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Chapter 1841: Promotion – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1841: Promotion

“What happened, what happened, is this ghost place going to be destroyed?” Lu Guichen stumbled towards the place where Yang Kai was promoted.

He just slightly healed for a while, and when he opened his eyes, he suddenly found that the atmosphere of the entire suspended continent had changed drastically. Thunder was rolling in the sky, black clouds covered the top, the earth was alive and turbulent.

He was completely dumbfounded, he didn’t know what was going on, he could only follow the source of the movement and want to find out.

As he rushed, he saw the black cloud in the sky getting bigger and bigger, and among the black clouds, there were constant dark thunder and lightning shuttles, like a hideous and terrifying dragon In it, I suddenly probed my head.

This scene really shocked him.

Flew out hundreds of miles, Lu Guichen’s eyes flashed, and suddenly a strange-looking monster appeared in front of him.

Lü Guichen was taken aback and stopped quickly, because he saw the blood beast’s pupils radiating a malicious light, as if to warn him not to go forward.

He believes that if he advances further, this blood beast will definitely strike himself with a thunderous blow.

The blood beast was made by Yang Kai. He naturally knew this, so Lu Guichen thought for a while and realized that the current situation in the Hanging Continent was definitely related to Yang Kai.

Is it the movement of refining the origin of the stars? Lu Guichen guessed wildly in his heart, but he still couldn’t understand it.

Thinking about it, he soared into the air, standing on a high place, looking forward.

Yang Kai’s figure was immediately imprinted in his eyes. Although it was thirty miles away, Lu Guichen is now a master of the two-level return to Void, with good eyesight, thirty miles away. The scene can be seen clearly.

“This is not going to be a breakthrough, right?” Lu Guichen exclaimed in amazement, his whole body trembling.

Yang Kai is in the third stage of returning to the Void, if he breaks through, wouldn’t he be promoted to the Void King?

The three words of Void King Realm appeared in Lu Guichen’s mind, just like Hong Zhong and Da Lu humming, and he almost fell from the sky with shock.

Void King Realm! That is the top combat power in the star field. Lu Guichen could hardly believe that one day he could see a martial artist breaking through the Void King Realm with his own eyes. He bit his tongue severely and felt pain, making sure that he was not dreaming or having hallucinations or something.

A few decades ago, the strong of the Void King Realm was so high and unreachable in his eyes, and the random look of the strong of the Void King Realm was enough to make his soul fly away.

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Even today, decades later, Lu Guichen knows the horror of the Void King Realm.

Because with the improvement of strength, you can more and more realize what kind of height the Void King Realm is.

This kid is so young that he wants to break through and be promoted to the Void King Realm? When I saw him back then, he was no more than entering the holy realm, and he imprisoned him casually

The past was like smoke, but it was vividly visible.

If he can make a breakthrough this time, then he is definitely the youngest Void King Realm powerhouse in the entire star field. I dare not say that there is no one in the future, and he is definitely unprecedented. This achievement can be described as shocking the ancients this!

Lu Guichen bit his tongue again, put away the cranky thoughts in his heart, flew to the ground, and sat cross-legged.

He knew that such a scene was definitely his chance.

Observing the promotion of a virtual king realm strong at such a close distance is not something that can be encountered casually. If he can understand anything from this baptism of heaven and earth, then he will follow the wind in his cultivation in the future. Smoothly.

So Lu Guichen made a decisive decision and decided to take a good look.

The power of the dark clouds in the sky is getting stronger and stronger. When the atmosphere is condensed to a certain peak, there is a sudden click, and a dark light flashes in the sky, the dark light is like the birth of a dragon. Fell from the sky and bombarded somewhere below.

Yang Kai’s muffled hum was heard over there, and the whole earth was a little wobbly.

“This” Lu Guichen was shocked and exclaimed: ’So terrifying?”

The baptism of heaven and earth, every time a warrior advances to a great realm, he will surely usher once. This is heaven and earth. The test of the law on the martial artist, breaking through the cultivation base and making great progress, failing to break through the realm, retreating or disappearing with death.

As a strong man in the mirror of returning to the illusion, Lu Guichen has naturally not experienced the baptism of heaven and earth once or twice.

When he was promoted to the virtual mirror here, it was only 20 or 30 years ago.

But the intensity of the baptism of heaven and earth at that time was not as powerful as the inky black lightning in front of me.

This is just the first way. The baptism that follows will only get stronger and more terrifying!

“If you change to be yourself, can you survive?” Lu Guichen couldn’t help but think about it, put himself in the position, put himself in the position of Yang Kai, and imagined that if he was in the third stage of returning to the Void Greet that terror baptism at the time.

The result is

Can’t hold on, absolutely can’t hold on. Even if you are lucky, you can linger on the first hit, and the next second and third hits are enough. I lost my life!

Thinking about this, the breath of Lu Guichen’s body suddenly became disordered, and the martial arts heart deep in his heart began to falter.


