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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1843: Planting Read Novel

Chapter 1843: Planting – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1843: Planting

The matter of the Dharma body refining the origin of the stars made Yang Kai look forward to it, because if he really succeeds, then he will become the first two-star master in the entire star field.

It’s nothing more than a mere name, the key is the various benefits after becoming a star owner.

After he was promoted to the Void King Realm just now, he could clearly feel that he was closely connected with the Gloom Star, which was hundreds of millions of miles away, and as his cultivation level increased, Gloom The star must have also received a lot of nourishment.

There is no doubt about this. In the specific case, you have to return to the Gloom Star to investigate.

Yang Kai released his spiritual thoughts and silently sensed the state of the law body. The next moment, his face changed leisurely and became extremely weird. He quickly flew into the high altitude and looked down at the floating continent from above. After a while, his body shook, and he exclaimed: “What’s wrong again?”

He stared at the floating continent below incredulously, his eyes staring out.

The progress of the matter surpassed his expectations and imagination. He never expected that such a thing would happen when the Law Bodies were refining the origin of the stars.

The refining of the dharmakaya did not go smoothly. On the contrary, in his induction, the refining of the source of the dharmakaya progressed extremely smoothly. I don’t know when the dharmakaya has completely refined the source of the body and became The star master of the dangling continent.

The breath of the Dharmakaya has also skyrocketed.

This is not the key. The key is that the Law Bodies merged with the entire floating continent!

In his induction, the entire floating continent below has become his own law body.

Looking into the distance, at one end of the floating continent, you can vaguely see a huge, fuzzy head. Although it has not been fully formed, it has already taken shape.

And on both sides of the floating continent, there seems to be signs of the birth of arms.

On the other end, there are traces of two legs.

The floating continent today is like a giant sleeping in the void.

“Gudong!” Yang Kai was accustomed to the big wind and waves. At this moment, he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, cold sweat fell on his forehead.

What is the situation?

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Yang Kai only felt that his mind was in chaos, and nothing he saw could explain such a weird scene in front of him.

He took a deep breath, calmed his mind, closed his eyes, and once again carefully felt the situation on the Dharmakaya.

My own Dharma body is still underground, and it does not seem to have changed much, but it has indeed merged with the entire suspended continent. Moreover, under the interference of the Dharma body’s will, this continent is actually following its shape. Changing shape.

“The talented magical powers of the stone puppet clan! Does it want to swallow the entire floating continent?” Yang Kai was really taken aback when he felt the feedback in his mind.

What a terrifying feat is this?

Although the dangling continent is not large, it still has an area of ​​two to three million miles. If the law body can really use the talent of the stone puppet to successfully refine it, then it will become a sky above the head. A stone giant stepping on the ground.

Such a huge stone giant gives people a strong sense of oppression only in terms of perception, even if the virtual king realm is confronted with it, I am afraid that there is only one escape.

Think about it, who can survive a fist that is bigger than a mountain?

“No way.” Yang Kai still seemed to be in a dream, surprised and happy.

The shocking thing is that this movement of the Dharma body has exceeded his expectations. What is happy is that if it succeeds, then he will give a big help, and this help will be more than Xiaoxiao and Liuyan To be powerful.

The will of the Dharma body represents his own will. Although it is only a distraction controlling the Dharma body, since the Dharma body has made such a move, it means that everything is still under his control.

Running the exercises, Yang Kaiping was calm, and he also wanted to see if the Dharmakaya could succeed in this move, or it was just idiotic dreams.

“Boom Rumble”, there was a loud humming noise across the suspended continent, and the earth was shaking endlessly. During the shaking, there was a sound of humming from inside the suspended continent, very rhythmic, like a single one. The heart is beating.

With every beating, large chunks of land are shaken into dust and dissipated in the void.

Countless canine-toothed, criss-crossing gullies appeared on the ground all at once.

A sight of the imminent end of the day came into my eyes, and the entire continent seemed to begin to fall apart.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly condensed, and he watched silently for a while, and soon he relaxed, knowing that this was the process of refining the suspended continent, and the ground that was shattered was nothing but useless impurities. That’s it.

The slightly useful things have been preserved and swallowed and refined by the law body.

Refining a continent, even if it is only a continent of two to three million miles, this kind of thing was originally impossible to achieve, but the body is a stone puppet body, with the innate magical power to swallow refining, now it It is also the star master of the floating continent. It is the master of the floating continent that controls the floating continent. With all the conveniences and priority conditions achieved, it has allowed it to carry out such a feat.

I am looking forward to it!

Yang Kai found himself with this Dharma body and gave him a huge surprise, and he couldn’t help but feel a little emotional.

