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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1836: Return to Tongxuan Continent Read Novel

Chapter 1836: Return to Tongxuan Continent – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1836: Return to Tongxuan Continent

“His” Ni Guang looked at the ghost ancestor like an idiot, “You have been here for two thousand years, what good place is there to make you so nostalgic?”

Around him I waited and found that there was nothing peculiar about this place.

“Do you think the old man is willing?” Guizu’s face suddenly became difficult to look, “The old man has been trapped for two thousand years! Do you know what it feels like to be trapped for two thousand years? It’s just that life is better than death.”

Looking back on the two thousand years of time, the ancestor of the ghost felt frustrated.

The ghost ancestor roared, making Ni Guang’s face suddenly changed: “You have been trapped for two thousand years. That’s it. No wonder I have never heard of your character before. It turns out that you have been trapped for two. Thousands of years, in this way, you just got out of trouble soon?”

“Yes, thanks to Yang Xiaozi, otherwise the old man is still in jail now.” Guizu nodded.

“Can this place trap you?” Ni Guang looked blank, “Why can’t I see what is dangerous here.”

“This is the abyss of chaos, right? “Xueyue has been observing left and right, and suddenly said thoughtfully at this moment.

“The little girl is very knowledgeable.” The ghost ancestor Jiejie smiled, “Yes, this is the abyss of chaos!”

“What? This is the abyss of chaos.”Ni Guang’s face changed, “The rumored area in the star field is extremely dangerous?”

“Why, are you scared? “Guizu squinted at him.

“Nonsense, I heard that even if the strongest of the Void King Realm arrives here, they may die without a place to be buried, do you think I am afraid?”

“Hey, the rumors are not wrong. The Abyss of Chaos is not dangerous in normal times, and it is peaceful, but if there is a vortex of chaos and you are involved in it, you may be broken! “Guizu sneered, “The old man was chased by his enemies, so he could not escape to take refuge here, so he was caught up in a vortex of chaos that suddenly appeared.”

“Didn’t this kill you?” Your fate is really hard. “Ni Guang was shocked again and again.

“The old man was indeed dead. He was involved in it. He was trapped for two thousand years. He didn’t take me out until Young Boy was involved in it. “Gui Zu took a deep breath. It was precisely because of this incident that Yang Kai and Gui Zu met.

Since they got out of trouble, the two have never met again until this time. Lost Land and his party.

“Senior, according to you, did Yang Kai go?”

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“Yes, Yang Xiaozi went to the place where the old man was trapped. “Guizu grinned.

Xueyue’s face changed abruptly.

“Don’t worry, don’t forget what power Yang Xiaozi is proficient in. Back then, the old man was able to get out of trouble, thanks to him taking him through the cracks in the space. Now that he can get in, he must have full confidence. Moreover, when he enters inside, Zilong, the old man, can only stare. We just have to wait outside quietly. Maybe Yang Xiaozi will run out by himself one day.”

“Here. Isn’t it dangerous to wait?” Ni Guang said worriedly. Although the chaotic abyss is quiet at this moment, if there is a chaotic vortex, it is a life-threatening thing.

“What you are afraid of, the vortex of chaos does not appear at all times.” The ghost ancestor was not afraid.

“In that case, wait, let’s say it first, there are a lot of things in the old lady chamber of commerce, but you can’t delay it for too long. The old lady will wait here for two months at most.” Ni Guang said as he said. Quietly looked at Xueyue.

Although he said this to Guizu, he was actually telling Xueyue.

Since I know that Yang Kai has hid in the chaotic vortex and his life is no longer in danger, Xueyue should also be able to rest assured that there is no need to wait here forever.

“Whatever you do, the old man is waiting for Yang Xiaozi to come out.” Guizu chuckled lightly.

While several people were talking, they had already come not far from Zilong and others.

When Zilong was in a bad mood, when he saw Ni Guang and others rushing, he couldn’t help snorting coldly, his expression unhappy.

Ni Guang didn’t bother to talk to him either. The two had fought against him in the Lost Lands before, and no one could do anything about it. At this moment, it’s a shame. Naturally, there is nothing to greet him. Right now, he is waiting People stand apart and wait quietly.

Hanging the mainland, Yang Kai shattered the void and appeared leisurely.

Here is his first stop in the Star Territory. It was here that he met the ghost ancestor and saw what is called the Void King Realm. It was here that he realized his insignificance at the time. Secretly and ruthlessly, you must practice hard to make yourself strong.

After several decades, he returned here, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit sorrowful.

Although his cultivation is not at the level of the Void King Realm now, he is not a weak person anymore.

Back then, he was captured by a few holy realms casually, and now he can be wiped out into the holy realm with his hands up.

The Hanging Continent was exactly what Yang Kai thought of, the safest haven to escape the pursuit of the purple dragon.

Before he left that year, he left a divine mind in the depths of the floating continent, so he could follow that divine mind to connect with himself and accurately locate the position of the floating continent, so as to use Space forces arrived here.

Standing on the spot and taking a breath, Yang Kai feels relaxed physically and mentally.

