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Chapter 1038: Ruthless Emperor

As soon as Ye Chen thought of this, the grimace mask in the hands of the three-year-old Lori immediately caught Ye Chen’s sight.

The crying grimace mask

So familiar

It seems, it seems

Ye Chen just thought of this, the original all-normal primordial spirit suddenly lit up countless mysterious and inexplicable Runes, and then I saw these runes connected in series, instantly turned into golden chains, and then locked to Ye Chen’s soul.

Ye Chen, who noticed this, opened his eyes.

Malgobi’s, since they have appeared, they still want to make trouble!

The sun is really fire, the lunar yin is really fire, burn it for me!

Ye Chen’s thoughts moved, the sun was really fire, and the lunar fire was really fire. After two “booms”, it appeared directly from Ye Chen’s soul, and then burned extremely fiercely, composed of golden runes. Golden thin lines.

At this moment, the white light of the real fire of the sun, the faint blue light of the real fire of the lunar yin, and the golden light emitted by the rune gold thread, erupted directly in Ye Chen’s Purple Mansion, and then illuminated Ye Chen’s entire Purple House.

This practice of Ye Chen is not desirable for ordinary monks.

Because the Purple Mansion is the key to the monks, directly in the Purple Mansion “make a big fight”, it is very likely that the Purple Mansion will explode, and the body will die.

But Ye Chen is different from ordinary monks.

Because Ye Chen cultivated the Nine Rank Profound Art, the Purple Mansion was originally thousands of times stronger than ordinary monks.

Coupled with the strengthening of the Hongmeng Purple Qi and the jade butterfly fragments of good fortune, Ye Chen’s Purple Mansion has reached the level of abnormality.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not directly use the real fire of the sun and real fire of the lunar yin in the purple mansion to burn rune gold threads of unknown origin.

With the eruption of the real fire of the sun and the real fire of the Taiyin, I wanted to entangle the gold rune thread of Ye Chen Yuanshen, but was directly blocked by the two great flames of the predecessor, and then I saw the gold thread In the two great wild and strong flames, they are constantly shrinking and then shrinking.

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As soon as the tea time passed, several rune gold threads suddenly exploded.

“Boom boom boom”

After a series of explosions, the weird rune gold thread exploded directly into golden light spots in the sky, and then disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, a memory that seemed to have been buried for countless years suddenly appeared from Ye Chen’s soul, and then was received by Ye Chen.

After a short daze, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly opened.

Fuck you, the second uncle, it turned out that Ye Fan moved the hand.

Who is Ye Fan, others don’t know, how could Ye Chen don’t know, this is the famous Ye Tiandi, and It is a traverser on the earth, rising strongly in the fantasy world.

The most important thing is that Ye Fan, like Ye Chen, is also a player.

Yes, it is the player, the player in the prehistoric game, but the world he is in belongs to one of the countless fantasy worlds, not the earth.

Of course, it’s not important. What’s important is that Ye Fan and Ye Chen belonged to “competitors” in their previous lives, and the root cause was the little Lolita who was holding a crying grimace mask at this time. Body.

Who is this little loli?

It’s very simple, the ruthless emperor of the world Ye Fan is in!

In Ye Chen’s previous life, Ye Chen originally thought that Emperor Ruthless would eventually be involved with Ye Fan, but the emergence of the prehistoric game changed the life of Emperor Ruthless for some reason.

To be precise, that is, Emperor Ruthless became a “special person.”

To be more precise, the original three-year-old Lolita should be the Dao fruit of the Ruthless Emperor to meet normal conditions.

But the actual situation is that the future ruthless emperor is now a three-year-old little loli, not a great emperor.

Of course, this is not important. What’s important is that in Ye Chen’s previous life, the Ruthless Emperor, who should have been met by Ye Fan first, was met by Ye Chen first.

Then, because of the simplicity of Emperor Ruthless who was only three years old at the time, Ye Chen moved the compassion hidden deep in his heart and took in the great Emperor Ruthless who was only three years old at that time.

In the two years with Emperor Ruthless, Emperor Ruthless has always been three years old, and her name is 囡囡.

At that time, Ye Chen, although he didn’t know why the Ruthless Emperor was always three years old, he was not grown up at all, but Ye Chen did not dislike the Ruthless Emperor who was only three years old at the time. She sees it as a burden.

Because every time after desperately and scarred, Ye Chen can always find warmth in the emperor Ruthless, and find proof that “I am still a human and alive”.

In order to survive, to live, and to ruthless emperor, Ye Chen used to do everything in his previous life.

Being a cannon fodder, not afraid of life and death exploration, playing BOSS, doing all kinds of things that can make oneself stronger, so that the three-year-old ruthless emperor can live “happy and happy”.

It can be said that Ye Chen has paid a lot. In the end, Ye Chen suffered a serious injury while exploring the secret realm, and his life was hanging by a thread.

It was at that time that the only three-year-old Ruthless Emperor “awakened”, and then practiced desperately, but in just one month, he surpassed Ye Chen Tianxian’s cultivation.

After that, the Emperor Ruthless “grew up” and became a beautiful and beautiful Lolita.

At that time, Ye Chen still didn’t know that the Great Ruthless Man was the unqualified emperor in the fantasy world, but one person overwhelmed thousands of strong men.

Ye Chen at that time was dumbfounded and at the same time happy.

