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Chapter 77.1. The Last Dragon (Part 4) – OMNISCIENT READER’S VIEWPOINT – Light Novel

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Chapter 77.1. The Last Dragon (Part 4)

The first shock wave gradually stopped after Kirgioz joined us. The difference between the three constellations associated with lightning and the four was quite noticeable.

Not only that, but some of the Constellations also gave us their Probability after Kirgios appeared, and for the first time our Probability surpassed the shockwave of the Dragon of the Apocalypse.


Scorched by the black current of an electric wave, Thor and Dionysus began to roar as if they had gone mad. The latter drank so much wine that his face was completely red, although the rest of his body remained dark black.

[The booze is going so smoothly, it’s so amazing!]

[Now I’m really curious to taste the Olimp label’s booze. Give me some!]

By the time the storm of consequences of the first shockwave came to an end, the two Constellations were completely drunk. Kirgios stared at them with a critical look in his eyes before asking me:

[My apprentice. Are these fools your comrades?]

– No, complete strangers.

The first stage is over.

Congratulations. You have safely dealt with the first shockwave of the First Tail Flip.

… We did it. We were able to withstand the first obstacle of this cursed tail.

I looked behind my back, saying:

– I will …

I couldn’t continue. Because I was greeted by a desolate, ruined landscape with a sea of ​​corpses burned by electric waves.Some of them were trapped in electrical energy that we could not contain, while some of them died after their Incarnation bodies exploded, unable to cope with the storm of consequences that was happening nearby.

Five hundred odd Constellations were reduced to less than half this number in one collision. What a fraudulent death toll it was.

… Can I really say that we managed to endure the first wave when the situation was like this?

This was only the first stage, so what are we going to do with the second and third stages?

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I looked up and saw messages from the stars brightening the night sky, as if they were going crazy.

The vast majority of constellations are amazed at the complexity of this scenario!

Many Constellations file complaints with the Bureau regarding the likelihood of an applicable scenario!

Some of the Constellations claim that this scenario cannot exist.

Most constellations require script cancellation.

Script cancellation? Really?

What a funny thing is that there are still idiots dreaming of such things.

The applicable script cannot be reversed.

All Constellations within the scope of the applicable scenario are strongly encouraged to prepare for the next phase.

No, the apocalypse will continue.

As messages from the constellations continued, the baptism of sponsored messages also fell from the other side of the sky.

The Throne of Lightning constellation is staring at you.

The constellation, “The spear that draws the boundaries of the sea” looks at you.

The constellation “The Great Mother of the Gods Who Created Man from Earth” is interested in the story you can earn.

The Last Scenario constellations focus on you .

The Final Script constellations are enjoying your action.

3,000,000 coins have been sponsored.

The Last Scenario constellations, including the Throne of Lightning, Zeus, The Spear That Draws the Boundaries of the Sea, Poseidon, and even the Great Mother of the Gods, Who Created Man from the Earth “, Nuwa.

The beings that dominate the upper stratosphere of Star Stream, who did not participate in this scenario, but did not feel threatened by the unfolding events from the beginning, were the beings of the Final Scenario.

The location for this scenario was excluded from the kill zone with the First Tail Click.

Even destroying the Constellations supporting them was nothing more than entertainment for those who are on the verge of reaching the “end” of this world.

The second phase will begin in ten minutes.

It was a ten minute break.

I breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Kirgioz again.I felt that his status was even higher than before.

– You must have achieved new enlightenment, Master.

It looks like you are now at that level to discern it, at least.

Kirgioz’s displeased voice sounded rather prickly. Not only was his appearance enough to slap Yoo Junghyuk’s stupid face, but even the way he spoke also dealt a crushing blow to Yoo Junghyuk.

Lee Chihe ran to where we were and started shaking my shoulders.

– Ajossi! You know, I thought we were going to be grilled squid!

And why this kid had to go and use such a form of speech …

– Grandpa Kirgios! Where is my Grand Master? Didn’t she come with you?

[The Holy One, Breaking the Heavens with the Sword, has something to take care of first, so she will come later,] – he answered in a cold tone and looked at me out of the corner of his eyes before turning away. – [I thought my student was already half-dead and in a hurry. But I can see that he is much healthier than I hoped.]

I couldn’t tell if he was sad or pleased, judging by his tone of voice alone.

– If you arrived later, let alone half-dead, I would be really dead, you know. Let’s not worry about that. We need to prepare for the second stage.

As if he was expecting this, Yoo Junghyuk came up to us as soon as my words ended.

– According to the tale of Armageddon, the “Second shock wave” is intense heat.

The tail of the Dragon of the Apocalypse was noticeably hot at a distance.Although it seemed to be moving at a very low speed from here, the truth was that this tail is now vibrating at an incredibly high speed.

This intense heat of friction was powerful enough to distort the axis space-time itself.

Shin Yoosung grabbed my scorched black wrist and spoke:

– Ajossi, about the next step …

The moment I saw the determined eyes of both her and Li Kilyeong, I understood what they were trying to say. But Yoo Junghyuk got up first:

– You two should stay.

This cold statement made two kids jump on him right away.

– Why?If you haven’t forgotten yet, we are also part of the Kim Dokchi Company!

– What do you even know, inveterate bastard ?! I didn’t ask you anyway!

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