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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1835: Wait and see Read Novel

Chapter 1835: Wait and see – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1835: Wait and see

“Where did they go?” In the starry sky, Ni Guang, Guizu and Xueyue looked around.

A quarter of an hour ago, they lost the figure of Zilong, father and son, and Xu Wei. At that time, they only saw a flashing brilliance of secret treasure appearing in the direction of Zilong and others. Soon, Zilong. Long and others flee away.

“What did they use, why did the speed suddenly become so fast!” Xueyue was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, and now she can only chase Zilong to determine where Yang Kai is. I lost the trace of Zilong, where would she go to find Yang Kai?

Yang Kai brings an immortal tree, which is bound to cause endless disasters. She can’t worry about letting Yang Kai act alone. If she waits for someone to rush over, she can at least help him.

“Pak Kong Shuttle!” Ni Guang’s eyes gleamed, “It turns out that Zixing really has such a thing as Pak Shuttle. I always thought the rumors were false.”

“Pak Kong Shuttle? Very powerful. Huh?” Guizu asked.

“That is something passed down by the emperor, don’t you say it is amazing?” Ni Guang glanced at him leisurely.

“The emperor’s personal biography?” Guizu’s expression changed and he whispered.

“That’s not correct.” Ni Guang pondered for a moment, and said: “It is the refining method handed down by the emperor, refined by the refiner of Zixing.”

“Scare me.”The ghost ancestor has some lingering fears.

If it is really a treasure handed down by the emperor, then this star field is afraid that no one can stop it, but if the emperor handed down the refining method, it would not be so terrifying

“Even so, the Nassau is the fastest secret treasure in the entire star domain. Now that we have lost their tracks, how do we chase them? “Ni Guang frowned. The star field is so big. God knows that Yang Kai, Zilong and others are heading in that direction?

If they deviate a little bit in the direction, they will be wrong.

“Hey, fortunately, the old man kept a hand. “Guizu suddenly seemed to think of something, and laughed in a low voice.

“Oh? Do you have a way? Ni Guang looked at the ghost ancestor in surprise, a look of surprise appeared in his originally disappointed eyes.

“Well, wait a moment. “As Guizu said, he suddenly waved his hand and sacrificed the Ten Thousand Soul Banner. Then, his hands quickly squeezed, one after another mysterious seals appeared. After a while, he looked solemnly on the Ten Thousand Soul Banner. He shouted sharply: “Go!”

The ten thousand soul banner shook slightly, suddenly turned into a black gas, and flew out in a certain direction.

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“Follow the old man! “Guizu waved his hand, chasing the Wanhun banner and left.

Ni Guang followed with Xueyue.

Shortly after they left, a vague figure appeared sneakily in the originally empty star field. This person appeared in a translucent form, and the breath and vitality of the body fluctuated. It has been suppressed to the limit, if you don’t check it up close, I’m afraid you won’t be able to detect it at all.

This person is impressively the elder Kongfa of the spine of the galaxy!

He came to the place where Guizu and the others stayed before, towards the direction where Guizu and the others left, deep in his heart, heaven and man were fighting.

To follow, or not to follow?

Follow up, with his cultivation base of the first level of the Void King, I am afraid that there will be many dangers.

But if he doesn’t keep up, knowing that the old tree is ahead, he will not bear it anyway.

After only thinking about it for a moment, Kong Fa gritted his teeth and quietly followed Guizu and the others.

Faced with the temptation of an immortal tree, Kong Fa couldn’t resist it! He hopes that his luck will be good enough that he can fish in troubled waters when the strong are fighting and losing.

The martial arts are boundless, and the stars are boundless.

This chase of waves of people in the boundless star field lasted for five months.

Yang Kai has been taking the lead, teasing the three Zilongs who were pursuing him with a calm expression on his face. His condition has already been restored. It is easy to get rid of Zilong and others.

But he didn’t do it.

He was going to give Zilong and the others a big surprise, so he ran in front of him unhurriedly. After he noticed that the speed of the shuttle was slowing down, he took the initiative to stop for a while and waited for them to chase. Come up.

Behind him, in the Po Kong Shuttle, the two popular Qiqiao of Zilong and his son gave birth to smoke.

For five full months, they have been unable to chase Yang Kai. Zilong couldn’t believe that a Void Returning Mirror could have such a sustained rapid speed, such a terrifying perseverance and inexhaustible power.

He had noticed that something was wrong a long time ago. Yang Kai’s approach gave him a feeling of fishing—Yang Kai was a fisherman, and he and others were stupid fish.

But even if he noticed something wrong, Zilong couldn’t give up lightly.

Things have reached this point. Giving up equals failure. How can Zilong accept it?

So he gritted his teeth and chased after Yang Kai.

Xu Wei, who had taken the Great Emperor’s Blood Pill once, once again became skinny, and this time it was more serious than the last time. His eyes became extremely turbid and a little bit inside. Baimang’s thin body sitting in the formation was even more shaky, as if he could rush to Huangquan at any time.

Zi Donglai yelled at him from time to time, and Xu Wei didn’t have the energy to respond.

