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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1840: Enlightenment Pill Read Novel

Chapter 1840: Enlightenment Pill – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1840: Enlightenment Pill

Although some medicinal materials have a fading effect, the victory lies in the huge number, which is not a small gain.

“You didn’t hide it privately, did you?” Yang Kai squinted at Lu Guichen.

“I dare not dare.” Lu Guichen was startled and waved his hand quickly. Now that people are under the eaves, how dare he let Yang Kai find fault? He hurriedly swore a curse, if he hides himself, he will thunder and smash the clouds.

“Okay, there is nothing wrong with you here, let’s get back.” Yang Kai waved his hand impatiently.

Lv Guichen stood still, looking at Yang Kai with a look of anticipation, as if he wanted to talk but stopped.

“What else is there?”

“The young man, that, that origin”

“Is this what you can ask?” Yang Kai’s face sank, The chill in his eyes increased sharply, and an invisible force of consciousness rushed out.

Lu Guichen was hit hard in an instant, and the sea of ​​consciousness defense was torn in an instant. His headache was about to split, he staggered back, and his face turned pale.

After eating this, Lu Guichen was shocked, and immediately knew that his previous guess was true. Yang Kairuo really wanted to kill him, but it was like killing a chicken and a dog.

looked up. There was no trace of Yang Kai in front of him, he didn’t know when he had left the place.

With a wry smile, Lu Guichen hurriedly sat down cross-legged, running the exercises, urging Sheng Yuan to heal his injuries.

A place in the air on the mainland, where the mountains and clear waters are beautiful, Yang Kai appeared here.

“The scenery is good, that’s it.” He muttered to himself, and then released a few blood beasts, letting them scatter around on alert.

Although there is only one outsider on the Hanging Continent, Lu Guichen, Yang Kai is also sure that he will not bother him rashly, but there is a case for everything. If a few blood beasts are released to guard, Yang Kai will You can sit back and relax.

Immediately, he sacrificed the Purple Void Cauldron he used for alchemy, and looked for medicinal materials in the space ring.

“What kind of alchemy is good.” Yang Kai’s spirit scanned in the space ring.

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This time, he made alchemy mainly to stimulate breakthrough Qi, so it doesn’t matter what kind of alchemy he refines, all he needs is to use alchemy to drive himself into the world.

“Hydrangea sylvestris, celestial leaf lotus, and hollow fruits are all available. When they are all together, they will practice the Taoist pill. After just breaking through, you can take it to consolidate the realm.” Soon, Yang Kai made it. Decided.

Mainly the materials for refining Enlightenment Pill, he has all of them now, which is the most convenient.

Take out all kinds of medicinal materials one by one, and put them beside him, Yang Kai stretched out his hand to pinch Fajue, and pointed at Zi Xuding.

The fire of divine consciousness poured into it instantly, and the temperature of the Zixu cauldron suddenly rose.

Strains of medicinal materials were put into the pill furnace in an orderly manner by Yang Kai, and the size of the fire of divine consciousness also changed from time to time. Yang Kai’s alchemy method was passed down from the alchemy formula in the early stage, and it was also obtained. The advice given by the old man from Tianzang on the Tongxuan Continent was inherited from the true interpretation of the alchemy Dao in the later period, and all he learned was the top alchemy technique.

Coupled with the discussion about whether he is Di Di and Xia Ning Chang on the way of alchemy, he has a lot of accomplishments in alchemy.

Various seals are constantly being beaten into the Purple Void Cauldron, one after another spirit formations are disillusioned in the cauldron, Yang Kai’s demeanor is extremely focused, gradually abandoning all distracting thoughts, and focusing on alchemy. Above.

His breath also began to dissolve with the heaven and the earth, it seems that the whole person has become a part of the heaven and the earth.

The process of refining a spirit pill is tedious. It is not just a simple condensing of the medicinal solution, just let the medicinal solution interact in the pill furnace.

When to use what kind of heat, when to describe what kind of spiritual formation, what kind of alchemy method should be used to determine, every step is strict, make a wrong step, and the timing is slightly poor One step, the refining may fail, even if the pill is formed, the quality of the pill will not be too high.

Alchemy is a great way to study mind and perseverance.

Yang Kai has the fire of divine consciousness and has excellent advantages in alchemy, so the time and energy he spends refining pills is much shorter than that of ordinary alchemists.

Especially with the recovery effect of the colorful Wen Shenlian and his powerful spirit power, he can use the fire of the gods unscrupulously.

The time passed slowly, and the sound of grunting came from the Zixu Cauldron. It was the interaction of various precious medicinal liquids in it, and a miraculous transformation process occurred.

A faint scent wafted from the cauldron, and the smell was refreshing. This was a sign that the pill had begun to condense.

Yang Kai’s expression became more solemn. With a wave of his hand, a blood beast that was alert in the distance turned into golden blood, and shot back into his hand.

The golden blood filaments danced at Yang Kai’s fingertips like a wisp of golden and red smoke.

With the dance, the golden bloodshot gradually turned into golden light, and the red was removed, condensed into a cloud of red mist.

In the mist, the roar of a beast roared out, and sometimes it turned into a monster beast.

“Don’t make trouble, using you to make alchemy is your best destination, be honest.” Yang Kai stretched out his hand to grab the red mist and said with a light smile.

The very spiritual red mist seemed to perceive something bad, not only was it not stable, but it was even more tossing.

Yang Kai let out a cold snort and directly cast the red mist into the pill furnace.

