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THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Chapter 1035: 3 pet advanced beasts Read Novel

Chapter 1035: 3 pet advanced beasts – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1035: 3 pet advanced beasts

Advanced sacred beasts are the wish of all spirit beasts and what all fairy beasts look forward to.

And the treasure hunting fish, the small fish, the little monkeys and the little turtles transformed into big and small loli, a long time ago, under the enhancement of Ye Chen’s fairy pet advanced scroll, advanced into a fairy beast.

So, whether it is a treasure hunting fish, a small fish, or a small monkey and a small turtle transformed into a big and small loli, they still yearn to become a beast.

For their own sake, but also to help Ye Chen better.

Ye Chen could not help but smile after hearing the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, as well as the little monkeys and turtles transformed into big and small loli. Hesitatingly used the Scroll of Divine Beast Advancement and used it on the spot.

In the next second, three groups of intense white light appeared instantly and then enveloped the three pets.

At the same time, the fairy beast aura originally contained in the three pets was released directly, and then quickly strengthened.

As soon as the tea time passed, three special and powerful coercion appeared directly from the treasure hunting fish, the small fish and the monkeys transformed into small and large loli, and the turtles appeared on them, and then spread directly. Open.

Perceiving this, Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Yes, yes, they are all successfully advanced.

The special coercion erupted from the three pets is the coercion of mythical beasts, tyrannical and domineering, against low-grade beasts. It has a 100% suppression and a deterrent effect.

With the pressure of the three pets, the beasts, beasts, and beasts within a radius of thousands of miles, without exception, were directly shaken to death by the pressure of the three-petted beasts, bleeding from their mouths and noses. Eyeballs protruding outwards, it was terrible.

At the same time, the beasts thousands of miles away, monsters rushed out of the caves, underground, tree caves and other places where they lived, and then went to the distance, rushing desperately. go with.

“Damn it, how come there are mythical beasts, or three!” The Black Panther beast, who has been running forever, roared in panic and inexplicably while running wildly.

A green wolf monster next to the black panther monster spit out viciously, and then shouted:

“Who knows what a shit, damn it, this feeling , Reminds me of the old nest three hundred miles north of Ye Chen’s Reincarnation City. When I was sleeping, I suddenly encountered the pressure of a beast, and then I was driven to run around.”

“You too He ran out from the city of Reincarnation?” A black-haired wild boar that was running wild heard this, his eyes stunned, and then turned to look at the green wolf demon beast not far away, and asked.

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“Why not, otherwise, I would say this?” The Green Wolf Monster Beast was slightly taken aback, and then roared.

“That’s right, me too, this damn Ye Chen, even if he is abnormal, there is still a mythical beast sitting in the city of reincarnation, who dare to stay around the city of reincarnation.” Black-haired wild boar Hearing this, Pig’s face sank, and then he shouted unwillingly.

“Let’s stop talking, there are three mythical beasts here at once, and they seem to be advanced at the same time, damn, if we don’t run farther, we will all be crushed by this damn beast.”

Thousands of miles away, the monster players who fled frantically, you talked, discussed, cursed, and then “rumbled” toward you. Fleeing desperately from a distance.

Ye Chen, who was released from the divine sense, glanced at the monster player who was under the pressure of the three-favored beast and was “off the line.”

Unexpectedly, many of the monster players who were frightened away from the city of Reincarnation due to the pressure of the beasts released by the Yanhu Yelin, unexpectedly ran to places five thousand miles away from the city of Reincarnation

It’s really good enough to run.

However, most of the monsters” bits and pieces seem to be restored to the realm of monsters. This speed is really not slow.

Yellow Turban In the chaos, when the monsters invaded, the monster players were cleaned up by Ye Chen, so that the realm of the monster players fell into the realm of fierce beasts as a whole.

And now, many monster players have become monster beasts again, and it is natural that Ye Chen couldn’t fail to pay attention to this.

Because of this, it means that the war between the human race and the monster race in the real world has just ceased for a long time, and it is about to break out again.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Ye Chen.

After all, the monster player was killed by Ye Chen in the game world. No monster player would be stupid enough to provoke Ye Chen.

Unless they want to die, it’s another matter.

In order to advance quickly, the monster player must attack the human race, and then devour human beings, so that the cultivation base can be quickly improved.

In other words, the monster race and human race in the real world The war will definitely break out, and it won’t take long.

It’s just human players. Because of this world war, the equipment has been replaced to at least the diamond-level suit, and the realm is basically more than 80% of people breaking through. In the innate realm

The demon race is against the human race. There is no situation where one side is strong and the other is weak.

If you look at it this way, you don’t need to waste time on hidden forces.

Before Ye Chen, before going offline, he had the idea of ​​cleaning up the hidden forces, but if he wanted to do this, even Ye Chen would take a certain amount of time.

