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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1839: Change your body to refine Read Novel

Chapter 1839: Change your body to refine – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1839: Change your body to refine

Refining the origin of the suspended continent, the early progress was quite smooth, seeing that as long as the force of the origin was poured into oneself, it would be done, but I didn’t expect to fall short in this last step.

Yang Kai calmed his face, recalling the scene just now, his brows frowned: “Couldn’t the two source powers coexist in one body?”

At that moment, he clearly felt The source of the dark star burst out in his body, like a nest-protecting bird, forcing the source of the floating continent back.

This made Yang Kai suffer from the backlash.

“The power of the origin affects the laws of heaven and earth. One world, one propaganda, and one cultivation star can only have one law of heaven and earth, let alone the human body”

“I have refined The origin of the Dark Star is closely connected with the laws of the Dark Star. I am afraid it will be difficult to accommodate other laws and other origins.”

“Yes, it must be like this!”

Yang Kai Thoughts were flying, and after a while, he figured out the root cause of all this. Although it was only his own speculation, he believed that this speculation was invariable.

It is precisely because I have already refined the Gloom Star, so this time I cannot refine the original power of Tongxuan Continent.

From this point of view, there has never been a two-star master in the star field, not because those Void King Realm powerhouses are not strong enough, but this is simply impossible.

After gaining insight into this, Yang Kai’s whole person was quite depressed.

This situation is like a person who feels very hungry, but can’t fill his stomach with anything. It is really frustrating.

Is this god-given opportunity just let it go?

Not to mention that the origin of the stars of Tongxuan Continent has just been born and is extremely easy to refining, so it is said that this origin has been branded with its own soul, and it fully meets the prerequisites for refining. Such things can be said to be rare in a million years, and Yang Kai is too unwilling to give up the original power in front of him.

But his body can no longer accommodate another source, which makes him helpless.

Yang Kai sat on the spot, healed his wounds, while racking his brains to think about how to do the best of both worlds.

After thinking for a long time, but couldn’t think of a good way, he scratched his ears and cheeks in a hurry.

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He was thinking of something leisurely, his eager and irritable eyes gradually became clear and bright. After thinking about it for a while, he couldn’t help but laugh.

’Stupid, really stupid, how could I not expect this.” Yang Kai patted his head with the palm of his hand, as if crazy.

The next moment, he waved his hand, and the stone puppet and the firebird appeared in front of him at the same time.

“What is the master’s order?” Liu Yan asked as soon as he appeared.

“You two, look at the thing in front of you, who can swallow it? Who can swallow it will go to whoever can swallow it, and if both can be swallowed, then half and half!” Yang Kai pointed to the star in front of him Origin, said lightly.

Stone puppets and Firebirds have always been his most powerful support. Both guys now have the powerful combat power of single-handedly against the Void King Realm. If they can swallow the origin of the stars, they will definitely do it again. growing up.

Since I can’t refine myself, it’s better to let these two great helpers try. In case they can succeed, it will be a huge help to myself.

Hearing the words, Liu Yan turned his head and looked at the source. The next moment, a look of jealousy emerged in his beautiful eyes, and said in amazement: “Master, although I don’t know what this thing is, I think I’m afraid I won’t be able to swallow it. It has a deeper mood than me. If I swallow it rashly, I will definitely be destroyed by it.”

“That’s the law.” Yang Kai nodded and explained.

Liuyan is the body of a tool, so I don’t know much about the origin of stars, but she has her own instinct, just like a beast, knowing what is dangerous to her and what is not dangerous to her.

The source in front of me gives the feeling of bleeding and its danger.

The power of the law is unpredictable, how dare to swallow the inflammation?

Not only is the flow of inflammation like this, even the little one who has been silly, has a pair of small eyes at this moment, staring at the original source in front of him, but there is no movement.

If Yang Kai allowed it to swallow something before, I’m afraid it would have already rushed forward and swallowed it wholeheartedly. Anyway, with its talents and supernatural powers, it is not afraid of indigestion.

Now that it has stopped moving forward, it is undoubtedly felt the threat from the origin of stars.

Last time it was able to swallow the origin on that mineral star, it was really because the mineral star was dead, the origin collapsed, and only a little bit remained, which was not harmful to it. This allowed it to succeed, but now, The origin of the Hanging Continent is complete, and even though it has just been born, it is definitely not a small one.

Seeing their appearance, Yang Kai immediately knew that they were powerless. Then he said: “If this is the case, please come back.”

With a wave of his hand, Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan Put it away again.

Another golden stone puppet reappeared in front of Yang Kai.

Stone Puppet Dharma Body!

Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan have no choice but to take the origin, Yang Kai is not anxious, because he still has the Law Bodies, the reason why Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan are called out first, Yang Kai also wants them to get some points. Benefits, let them grow up soon.

Since they can’t do anything, it’s time to use them.

Your own body can’t accommodate both sources, so it’s always okay to use another body, right?

