Read MASTER FU’S PRIDEFUL WIFE in English – 傅爷的王牌傲妻

The youngest daughter of the Mu family from Ningzhou, who had gone missing when she was fifteen, was found. The younger daughter had been picked up with a grey face and was reputed to be rather ugly. As soon as Wen Li was returned to the Mu family, she received warnings from all sides.

Lady Mu: Remember who you are, never try to compete with your sister for anything… Young Master Mu: I only have one sister, Nuan Si. Young Master Mu: Muddy, it’s a shame to come out and say you’re my sister.

All the magazines and newspapers in town scoffed at the fact that all the children of the Mu family were excellent, but the daughter they found was indescribable. Two months after Wen Li packed her bags and moved out of the Mu family home, the World Science and Technology Competition was taking place in Ningzhou. And at four in the morning, the street where she lived was full of luxury car owners who had come to see her.

The once acrimonious people were furious, who the hell said this girl grew up in a poor village, what poor village could offer such a big Buddha.

Two months later, a picture was in the news showing the Nan family’s adopted son and the found daughter of the Mu family half hugging and being intimate. People scoffed that this found girl wanted to take off and become a phoenix, but got involved with the wrong person. Who doesn’t know that Nan’s family’s adopted son is an incompetent drag queen?

At the Nan family dinner, under countless lights, the head of the Nan family personally stepped forward to open the car door, and the man who stepped out had a gentle face and lips, and charmed all the women with the way he moved his hands. The girl in the fancy dress half hugged him as he got out of the car, the tips of her outstretched fingers white.

“Let’s go haul some butter bottles…….”


Alternative title:

  • 傅爷的王牌傲妻


  • Yuya Still

Source: qidian.com

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