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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1850: Blast Read Novel

Chapter 1850: Blast – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1850: Blast

It is almost a mortal situation right now, and Zilong knows that he can’t escape anyway.

A look of unwillingness flashed in his eyes, and he stared at Yang Kai’s direction with bitter bitterness. He immediately pinched his hand, his complexion flushed, and his whole body swelled like a balloon, with blue veins. The fluctuating waves on his face looked terrifying, and at the same time, extremely violent energy fluctuations spread from Zilong.

“No, this guy is going to explode!” Guizu’s complexion changed drastically, and the soles of his feet began to cramp.

Although he is ten miles away from Zilong’s feet at the moment, the self-detonation of a Void King’s two-layer realm can’t be leveled by this distance. Once the Zilong really explodes, it will be hundreds of squares. I’m afraid the emptiness inside will be swallowed in.

Guizu did not dare to guarantee that he would be safe in this situation.

He immediately knew that Zilong was really forced to a dead end, otherwise, how could a strong man of the Void King two-tier realm choose such a decisive approach?

“Wishful thinking!” Yang Kai’s expression was also very solemn, and when he reached out a little, a light blue bead was sacrificed, and immediately, he madly poured the power of his own holy origin and divine consciousness.

After a short breath, Yang Kai’s whole body seemed to languish, but the pale blue beads only shone faintly.

“Go!” Yang Kai flicked his fingers on the beads, and an electric arc that was as thin as a cow’s hair flew out from the beads and struck straight towards the purple dragon.

The cold sweat fell on the forehead of the ghost ancestor, his eyes were almost bursting, and he stared at the seemingly inconspicuous arc stupidly, and his heart shook wildly.

Because he felt an aura of destruction from it, that was the power that made him unable to resist.

This kind of power seems to surpass the Void King Realm and seems to dominate this piece of heaven and earth!

“Hehe, is Guilu’s skills poor? Even if this seat is dead, you can’t think about it!” Zilong smiled miserably, and looked at the weak electric arc from Yang Kai sarcastically, thinking that Yang Kai was powerless.

But he only saw Yang Kai staring at him with sarcasm.

Zilong frowned, and at this moment, the faint electric arc suddenly rushed in front of him, flashing in his eyes.

The next moment, Zilong felt numb all over, as if he had been added to the body by the Nine Heavens God Thunder, and his thinking became rigid.

From the corner of his eye, he saw countless thunder arcs wandering around on his body, like a spirit snake, and under the destructive power of that thunder arc, he was proud of the two-level realm of the virtual king. The flesh actually began to disintegrate and collapse, and the strength of his body was like snowflakes under the scorching sun, quickly dissolving.

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His bulging body also shrivelled at an extremely fast speed.

“This is impossible!” Zilong roared unwillingly.

The next moment, the little Shaking Pillar had already smashed down, and the thunder fire of the flaming bird swallowed him.

After the three breaths, the dust settled, and the place where the purple dragon was located was already empty. The owner of the purple star had no bones left, leaving only his own space ring. Laser shot into the distance.

Liu Yan turned around, transformed into a human form, and chased after that space ring.

“Puff” Yang Kai spit out blood, his complexion was extremely pale, he sat cross-legged in the void, stretched out his hand to take out the spiritual pill plug and healed his injuries.

Guizu stood aside, startled.

In the previous battle, he saw from the beginning to the end. Although at the beginning he and Yang Kai wounded the Zilong, but at the end he didn’t make any effort. In other words, he could kill the Zilong. Yang Kai absolutely must take 80% of the credit.

Perhaps Yang Kai can do this even without his own help.

When this idea emerged, Guizu was suddenly startled.

A Void King Realm that just broke through, can actually kill a character like Zilong? Is this kid still not a human?

Guizu looked at Yang Kai like a monster.

What shocked the ghost ancestor even more was the light blue round bead that Yang Kai sacrificed at the last moment. It was definitely an incredible treasure, but the ghost ancestor could not distinguish the grade of the bead.

Just when he was stunned, Xiao Xiao and the Firebird returned together, surrounded the ghost ancestors from left to right, staring at him with an unkind look.

“What are you doing?” The corner of Guizu’s mouth twitched, “The old man is the elder of the High Heaven Sect. He is in a group with your master. Don’t look at the old man with such a look. The old man seems to be right. He looks unfavorable.”

He knew that Xiaoxiao and Firebird were wary of themselves because Yang Kai was healing here, so he didn’t mean to care.

However, Xiaoxiao and Firebird remained unmoved, still standing where they were, and if the ghost ancestor made a slight change, they would take the assassin’s posture.

“Don’t be rude!” A buzzing sound suddenly reverberated, almost deafening, “You two step back temporarily.”

Liu Yan heard the sound, nothing He stepped aside hesitantly, and Xiao Xiao scratched his head, seeming to be a little at a loss. Liu Yan saw it look like this, and reached out to fish it to his side, reaching out and knocking on its head.

Little grievedly, he drooped his head.