At first glance, it seems a bit contradictory. After all, it is Ye Chen who wants to clean up, and it is Ye Chen who does not want to do it.

The problem is that time is what Ye Chen lacks most now.

If Ye Chen stepped up to clean up the hidden forces, don’t even think about escaping Ye Chen’s clean up of any hidden forces.

This point is affirmative and true.

But Ye Chen, if he really did this, then Ye Chen would definitely delay the progress of the World War.

For this reason, before Ye Chen went offline, all he wanted to do was to “visit” the New Yanhuang League, and by the way, uncover the hidden forces behind the New Yanhuang League, and then destroy it.

As for eliminating all the hidden forces, Ye Chen naturally thought about it, but it would take Ye Chen a lot of time to implement this.

After all, the hidden power divisions are located in various places in the east. If you want to find out one by one, Ye Chen needs to confirm them one by one.

And to do so, the time required cannot be very short.

Instead of wasting time on this, it is better to participate in the world war with peace of mind, then complete the previous plan with all your strength, and then the whole country will soar.

Once Ye Chen’s plan is successfully completed, after Ye Chen’s entire country ascends, whether it is Ye Chen himself, Ye Chen’s reincarnation city or reincarnation empire, they will soar at a “perverted level” speed.

At that time, what hidden powers and ambitious lords are worse than they are now, and there is no difference at all from the ants among the ants.

Ye Chen had to deal with them more easily and easily.

It can be said that the wild world is Ye Chen’s ultimate goal, and it is also the source of Ye Chen’s rapid rise.

Therefore, it is impossible for Ye Chen to waste time and hide his forces.

Of course, even so, Ye Chen wouldn’t let those hidden forces just casually let go.

To blame, blame them for “not dead” and thinking of using Ye Chen to complete their plan of “chasing and surpassing Ye Chen”.

The speed at which the monster players regain their strength is indeed beyond my imagination, but it happens that they take action to contain those hidden forces and ambitious lord players.

, I can also save a lot of things

Thinking of this, Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, and the cold light flashed away.

At this moment, the treasure hunting fish Ye Xiaoyu, who has just advanced to the beast, and the monkeys and turtles transformed into big and small loli, opened their eyes together, and then looked at Ye Chen. Solemnly bowed and said:

“Thank you, brother (master)!”

After hearing the gratitude and excitement of the three pets, Ye Chen nodded with a smile. And then looked at the Lunar Rabbit on the side, and said:

“You return to the city of Reincarnation with Xiaoyu and others. Later, I will go back and send you back to Lunar Star.”

“Yes! Master!” Lunar Rabbit heard this and hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen and said loudly.

Ye Chen nodded when he heard this, and then with a thought, the space in front of him was instantly distorted.

Glancing at the distorted space, Ye Chen stepped in, then disappeared.

Beauty City, a territory created by the female players of the Beauty League.

At this moment, the tens of thousands of female players in the Beauty League, without exception, all went offline, left their respective residences, and came to the square of Beauty City.

“Sister Yaoyao, when will the master come to pick us up?” A beautiful girl of seventeen or eighteen, withdrew her gaze at the sky for the hundredth time, and then looked at the leader of the Beauty League. Li Mengyao asked.

As soon as her words landed, in the square, the female players of the Beauty League who were chatting non-stop, instantly turned their eyes to Li Mengyao.

When Li Mengyao saw this, she couldn’t help but smile, and then said:

“It must be soon, wait a minute.”

“So excited, I look forward to this day , I’ve been waiting for a long, long time, and it’s really going to happen.” A female player from the Beauty League, after hearing Li Mengyao’s words, she covered her heart with great excitement, then looked up to the sky and shouted.

“Me too, just like dreaming. If the master had not provided us with equipment and exercises, I would still think it was a dream.” A beautiful woman with a body like a model, very Nodded seriously, and then spoke.

The female players of the Beauty League, you say a word to me, telling the joy in their hearts, and Hu Xiaoyue, who is next to Li Mengyao, glanced outside the square at this moment, far away Watching the people here, then looking at Li Mengyao, she said:

“Sister Yaoyao, what about those people?”

“This” Li Mengyao was taken aback when she heard this. Then I couldn’t continue.

“Sister Yaoyao, the master doesn’t like accepting players. It is an exception to accept us. After the master comes, don’t mention those people, otherwise, the master will definitely be unhappy.” When Hu Xiaoyue heard this, she took a deep breath, and after a long spit, she said seriously.

After Li Mengyao heard Hu Xiaoyue’s words, her face that was still hesitant was suddenly stunned.

The next second, Li Mengyao looked straight at Hu Xiaoyue, and then said:

“Xiaoyue, thanks to you for reminding me, otherwise, this time, I will make a mistake again.”

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Chapter 1035: 3 pet advanced beasts – THE STRONGEST PLAYER WHO DESCENDED FROM THE WILDERNESS – Read Novel Free

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