I don’t know how the floating continent came into being. The area of ​​this continent suspended in the void is actually not too big. It only has a radius of less than two to three million miles, but this continent is full of spiritual energy. There are countless treasures of genius.

Yang Kai collected a lot of virtual king-level medicinal materials here.

When he came to the Hanging Continent for the second time, Yang Kai found that the aura here was stronger than it was then, and he didn’t know what mystery was here that could produce such a change.

Strictly speaking, the Hanging Continent should be regarded as an extremely small star, because it has its own laws of heaven and earth, and it should also have its own origin. If you give it enough time, maybe it can really become A cultivation star.

Could it be said that so many stars in the star field were born like this?

Yang Kai was thoughtful, but to no avail.

“Haha, someone finally came here.” Suddenly, a loud laugh came, and the laughter was full of excitement.

Yang Kai frowned and turned his head in amazement.

He didn’t expect that there would be other people on this floating continent.

It’s just that when he saw the face of the person, he suddenly realized it!

He actually knew the speaker.

Lu Guichen! A name that almost made him forget.

This person is a warrior of Zixing. At that time, Yang Kai was captured by the warrior of Zixing and rushed into the battleship of Zixing. At that time, Lu Guichen was the leader, and Lu Guichen returned to Yang. A ban was placed on the body.

At that time, Lu Guichen, like Yue Xi of Jianmeng, was a two-tiered cultivation base of the Saint King. From Yang Kai’s point of view, he was already aloof, so he had to face Lu Guichen. There is nothing he can do about it.

At that time, the two major forces of the Purple Star Sword League totaled hundreds of warriors, and they fell together on the floating continent. However, as the ghost ancestors experimented with the spatial array, there were countless casualties, and few survived.

In the end, when Yang Kai left the floating continent with Master Yue Xi and Guizu and others, he did not take Lu Guichen with him, but let himself die.

Where can he think of seeing this guy on the floating continent again in decades?

If he hadn’t found him on his own initiative, Yang Kai would have almost forgotten this person.

“My friend, are you also involved in that chaotic vortex?” Lu Guichen seemed to have not spoken to anyone in decades. He was very enthusiastic when they met, but after speaking, he frowned. Looking at Yang Kai suspiciously, the next moment, his eyes became extremely bright, pointing to Yang Kai, and shivering: “It’s you, it’s you!”

He obviously remembered Yang Kai too.

After all, Yang Kai took Guizu and the others to leave this ghost place, but instead abandoned him here. Lu Guichen has cursed Yang Kai all the time over the years to die, and the enemy is right in front of him. Naturally, he was extremely jealous.

“Hehe.” Yang Kai smiled faintly, and looked at him up and down, and he found that Lu Guichen was in good condition, and his cultivation level had reached the stage of returning to the Void.

For decades, from the two-layer Saint King stage to the two-layer Void Returning stage, such an improvement can be called terrifying.

Such miraculous progress can be attributed to the rich aura of heaven and earth in the hanging continent and the genius and earth treasures here.

Just like the ghost ancestor staying here for two thousand years and being promoted to the Void King Realm in one fell swoop, what else can you do in this place besides practicing?

“It’s you!” Lu Guichen’s angry expression suddenly turned into ecstasy. “Haha, it’s really an inexhaustible road. I didn’t expect your kid to come back one day. I, Lu Guichen, really The source of the blessing is profound!”

The words fell, his face changed and he became horrible and terrifying, step by step he approached Yang Kai, Sheng Yuan ups and downs, viciously said: “Boy, cooperate with this seat obediently, Take this seat away from this ghost place, otherwise this seat will call you dead without a dead body!”

“This seat?” Yang Kai raised his brows and sneered: “In front of me, you dare to claim to be a corpse Seat?”

“I don’t know how high the earth is, you can talk about it when this seat is captured!” Lu Guichen saw Yang Kai not put himself in his eyes, and was furious, and raised his hand at Yang Kai. Caught it.

Yang Kai stood on the spot and didn’t mean to avoid him. Instead, he looked at Lu Guichen with a weird look.

This look made Lu Guichen’s heart burst, and he subconsciously felt bad. It felt like he, being a sheep, dared to attack a tiger.

But now that the arrow is on the string, he has to send it. Lu Guichen didn’t care about thinking too much. He dashed forward and came directly to Yang Kai. He grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder and Sheng Yuan went crazy to Yang Open the body and pour it into it, trying to subdue it.

This kid seemed to be playing mystery, and Lu Guichen was overjoyed when he discovered that Yang Kai was easily held by him.

With a successful move, Lu Guichen shouted coldly: “Don’t move if you don’t want to die. This seat saves your life. If you dare to resist, I don’t guarantee it.”

“Get off Open!” Yang Kai saw his chirping endlessly, and his heart was irritated, Sheng Yuan suddenly urged.

At the next moment, Lu Guichen’s complexion changed drastically. He noticed that the Saint Yuan that he poured into Yang Kai’s body was like a stone sinking into the sea, without a trace. Instead, a wave burst from Yang Kai’s body to make him fundamental The unresistible force rushed into his own lungs along his arm, wandering through his five internal organs, unable to resist.

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Chapter 1836: Return to Tongxuan Continent – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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