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Chapter 1842: Void King Realm – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1842: Void King Realm

“Look!” Xueyue suddenly pointed her hand again, “There seems to be some movement in there.”

Through the flickering and flickering of the space. In the cracks, some unbelievable scenes were vaguely imprinted in everyone’s eyes.

“Why does this look more like that ghost place.” Guizu almost bit his tongue. Although the cracks were extremely small and unstable, he still saw the scenery that looked like a floating continent.

“This is where Yang Kai went in?” Xueyue asked in surprise.

“Well, if the old man is right, it should be. But have you heard anything?” Guizu looked at Ni Guang and Xueyue.

Xueyue shook her head, but Ni Guang looked solemn and nodded: “There is a faint sound of thunder, and the breath revealed from this crack, that kid will not be breaking through at this moment. Pass?”

“Are you saying that this is the movement caused by the baptism of heaven and earth?” Guizu’s face changed.

“Doesn’t it look like?” Ni Guang asked back.

“It looks like, but the ghost place and this place are two spaces after all. Even if Yang Kai breaks through the Void King Realm, he won’t make such a big battle, right?” The corner of Guizu’s mouth twitched. He was also stunned after speaking.

Others may not be able to make such a battle, but Yang Kai is not necessarily so.

He is proficient in space power. If he is really breaking through the Void King Realm, which leads to the intersection of the two spaces, it might be possible.

“If this is the case, then the kid is in danger.” Ni Guang said solemnly.

“What do you mean?” Xueyue paled with shock.

“This energy is too terrifying, I don’t know if he can resist it.” Ni Guang frowned and replied.

If you cannot resist the promotion of the Void King Realm, the consequences will be very serious. This is different from the promotion of the martial artist in the early stage. When the martial artist is weak, even if the promotion to the great realm fails, there is no big problem.

You can reach the level of the Void King Realm. Once you fail, there will undoubtedly only be two kinds of results: heavy injury and death!

The probability of the latter is over 80%!

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Ni Guang, Guizu and others were constantly surprised. On the other side, Zilong Xu Wei and Kong Fa were also pointing at the same place, and they also came to the same conclusion-Yang Kai It may be promotion to the Void King Realm!

Zilong’s face suddenly turned pale.

He was not afraid of Yang Kai’s success in promotion, because even if Yang Kai really became the Void King, it would only be the first level of the Void King, and he didn’t care about such a person.

What he fears is that Yang Kai’s promotion is unsuccessful!

If this kid dies inside, where can he find the old tree?

“This bastard!” Zilong yelled, but sighed.

In the space of the abyss of chaos, all kinds of abnormalities have been continuing, and there has not been a break, everyone is watching in fear, lest Yang Kai will encounter any accidents.

This situation lasted for a full day before the turbulent space gradually stabilized, and the faint sound of thunder gradually disappeared.

“Did you succeed?” Xueyue was anxious like an ant on a hot pot, wishing to rush into the floating continent to see what happened.

Ni Guang and Guizu looked indifferent and were silent.

At this time, the result is undoubtedly already out, but they can’t infer whether Yang Kai has succeeded or not, so they can only wait anxiously.

The mainland was suspended in the air, where Yang Kai broke through. The radius of a hundred li has been razed to the ground, and a huge pit has appeared.

In the center of the pit, a dark figure waded there in a big font. Who was it if it wasn’t Yang Kai?

A burnt smell permeates the surroundings.

“This is a big game!” Yang Kai looked at the deep sky, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he felt pain all over his body, as if the bones all over his body were shattered and the flesh and blood turned into powder, and he moved slightly. It affected every nerve of his own, and he almost shouted out in pain.

The baptism of heaven and earth for promotion to the Void King Realm, he never expected to be so violent!

He cultivated this way, and every time he made a breakthrough in the great realm, he passed through without danger, only this time, he almost died.

Even his indestructible five-element sword body was almost shattered by the energy of the heavens and the earth, and finally he had to use the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique, which was able to stand the last moment abruptly.

At this moment, his dragon transformation secret technique has not retreated. The right arm is covered with dragon scales, and his right hand has also become the appearance of a dragon claw. It is such a dragon arm that was also beaten. The scales turned up, and the flesh and blood were blurred.

It was a bit miserable, but as soon as he sensed his current state, Yang Kai grinned and smirked constantly.

Void King Realm!

For many years, I finally set foot in the realm of Void King Realm.

Feeling the surging and continuous power in his body, and feeling a completely different understanding of the martial arts of heaven and martial arts, Yang Kai only feels that this time of suffering is worthwhile.

From the Void Returning Mirror to the Void King Realm, he was like stepping into another new world.

Only taking a short rest, Yang Kai climbed up from the spot on a bone, resisting the pain everywhere in his body, grabbed a handful of spirit pills from the space ring, and did not see what it was. Chew it directly into the mouth.

Heart and mind are united, and the intention is to guard the dantian.