In his situation, he was replaced by an ordinary warrior who would have died a long time ago. Thanks to Xu Wei being a strong man in the Void King Realm, he could barely maintain his last breath of anger.

But after this incident, he must be a useless person, I’m afraid he won’t live long.

Behind, there is the ghost ancestor who has performed the secret technique, bringing Ni Guang and Xueyue, while checking the direction of Yang Kai, while rushing to the full.

Kong Fa hangs at the end, no one seems to know his existence.

“It’s been too long, old ghost, are you sure Yang Kai is still alive? Didn’t get caught by Zilong?” Ni Guang asked loudly as he chased behind Guizu.

“Well, Yang Xiaozi is safe and worry-free, you can rest assured that the old man left a sub-soul of ten thousand soul flags in his body in the Lost Land that day. If he dies, that soul will surely disappear. Now the old man depends on the subtle connection between the ten thousand soul flags and the vice-soul to determine the position, this old man can certainly be sure.”

“That’s good.” Ni Guang glanced at Xueyue as he spoke. Seeing her was also relieved, could not help but sigh secretly.

If this trip is not about old trees or Xueyue, he will not chase it anymore.

He has never experienced such a long chase. Even when he was seriously injured and was chased and killed, it was only a month. At that time, President Io brought a large number of brothers to He came to meet him, and slaughtered all his enemies in one fell swoop, and gave himself a bad breath.

I want to come now, the thousand years of the past, vividly remembering.

“Huh!” As he spoke, Guizu’s expression suddenly changed.


Guizu turned his head, looked at Ni Guang in amazement, and slowly said: “My soul has disappeared.”

“What?” Ni Guangda was shocked.

Xueyue turned pale when she heard it, and almost fainted.

Just now the ghost ancestor said that as long as Yang Kai is alive, his ten thousand soul flags can have a subtle connection with that soul, but now that the second soul has disappeared, doesn’t it mean that Yang Kai is him

Xueyue no longer dared to think about it anymore, her eyes flushed, and tears came out of her eyes.

“Are you not mistaken?” Ni Guangda called.

“Wait!” Guizu frowned, and looked around for a while, with a thoughtful look on his face: “Why this ghost place, the old man feels so familiar.”

“When are you still studying what to do in this place? “Ni Guang kept winking at Guizu, suggesting that Xueyue’s situation is not good, so he hasten to say something nice to round up the field.

“Ha! ’Suddenly Guizu’s eyes lit up, and he laughed: “The old man remembers it, it turned out to be here.”

“My grass! “It’s Ni Guang who is usually gentle and gentle. At this moment, he couldn’t help but burst out a swear word, thinking that this old ghost is so bright that the old man’s eyes are so bright that he can’t even see it.

He didn’t care, but he smiled, and said to Xueyue: “Girl, don’t worry, Yang Xiaozi is not dead.”

“But you just said, “Xueyue looked at him with ups and downs.”

“I didn’t say that Yang Xiaozi was dead just now, I just said that the vice-spirit was gone. “The ghost ancestor chuckled.” The old man was also anxious just now. I didn’t feel it clearly. Well, let’s put it this way, the vice soul is indeed gone, but it is not the destroyed one, but how to say it, just like if the old man is Lost Land, you can’t sense the sub-soul outside of Lost Land, do you know what I mean?”

“What are you trying to say? Ni Guang squinted at him.

“Haha, as long as you know, Yang Xiaozi is not dead, and the old man already knows where he is going.”Guizu laughed, stretched out his hand and called back his Ten Thousand Soul Banner, and immediately waved his hand: “Let’s go, I believe that Zilong guy is depressed about vomiting blood at this moment.”

“Do you also know this? “Ni Guang 10,000 people don’t believe him. He thinks this old ghost is too unreliable to do the truth. Yang Kaizong has him, and I don’t know if it is fortunate or unfortunate.

“Hey, wait and see.”

The three of them immersed their heads and went forward together.

An hour later, Ni Guang suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at several figures standing in the sky not far away.

Who is the one in the middle who is not Zilong?

Perceiving the aura of Ni Guang and others, Zilong turned his head and glanced coldly.

Gazed at each other, Ni Guang Guang laughed: “Haha, this bastard really has a very depressed expression.”

“I’ll just say it. “The ghost ancestor looked like he had expected it.

“How did you know? “Ni Guang is really curious now.

“He didn’t succeed, so he would naturally be depressed, and after five months of chasing him, he suddenly lost the trace of Yang Xiaozi. How do you think about his mood? “Guizu faintly explained.”

Ni Guang frowned, thought, and after a moment, he exhaled fiercely: “I feel so suffocated, especially Yang Kai is still a virtual mirror, damn it. If I were Zilong, I would kill myself.”

After finishing talking, he laughed happily again.

“No, how did you know that Yang Kai had escaped?” “Ni Guang suddenly realized something and looked at Guizu in amazement.

“Because I have been to this place before, well, I have been here for two thousand years, so I know that Yang Xiaozi has escaped, and I know where he escaped!”

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Chapter 1835: Wait and see – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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