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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1848: Desperately Read Novel

Chapter 1848: Desperately – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1848: Desperately

With a full blow, Zilong instantly got rid of the shroud of the ten thousand soul flags. Purple rays of light flowed from his body, like a dazzling meteor, hitting the place where Yang Kai was. past.

“Boy Yang, go!” Guizu was shocked, and while putting away the ten thousand soul flags and chasing Zilong, he yelled at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stood on the spot, as if he didn’t notice the danger coming, he was unmoved, but his expression became extremely solemn.

Seeing that Zilong was about to slay before his eyes, he suddenly let out a low cry, and his strength was frantically mentioned.

The Indestructible Five Elements Sword circulates throughout the body, and the colorful brilliance shines.

The secret technique of transforming the demon and the dragon was operating, and a piece of dragon scales appeared on the right arm for an instant, and the right hand became the appearance of a dragon claw.

He fell into anger and threw a punch forward.

The colorful brilliance collided with the purple Changhong, and the star field with a radius of thousands of miles shook for a moment.

At the next moment, centered on the contact point between the two, the halo visible to the naked eye suddenly spread to the surroundings.

Yang Kai snorted, his whole body flew upside down, and he couldn’t stop his figure anyway, and blood spurted from his mouth in midair.

Although Zilong stayed on the spot, his face turned pale, and his face showed an extremely shocked look. Immediately, red blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

In this fight between the two sides, he was also slightly injured!

There was a storm in the heart of this kid Zilong, and the look on his face was so incredible.

He is a veteran Void King two-layer realm powerhouse, and he is also the master of the Purple Star. He is cultivating the Shocking Magic Judgment. There are really not many people who can fight him in the entire star field. The first level of the virtual king was in front of him, and it was not enough to see.

But Yang Kai, a junior who had just been promoted to the Void King Realm, was able to fight him head-on.

Even people like Xu Wei and Kong Fa will inevitably break their bones and shake their internal organs into powder.

What is the origin of this kid? Who do you learn from? Why is there such a terrifying potential?

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Just as he was promoted to the Void King Realm, he can fight against him. If he is asked to break through to the Void King Third Level Realm, who is his opponent in this star field?

Thinking of this, Zilong couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat, and he became more confident in killing Yang Kai.

A sound of ghost crying and wolf howling came from behind. Zilong knew that it was the ghost ancestor who followed and killed him. He suddenly turned around, and opened his mouth to spit out a purple mysterious light!

Taiyi Purple Profound Qi! One of the magical powers attached to the Long River Jue of Purple Qi, a strand of Taiyi Purple Profound Qi requires two hundred years of cultivation to form, and the purple dragon is extremely hard working, and only three strands.

But in order to resist the ghost ancestor’s ultimate move, he had to use it.

As soon as the purple mysterious light came out, Guizu’s complexion changed drastically, because he felt extremely terrifying power fluctuations from it. He didn’t dare to be indifferent at the moment. He waved the spirit flag and unfolded the ghost flag. He hid in it.

But the Taiyi Purple Profound Qi is still like a broken bamboo, directly rushing into the Ten Thousand Soul Banner.

In an instant, countless ghosts were killed on the spot, causing the distressed heart of Guizu to twitch!

But at this time, he didn’t care too much. While urging the Ten Thousand Soul Banner to dissolve the Taiyi Purple Profound Energy’s attack, he hurried towards Yang Kai, for fear that Yang Kai would be destroyed by a blow by the Purple Dragon. Up.

Soon, he came to Yang Kai, his figure reappeared, and asked worriedly: “Are you dead?”

Yang Kai clutched his chest, coughing and looking at it. He glanced at him and smiled miserably: “What do you think?”

“It’s good if you haven’t died. I really scared the old man.” Guizu couldn’t help letting go of the big stone in his heart, blinked his eyes and looked at Yang Kai, his complexion gradually Shocked.

He discovered that Yang Kai’s injuries were not too serious, the power fluctuations in his body were still stable and strong, and his expression was still so-so.

The ghost ancestor swallowed his saliva, shocked like a purple dragon.

This kid, really a monster! How did he do this? Moreover, the colorful glow on his body and the arm that turned into a dragon’s arm are obviously some incredible secret techniques.

Especially the dragon arm covered with scales, Guizu actually felt the pressure from it that made his heart palpitating!

Long Wei! Guizu was taken aback by the thought that emerged in his heart.

He converged his mind, stopped thinking about it, but opened the mouth and said: “Boy, should I take it as soon as I see it, or what? The old man listens to you.”

“Naturally want to cut the grass and root!” Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked forward coldly.

“Okay!” Guizu squinted his eyes and nodded heavily, “In that case, the old man will go crazy with you. Since the old man came out, he has really never played against the Void King Realm. I didn’t expect the first The person who met once was such a guy, Jie Jie”

While talking, the ghost ancestor was full of warfare.

On the other side, the Zilong who repelled Yang Kai with one blow, and then forced away the ghost ancestor, did not intend to pursue it. Instead, he sacrificed a round-bowl-like secret treasure to the dead Zidong. Come and cover.