The second baptism landed. Although the dark energy of the baptism smashed into Yang Kai’s body dozens of miles away, the destructive aura that it radiated directly pierced Lu Guichen’s flaws. Of mind.

With a “wow”, Lu Guichen opened his mouth and vomited blood, and his whole person was like a frustrated ball, instantly wilting.

His cultivation realm began to regress at a speed visible to the naked eye, returning to two levels of virtuality, one level of return to virtuality, and three levels of Saint King

Finally stopped at the second level of Saint King On the border!

There is a saying that if you don’t die, you won’t die!

Lu Guichen wanted to observe Yang Kai’s promotion in order to gain benefits. Although his idea was correct, he did not know that every baptism of heaven and earth by Yang Kai was different from ordinary people. He wanted to welcome the energy of heaven and earth. More powerful than any warrior several times.

This time, it was the pass for him to be promoted to the Void King Realm. Even Yang Kai himself was very jealous of the baptism that day, let alone a mere Lu Guichen?

He did not do anything to substitute himself for Yang Kai’s position. This is self-inflicted.

The heart of martial arts, the more frustrated, the more courageous! In order to continue to make progress, Lu Guichen questioned himself, and his martial arts heart was naturally shattered by the devastating aura that entered the void, and then collapsed.

He survived, mainly because his martial arts heart collapsed too quickly.

If he persists a little longer, I’m afraid he has been killed on the spot.

Sitting stupidly on the spot, Lu Guichen could no longer give birth to any other thoughts. Even his own realm fell, and he suddenly returned to decades ago, he seemed to have no reaction.

His eyes are dark and there is no light in sight.

At the same time.

Outside the space where the floating continent is located, in the abyss of chaos.

The four-party powerhouse waited for a long time, but Yang Kai still didn’t see Yang Kai’s trail. Zilong and his son were impatient and very irritable.

The ancestors of the ghosts are rather leisurely and breezy.

Although Xueyue got the guarantee from the ancestor of the ghost, she was still not at ease. She leaned over and asked softly: ’Senior, it’s been almost ten days, why there is no movement at all.”

“What do you want? “Guizu glanced at her grinningly,” He hid there to be extremely safe. If there is any movement, it will be fine? Do you want him to run out now?”

“No. “Xueyue waved her hand quickly, “As long as he is safe, I will rest assured, it’s just me”

“Peace of mind, I know what you are worried about, can I promise you that it will work?” That ghost place can trap the old man for two thousand years, but it can’t trap Yang Kai’s. When he thinks it out, he will naturally come out. The little girl is very caring for him, um, when he comes out, the old lady will carefully convey your concern.”

“Senior” Xueyue flushed with shame and stomped her feet again and again.

“I can’t wait long. “Ni Guang frowned on the side, “There are a lot of things that need to be dealt with at the Chamber of Commerce, and it is impossible for the old man to stay here for a long time.” When the time comes, if the old man leaves, old ghost, can you fight against the purple dragon alone?”

“Look at me?” “Guizu snorted coldly,” Zilong is a fart.”

“Even if you don’t care about Zilong, if the kid from Yang Kai runs out of it, Xu Wei and Kong Fa will definitely look at him. You are lacking in skills, so what should you do?”

Guizu frowned.

This is exactly what he worried about.

If Ni Guang is gone, and Yang Kai will come out, then there will be three virtual kings on the side of Zilong, and he will be entangled with Zilong and Xu Wei who is badly injured, but Yang Kai can deal with Kong Fa?

Now Kong Fa is also on Zilong’s side. God knows what benefits Zilong promised him.

I have a headache.

The most important thing Ghost Ancestor wants to see now is that Yang Kai has been hiding in it. When he is safe, he will come out again. He doesn’t believe that Zilong can stay here forever. The owner of Zixing, how can there be such idle time?

“En?” Ni Guang frowned suddenly, and looked at a certain place, “This is”

“It’s not right, what’s the situation?” Guizu also whispered.

On the other side, Zilong, Xu Wei, and Kongfa three virtual kings also discovered the abnormality of the chaotic vortex at the same time. I saw a certain space unexpectedly shook and uneasy, and it seemed that there was a crack. It was the same as a crack in Dao space, and from that crack, an extremely violent power came.

“What’s wrong?” Ni Guang looked puzzled, turned to look at Guizu, hoping that he could explain something.

“What does the old man do?” Guizu snorted coldly. Although he had been trapped in the floating continent for two thousand years, he didn’t know what was going on in this scene.

“Are there going to be a chaotic vortex, right?” Xueyue asked suspiciously.

The words came out, which scared Guizu and Ni Guang.

The chaotic vortex is not something that can be rushed in casually. If it does come out, they will all have to flee for their lives. When Guizu was sucked into the floating continent by the chaotic vortex, he did not die. It was luck. He didn’t want to try again. In case of bad luck, he was torn apart by the power of chaos, and there would be no place to cry by then.

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