Moreover, there is a strand of distraction of its own in the Dharma Body, which is equivalent to another self, and it can perfectly fit with the brand in the source if you want to.

Release the distraction and pour it into the Dharma body. The eyes of the Dharma body that were originally cloudy and dull suddenly become brighter.

Yang Kai controlled the Law Body, came to the source and sat down, repeating the actions just now, and performing the Star Refining Jue.

The time went by little by little, and the expression on Yang Kai’s face was extremely solemn.

Although he felt that his thoughts were not wrong, he didn’t dare to be too sure before the results came out. If even the law body could not refine the origin of the stars, then he could only reluctantly give up. Benefits.

At that time, he will let his relatives and friends try refining to see if they have this opportunity, but it will have to wait until their strength becomes stronger, at least it will happen. Xuwang Jingtian knew that it was a matter of the Year of the Monkey.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai, who was tightening the movement of the Dharma Body and the Source, raised his brows, his face showed ecstasy, and he couldn’t help laughing.

At this moment, the origin of the cluster of stars in front of him is being drawn into the Law Bodhisattva at a slow and subtle speed, without any intention of repulsion.

It’s done!

My own thoughts are indeed correct. The reason why my own body cannot be refined is because the two origins cannot coexist in one body. After changing to another body, this problem will be solved.

The law body is equivalent to another self, and the law body becomes the star master of the Tongxuan continent, which is equivalent to becoming the star master of the Tongxuan continent.

Although there are some suspicions of opportunism, but in this way, he is still the master of two stars.

If this kind of thing is spread, I’m afraid it will cause a sensation in the entire star field.

Yang Kai was in a good mood. He quickly held his breath, and did not dare to be careless, keeping close to the movement of the Law Bodies.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner, as long as the power of the source is completely poured into the Dharma body, you will be done.

It’s just a bit slow.

Yang Kai became very dissatisfied.

According to his estimation, it would take at least one or two months to complete the source of the Dharma Body. It was only a blink of an eye for him to become the Lord of the Dark Star back then.

However, it was Yang Yan who directly sent the origin of the Dark Star. The two cannot be compared.

“Fine, go open the furnace to make alchemy!” Waiting for nothing to do here, Yang Kai stood up, pinched the tactic with one hand, and space power surged out of his body and disappeared instantly.

The Dharma body is no longer needed, the rest is only a matter of time, and he doesn’t bother to wait any longer, just taking advantage of this time to refine a few spirit pills.

Now his cultivation base has reached the peak of the Mirror of Return, and he has felt the opportunity to break through in the Lost Lands, but at that time, the situation was treacherous and the situation changed, and he was abruptly suppressed.

The suspended continent is extremely safe, and the laws of heaven and earth are complete, which is a good place for breakthrough. He wants to use alchemy to motivate his breakthrough.

The gain this time in the Lost Lands is really not small.

After a while, Yang Kai came to a certain place on the floating continent, released his divine mind, felt a little, and moved to the left.

After a dozen breaths, Yang Kai appeared again.

Lü Guichen, who had been waiting here, was taken aback. After seeing Yang Kai’s face, he hurriedly ran over, holding the space ring in both hands, with a flattering smile on his face. Said: “Young man, everything is in there, you can still be satisfied if you look at it.”

After seeing Yang Kai’s methods, Lu Guichen is now honestly like a rabbit, how can he have the slightest disobedience?

“Well. “Yang Kai faintly responded, took the ring from the air, swept his mind inward, raised his brows, and looked at Lu Guichen with a smile but a smile: “You have had a good harvest these years.”

“Haha” Lu Guichen gave a dry smile, ’Stay here and have nothing to do, except for cultivation, you can only wander around.”

“Then collected all the genius treasures you saw?”

“The young hero is wise!”

“Fool! “Yang Kai was angry and cursed.

“Huh? “Lu Guichen looked up in amazement.

“I can’t be foolish!” “Yang Kai looked stern, “You are also a person of the Mirror of Return, you don’t know how to collect genius treasures at will, and there is no perfect preservation method, which will let the effect of the medicine pass? Look at the medicinal materials in the ring. Some of the medicinal effects are half gone. How can I use them? It’s stupid like a pig.”

Yang Kai is really dying of anger.

There are indeed a lot of medicinal materials in the ring, and many of them are of the virtual king level, but because they are not properly preserved, the effect of the medicine has passed. Too many, the value is greatly reduced.

Any alchemist sees this scene, I am afraid that it will be furious.

Lü Guichen received a nasty scolding, and did not dare to say anything, so he could only accompany the smiling face in a daze.

Yang Kai sighed, knowing that he can’t be blamed for this. If he had a space ring, it wouldn’t let the effect of the medicine pass so much, but at that time everyone’s space ring was collected by the ghost ancestors. gone.

Guizu has to bear some responsibility for this matter.

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