Xu Wei, do you want to die? It turns out that you didn’t do your best!” Zi Donglai was furious and looked at Xu Wei in a gloomy manner.

“The young master calms his anger, the young master calms his anger, and the old slave will go all out!” When Xu Weiyou came into contact with Zi Donglai’s eyes, he was startled in a cold sweat. He knew that if he dared to speak long words, he would be afraid. Really lost life.

Zi Donglai, this bastard kid is not good to talk.

At the moment, he didn’t hesitate, as he urged the holy yuan, more surging power poured into the formation.

With a buzzing sound, the speed of the shuttle has increased sharply.

“Ha, I’m getting up soon, I see you’re done for this time!” Zi Donglai was completely crazy, sitting in place and shouting happily.

Thousands of miles away, Yang Kai frowned, “You can actually speed up. Interesting. If that’s the case, then follow it from a distance. I see when you can follow, but this It looks so familiar, it looks like the small battleship made by Yang Yan.”

Deep down in his heart, he was puzzled. Where did he know the method of refining this thing was passed down from Yangyan.

It’s just that Zixing has some refining skills. It’s not as powerful as one wants, and it’s far inferior to the battleship that Yang Yan personally made.

The battleship made by Yang Yan can truly shatter the void.

For a time, of the Star Territory The middle and upper stage performed the scenes of escape and chasing.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s injuries gradually healed.

His physique was originally extremely strong, and his golden blood possessed terrifying recovery. Ability, so he doesn’t need to do anything more. The place that was injured by the sacred bird has been repairing itself.

This is him. If you change into other warriors, you will suffer such an impact, even if you don’t die, you have to lose it. Half-life.

After the injury was healed, Yang Kai became more relaxed. He did not rush to use his star shuttle, and noticed that the Po Kong shuttle was approaching, and he played a few moments of space. After driving far away, they slowed down and let them catch up.

This kind of fishing practice made Zilong and Zidonglai’s father and son almost vomit blood in depression.

After so many days of chasing, both father and son were in a bad mood, with blue veins jumping on their foreheads.

Xu Wei is almost non-human!

He didn’t realize until now that what was extracted from that formation was not only his holy essence, but also the power of the source!

The origin power of a warrior is similar to the origin of the cultivation star. The origin is consumed and vitality passes, so it is extremely difficult to replenish it!

Xu Wei wanted to stop doing it a long time ago, but due to Zidonglai’s lust, how dare to give up lightly, so he can only sit on the formation with gritted teeth, while taking the pill to supplement his own wear and tear. Accept the drawing of the formation method against him.

To this day, Elder Xu, who used to be majestic and majestic in the past, is already thin and skinny, and his black hair has also turned into a silvery white color. He looks stubborn and old, which makes people cannot bear to look directly at him.

He never expected that he would fall into this land with a dignified Void King Realm, and he was extremely desolate.

The resentment in my heart towards the Zilong father and son is overwhelming!

Even so, Zi Donglai is still dissatisfied with his performance, constantly cursing waste.

From Zidonglai’s point of view, the reason why Po Kongshuo was unable to catch up with Yang Kai was all because Xu Wei was ineffective. If Xu Weizhong had used it, they would have already succeeded and returned to Zixing beamingly. After celebrating the feast, where would you follow Yang Kai’s ass?

“Xu Wei, take this.”Zilong suddenly took out a spirit pill from his space ring, and handed it to Xu Wei.

Xu Wei opened his turbid eyes, glanced at it, his heart burst, and subconsciously asked:” What kind of medicine is this?”

This spirit pill is bleeding red, and a strong bloody breath rushes forward. The breath makes people sick, and there seems to be a sense of violence hidden in it.

Xu Wei dare not. Take it easily. Now he is almost at the point when the oil is exhausted and the lamp is dead. Any accident can kill him.

“If you take it, take it, why is there so much nonsense? “Zi Donglai yelled angrily, but when he looked at the pill, an imperceptible reluctance flashed in his eyes.

Xu Wei looked at his changes in his eyes, and suddenly understood that the pill was about What a good thing.

“The emperor’s blood pill! “Zilong said in a deep voice.

The next moment, Xu Wei’s eyes popped out, without any hesitation, he snatched the great emperor’s blood pill and stuffed it into his own mouth.

In a moment, Xu Wei snorted, and a strong qi and blood exploded from his thin body, and his body gradually swelled as if he was blown out.

And he was originally. The dull skin actually started to become ruddy, and that white hair turned black at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Haha!” Xu Wei let out a long laugh, suddenly becoming vigorous, as if he was a few hundred years younger.

“Lord Zilong gave the pill, Xu Wei is grateful, the adults and young masters can rest assured, the old slave will definitely go all out!” Xu Wei said in a deep voice, and immediately urged Sheng Yuan to step down. Infused in the law.

Zilong nodded slightly, and a satisfied look appeared on his face.

The Great Emperor Blood Pill is a virtual king-level spirit pill that can be refined by his Purple Star’s Void King-level alchemist. Even the owner of the Purple Star has only two. This is the only inventory in the past 100 years, and it is used to save lives at critical moments.

Although the efficacy of this kind of pill is not as good as the legendary undead original liquid, it is also very against the sky, as can be seen from Xu Wei’s changes before and after.

If the situation is not urgent, why would he be willing to give Xu Wei this kind of pill?

However, Xu Wei is the key and indispensable if he wants to activate the Shuttle Shuttle. In desperation, Zilong can only give out a handful of blood.

I believe that with the support of the Great Emperor’s Blood Pill, Xu Wei can hold on for a long time. As long as he can catch Yang Kai, such efforts can be rewarded tens of thousands of times.

“Xu Wei, it’s up to you. If it can be done this time, I will let the dog lift your soul imprint.” Zilong said lightly.

Xu Wei’s body shook, a look of desperate desire appeared on his face, he nodded, kept silent, and went all out.

He is a Void King Realm, but now he is controlled by a little boy like Zi Donglai, which makes him faceless, and he will be frightened in the future. A word from Zi Dong at this moment will undoubtedly show him Hope for the future, so he no longer has any reservations, only to be able to catch up with Yang Kai as soon as possible and complete his task.

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Chapter 1834: The Emperor’s Blood Pill – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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