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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1844: Out of the Mountain Read Novel

Chapter 1844: Out of the Mountain – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1844: Out of the Mountain

More than a month later, Yang Kai looked at the large area in front of him with joy. This place is centered on the old trees, and he has planted many elixirs.

Regardless of their previous state, these miraculous herbs survived under the nourishment of the vitality of the immortal tree.

Within a radius of one hundred li, a medicine garden has formed.

“It seems that if you collect anything in the future, you can plant it here, and get it when you want to use it. Well, in this way, the integrity of the efficacy of the medicine can be preserved to the greatest extent. “Yang Kai was very happy.

Then, he sprinkled countless sacred crystals, and used his fists to blast them into powder, so that the energy in the sacred crystals filled this space.

Although the ageless tree is full of vitality, enough to nourish this small mysterious realm, the elixir that is planted needs the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to grow.

The future sacred crystal is probably a big expense.

After doing this, Yang Kai took the time to investigate the situation of the floating continent.

During this period of time, he inspected every other place and found that the process of refining the body was extremely smooth. Now the entire floating continent has shrunk by more than half, and the stone giant lying in the void is also exposed The majestic and stalwart body gives people a very strong sense of oppression.

However, the further you get to the back, the more difficult it is to refine. I don’t know what the Dharma Body will eventually refine the floating continent into.

Yang Kai didn’t worry much, but sat cross-legged in the medicine garden, sniffing the aroma of medicine from all directions, and then took out a round object from the space ring.

The inner alchemy of the startling beast!

The reason why he agreed to Luo Lan to go to the Lost Lands was because he wanted to obtain the inner alchemy of the Sky Shocking Beast.

The Jingkong Beast is an ancient alien beast, naturally proficient in the power of space, and it is an unimaginable help to a warrior like Yang Kai who has cultivated the power of space.

In the Lost Lands, he refines the spatial vortex, so that his spatial power soars. If he can obtain the artistic conception and mystery contained in the shocking beast inner alchemy, he can definitely go further.

Take out the Zixu Cauldron, and Yang Kai sacrifices the fire of divine consciousness.

He will refining the Jingkong Beast’s inner alchemy into a spirit pill to serve, so as to ensure the maximum energy absorption of the inner alchemy.

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Fortunately, there is an ancient pill recipe recorded in the Pill Dao True Explanation, which was refined using the Jingkong Beast inner pill as the main material, and he does not lack other auxiliary materials.

The time flickered, and it was another two months later.

Outside the floating continent, Guizu frowned, his complexion was not very good, and his heart was just whispering.

It has been more than three months since he felt the movement of Yang Kai’s promotion that day, but until now, Yang Kai has not appeared.

Could he really fail in promotion and died under the baptism of heaven and earth energy, right? That’s the jealous talent of heaven.

At this moment, the ancestor of the ghost is standing alone in the void, uneasy deep in his heart. After all, he had just promised Yang Kai to join the High Heaven Sect and was ready to use the ability of the High Heaven Sect Void King Alchemy Master to improve his strength. If Yang Kai died like this, where should he go to find the High Heaven Sect? He didn’t even know where Ling Xiaozong was.

Ni Guang and Xueyue had already left two months ago.

Ni Guang is troubled by all things, and it is impossible to wait here forever. He has no results for many days and can only return to the Hengruo Chamber of Commerce temporarily.

Xueyue wants to stay, but how can Ni Guang feel relieved to let her stay here alone? Even with Guizu’s help to take care of it, it won’t work, and in the end, despite Xueyue’s strong opposition, she directly took her away.

“It’s dead or alive, you just jump out and say it.” Guizu jumped up and down anxiously, wishing to rush into the floating continent again to see what it was.

On the other side, Zilong and others are very patient and have been waiting.

But at this moment, their faces are also ugly.

They felt that Yang Kai must have fallen, otherwise how could it have been hiding and not appearing? Yang Kai didn’t die, they didn’t care, but the old tree was on him

“This bastard!” Zi Donglai cursed bitterly.

“Brother Zi, Brother Xu, Kongmou will leave first.” Kong Fa thought for a while, and said to Xu Wei and Zilong.

He really has no patience to continue spending it here.

Xu Wei glanced at Kongfa with a bleak look, opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say it, just sighed.

The power of the origin was drawn by the broken shuttle, Xu Wei almost didn’t get mad, and after a few months, he could not recover. At this moment, he seems to be almost exhausted Occasion.

Xu Wei ignored him, why would Zilong care about him? Just snorted.

Kong Fa asked for a boring question, smiled, and wanted to sacrifice Star Shuttle and leave.

But at this moment, the abnormal change protrudes.

In the originally quiet starry sky, there was an unusual fluctuation of power suddenly up and down.

Kong Fa’s body was stunned at the same place, staring at that spot in astonishment, frowning.

At the next moment, the power fluctuations that came out of the ups and downs became stronger and stronger, and within less than three breaths, a whirlpool appeared there.

“The whirlpool of chaos?” Kong Fa was shocked, and the other people’s complexion changed drastically, as strong as the ancestors of the ghost and the purple dragon, also urged Sheng Yuan quickly, ready to escape at any time.

A figure suddenly emerged from the whirlpool.

“Huh!” Zi Donglai yelled, staring at the figure carefully, and immediately, he exclaimed excitedly: “It’s coming out, the bastard is coming out!”