In the real explanation of the pill, the last sentence said that the pill can be called a spirit pill!

Yang Kai spent a long time in enlightenment before he finally understood what he meant.

The pill can not be channeled for no reason, unless it is placed for too long, and placed in an environment with extremely strong spiritual energy, the time and place are favorable, and it will take countless years to give birth to such things as elixirs.

Since the elixir can’t channel spirits for no reason, just infuse it with spirituality.

The best way is to use the inner alchemy of the monster beast as the elixir!

In the inner alchemy of the monster beast, it contains the spirit and spirit of the monster beast, and it is the best alchemy.

Although Yang Kai doesn’t have any high-level inner alchemy in his hands, he has blood beasts.

The same can be used as a salvia!

This time, it is to refine the Void King-level spirit pill. Pill Yin is indispensable. Yang Kai can only use the blood beast. Even so, the blood beast will be reduced by one, but it is with the enlightenment pill In comparison, it’s clear which is lighter and heavier.

The blood mist was thrown into the Purple Void Cauldron. In an instant, it was as if an unbelievable chain reaction had happened in the cauldron, making a sound like earth-shattering.

“I still want to resist!” Yang Kai’s face sank, his hands pinched the tactics, and he kept suppressing the past.

It deserves to be the soul of the ninth-order monster, it took Yang Kai dozens of breaths to make it completely stabilized.

The strange fragrance flowing in the air seems to have become more intense.


At the same time, Yang Kai felt that the holy yuan in his body began to fluctuate, making an extremely impactful beating.

“Are you here?” His eyes flickered, knowing that this action had already triggered the Qi machine and reached the threshold for breaking through.

But now that the pill is about to be practiced, he doesn’t want to give it up halfway.

hurriedly pinched Lingjue, began to use the pill condensing technique recorded in the real explanation of the alchemy, to form different seals, and enter the Zixu Cauldron.

The movement in the cauldron was getting louder and louder. It wasn’t until Yang Kai made hundreds of seals that there was a dribbling sound inside, and it seemed that something was rolling in the Zixu cauldron.

“Get up!” Yang Kai burst out and slapped a palm on the Purple Void Cauldron. At the next moment, three rays of light flew out of the Purple Void Cauldron and fleeed in three different directions.

“Haha, want to run, wishful thinking!” Yang Kai laughed, shaking his figure, appeared directly behind a pill, grabbed it, didn’t even look at it, and stuffed it directly into the prepared one. In the jade bottle, he immediately followed the same method and put the second and third pills into the bottles.

One alchemy, three alchemy, this kind of thing has peaked the consensus of star field alchemy.

Those well-known alchemy masters, no matter how exquisite the alchemy is, one piece of material can always only be one pill.

But here in Yang Kai, common sense has been broken.

The ancient alchemy techniques recorded in the True Explanations of the Alchemy Dao are truly incomparable.

Perhaps in the ancient times, those mighty men used to make alchemy in this way, but with the passage of time, such a magical alchemy has been lost. In the end, all alchemists could only use one. Refining a spirit pill from this material.

In the “rumbling” sky, there was a muffled thunder-like sound.

Yang Kai looked up at the sky, only to see a dark cloud gathered above his head, like a quilt that hadn’t been washed in a hundred years, pressing heavily on it, making people feel distressed.

And in that black cloud, there is a terrifying aura of destruction, which seems to be able to destroy this suspended continent.

This is just the beginning, huge auras are constantly pouring into the black cloud all around, increasing its volume.

Yang Kai’s expression became serious.

This time he was promoted to the great realm, from the virtual mirror to the virtual king realm. The coming baptism of heaven and earth must be different.

After watching for a while, he waved his hand and threw out countless holy crystals, and then slammed a punch. The holy yuan went up and down, and bombarded those holy crystals.

“Blast me!”

Boom, tens of millions of holy crystals exploded into powder in the air, and the spiritual energy contained in the holy crystals splashed in all directions, flooding here. Within a huge area.

In the blink of an eye, where Yang Kai is located, within a radius of ten miles, the richness of heaven and earth aura suddenly rises to a notch.

When you are promoted, you need a lot of heaven and earth aura. Although the Hanging Continent is full of aura, Yang Kai still doesn’t dare to take it lightly. He does not hesitate to burst thousands of sacred crystals to nourish his environment.

The aura is abundant, but Yang Kai hasn’t stopped moving yet.

While waving his hands, he throws out six-sided stones with a deep artistic conception and arranges them around his body.

Those stones amount to hundreds of pieces, echoing each other far away, gradually, this area has formed the power of a field.

Domain Stone!

In addition to the domain stones in Yang Kai’s hands, there are still a lot of them left, and he is now breaking through the threshold of the Void King Realm. Of course, he will not be stingy with himself.

While breaking through, he hopes to absorb the energy from these domain stones and improve his own perception and understanding of the domain.

He waved his hand to release all his blood beasts, as well as the stone puppet Xiaoxiao and Liuyan, and issued the command: ’Spread them all out, within 30 miles, but if there are close ones, kill them!”

He made this move mainly to guard against Lu Guichen. If this kid is unwilling to interrupt him when he breaks through, the consequences will be disastrous.

At the next moment, the blood beasts and the stone puppets scattered. Before leaving, the Qi Ling Liuyan looked at the black clouds in the sky, and there was a strong color of fear on his face.

She can perceive the horror of this baptism of heaven and earth, even with her current strength, she can’t say that she can easily block it.

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Chapter 1840: Enlightenment Pill – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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