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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1849: The Dharma body is dispatched Read Novel

Chapter 1849: The Dharma body is dispatched – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1849: The Dharma body is dispatched

Take advantage of his illness and kill him!

Yang Kai and Guizu are so smart, how can they let go of such a great opportunity? At the moment, they used all means against the sky, and blasted towards the imposing purple dragon.

Countless moon blades flew together, and a large number of ghosts rushed to swallow the place where the purple dragon was.

From there came the movement of violent energy collisions.

Yang Kai and Guizu stared at the front without blinking, their expressions gradually becoming serious.

After a while, the shocking movement gradually dissipated, and the figure of Zilong was re-emerged.

At this moment, the purple star master’s expression is quite wilting, as if his vitality is severely injured, and he looks very embarrassed, but there is no worry about his life, because he doesn’t know when, something appeared on his body. A fuchsia armor!

The halo of the battle armor circulates, exuding extremely strong waves of secret treasures, which is nothing ordinary at first glance.

The battle armor that can withstand the joint blow of Yang Kai and Guizu is at least a virtual mid-grade!

This level of defense secret treasure is rare in the entire star field, and it can be said to be invaluable. For example, Kong Fa’s emperor tolling bell is nothing but a defensive secret treasure of the imaginary inferior grade. Compared with the value of Zilong’s armor, it can be said to be a world of difference.

Although his life is safe, there are many gaps in the purple-red armor, and a distressed look flashes in Zilong’s eyes.

This purple battle armor is a treasure passed down from generation to generation by their purple star. Every generation of purple star masters will keep it personally. After tens of thousands of years of vicissitudes, they have witnessed the evolution of history and countless ups and downs of purple stars. Rise and fall.

But today, it has been damaged, and it is extremely serious.

This battle armor is a secret treasure left over from the ancient times. With the tools and materials that can be found today, it is impossible to repair it. How does this make Zilong not sad?

However, after being attacked like this, Zilong’s mind was so clear. Just now, he was angry that his son was beheaded, so blood rushed to his head, and he only wanted to kill Yang Kai to avenge his hatred. But he miscalculated the situation, which caused himself a big loss.

Now he understands that he can’t kill Yang Kai anyway with his own strength.

Let’s not say that Yang Kai is proficient in the power of space, and he can escape if he can’t fight. It’s said that Guizu and Yang Kai’s cooperation is enough to suppress him. If one is not good, he will also lose his life. it’s here.

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So the Zilong has a heart of retreat.

It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years. Anyway, his son’s soul has been collected by him. After returning to Zixing, as long as he gathers the materials, he will be able to reshape his body, and then activate the whole The power of Zixing encircled Yang Kai!

As soon as I thought of this, Zilong took a deep breath and said coldly: “Boy, I hope that next time you and I see you, you can still be so rampant!”

“Want to go” The ghost ancestor’s complexion changed, “Wishful thinking!”

While speaking, the sound of ghost howling came from the Ten Thousand Soul Banner, turning into a shady scene and covering the purple dragon.

“I want to go, none of you can stop it!” The purple dragon’s complexion remained unchanged, and his hand was pinched. The whole person turned into a purple rainbow, and it broke through the ten thousand soul flag in a short time. Shrouded, lasing towards the depths of the star field.

Yang Kai looked at the direction he was running away, raised his brows, and a smirking smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Yang Kai, this guy is going to run away, don’t you want to chase?” Guizu saw Yang Kai motionless, and suddenly became anxious, “Let this person leave, there will be endless troubles!”

“If he flees in another direction, I may have to work hard to chase him, but he runs in this direction and seeks his own death.” The expression on Yang Kai’s face was extremely strange.

“What do you mean?” Guizu was confused when he heard it, and didn’t know what Yang Kai was talking about.

But the next moment, his eyes popped out because he saw a scene that made him tremble.

From somewhere in that star field, a huge slap suddenly appeared strangely, without warning, as if this slap was protruding out of the void, and that location was exactly what Yang had before. Open the place where you walked out of the floating continent!

What kind of slap is that, it is the size of a room, and although the slap looks unremarkable, but there is an inexplicable meaning flowing in it, that is the level of even the ghost ancestor The mystery that even the strongest of, is beyond the level of the realm of the Void King Realm martial artist.

slapped the palm, straight to cover the purple dragon, seemingly slow, but the force of the roll up made the void become unstable.

Zilong was shocked. He is now wounded and he just wants to stay away from here. Where did he know that such a giant palm suddenly appeared on the way to block the way?

Feeling the horrific power fluctuations from that giant palm, Zilong dare not neglect the slightest, and frantically urges his own power and domain power, wanting to resist one or two.

A scene that made him startled appeared. Just as his own domain was urged out, he was beaten to pieces, like a mirror flower, misty and invisible, and the giant palm was shooting at him unabated.

As careless as swatting a fly.