The figure that came out of the whirlpool is not Yang Kai and who is it?

In an instant, everyone’s eyes became fiery, enough to penetrate the void.

“Boy, you really are not dead!” Guizu laughed, and the dark air on his body was also ups and downs, showing the excitement deep in his heart.

“Since I’m out, let me go with the old man!” Zilong shot Yang Kai as soon as he saw Yang Kai’s face, purple brilliance appeared on his body, and came to Yang Kai leisurely. He grabbed it at him with one hand, and said: “The treasure of the old tree is not something you can have.”

“Dare to move this sect master, have you asked the old man?” Ghost Zu coldly hummed, his body turned into a black air, and he stood in front of Yang Kai for a short while, thousands of spirits and ghosts mingled together, and a pure and evil force came out and rushed straight into Zilong’s mind.

“Huh, little tricks of carving insects!” The purple dragon is motionless like a mountain, and the purple light on his body is getting more and more dazzling.

The black spirit of the ghost ancestor was forced to retreat again and again.

“Jie Jie look down on the old man? You take yourself too seriously.” With a whistle from the ghost ancestor’s mouth, the Ten Thousand Soul Banner directly turned into a dark curtain and wrapped the purple dragon inside.

“What?” Zilong was surprised at this time. He had never done anything with Ghost Ancestor. Although he knew that the opponent was the two-level cultivation base of the Void King, it was not much worse than himself, but he waited until after the fight. He only discovered that this ghostly old guy was more difficult to deal with than Ni Guang.

“Young boy, don’t hurry up!” The ghost ancestor’s voice came out from the shady scene, “The old man blocked you for a while, you can run as far as you can!”

“Uh, everyone is so patient.” After Yang Kai walked out of the whirlpool, he looked around for a while, and soon understood what the situation was in front of him, but he stood there calmly and didn’t want to immediately The meaning of running away.

“Want to run?” Zi Donglai’s face flashed sharply, and he waved: “Xu Wei, take him down for me.”

Although Xu Wei seems to be tortured in a human form, But at any rate, it was also in the virtual king state. The skinny camel was bigger than the horse, so Zidonglai naturally wanted to drive him to work hard.

Xu Wei didn’t dare to defy anything, and rushed towards Yang Kai with a cold face, and roared grimly: “It’s all you, it’s all this bastard. If it wasn’t you, how could the old man fall into this field?”

He will be subdued by Zi Donglai, most of the reason is because Yang Kai sneaked on him in the Lost Lands, causing him to suffer heavy losses. Otherwise, how could he be settled by Zilong in a few words?

Void King Realm powerhouse, which one is not extremely proud? How can you be willing to be a slave and driven by others?

Especially what drives me is still a imaginary hairy boy!

That’s all there is to it. Later, in the process of chasing Yang Kai, Xu Wei was even more drawn out of a large amount of origin power by the Shuttle Shuttle, and the whole person grew old at once.

All this is because of Yang Kai. Xu Wei didn’t dare to get angry with Zilong and Zidong, so he could only transfer the grievances to Yang Kai.

So after hearing Zi Donglai’s order, he immediately rushed forward, and without hesitation he exploded with a full blow that his current state could explode.

Void vibration, the full blow of the Void King Realm powerhouse is no small thing, it is almost an attack that can penetrate the void.

Xu Wei wanted Yang Kai’s life.

Anyway, what Zilong and his son care about is not old trees. It doesn’t matter whether Yang Kai is dead or not. Kill him, and you can find old trees from his space ring!

The dazzling light flickered, and Xu Wei’s whole person seemed to turn into a small sun, crashing down on top of Yang Kai’s head.

Zi Donglai couldn’t help but shrink his eyes, and there was a trace of fear on his face. During this period, his attitude towards Xu Wei can be said to be extremely bad. However, Xu Wei did not dare to have the slightest because of the branding being accused. The complaint caused Zi Donglai to feel that the so-called Void King Stage was nothing more than this.

But after seeing Xu Wei’s full blow, he knew that there was a problem with his mentality.

Such a blow can kill a dozen of him in an instant.

“That bastard is dead!” Zi Donglai was secretly happy.

Eliminate this biggest competitor in the future, only Xueyue and Gu Jianxin can be compared with them. If you suppress Xueyue and Gu Jianxin in the future, you can become the younger generation in the star field. The king!

Thinking wildly, a stern smile appeared at the corner of Zi Donglai’s mouth.

’Secret technique, exile!” A faint voice suddenly spit out from Yang’s mouth. Facing Xu Wei’s earth-shaking blow, his expression remained the same. He didn’t even mean to evade, but raised. One hand covered Xu Wei.

The hand greeted us, exuding mysterious power fluctuations, which became bigger and bigger in Xu Wei’s eyes, as if it turned into heaven and earth, obscuring the light in his eyes, leaving him only seeing darkness and chaos.

“What?” Xu Wei exclaimed in shock.

The dazzling light was instantly annihilated, Xu Wei stood in a daze not far in front of Yang Kai, staring at the front incredulously, his eyes were almost staring out.

He didn’t know what happened just now, and he made an all-out shocking blow, but Yang Kai was unscathed, and he didn’t even mess with his hair.

As if the blow hit another piece of space.

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