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Chapter 77.1. The Last Dragon (part 1) – OMNISCIENT READER”S VIEWPOINT – Light Novel

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Chapter 77.1. The Last Dragon (part 1)

Metatron examined the deserted, ruined conference. The Demon Kings and Archangels, armed with appropriate weapons, were lying on the floor quite recently.

The story of good and evil was dissipating.

The effects of Chaos Points, who had broken through the tipping point were now invading the gray sphere.

One of the angels, still conscious, reached out to him.

[The clerk …]

With a characteristic sound, Michael’s heel smashed the Angel’s head into meat paste. He threw the dead Angel aside before pulling out an Archangel the size of a small child hidden in his robes.

The unconscious Archangel dangled in Michael’s hand as she was lifted into the air.

[Should I kill Raphael, huh? It’s a waste, letting her go like this …]

[If that’s what you want.It doesn’t matter if you let her live. Anyway, Chaos Points are already full to the max.]

[Well, then, how about this Demon King?]

Metatron turned his gaze to the corner of the sphere, where the heated battle was still ongoing. Agares and his badly wounded body were there.

Asmodeus and the other End Seekers poured coordinated attacks on him, but Demon King Agares showed no signs of destruction, even though the Stories flowed throughout his body, and two his eyes burned like the eyes of a ghost filled with resentment.

Once in mortal combat, the Demon King continued to suck his cigarette. Actually, not one, but several.

Stigma “One cigarette for Amazing Strength Lv???” activated.

Stigma “One cigarette for agility Lv???” activated.

Stigma “One cigarette for Magic Power Lv???” activated.

It was Agares Stigma, [Universal Cigarette], in action. His specialty, developed after a long life as a smoker. Unique Stigma for the Demon King who possessed a History to disperse the abilities of the Body of Incarnation.

Even after receiving the combined attacks of five or six Demon Kings, Agares remained standing, prompting Asmodeus to say something with admiration:

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[Like to be expected, the fame of the “Ruler of the East Hell” was not created from scratch, I see. However, how long can you hold out like this?]

Agares didn’t answer, just chose a new cigarette and lit it.

Metatron and Michael crossed the silent battlefield and approached the Demon King.

Agares spoke:

[Metatron, you better think again. You cannot protect Good and Evil in this way. What is the point of remembering after everyone has died?]

[As long as this is remembered, it must be reborn again sometime in the future.]

[Reborn? How could such a damned, corrupted angel come about?]

Michael frowned.

The Demon King “King of Vicious Angels” reveals his Status!

Mikhail’s status hit like a raging storm, causing Agares to retreat, losing more of his stories. Nevertheless, the Demon King’s gaze was still fixed on Metatron.

[What’s the point in trying to continue like this? This is not us.We, who are reborn in this way, will no longer be “Metatron” or “Agares”, but simply “Scribe of Heaven” and “Ruler of Eastern Hell”!]

[This is exactly what we are we are, oh, the Ruler of the Eastern Hell.]

Behind Metatron’s back flowed a certain eternal History – the History that he read, lived and believed.

Ancient Good smiles broadly.

It was the “Scribe of Heaven”, the one who wrote down the “Good” of the world.The entity that judged what was “Good” and became its leading standard.

Looking at his oldest rival, Agares, too, felt that History was flowing unhurriedly by his side.

The Ancient Evil bows its head.

It was an immeasurably long story of “Evil” that he pursued until now – the story of resistance to “Good”, destruction him and the punishment for him.

At that moment, Agares felt that thousands of years of his life were now reduced to one comma.

This “flow” would not end here, while the “Ruler of the Eastern Hell” was alive, and the “Scribe of Heaven” continued to exist. While they fought each other and repeated their wars over and over.

Even if Metatron and Agares were killed, someone else would become the “Scribe of Heaven” and “Ruler of the Eastern Vda.”

[If this is Good and Evil, then …]

Agares spat his phlegm on the floor and made a bitter grin.

[… I must give up the “Evil”.]

The cigarette flew out of Agares’s fingers. She spun in the air, emitting thick smoke.

Asmodeus hurriedly shouted:

[Stop him!]

Swirling, swirling smoke enveloped Agares” entire body.

Stigma “One cigarette for cowardice Lvl ???” activated!

Gray, cloudy smoke exploded and started to rain.

The smoke cleared and only one cigarette remained in place. The End Seekers had no choice but to withdraw their weapon with a bitter feeling.

Metatron looked at the discarded cigarette on the floor. Thick smoke swirled in the air from its tip.

His enemy has disappeared, and only Good remains. Was it a sense of loneliness or some kind of freedom he felt? Metatron could not tell.

Someone trampled on a dying bud and killed it.

The Oldest Evil is closely watching the new Evil.

Metatron looked up to find Asmodeus grinning at him.

[It seems like it was a mistake. You see, I was going to take over Agares” Wall.]

Metatron looked at the Demon King and replied:

[You will soon possess her.]

Anyway, the target has been achieved now.

Current Chaos Points: 100.

Chaos Points are now full recruited, and the Dragon of the Apocalypse awaited the possibility of rebirth. And the apocalypse is about to begin.

[The conference venue is falling apart.]

The gray sphere wrapped around the conference site gradually crumbled, and the corpses of the archangels fell to the ground below.

Asmodeus asked a question about Apparently enjoying this spectacle in the meantime:

[By the way, will this really be good?]

Metatron was silent. The time to argue whether this will be good or not is long gone.He watched the angels fall and gave the most textbook-like answer he could think of:

[Everything according to the will of “Good.” To achieve the most perfect ■■….]


The dearest wish of all Constellations, and also where it will end their story.

Asmodeus spoke:

[■■ … It seems that all the Constellations that seek him end up becoming very similar Each other.You really look like someone I know. However, your disposition is completely opposite to each other.]

Just before Metatron could ask who it was, he heard the Dragon’s howl tearing apart the sky.

– Guvaaaaaah!

Dragons, which easily numbered several thousand, freely flew across the sky to start a bloody war. The explosions sounded seemingly endless. Dragons and their torn wings fell to the ground.

This was not the sight Metatron expected to see.

… Has the Dragon of the Apocalypse been reborn yet?

[What surprises you so much? After all, we’re not the only ones chasing ■■.]

Asmodeus stared at a certain person looking at them from the ground and smiled brightly.

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Chapter 77.1. The Last Dragon (part 1) – OMNISCIENT READER”S VIEWPOINT – Read Online Free

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