The ghost ancestor opened his mouth wide, looked up, and watched as he walked towards him step by step from not far away. Every step on it made the void tremble. The dharma body, like a hill, asked suspiciously. : “Just… was you talking?”

After finishing talking, like a cat with its tail trampled on, he was surprised: “Can you talk?”

“Why can’t I speak The Dharmakaya yelled, and the voice was loud and thunderous, and the face very similar to Yang Kai also showed a smile that made people laugh, “Elder Taisho, do you think this body is a dead thing?”

“You Call me too elder?” Guizu frowned, ’So, you are Yang Kai.”

“Forget it, I can represent the body.” The body nodded lightly, and then wrinkled again. Frowning: “This body is too big, it’s so inconvenient to move.”

“It’s a bit big” Guizu wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, although he understood that this body is Yang Kai, he looked at it like this The big guy walked towards him step by step, the expression on his face was so colorful, it still made him stressful.

“The body just consumes too much, and it should be able to wake up in a while, so don’t worry about the elders too.” The Dharmakaya also seems to realize that his voice is a little louder and deliberately lowers it.

I’m worried about a fart! Guizu yelled in his heart, he would naturally see what happened to Yang Kai’s body at the moment, but in today’s battle, he saw too many things that shocked him, so for a while, he had some indigestion and confusion.

“Boy, isn’t your body just promoted to the Void King Realm? Why did you suddenly become the top of the first stage? I think if your body has any chance, you can try to break through the two realms.” Guizu asked angrily, thinking that he had spent two thousand years on the Hanging Continent and was promoted to the Void King Realm by chance. After five hundred years, he did not make any progress. After he left the Hanging Continent, he was able to break through when he was physically and mentally free.

Yang Kai has reached the top of the first stage after coming back and forth for a few months. He sighed in his heart for injustice, God jealous of talents.

“The condition of the body has something to do with me.” The Dharma body finally moved to the front of the ghost ancestor, sat down cross-legged, overlooking him, and pointed at himself with a thick finger, “Because of my birth, That’s why the body can break through after being promoted.”

The ghost ancestor’s brows condensed into Chuanzi, and he said: “It looks so profound”

“Hehe, let’s put it this way, I am both prosperous and prosperous with the body, and my power can be fed back to the body.”

“Old man understands.”Gu Zu rubbed his sore neck, “But your Law Bodies are a bit peculiar, how do you cultivate?”

This is where the ghost ancestor is interested. The external incarnation only exists in legends. He also wants to cultivate. If he can cultivate the external incarnation in the future, his strength will definitely skyrocket.

“If the Supreme Elder wants to practice, I can teach you.”

“What a shame this is. “Guizu was overjoyed, rubbing his hands, and saying so, but there was no embarrassment on his face.

The Dharma body smiled, and said: “Do you remember that on the floating continent, you let the body Enter the space law circle to investigate?”

Guizu’s face suddenly turned into a shame: “The past is old, what to do with that.”

At the time, his attitude towards Yang Kai was not so friendly.

“At that time, the body did not enter the space magic circle, but entered with a ray of distraction” The magic body looked at with a smile. Ghost ancestor.

Gui ancestor thoughtfully said: “You mean”

“Yes, that ray of distraction is who I am now! The law body nodded lightly, “If you want to cultivate the law body, you must first practice distraction, and when the distraction is strong, you can find a suitable body and enter it to become the law body.”

“So simple? “Guizu was surprised.

“It’s that simple.”The Dharmakaya smiled slightly,” But although it is simple, it may not be effective.”

“What do you say? “Guizu humbly ask for advice.

“Not to mention that a suitable body is extremely difficult to find. Even if you find it, it will not necessarily make the distraction and the body merge successfully. After all, this is somewhat similar to Duoshe. Even if it succeeds, the Law Bodies will not be too powerful. For an existence like the Supreme Elder, the Law Bodies will probably not have any effect.”

“But you,” the ghost ancestor is unknown, so although he can’t figure out the details of Yang Kai’s dharmakaya, judging from the palm of the previous attack on Zilong, the fighting power of this dharma body is definitely not weaker than The two levels of the virtual king may even be higher.

“I am an exception. There are too many coincidences. “The Dharma body did not mean much to explain.

The Dharma body was originally only the No. 2 golden stone puppet. It has not swallowed too many minerals and has little combat effectiveness. Yang Kai has also kept it in the snow, but this time swallowed it. Refining the entire vacant continent has given a leap forward in strength.

It is impossible for this kind of thing to happen a second time.

’So, do you still have to learn from the Supreme Elder? “The magic body asked.

The ghost ancestor groaned, cultivating the magic body must be a very time-consuming and energy-consuming thing. After all, this secret technique is powerful, and the more powerful the secret technique, the more powerful it will be when you practice it. The more difficult it is.

For this, is it really worth delaying oneself from pursuing martial arts?

“Forget it, don’t learn it for now. If the old man wants to learn in the future, I will come to you again.” Guizu thought for a long time before he spoke. He decided to wait until he was promoted to the third level of the Void King before coming Study the Dharmakaya.

“Also.” Dharma body nodded, “Well, the body is waking up soon, you talk.”

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