Boom boom

The kind of extremely rhythmic sound is coming continuously, and the speed of the continent split is getting faster and faster. The whole continent begins to shrink at a speed visible to the naked eye. The huge head and limbs that Yang Kai had seen before slowly became clear.

At this speed, I am afraid that it only takes one or two efforts to complete the refining of the Dharmakaya.

Yang Kai stood above the void, quietly observing for several days, and determined that everything was under the control of the Law Bodies, and then he was completely relieved.

Nothing happened, he sacrificed the Profound Realm Orb and went directly into the Little Profound Realm.

Divine Sense was released, and soon, he felt the aura of flowing inflammation. At this moment, she was retreating in a certain place, and the place where she was located exuded a terrifying hot breath.

It looks like she has swallowed a real sun fire, and is struggling to refine it.

Even with her current strength, it is not easy to refining a ray of real sun fire, but once the refining is successful, the strength will increase.

Yang Kai did not call her, but took the immortal tree out of the space ring.

The three-foot-tall young sapling is full of several green leaves, and only one of the leaves has a milky white drop of dew.

Immortal liquid! It is the holy medicine for healing the dead.

Yang Kai took out a jade bottle and carefully collected this drop of immortal liquid.

The immortal liquid was originally born on an immortal tree, and it can be collected as long as it is born, so his actions have no effect on the immortal tree.

The legendary immortal tree is full of treasures. Whether it is the few emerald green leaves or rhizomes, it contains extremely surging vitality. If the immortal tree can be refined, it can even be Achieve the immortal body.

Living with the sky, returning with the earth, immortal, immortal and immortal!

The lifespan of the strongest of the Void King’s third-level realm is only a few thousand years, and it may live for tens of thousands of years if it is well maintained, but there is also a limit.

But an immortal tree can make the warrior immortal, Yang Kai’s breathing can’t help but become rapid.

Looking at the ageless tree for a long time, Yang Kai suddenly scratched his ears and cheeks—he had no idea how to refine the ageless tree.

This is the legendary treasure of heaven and earth. It is more precious than the colorful Wen Shenlian lotus. How should this thing be refined?

The baby is right in front of him, but Yang Kai can only look at it, which makes him depressed.

Tilting his head for a moment, Yang Kai tried to collect the immortal tree with his spiritual thoughts.

After all, that was how it was when collecting Wen Shenlian. They are both heaven and earth treasures, and there is always a possibility of a try.

But no matter how Yang Kai urged his spiritual thoughts, the old tree didn’t respond.

He tried to motivate the refining of Shengyuan again.

A few days later, Yang Kai was downhearted. During this time, he tried every method he could think of, and he was barely able to take the old tree Swallow it raw, but it can never be refined.

It’s not appropriate to swallow it raw. God knows that eating this kind of food will make some incredible changes in itself.

“Fine, wait to go back and ask Yang Yan, she has a lot of magical powers, she should know something.” Yang Kai can only temporarily die.

After exploring the Little Profound Realm, Yang Kai chose a location and replanted the old tree first.

This treasure of heaven and earth is full of vitality, so there is no worry that it will not survive after planting. Even if it is placed on a dead star, it will be safe and sound.

The immortal tree settled in the Xiaoxuan Realm, and the unimaginable vitality spread through the earth to the surroundings. It just took a while, and Yang Kai felt that the Xiaoxuan Realm was more alive than before, and those trees seemed to have been obtained. Like a huge tonic, each one grows quickly.

Even this piece of heaven and earth seems to have been compensated for and become more complete and perfect.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai was moved, and he quickly took out the genius treasures he had harvested in the Lost Lands, and carefully replanted them around the old trees.

What made Yang Kai overjoyed was that these genius treasures really quickly adapted to this soil, and each plant exudes a pleasant atmosphere.

“It looks like you can build a medicine garden around the old tree!” Yang Kai thoughtfully.

The reason why the Lost Medicine Valley is rich in products is entirely because of the ageless trees. With the vitality and nourishment from the ageless trees, those geniuses and treasures can grow rapidly.

The immortal trees are now settled in the Little Profound Realm. As long as they are operated properly, another medicine valley may not be formed here.

Thinking of this, Yang Kai took out the medicinal materials that Lu Guichen had given him, and found a few virtual king-level medicinal materials that seemed dying to plant.

A few days later, these medicinal plants actually survived again.

You must know that these medicinal materials were collected by Lu Guichen a long time ago. The efficacy of the medicine has passed away a lot, and it is basically impossible to survive, but the old tree has such a function against the sky.

“Haha!” Yang Kai was overjoyed.

Although he failed to refine the immortal tree and make himself an immortal body, this unintentional discovery still made him very rewarding.

At the moment, Yang Kai began to live in the Little Profound Realm with great energy.

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Chapter 1843: Planting – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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