This time is undoubtedly the best time to consolidate the realm of cultivation. He is not willing to miss it in vain.

Pieces of dragon scales receded from his right arm, and a faint golden light began to emerge. The wounds on Yang Kai’s body repaired itself at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the flesh and blood throbbed with powerful fluctuations in power.

The golden light became more and more prosperous. Until the end, the place where Yang Kai was located was completely covered by golden light, and no human figure could be seen.

The activity of the blood in the body is countless times stronger than before.

One day later, the golden light dissipated, revealing Yang Kai’s strong body.

The exposed skin was covered with blood coffee. Yang Kai only gave a light shake, and the blood coffee was shaken into powder, exposing the skin underneath that looked like a new life.

“Oh, Enlightenment Pill!” Yang Kai suddenly remembered something, and quickly searched for it in Space Ring. After a while, he took out a jade bottle and poured out the three spirit pills inside.

It was the three Enlightenment Pills he had previously refined.

One of the grains still has a pattern of pill pattern, and the other two grains have no pattern of pill pattern, but the quality is also extremely high-end.

“It’s you.” Yang Kai picked up the enlightened pill with pill pattern and stuffed it into his mouth. While dissolving the effects of the medicine, he used the enlightened pill to understand the true meaning of martial arts.

The aura on his body became more refined and condensed, and a martial art mood that seemed to resonate between the world and the earth radiated.

After half a month, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and let out a breath.

His eyes were plain and plain, just like an ordinary person, even he himself was completely suppressed because of the violent and uneasy Saint Yuan fluctuations after the breakthrough.

“It’s so-so, although the realm is not completely stable, but it is similar.” Yang Kai muttered to himself, his mind moved, an invisible force centered on him, suddenly spread out.

In an instant, within a radius of a thousand meters, the space suddenly became thick and dignified, and in this space, the cracks in the space began to disillusioned, as if there were invisible beasts opening their mouths.

The realm!

After being promoted to the Void King Realm, Yang Kai’s potential field has finally turned into a realm! Moreover, this is the domain that integrates his spatial power, and is more powerful than the domain of the general Void King Realm powerhouse.

In this realm, he is the master!

Therefore, it is very simple and easy for a Void King Realm to kill the Void Returning Mirror. The Void Returning Mirror’s potential field can only influence and interfere with others, but in the field, the Void King Realm is strong You can do whatever you want.

With a thought moved, the field dissipated, Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, his figure was vertical, and he flew high in the sky, silently calling out his blood beasts and stone puppets.

After a while, all the blood beasts flew back, turned into golden bloodshots and returned to his body, as did the stone puppets, only Flowing Yan. After watching Yang Kai for a while, he said: “Congratulations, master for being promoted to King Realm!”

“Haha, luck.” Yang Kai chuckled and thought for a while and said: “Don’t worry, I will let your strength improve together.”

Yan’s eyes lit up, and respectfully said: “Thank you, Master.”

As a tool spirit, although she has now refined her refining furnace from her heart, it is not that simple to improve her strength. Unless something like dry sky thunder and fire swallowed her, it would be difficult for her to make progress.

But with the assurance of Yang Kai’s words, Liu Yan is completely relieved.

Because Yang Kai has the sun on him!

As long as she can swallow some real fire from the sun, her strength will not stand still.

“Well, you go back to the Profound Realm Orb first, the sun is true, and I have already placed it there. You can swallow as much as you can, and you must not greedy your work.”

“Yes Liu Yan was overjoyed, her figure disappeared as soon as she swayed. The next moment, she appeared in the Profound Realm Bead, and she quickly found the true essence of the sun, and immediately turned into a firebird with joy, and wrapped her true essence toward the sun. past.

After dealing with this, Yang Kai turned his head and looked in one direction, frowning, and immediately shaking his figure, reaching dozens of miles away.

Lu Guichen was still sitting here, but his expression was pale and languid. After realizing Yang Kai’s arrival, he raised his head and gave him a wry smile.

“I can’t help myself!” Yang Kai shook his head, and Lu Guichen made it so that he naturally knew the reason. Although he had been breaking through and promoting, it didn’t mean that he knew nothing about the outside world.

On the contrary, Lu Guichen was defeated by the power of the baptism of heaven and earth, and he could see clearly from beginning to end.

A martial artist, no matter how severe the trauma is on the body or the trauma of spiritual consciousness, there is a way to recover, but if the martial arts heart of a martial artist, his own will collapse, then even the emperor I’m afraid there is nothing I can do.

Because this is his own reason, only if he strengthens his conviction, can it be restored.

Not only are Yang Kai and Lu Guichen unfamiliar, there is still a gap between each other. He is worthy of this guy if he didn’t kill Lu Guichen. How can there be any spare time to comfort him at this moment?

So Yang Kai just glanced at him, and Yang Kai ignored it.

At the next moment, his spiritual thoughts spread, extending towards the inner abdomen of the floating continent.

He wants to see how the Dharma body is progressing in refining the origin of the stars.

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