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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1837: I have something to say Read Novel

Chapter 1837: I have something to say – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1837: I have something to say

Like being struck by thunder, Lu Guichen’s body flew back suddenly, in the air, spit out a mouthful of blood, and fell to the ground like a dead fish.

After landing, he quickly got up, looked at Yang Kai in horror and fear, and trembled: “You can’t do this!”

He hadn’t investigated Yang Kai before. Realm cultivation base, because in his opinion, Yang Kai’s strength is definitely not as good as his own. After all, this kid was only in the Holy Realm back then. I have enjoyed the rich aura and countless geniuses and treasures on this floating continent over the years. Diligence is terrifying. Back then, he was countless times stronger than this kid. How can he not be his opponent now?

He didn’t open up Yang to his eyes!

But the moment when the Saint Yuan inside Yang Kai fought back, he realized that it was not good.

This kid’s Saint Yuan is much more powerful and purer than his own. Compared with him, the quality and quantity of the Saint Yuan in the two levels of the Void Return Realm is simply the glow of the fireflies and the bright moon!

This made Lu Guichen couldn’t believe it anyway!

Is this kid already in the Void King Realm?

It wasn’t until this time that he remembered letting out his spirit to investigate Yang Kai.

“The third stage of returning to the virtual realm!” After confirming Yang Kai’s realm, Lu Guichen’s expression changed drastically. Muttered: “How is it possible, how is this possible”

He couldn’t believe everything he perceives anyway. It has only been decades, and the kid in front of him has jumped from the Holy Realm. Cultivation has reached the level of returning to the third layer of Void Realm!

What a terrifying speed and aptitude this is.

Is the speed of time passing in this ghost place different from that of the outside world? I have been here for decades, but in fact, hundreds of years have passed outside? Otherwise, where does this kid have such a terrifying cultivation base?

All kinds of bizarre thoughts flashed through Lu Guichen’s mind, completely stunned.

Seeing him look like a bereaved concubine, Yang Kai couldn’t help but sneered: “Ignorance!”

Lu Guichen is not a big figure among the purple stars, and the information he can access is limited. In fact, Don’t say it’s him, even Gu Jianxin and Zi Donglai, the speed of cultivation is definitely not slow.

But if you really want to compare them, they are still very much inferior to themselves.

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After all, there are powerful forces behind them as their backers. There is no need to worry about all cultivation resources. There are still many powerful people who give face to face and give mystery face to face.

On the contrary, it was me who came all the way, relying on my own exploration, and occasionally met one or two noble people, only to get some tips. At this point, Yang Kai pays himself and the young masters of the big powers are incomparable, but it is precisely because of this, that he relies on his own exploration, so he has a much deeper understanding of the martial arts of heaven than them.

Glancing at him, Yang Kai pouted his lips and said: “I didn’t kill you back then, now I regret it a bit.”

Lu Guichen couldn’t help but fight a cold fight, and his lost eyes were restored. A little Qingming, coldly snorted: “How are you doing?”

Even if Yang Kai’s cultivation level is one level higher than himself, what? Lu Guichen felt that Yang Kai might not be able to kill himself easily if he tried his best, so after returning to his senses, his tone became a lot harder.

“Look at your strength over the years. You have taken a lot of Genius Dibao, right? Tsk tsk, but look at the holy essence floating in your body and there are many impurities in your body. It seems that you are eating alive, you Do you know that this is a waste of the medicinal effects of those genius treasures, and eating too much is not good for you.”

Listening to Yang Kai talking, Lu Guichen’s eyes flashed with panic, because He found that the other party said nothing wrong.

In the past few years, he was alone on the floating continent. He could do nothing but practice. In the first few years, he still wanted to find a way to escape here, but as time passed, he gave up his heart. Even characters like Guizu have been trapped here for two thousand years, how can he escape?

After trying to understand, Lu Guichen only hopes to improve his strength, one day he will break the void with his own ability and escape from this ghost place.

To improve strength, it is natural to take some genius treasures.

But he is not an alchemist. Even if he collects medicinal materials on the floating continent, he can’t refine it. Helpless, he can only swallow it like a monster.

The result of this is that the medicinal materials are accumulating more and more in his body, which is extremely difficult to resolve. Now, it has begun to affect his cultivation. Every time the holy yuan is operated, the meridians are slightly sour. pain.

He doesn’t know what the consequences will be if things go on like this, but he also knows that this is definitely not a good phenomenon.

Now that his situation was broken by Yang Kai, Lu Guichen couldn’t help but brighten his eyes: “You know my state, do you know the way to resolve it?”

’So what? “Yang Kai’s nostrils were up to the sky, as if he didn’t put him in his eyes.

“Teach me!”

“Haha!” Yang Kai laughed, “Are you here to tell a joke? I haven’t settled accounts with you yet.”

At that time, he was captured by the martial artist of Zixing, and was restrained by Lu Guichen in his body. He was unable to use the Holy Yuan and almost died. Yang Kai has never forgotten this matter.