The round bowl exudes an extremely soft light, which leads Zidonglai’s corpse. Under the light, the purple dragon has a solemn expression, pinching the mysterious magic jue in his hand, and hitting the round bowl.

Something was pulled out of Zidonglai’s corpse and gathered into the round bowl.

Soon, an illusory figure appeared in the center of the round bowl, and that figure was the dead Zidonglai.

In the beginning, the figure was ethereal and invisible, as if the wind blows away, but with Zilong’s continuous efforts, the figure stared more and more, as if the spirit body of Zidonglai’s soul was out of its body.

And the eyes of this figure gradually become clearer.

Finally, with Zilong spitting out blood, Zi Donglai’s figure gave a shock, woke up, he turned around blankly, and quickly understood what was going on.

“Father, please avenge the child, the child was killed by that bastard!” Zi Donglai’s figure stood in the round bowl, howling and crying, but as a spirit manifestation, Not a single tear came out.

“Trash!” Zilong’s face was pale, and after a reprimand, his complexion gradually softened, and he nodded and said: “Don’t worry, father will be the master for you, and you can stay in the soul bowl. When I arrive at Zixing, I will find a way to reshape your body!”

“Yes.” Zi Donglai was overjoyed, and his figure swayed before disappearing.

Only then did Zilong carefully put away the soul bowl, turned around, staring coldly at the direction where Yang Kai was.

In any case, this kid must die anyway, even if he is seriously injured, he must be killed here! It would be terrifying for such a person to let him grow up.

“Zi Yao Xinghe!” Zilong suddenly shouted, and the purple light from his body quickly receded. On the contrary, in his hand, there was a shocking sword made of purple light.

With the purple sword in hand, the purple dragon’s momentum skyrocketed, and an aura that made hundreds of millions of creatures tremble filled. He looked at Yang Kai coldly and shouted: “Boy, no one can keep you today. Life!”

“You will die if you don’t speak big words? My life is here. I have the ability to do it myself.” Yang Kai was not afraid, and took a step forward.

Zilong didn’t say a word, his sword light flashed, his entire body was wrapped in the sword light, and he instantly straddled a few miles before directly hitting Yang Kai.

“Exiled!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand to shoot forward, and the space instantly collapsed, forming a black hole-like existence.

The purple dragon came so fast that he almost rushed directly into the black hole, scared him to turn around and avoid it.

“Moonblade!” Yang Kai’s voice sounded again, with crescent-like shocks, and he was going to hit Zidong without money.

Zi Donglai was immediately forced into a rush, he could only jump up and down, and did not dare to touch these attacks condensed by pure spatial forces.

God knows what will happen after touching?

Yang Kai laughed: “Old things, you can’t even get close to me, so you still want my life? In the next life!”

Guizu watched from the sidelines The cold sweat of Cencen, secretly sighed that there are talents coming out of the country from generation to generation, and the new generation is replacing the old.

There are really few, but have you ever seen such a weird method by Yang Kai? He put himself in and thought about it, if he were Zilong, the situation would not be much better, he would only be forced by Yang Kai to be unable to get close.

“Purple Qi is coming to the east!” Zilong suddenly shouted, his already terrifying aura once again increased by one point, the next moment, he did not evade, facing countless moon blades, a sword Cut it over.

This sword can be said to be a shocking ghost, which contains the endless anger of the purple dragon and the meaning of its own martial arts, and even the eyes of the ghost ancestors are jumping.

Without even thinking about it, he directly threw the Ten Thousand Soul Banner, turned into a shady, and stood in front of him and Yang Kai.


The Moon Blade was cut open, and even the Ten Thousand Soul Banner could not resist the light of this sword.

The attack was at the top of Yang’s beginning, as if he would be divided into pieces in the next moment.

Yang Kai grabbed the ghost ancestor and made a wrong footstep. The power flowed around his body and disappeared in the same place in a flash. When he reappeared, the person had already come behind the purple dragon.


The dragon bone sword came out of its sheath, and the holy yuan poured in. The emerald green dragon bone sword suddenly turned into a giant dragon, swaying its head and tail to swallow the purple dragon.

The ghost ancestor also made a leisurely move, and his hand was firmly pinched, and a huge ghost head suddenly appeared. The ghost head has blue-faced fangs, gloomy, light and fast, and it follows the dragon bone sword. After that, he bit on Zilong’s back.

Zilong’s reaction was extremely fast. The moment he saw Yang Kai and Guizu disappear, he realized what would happen next.

He instantly retracted the light of his sword and swung it with a backhand sword.

This sword hits the emerald dragon and the ghost head.

The sound of the dragon’s roar came out, full of the blow of the purple dragon’s whole body cultivation, which caused the emerald dragon to fly far away. The ghost seemed to be uncomfortable, and the whole face was distorted. split into two.

Although the joint attack between Yang Kai and Guizu was resolved, Zilong’s original aura of ascending to the top level suddenly slipped off, and his face turned pale. Obviously, it was for him to resolve such an attack. It is not a simple matter.

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