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Chapter 1029: Lunar Rabbit

Don’t blame Ye Chen for being so puzzled. This rabbit called himself the Rabbit Master, and the name was just a male rabbit. It’s so special that the rabbit screamed when he saw the Gunkiller. The sound is obviously female.

Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t be confused.

It should be a female rabbit. The scream just now comes from its heart.

It knows the gunslinger, and it can see that I refine the real fire of the sun. Taiyin is really fire, and I know that I use space power

Looking at it this way, it should come from the prehistoric world

However, it is not a monster, let alone a spirit beast, a fairy beast, Divine Beast

In this way, it can only be a wild alien, or a wild alien generated by the heavens and earth

The wild animal whose body is a female rabbit, or a wild alien

Taiyin rabbit?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly opened.

The cliff is the lunar rabbit, and only the lunar rabbit born on the lunar star can meet everything the rabbit shows.

However, the lunar rabbit does not stay in the wild world well. Lunar Star, in response to the call, what is going to earth to do?

The Lunar Rabbit is a native of the primordial world. It was born on Lunar Star. If it wants to descend on the earth, it can only descend on the earth by calling the altar accordingly.

The problem is that the existence of the Lunar Rabbit has no reason to come to the earth. After all, the Lunar Rabbit has never participated in the various wars of the prehistoric world from beginning to end.

Whether it is the battle of the three tribes, the tribulation of the lich, or the battle of the gods, the Lunar Rabbit always stays on the Lunar Star and has never left.

But now, this Lunar Rabbit, or Moon Rabbit, unexpectedly responded to the call and ran to Earth.

This was something that never happened in Ye Chen’s previous life.

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Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t be confused.

Regardless of why this product responded to the call, it is true that it was summoned to the earth by the monster player through the altar of summoning. In other words, it is very likely to know all of my information.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen frowned.

The lunar rabbit is also the moon rabbit. It belongs to the wild animal. The most important thing is that it is an aboriginal of the wild world. If it returns to the wild world and spreads Ye Chen’s message, then Ye Chenyi will rise. It’s dangerous.

As for the reason, it is simple.

The Lunar Rabbit recognized the Godkiller Spear in Ye Chen’s hand.

If this news spreads in the prehistoric world, Ye Chen will fly into the prehistoric world, 100% of which will be remembered by many great abilities.

The blame is Ye Chen’s sharp spear, which is the famous weapon of the demon ancestor Luo Hu, and it is the innate treasure with super perverted lethality.

This kind of existence, the great powers, including Sanqing, Nuwa, Donghuang Taiyi, Demon Emperor Jun, etc., cannot choose to ignore.

As for the ascension of players, the news that Ye Chen had a gunshot may also be released, especially for monster players, which does not exist.

Because whether you are a human player or a monster player, you know that Ye Chen’s sharp spear is powerful, but they don’t know that Ye Chen’s sharp spear is actually the famous weapon of the demon ancestor Luo Yu, the innate treasure. Sharpshooter.

So, Ye Chen wouldn’t care if the player soared into the wild, but Lunar Rabbit was different, it recognized the Killing Spear at a glance.

What, this damn rabbit, he didn’t honestly continue to be a peace rabbit, but went to the earth, and even recognized the Gunslinger

killed it, Still subdue it

No matter what, we must not let this lunar rabbit return to the predicament safely

Will the lunar rabbit return to the predicament, will it spread the news of Ye Chen’s murder of the gun? Going out, Ye Chen didn’t know, but this did not hinder Ye Chen’s decision.

For Ye Chen, everything must be thoroughly controlled, which is the easiest and safest choice.

The key to the lunar rabbit coming to earth is to return those damn monster players

What a special thing, play the game honestly one by one, and improve your strength is not enough, how special is it? I have to clean up the monster players and destroy all the summoning altars that can be found.

The summoning altar is a special item that can summon the existence of the prehistoric world to descend on the earth.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that with the passage of time, the level of sacrifice that the monster can provide will be higher and higher, and the higher the level of sacrifice, the summoning altar can be summoned. Exist, the stronger the strength will be.

For this situation, Ye Chenzhi is not afraid of it, but he is not happy, but it is affirmative.

After all, Ye Chen couldn’t judge when the monster players were summoned, what existence was summoned to the earth, and whether they were strong or not.

If it is a monster player, summon a powerful existence, and then this existence will raid Reincarnation City. At that time, Yanhu Ye Lin couldn’t even notify Ye Chen to go offline. If it were, Ye Chen would be hit by a powerful attack 100%.

This is not a joke, but a fact.

After all, Yanhu Yelin’s current realm is only the Purple Mansion Realm Great Perfection. If Yanhu Yelin has a strong presence against the previous superpower, it is very likely that Yanhu Yelin will not even have time to react. Was beheaded on the spot.

In this way, if Ye Chen were not attacked, it would be very strange.

Of course, even if this happens, Ye Chen will not be in any danger.

Because Ye Chen had drawn a lottery before, he won the congenital treasure, Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda, and because of refining Taiyin Real Fire, he got the twelfth-rank black lotus.