The purple dragon frightened the souls of the dead, and the broken purple battle armor on his body once again emitted a dazzling purple light, and a thick layer of holy element protection appeared outside the body.


The giant palm was thrown on the purple dragon. The next moment, the purple dragon was swept away like a rag sack. The person was in the void, bleeding countless, and the body was there. Dazzling sparks were plowed in the air.

“His” Guizu took a breath, although he had guessed to the greatest extent the power of the giant palm, but in the end he found that he was a little underestimated.

That palm is unremarkable, but it is extremely powerful!

What the hell is this? A slap is so big, what about the body?

Before this thought was finished, the ghost ancestor got what he wanted, and the master of the slap suddenly walked out of the void.

Guizu was taken aback, then looked at the owner of the slap stupidly, then looked at Yang Kai, and said in amazement: “Is this guy your brother? Or your son?”

He suddenly discovered that the master of the slap was a stone giant with a height of thirty feet, but the appearance of this stone giant was somewhat similar to Yang Kai himself, especially the five senses, all had the same charm.

“Elder Tai, don’t be so humorous, okay.” Yang Kai had a black line.

“What the hell is this?” Guizu was going crazy. He didn’t even know what the stone giant was in front of him, but he was certain that a few months ago, Yang Kai was absolutely No, otherwise he would not run away.

With such a huge, indomitable stone giant, who can be light-hearted?

“Dharmakaya!” Yang Kai replied in a deep voice.

“Dharmakaya?” The ghost ancestor frowned, and his expression was shocked: “The rumored external incarnation? Is the one you used in the Medicine Valley? Are you actually familiar with such a shocking secret technique?”

No wonder this stone giant looks a little like Yang Kai, it turned out to be Yang Kai’s Law Bodies. It’s just that the Law Bodies are like this? Ghost ancestors have also heard of this secret technique. Generally speaking, the dharma body of a warrior is exactly the same as his own body, inheriting part of the body’s strength, inheriting the body’s character and thought, and acting with the body’s will.

And is Yang Kai’s Law Bodies in front of you a bit too curious?

The “Yang Kai” ghost ancestor suddenly showed hot eyes, looking at Yang Kai Ai Ai in the period.

“Wait until I kill this guy.” Yang Kai seemed to know what he wanted to ask.

“Okay!” Guizu nodded fiercely.

Yang Kai grinned, staring coldly at the Zilong who was coughing up blood not far away, killing him like a wave.

After taking a blow from the body, the purple-red battle armor on Zilong’s body has been completely shattered. Although this battle armor is a mid-level virtual defensive treasure, after being hit by him and Ghost Ancestor, How can it be preserved if it is damaged and is bombarded by the Law Bodies again?

The Dharma Body was finally formed after swallowing and refining the entire Hanging Continent. In other words, the Dharma Body today is the Hanging Continent.

That blow was a blow to the entire continent, full of the power of the laws of heaven and earth in the dangling continent.

No matter how powerful a warrior is, how can he fight against a continent with a radius of two to three million miles?

That kind of power and law, even the little ones who belong to the stone puppet clan, are hard to come by!

Zilong did not die on the spot, it was already a manifestation of his strength.

But now he is definitely the end of the battle.

Yang Kai didn’t take it lightly. For a veteran Void King two-tier realm like Zilong, no one can guarantee whether he has any trump cards at the bottom of the box, so he waved his hand and the stone puppet and the fire bird Jumped out.

“Kill him!” Yang Kai pointed his hand forward.

The stone puppet Firebird got the order and immediately rushed forward.

On the way, Xiaoxiao has turned into a stone giant, but compared with the law body, this ten-foot-tall stone giant is simply the difference between his father and his son.

The flow inflammation turned into the form of a firebird, with purple and red colors lingering on his body, carrying the thunder and fire force to the sky, blocking a huge space.

The law body moved its huge body and walked towards the purple dragon step by step.

However, this guy is too big and inconvenient to move. This is why Yang Kai didn’t release it in the first place. The law body is strong but not flexible.

That’s why Yang Kai kept it hiding in the void, waiting for an opportunity to take action. He didn’t expect that Zilong would pass by the law body when escaping, and the back of Zilong’s luck made Yang Kai worry for him.

At that time, if Zilong escaped from another direction, then he might have to catch up with all his might. Although he could catch up, it was definitely not so easy now.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan rushed to the top of Zilong’s head, shaking Tianzhu was held in his hand by Xiao Xiao, and roared and smashed down fiercely, while Liu Yan opened his mouth and vomited. The lightning-like flames burned the void and wrapped it towards the purple dragon.

A look of despair appeared in Zilong’s eyes.

As Yang Kai observed, he was attacked one after another. He was already at the end of the force, and any Void King Realm could kill him. What’s more, it was the combined blow of Xiaoxiao and Firebird, as well as Yang Kai’s ghost ancestor and Fashen watching closely.

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Chapter 1849: The Dharma body is dispatched – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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