“It’s been so many years, and I still mentioned what you did back then, not to mention, didn’t you die back then? I will teach me how to resolve it, and I can benefit you.” typical.

Yang Kai snorted, looked at him up and down, frowned and said: “Where is your space ring? You have been here for so many years and have collected a lot of genius treasures, right? Where is the ring?”

“Where do I have any ring?” Lu Guichen exclaimed, “Don’t you remember, everyone’s ring was taken away by the ghost ancestor?”

“Oh It turned out to be like this, I forgot.” Yang Kai suddenly realized that in order to refine the space magic circle, the ancestor of the ghost took away the space ring of everyone who was in trouble here, just to get away from the little ethereal in the space ring. crystal.

In the end, his experiment ended in complete failure.

“There is no space to ring, so you hide all the good things” Yang Kai looked at Lu Guichen and said.

“What do you want to do.”Lu Guichen’s face sank, looking at Yang Kai’s expression, as if he was looking at a robber about to rob, he was extremely vigilant, “I tell you, those things are indeed hidden by me, but they are hidden in a safe place. The place, without me, you would never want to find it in your life.”

“Don’t be nervous. “Yang Kai laughed, “Let me guess, in this place, the only available residence is the cave house left by the ghost ancestor back then. You should have lived there all these years, a genius treasure”

Lu Gui Chen calmly and calmly looked at Yang Kai and sneered lightly. “Yang Kai continued.

The smile on Lu Guichen’s face instantly converged and became a bit stunned. He didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so shrewd.

“Cunning Rabbit Three Caves, of course the egg Can not be placed in a basket. “Yang Kai laughed.

“Huh, be smart, what if you guessed it? Although this place is not big, it’s easy to hide something. If you don’t tell me the solution, you will never get anything from me. Don’t be afraid to tell you that all the useful medicinal materials on this continent have been I collect it cleanly, and if I want to harvest again, I have to wait at least a hundred years before it is possible. After Lu Guichen finished speaking, he said kindly: “You also stayed here for a while. You should know that a lot of virtual king-level medicinal materials are produced here. The medicinal power of those medicinal materials is too strong to be resolved by my strength, so All are well preserved. As long as you meet my requirements, all my things can be offered.”

“Are you threatening me? “Yang Kai looked at him in time and snorted coldly: “No, I won’t waste my tongue with you. I just don’t want to waste those medicinal materials to tell you so much. Since you are so stubborn, please go to death.”

There are indeed a lot of good things on the Hanging Continent, and Yang Kai just came to cover Lu Guichen’s words with the mentality of not to waste it. Now that he sees him so difficult, he has no thoughts.

Anyway, his harvest in the Medicine Valley of the Lost Lands is already big enough, and the medicinal materials on the Hanging Continent are just icing on the cake.

After the words are over, Yang Kai reaches out and pops out two golds. Bloodshot, the golden bloodshot twisted and transformed into two strange monster beasts in mid-air.

It is the blood beast that Yang Kai condensed in the Lost Lands, the tail-crowned snake and the star king turtle.

These two monsters are both at the peak of Tier Nine. Although their strength has declined a bit after being condensed into blood beasts, they have a solid foundation, and they can’t slide down much. Lu Guichen in the realm is naturally not a problem.

As soon as the blood beast Yu appeared, he rushed towards Lu Guichen with a monstrous blood.

“What is this?” Lu Guichen was shocked and looked at the two fierce blood beasts in amazement. He couldn’t recognize what kind of creatures these two monsters looked like. Yelled, “Boy, do you really want to kill them all? You are not afraid that those babes will be annihilated with me in this world.”

“You treat them as babes, but in my eyes, they are nothing but a few options. Nothing.” Yang Kai chuckled lightly, not caring.

Lü Guichen really panicked right now. He thought that Yang Xiong was concerned about the medicinal materials of the Void King class, so he dared to talk with Yang Kai about the conditions without fear, but now it seems that he relies The life-saving foundation is nothing. Facing the terrifying aura from the two blood beasts, where can he calm down?

Neither of these two blood beasts can be contended.

“Little hero, wait, I have something to say.”Lu Guichen retreated quickly, avoiding the attacks of the tail-crown snake and the star king tortoise, and shouted: “Lu is willing to give those things with both hands, and ask the young man to save me!”

“Why did you go early?” “Yang Kai was unmoved, he spit out a word softly: “Kill!”



The tail-crowned snake and the star king tortoise flicked towards Lu Guichen from left to right, the breath of death rushed towards him, Lu Gui Chen cried out in horror: “Don’t kill me, I can tell you a great secret. If you can get the secret of this continent, your future achievements will be limitless.”

Yang Kai frowned, and the movements of the two blood beasts stopped under the slight movement of his mind.

At this time, the tail-crown snake’s fangs were not far enough from Lu Guichen. Three feet, the Star Emperor Turtle’s tail swept toward him, and he noticed Yang Kai’s order, and quickly changed direction and flew over his head.

The strong wind hit, Lu Guichen broke out in a cold sweat.

He just walked through the ghost door closed!

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Chapter 1837: I have something to say – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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