Because Emperor Ruthless’s cultivation base is getting higher and stronger, Ye Chen’s status has also risen.

However, all this changed with the appearance of Ye Fan.

I don’t know why, the Ruthless Emperor, who originally “didn’t appear” in Ye Fan’s world, is still in Ye Fan’s memory.

More importantly, Ye Fan moved his mind to pursue the Ruthless Emperor.

After that, whenever the Ruthless Emperor went out to search for the heaven and earth for Ye Chen, search for top-level exercises to help Ye Chen practice quickly, and quickly become stronger, Ye Fan will always be unconscious. Appear, and then fight side by side with Emperor Ruthless.

At that time, Ye Chen was still stunned. Of course, he was also savage in his heart.

Ye Chen still didn’t say anything, because the ruthless emperor at that time only regarded Ye Chen as his brother, yes, he was his brother.

Ye Chen’s feelings towards Emperor Ruthless are very complicated, like his younger sister, with some small expectations.

In this way, Ye Chen’s cultivation base, with the “help” of Emperor Ruthless and Ye Fan, broke through to Jinxian and became a strong player among the players on earth.

After that, Ye Chen finally couldn’t hold back, and asked Ye Fan his doubts, why he wanted to pursue the Ruthless Emperor.

Ye Fan looked at Ye Chen calmly at the time, watching for a full hour, and then said that the Ruthless Emperor was clearly in his memory, but it did not appear in the world he was in.

After knowing the true identity of the Ruthless Emperor, what else could Ye Chen do besides a wry smile.

Competing with Ye Fan? Confess to the ruthless emperor?

The Ruthless Emperor only regards Ye Chen as his elder brother, how to fight, how to confess.

In the end, Ye Chen could only be silent.

Of course, Ye Fan was still silent, because no matter how he chased him, the Ruthless Emperor was not tempted to use him, but only regarded him as a friend.

Originally, all of this may have been so entangled and continued.

However, with a change, all this came to an end.

On that day, the Lich’s calamity erupted, and the Eastern Emperor Taiyi blew himself up. The Ruthless Great Emperor started to snatch the Chaos Clock for Ye Chen. He was attacked by several great saints and then fell.

Ye Fan, who had just arrived on the battlefield, failed to save the Ruthless Emperor who had not yet attained the Dao Fruit of the Emperor.

After that, Ye Chen heard the whole thing from Ye Fan, and then quietly looked at the body of Emperor Ruthless for three full days.

Until the fourth day, Ye Fan, who didn’t say a word, took a cold drink of “You are not worthy”, and sealed all Ye Chen’s memories of Emperor Ruthless, and then brought the Emperor Ruthless. The corpse, left.

After that, Ye Chen spent a month unconsciously, and finally in the real world, he was hung in the player’s conspiracy.

At the moment of death, Ye Chen had only one thought deep in his heart, “If I can come back, I won’t trust anyone again, if I can come back, I will become the strongest!”.

After that, Ye Chen was reborn. With the memory of his previous life, he rose strongly, and now he is far above the height of all players.

Whether to match or not?

I can only decide!

Thinking of this, the light in Ye Chen’s eyes flashed instantly.

The three-year-old Lolita who suddenly appeared in Beauty City is Ruthless Emperor. It is a little different from Ye Chen’s previous life when Ruthless Emperor appeared in the prehistoric world.

Although Ye Chen is puzzled by the reason for this, this does not prevent Ye Chen from being ecstatic in his heart at this moment.

Because of Ye Chen’s memory of being sealed, he came back, and also because, Emperor Ruthless, appeared again, and was first encountered by Ye Chen.

I didn’t have the strength before, unable to change everything, but now I

I have to take it all back!

The Ruthless Emperor can only belong to Lao Tzu! Even Ye Fan, don’t want to take away the nanny from Lao Tzu!

As for the saints who attacked the girls, don’t even want to run!

Ye Chen just thought of this, the ruthless emperor on the square, shouted again:


When Ye Chen heard this, he suddenly regained consciousness, and then went straight. Flying to the ground, he hugged the dirty Emperor Ruthless in his arms.

“Don’t call me brother, call me husband!”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, outside the square, the players who were horrified and screaming because of Ye Chen’s sudden killing intent, suddenly one by one Frozen in place, then his eyes widened and his mouth widened.

Don’t blame them for this. You know, the Emperor Ruthless is only three years old now, and what did Ye Chen say?

Let Ruthless Emperor call Ye Chen, husband!

Fuck! What a beast at this time! What a scum!

Ye Chen naturally noticed the expressions of the players outside the square, and he also knew what they thought, but for Ye Chen, how could this be.

This is the ruthless emperor, Ye Chen has lived together for two years in his previous life! A special character in a prehistoric game!

Although Ruthless Emperor’s appearance is only three years old, as long as he meets the conditions, he can become a legal loli at any time!

Ye Chen has lost the Ruthless Emperor once in his previous life. In this life, how could Ye Chen still be willing to go against his heart and hesitate!

As for explaining to the players, joking around, is Ye Chen the kind of person who is afraid of gossip?

Definitely not!

Just when the players outside the square were dumbfounded, the three-year-old ruthless emperor who was held in Ye Chen’s arms was taken aback, then looked at Ye Chen and shouted timidly:


After hearing the call of the ruthless emperor, Ye Chen was amused, and then said:

“Hahaha go, husband will take you to eat delicious food !”


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