These two innate treasures, one full-time defense and one offensive and defensive, with them, even if Ye Chen’s body in the real world is attacked, they will actively jump out to protect Ye Chen.

This is different from before, when Ye Chen didn’t have any protective treasures on his body.

At that time, if Ye Chen was attacked, he could only bear it abruptly, but now, Ye Chen has two great innate treasures, and he is completely safe from other people’s attacks.

Of course, this also depends on the existence of the summoned and the specific realm.

If summoned to the existence of the prehistoric world of the earth, the realm reaches the golden immortal, even surpasses the golden immortal, then if Ye Chen is attacked, even if there is a heaven and earth mysterious yellow and exquisite pagoda, there will be twelve-level extinction The world black lotus is here, and at best it is immortal, but the injury is certain.

This is also no way. After all, Ye Chen just let the two innate treasures recognize the master, and has not completely refined them, unable to exert the full power of the two innate treasures.

And Ye Chen’s cultivation is only the Great Perfection during the Tribulation Period, and it belongs to mortals.

In this state, Ye Chen would lose miserably when facing Jinxian.

Don’t look back. When Ye Chen was in the Polar Bear Empire, he ran into the God of Light, who attacked Ye Chen. With the magical powers of “Swallowing the Sky and the Earth”, he swallowed a God of Light comparable to the Golden Fairy of Da Luo He thought Ye Chen could fight Da Luo Jinxian.

This is not the case at all. The God of Light at the time only used his power, not the real right hand of God of Light.

Besides, the god of light at that time, because of the cross-border attack on Ye Chen, he could have played a 100% powerful attack, but was forcibly suppressed by the law of heaven and earth by 90%.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not be able to withstand the blow of the God of Light 100%.

This was the result of the hand that Ye Chen swallowed, not the real right hand of God of Light.

If that right hand is the real right hand of the God of Light, Ye Chen can also swallow it, but he can’t do it, and his body will be burst by the huge energy of heaven and earth in an instant.

It can be said that Ye Chen’s current combat power is at best the level of a celestial celestial being, and the attacks that can resist are at best a celestial celestial.

But this is not important. The important thing is that at this stage, as long as the monster player does not summon the existence of Jinxian or above, Ye Chen will not be in any danger.

Of course, there is no danger and there is no danger. If Ye Chen is attacked, he will definitely go offline. No matter what Ye Chen does in the game world, he will go offline because of the attack.

If only this, it’s nothing, it’s nothing more than a little trouble, but if you recognize Ye Chen’s inborn treasures of the primordial natives like the Lunar Rabbit again, then Ye Chen, after his ascension, the trouble is sure to be troublesome. Indispensable.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen doesn’t like to see that monster players get the summoning altar, and then use the summoning altar to summon the lower realm of the prehistoric world.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, and the cold light flashed.

At this moment, the Lunar Rabbit, who claimed to be the Lord Rabbit, took a very serious look at Ye Chen, and then asked:

“Why do you have the Devil’s Killing Spear? Are you a descendant of the demon ancestor?”

“The descendant of the demon ancestor?” Ye Chen curled his lips disdainfully when he heard this, then looked at the Lunar Rabbit who claimed to be Rabbit Master, and asked:

“You don’t stay honestly in the lunar star, why do you come to this world?”

“how do you know that I am from the lunar star?” the white-haired red-eyed lunar rabbit heard this, two The scarlet rabbit’s eyes shrank sharply, and then asked in surprise.

At this moment, the voice of the white-haired and red-eyed Lunar Rabbit changed back to a female voice.

Upon hearing this, Ye Chen glanced at the white-haired and red-eyed Lunar Rabbit, and then said:

“How you know is not important, the important thing is, why did you come to this world, Why do you want to pester the Black Emperor? Don’t tell me, you see the Black Emperor, and the Black Emperor is also a female.”

Ye Chen can’t see the cultivation of the Lunar Rabbit, but it’s not important, it’s important. It is the realm of Lunar Rabbit, and the cliff has reached the realm of Tianxian.

In such a realm, it is easy to abuse the Black Emperor, or kill the Black Emperor, or kill Ye Chen’s great spiritual pets.

But Lunar Rabbit didn’t do this, and this is what Ye Chen wondered.

To be more precise, Ye Chen really couldn’t see what Lunar Rabbit’s purpose was.

After hearing what Ye Chen said, Lunar Rabbit, who was originally shocked, suddenly stiffened his face, and then gave Ye Chen a “rolling eye”.

“Who is pestering it, I just want to tease it. As for me, I came to this world because the lunar star is too deserted, so I want to come out and play.”

” said Truth!” Ye Chen frowned when he heard Lunar Rabbit’s words, and then shouted in a deep voice.

“It’s not funny.” The Lunar Rabbit gave Ye Chen a roll of eyes again, and then said:

“My lower realm is to take back the real fire of Lunar Star that fell on the lower realm. Yes, who would have thought, those bastards of the Yaozu not only used the altar of summoning in that world, but also used the altar of summoning in this world, then

and then I will come to your world”


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